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Futari de Papa Hajimemashita

Futari de Papa Hajimemashita (Manga)

二人でパパはじめました (Synonyms)

Before transferring to New York, Nogi Shinjiro confessed to his crush, Aoyama Yuki, and was rejected for not being gay. Nogi came back from overseas after 2 years and is surprised go see that Aoyama has a kid now. What happened while he was away?

Adopted Child/ren Child/ren Dead Family Member/s Estranged Family Nephew/s Office Worker/s Reluctant Protagonist Reluctant Uke Reunion/s Single Guardian

Futari de Papa Hajimemashita more

Futari de Papa Hajimemashita more (Manga)

二人でパパはじめました more (Synonyms)


Adopted Child/ren Child/ren Childcare Couple Growth Coworker/s Established Couple Men in Suits Nephew/s Office Worker/s Salaryman

Futari no Kare to..., Dekiai 3P Office

Futari no Kare to..., Dekiai 3P Office (Manga)

Futari no Kare to Dekiai 3P Office (Synonyms), ふたりのと…、溺愛3Pオフィス (Synonyms)


Inheritance Office Lady Office Worker/s

Futarigurashi no Amai Wana

Futarigurashi no Amai Wana (Manga)

Futari Kurashi no Amaiwana (Synonyms), ふたり暮らしの甘い罠 (Synonyms)


Boss-Subordinate Relationship Coworker Relationships Live-in Lover Love Triangle/s Office Lady Office Life Office Love Office Worker/s Popular Male Lead Secret Relationship

Fuyou Kareshi

Fuyou Kareshi (Manga)

Sei mein Gigolo (Synonyms), 「フヨウ彼氏」 (Synonyms), 抚养男友 (Synonyms)

From Exiled Rebels Scanlations:Suzuki, who works at a retail store for interior goods, is ordered to change stores. Suzuki was not successful at getting along with his boss at the new workplace, but he became familiar with the transport company's employee, Irie, who was always entering and leaving Suzuki's workplace. Often, after work, the two went drinking together.One day, when Suzuki was drinking with Irie, suddenly he was pushed down and told: "Be my sugar baby"...!?

Affectionate Seme Alcohol Bathroom/s Collection of Stories Fever Hard-Working Protagonist High School High School Student/s Office Worker/s Rich Seme

Hatsukoi Citrus

Hatsukoi Citrus (Manga)

First Love Citrus (Synonyms), 初恋シトラス (Synonyms)

Hataya Kanata is a gay man who has been living his life avoiding from getting deeply involved with others.But one day, he passes by a cafe and there he met Fujimoto Yuutarou who happens to be his type."Don't aim too high."Even as he repeats this to himself, his visits to the cafe become more frequent and he soon finds himself falling deeper in love.

Afraid of Love Age Gap Cafe Capable Male Lead Gay Uke Insecurity Office Worker/s Older Uke Younger Seme Popular Seme Popular Uke

Hatsune Ganbarimasu

Hatsune Ganbarimasu (Manga)

Fight! Fight Fight! "Hatsune" The Great Busty Girl (Synonyms), ローリングワンダー (Synonyms), 初音がんばりますッ (Synonyms)

Hatsune is a "G cup" office lady who is concerned about her breast size! The story take place at the company where she works & depicts her antics, like trying to make her breast look smaller for the coworker she likes.Volume 1 also contains oneshot ローリングワンダー

Big Breasts Comedic Undertone Miniature Person/s Office Love Office Worker/s Partial Nudity

Kankei wa Mada LV.1

Kankei wa Mada LV.1 (Manga)

A Relation is Still a LV.1 (Synonyms), Kankei wa Mada level 1 (Synonyms), The First Stage of Love (Synonyms), 恋爱层次关系 (Synonyms), 関係はまだLV.1 (Synonyms)

Bookstore Collection of Stories Coworker/s Office Worker/s Student-Teacher Relationship

Miyamoto kara Kimi e

Miyamoto kara Kimi e (Manga)

From Miyamoto to You (Synonyms), 定本 宮本から君へ (Synonyms), 宮本から君へ (Synonyms)

Miyamoto is a new salaryman. Working hard and head over heels for Misako Tanaka. Even though he's clumsy, with the help of his colleague, Kazuo Jinbo he will never give up.Miyamoto kara Kimi e received the 1993 Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga.

20th Century Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Award-Winning Work Japan Office Worker/s Salaryman

Nisekon - Danna Koyou Keikaku

Nisekon - Danna Koyou Keikaku (Manga)

Fake marriage - Husband employment plan (Synonyms), ニセ婚 〜ダンナ雇用計画〜 (Synonyms), モプ女子だって恋をする。 (Synonyms), 伪婚 (Synonyms), 偽婚~老公雇用計畫~ (Synonyms), 始まり方がアレですが (Synonyms)

From :On the same day her cheating ex-boyfriend gets married, Rie wins 1M yen in the lottery. She meets a cameraman, Yuu, at the ceremony and makes a desperate promise to "hire him as her husband". Fooling around, registering their marriage, creating an "employment contract"...where will it all lead?

Contract Marriage Failed Relationship/s Handsome Male Lead Independent Female Lead Marriage Proposal Office Lady Office Worker/s Photographer/s Teasing Character/s Teasing Protagonist

Ore ga Burao Kachou Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka ni Suru Made

Ore ga Burao Kachou Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka ni Suru Made (Manga)

From the day when I decided to protect the bra man (Synonyms), Ore ga Burao Kachou wo Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka ni Suru Made (Synonyms), Ore ga Burao-Kacho wo Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka ni Suru Made (Synonyms), 俺がブラ男課長を守ると決めた日から丸裸にするまで (Synonyms), 내가 브래지어를 하는 과장님을 지키기로 결정한 날부터 알몸이 될 때까지 (Synonyms)


Boss-Subordinate Relationship Cross-dressing Lingerie/s Office Worker/s Salaryman

Rakka Sokudo

Rakka Sokudo (Manga)

Freefall Romance (Synonyms), The Speed Which Falls in Love (Synonyms), 浮游高度 (Synonyms), 爱情加速度 (Synonyms), 落下速度 (Synonyms)

Nanase Youichi graduated from Kinsei Academy, which is popular for having a 90% gay student population. However, Nanase is straight as an arrow and managed to graduate with no one topping him, his nickname even used to be "The Iron Wall". But one day, his heterosexual business partner, Tsutsumi Renji told him that Nanase is attractive and can't help himself from wanting to touch him. Nanase allows Renji to touch him for only 3 minutes...

Bisexual Character/s Coworker/s Friends Become Lovers Insecurity Office Worker/s Rejection Straight Seme Straight Uke Unexpected Feelings Workplace Romance


Renren-Biyori (Manga)

A Fine Day to Fall in Love (Synonyms), Renren Biyori (Synonyms), Renren Hiyori (Synonyms), 恋々日和 (Synonyms)


Office Love Office Worker/s Salaryman

Shishi to Ochiru Koi no Hanashi

Shishi to Ochiru Koi no Hanashi (Manga)

Fall in love with Lion (Synonyms), 獅子と落ちる恋の話 (Synonyms)

"I love you! I want you to be my lover!"Shishidou Chihaya is a caretaker for the Tsubaki family which runs a major corporation, and Ouichirou is the young master that he has been looking after for a long time.Ouichirou has been in a one-sided love with Chihaya, who is coincidentally a beastman who can transform into a lion, and he has been ignoring Ouichirou's constant confessions of love.In his effort to gain Chihaya's approval, Ouichirou decided to start working at a company but...

Age Gap Animal Transformation Beastman/men Businessman / Businesswoman Capable Male Lead Different Social Status Master-Servant Relationship Office Worker/s Older Seme Younger Uke Rich Family

Sukutte Goran

Sukutte Goran (Manga)

Fish For It (Synonyms), すくってごらん (Synonyms), 体验捞金鱼吧 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Competition/s Crush/es Female Demographic with Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Goldfish/s Japanese Culture Male Lead Falls in Love First Office Worker/s

Toiki ni Furete

Toiki ni Furete (Manga)

Fragments of Happiness (Synonyms), 吐息にふれて (Synonyms), 无法喘息的爱 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Hotel/Inn Love at First Sight Men in Suits Office Worker/s Older Uke Younger Seme One-Night Stand Student-Teacher Relationship Tragic Past Waiter/s

XXX Buddy

XXX Buddy (Manhwa)

Fuck-pect Body (Synonyms), Fuckpect Buddy (Synonyms), Perfect Buddy (Synonyms), 完美伴侣 (Synonyms), 퍼펙트 버디 (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Based on a Web Novel Caught in the Act Full Color Masturbation Office Worker/s Opposites Attract Rival/s Suit/s Webtoon

Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou - Charao Shouboushi wa Massugu na Me de Watashi o Daita

Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou - Charao Shouboushi wa Massugu na Me de Watashi o Daita (Manga)

Fire in His Fingertips: A Flirty Fireman Embraces Me With His Blazing Stare (Synonyms), Fire in His Fingertips: A Flirty Fireman Ravishes Me With His Smoldering Gaze (Synonyms), Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou - Charao Shouboushi wa Massugu na Me de Watashi wo Daita (Synonyms), Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou (Synonyms), 从指尖传出的认真的热情 - 青梅竹马是消防员 (Synonyms), 指先から本気の熱情~チャラ男消防士はまっすぐな目で私を抱いた~ (Synonyms), 소방관이 이렇게 가벼워도 돼? (Synonyms)

Fujihashi Ryo enjoys her job as an office worker well enough, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the exciting job of her childhood friend Mizuno Souma, who works as a fireman. He and his handsome buddies are more than happy to entertain ladies with their heroic tales. Ryo wants to set up Souma with a girl in her office, but he’s too much of a playboy to settle down…or so she thinks. It turns out that he has the hots for her, and when he rescues her from a fire in her building, a different kind of spark begins to fly!

21st Century Adapted to Anime Borderline H Childhood Friend/s Cunnilingus Firefighter/s Friends Become Lovers Muscular Male Lead Nudity Office Worker/s

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu (Manga)

Flower, Walnut and Sweet Life (Synonyms), 花とクルミと甘い生活 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Drunken Intercourse Florist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Uke Office Love Office Worker/s Part-Time Job

Fatal Woman

Fatal Woman (Manhwa)

Manyeoui Seukaendeul (Synonyms), Scandal of the Witch (Synonyms), Scandalous (ALMA) (Synonyms), 魔女のスキャンダル (Synonyms), 마녀의 스캔들 (Synonyms)

From Lezhin:Who says a woman can't be smart and sexy at the same time? But can a woman get away with cheating on two men at once? Saeeun's simply SCANDALOUS!

21st Century Borderline H Caught in the Act Cheating/Infidelity Full Color Nudity Office Worker/s Post-Secondary Student/s Rape Web Comic