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Iigakari Neesan

Iigakari Neesan (Manga)

False Accusation Sister (Synonyms), いいがかり姉さん (Synonyms)

The story is mainly told from a young boy's point of view, who's older sister spends all day falsely accusing anyone and everyone of anything and everything. When she finally finds a job at a department store, she doesn't only accuse customers but also feels falsely accused by them...

Blunt Character/s Embarrassing Situation/s Japanese Society Lie/s New Job Odd Situation/s Paranoid Character Pop Culture References Quirky Characters Younger Brother


Kyoufu (Manga)

Fear (Synonyms), 恐怖 (Synonyms)

Club/s Episodic Ghost/s High School High School Student/s Newspaper Odd Situation/s

Mikake no Nijuusei

Mikake no Nijuusei (Manga)

Mikake no Nijyusei (Synonyms), The Faces of a Double Star (Synonyms), 見かけの二重星 (Synonyms)

From :Ayako, a normal high-school girl caught up in the experiment of an enigmatic genius, is divided in two. In the midst of the confusion of sharing her life, she remembers her sister who had died suddenly. What lies beyond the feelings she remembers and the feelings she’s forgotten…

Clone/s Dead Family Member/s Experiment/s High School Student/s Mad Science Odd Situation/s Romantic Subplot Scientist/s Sister/s Time Travel

Mofu Danshi

Mofu Danshi (Manga)

Fluffy Boy (Synonyms), Mofumen (Synonyms), モフ男子 (Synonyms)

Urushima Nikoge is a model student who has a secret: he loves cute and fluffy things to the point of obsession! So when a fluffy transfer student enters his class, it looks as though his "perfect" image is about to be shattered…

Bishounen Classmate/s Confident Protagonist Cool Male Lead Eccentric Male Lead Fetish/es High School Student/s Honors Student/s Odd Situation/s Secret/s

Oboro Tanteichou

Oboro Tanteichou (Manga)

Dim Detective Book (Synonyms), Faint Investigator Record (Synonyms), Hazy Book of Sleuthing (Synonyms), Oboro Tanteicho (Synonyms), おぼろ探偵帖 (Synonyms)

Time is the Meiji era--Tokyo is a city where gas lights are lit and the night darkness is much brighter. However, youkai still existed in the streets. What is the strangeness that Tanuki Houshi and his disciple Ohyaku, and the forerunner of the thing, Yasuzaku, has to face?

Detective/s Historical Setting Japanese Folklore Japanese Society Meiji Era Odd Situation/s Tokyo Uncommon Services/Store Youkai

Rojiura Daiikku

Rojiura Daiikku (Manga)

First District Back Alley (Synonyms), First District Back Alley -MURAI works- (Synonyms), 路地裏第一区 ―ムライ作品集― (Synonyms)

A collection of unique, fantastical short stories featuring quirky, mysterious characters.

Atypical Art Style Bird/s Collection of Stories Male Demographic with Female Author Non-Stereotypical Odd Situation/s Surrealism

Shinmai Ginkouin Kyuuryuu Kouji no Junan

Shinmai Ginkouin Kyuuryuu Kouji no Junan (Manga)

10 Days in a Two Man Suit (Synonyms), 10-Kakan Nininbaori Seikatsu! (Synonyms), Douzoku Keno (Synonyms), Family Dissonance (Synonyms), Kyuuryuu Kouji no Junan (Synonyms), My Beast (MATSU Takeshi) (Synonyms), Novice Bank Employee Kyuuryuu Kouji's Disaster (Synonyms), Novice Banker - The Adversities of Kyuuryuu Kouji (Synonyms), Ore no Beast (Synonyms), Prowler (Synonyms), Sensei wa Doukyuusei (Synonyms), Teacher Student Relationship (Synonyms), Teacher-Student Relationship (Synonyms), Tsumina Yatsu!! (Synonyms), 新米銀行員 九竜光司の受難 (Synonyms)

Content:1-6. 7. (sequel in )8. 9. 10. 11.

Bank Bara Blackmail Episodic Odd Situation/s Outdoor Intercourse Seke Submissive Male Lead

K no Souretsu

K no Souretsu (Manga)

A Funeral Procession of K (Synonyms), Funeral Procession of K (Synonyms), Kの葬列 (Synonyms), The Funeral Procession of K (Synonyms)

Funeral bells are ringing the day Mikaya moves into a new apartment. Once he arrives, he learns a startling fact; his flat was previously occupied by the dead man, K. Strangely enough, no one ever found K's body...yet all the people who lived in the same apartment complex as him are absolutely convinced of his death. Where is the body, and could it be one of his eccentric neighbours who was responsible for K's death and subsequent disappearance?

Accent Colors Apartment Life Brother Complex Dark Ambience Gothic Style Mind Break Missing Person Murder/s Neighbor/s Odd Situation/s

Ekimae Hanayome

Ekimae Hanayome (Manga)

Bride in Front of the Station (Synonyms), Labyrinth (KAGO Shintaro) (Synonyms), Novia ante la estación y otras historias (Spanish) (Synonyms), 駅前花嫁 (Synonyms)

The rub this time is mazes and visual illusions and jokes. Labyrinth is not graphic or gratuitous, but nudity/sexual imagery permeates throughout and make it NSFW.

Black Humor Bride/s Childbirth Firefighter/s Homeless Labyrinth/s Odd Situation/s Rape Survival


Enomoto (Manga)

Enomoto: New Elements that Shake the World (Synonyms), えの素 (Synonyms)

Collection of bizarre short stories.

Atypical Art Style BDSM Blue Humor Dominatrix Episodic Exhibitionism Masturbation Monster/s Nudity Odd Situation/s

Lo-Fi After School

Lo-Fi After School (Manga)

After School Show (Synonyms), Ankoku-san (Synonyms), Ao (Synonyms), Downtown Train (Synonyms), ekstasis (Synonyms), Girlfriend in the Sky (Synonyms), Harumage. (Synonyms), Kami-sama Gokko (Synonyms), Kami-sama Make-believe (Synonyms), Kamisama Gokko (Synonyms), Make-believe God (Synonyms), The Show After School (Synonyms), Воображая себя богом (Synonyms), ローファイ・アフタースクール ~五十嵐藍短編集~ (Synonyms), 放学后的LO-FI (Synonyms), 神様ごっこ (Synonyms), 神的捉迷藏 (Synonyms)

Ambivalence Cold Male Lead Collection of Stories Fetish/es Male Demographic with Female Author Male Demographic with Female Lead Odd Situation/s Quirky Characters Random Plot Symbolism

Minna Daisuki Marutarou

Minna Daisuki Marutarou (Manga)

Everyone Loves Marutarou (Synonyms), みんなだいすきまるたろう (Synonyms)

A touching story following the life of a boy with a round penis.

Luck Odd Situation/s

Nakamura Koedo to Daizu Keisuke wa Umaku Ikanai

Nakamura Koedo to Daizu Keisuke wa Umaku Ikanai (Manga)

Everything Is Not Going Well (Synonyms), 中村小江戸と大豆恵亮はうまくいかない (Synonyms)

Couple Growth Crush/es Female Lead Falls in Love First Innocent Love Love Confession/s Misfortune Odd Situation/s School Boy/s School Girl/s Unlucky Protagonist

Ji Xiong

Ji Xiong (Manhua)

Culprit Hunt (Synonyms), Hunt Down (Synonyms), Manhunt (Synonyms), 缉凶 (Synonyms)

21st Century Adult Protagonist Based on a Web Novel China Crime/s Detective/s Investigation Murder/s Non-BL with Two Male Leads Odd Situation/s

Toukou Tochuu no Deaigashira no Guuzen Kiss wa Ariuru? Jikken

Toukou Tochuu no Deaigashira no Guuzen Kiss wa Ariuru? Jikken (Manga)

Collision accidentelle sur le chemin de l'école peut-elle donner lieu à un baiser ? (Synonyms), The 'Can an Accidental Collision on the Way to School Result in a Kiss' Experiment (Synonyms), Toukou Tochuu no Deaigashira no Guuzen Kisu wa Ariuru? Jikken (Synonyms), Uno scontro accidentale per andare a scuola può portare a un bacio? (Italian) (Synonyms), 登校途中の出会い頭の偶然キスはありうるか?実験 (Synonyms)

A series of short stories in Kago Shintaro's bizarre but innovative style.

Black Humor Blood and Gore Collection of Stories Comedic Violence Death Mind Break Non-Stereotypical Nudity Odd Situation/s Psychopath/s

Uruwashi no Eikoku Series

Uruwashi no Eikoku Series (Manga)

Beautiful England 1: Waiting for the Moon to Rise (Synonyms), Beautiful England 2: China Bird Guide (Synonyms), Beautiful England 3: Resident of the Castle in the Sky (Synonyms), Beautiful England 4: The Flowers Melancholy (Synonyms), Beautiful England 5: The Wind Opened the Door (Synonyms), Beautiful England Series (Synonyms), China Bird (Synonyms), China Bird Guide (Synonyms), China no Tori (Synonyms), Chuugoku no Tori (Synonyms), Hanabana no Yuuutsu (Synonyms), Kuuchuuroukaku no Juunin (Synonyms), Resident of the Castle in the Sky (Synonyms), The Flowers Melancholy (Synonyms), The Wind Opened the Door (Synonyms), Tobira wo Akeru Kaze (Synonyms), Tsukinode wo Matte (Synonyms), Uruwashi no Eikoku Shiriizu (Synonyms), Waiting for the Moon to Rise (Synonyms), うるわしの英国シリーズ (Synonyms), 中国の鳥 (Synonyms), 扉をあける風 (Synonyms), 月の出をまって (Synonyms), 空中楼閣の住人 (Synonyms), 花々のゆううつ (Synonyms), 雙子玫瑰的憂鬱 (Synonyms)

Cat/s England Episodic Female Demographic with Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Inheritance Mysterious Elements Nobility Odd Situation/s Victorian Era

Koukishin wa Joshikousei wo Korosu

Koukishin wa Joshikousei wo Korosu (Manga)

Curiosity Killed the Schoolgirl (Synonyms), Koukishin wa Joshi Kousei o Korosu (Synonyms), Koukishin wa Joshi Kousei wo Korosu (Synonyms), Koukishin wa Joshikousei o Korosu (Synonyms), 好奇心は女子高生を殺す (Synonyms)

Studying, club activities, slipping through time, bumping into aliens, travelling to Saturn...The everyday lives of two curious schoolgirls!

Alien/s Angel/s Atypical Art Style Cheerful Female Lead Creative Female Lead Episodic Gloomy Protagonist Odd Situation/s Surrealism Web Comic

Junkissa Neko

Junkissa Neko (Manga)

Coffee & Cat (Synonyms), قهوة و قط (Synonyms), 喵喵純喫茶 (Synonyms), 純喫茶ねこ (Synonyms), 纯吃茶猫 (Synonyms)

Animal Communication Cafe Cat Boy/s Cat Cafe Cat Girl/s Cat/s Coffee Lifestyle Change Male Protagonist Odd Situation/s

Torikago Gakkyuu

Torikago Gakkyuu (Manga)

A Bird Cage Classroom (Synonyms), Birdcage Class (Synonyms), The Birdcage Schoolroom (Synonyms), Школа как клетка (Synonyms), ปมปริศนา ม.4 ห้องกรงนก (Synonyms), 鳥籠学級 (Synonyms), 鳥籠學級 (Synonyms), 鸟笼学级 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Confinement Dark Ambience Episodic Friendship Kind Male Lead Mysterious Location Odd Situation/s Parallel Universe Split Personality


Kuromachi (Manga)

Black Street (Synonyms), Black Town (Synonyms), 黑街 (Synonyms), 黒街 —クロマチ— (Synonyms)

A black comedy about a father and son who move into a new town where everything is just plain weird as they struggle to find work and get about their daily lives

Black Humor Father and Son Monster/s NEET Odd Situation/s Urban Legends Workaholic Zombie/s