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Hard Heat Heart Kyouseiteki Hatujou Mate

Hard Heat Heart Kyouseiteki Hatujou Mate (Manga)

Forced to Warm Him up at Night (Synonyms), Hard X Heat X Heart (Synonyms), H×H×H-強制的発情メイト- (Synonyms)

From Renta!:On his way home after drinking with friends, Tomoe finds a handsome, mysterious young man slumped on the street. He seems to be injured, so Tomoe takes him home, but things get intimate fast! In the morning, Tomoe wakes up to nothing but a pile of money on the table...! Enraged at the idea that he unwittingly sold his body, Tomoe goes looking for the guy. But, all he can recall about him is his beastly embrace, his hunger for human skin... and his ragged, desperate breathing as he whispers, "Give me your warmth"...

Bisexual Seme Dubious Consent Dumb Male Lead Horny Uke Manly Gay Couple Muscle/s Older Uke Younger Seme One-Night Stand Piercing/s Rape

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan (Manga)

A Foreign Love Affair (Synonyms), Ikoku Irokoi Romantan - The Romantic Tale of a Foreign Love Affair (Synonyms), Sensual Strangers (French) (Synonyms), 異国色恋浪漫譚 (Synonyms)

Japanese yakuza clan heir Ranmaru just got married on a lavish cruise ship, but things aren't as they seem. The marriage is just for the appearances, and he ends up getting drunk and spending the night not with his bride but with the sexy ship captain. When the two men meet again in Italy, it is the start of a spectacular love story.Includes an extra story called (The Guide of Love).

Drunken Intercourse Foreigner/s Interracial Couple/s Italy Kimono Mafia One-Night Stand Persistent Seme Ship/s Travel

The Boss's Shotgun Wedding

The Boss's Shotgun Wedding (Manhua)

Contract Wife Runs Away From The Ceo (Synonyms), Cô Vợ Hợp Đồng Bỏ Trốn Của Tổng Giám Đốc (Synonyms), Flash Marriage - President's Contract Wife (Synonyms), Hasty Marriage Contract With The Heir (Synonyms), Repentido Contrato Matrimonial Con El Ceo (Synonyms), Shanhun Zongcai Qiyueqi (Synonyms), The CEO's Pregnant Wife (Synonyms), The Wife Contract Ran Away Of Ceo (Synonyms), 闪婚总裁契约妻 (Synonyms), 속도위반 대표님과 계약 아내 (Synonyms)

Tricked by her best friend, her first time was taken away by the cold CEO of the company she works for. After she finds herself pregnant and forced to marry by his grandmother. He comes up with a marriage contract. What will their life be like, and will it turn as true love in the end?

Beautiful Female Lead CEO Handsome Male Lead Hidden Identity Male Lead Falls in Love First Misunderstanding/s One-Night Stand Rich Male Lead

Toiki ni Furete

Toiki ni Furete (Manga)

Fragments of Happiness (Synonyms), 吐息にふれて (Synonyms), 无法喘息的爱 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Hotel/Inn Love at First Sight Men in Suits Office Worker/s Older Uke Younger Seme One-Night Stand Student-Teacher Relationship Tragic Past Waiter/s

Fugo Ga Nokoshita Ano Yoru No Akashi

Fugo Ga Nokoshita Ano Yoru No Akashi (Manga)

His Pregnant Princess Bride (Synonyms), 富豪が残したあの夜の証 (Synonyms)

Erika, a princess of a small country in Northern Europe, is traveling to America. She needs to tell billionaire Gervais that she’s pregnant with his child. Three months ago, Erika met him in England and they spent a night together. She never intended to see him again but feels obligated to inform him of the baby. She’s shocked when Gervais is delighted by the news and proposes to her. But as the fifth sibling in her family, she has no claim to the throne! What could Gervais possibly want with her?

America American Football Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Cohabitation Grandfather/s Independent Female Lead Marriage Proposal Military One-Night Stand

Accidentally in Love with Him

Accidentally in Love with Him (Manhwa)

Eojjeoda Ireonnomeul Joahaeseo (Synonyms), 어쩌다 이런놈을 좋아해서 (Synonyms)

On the day he was going to confess, his crush told him he got a sex partner…! Jisoo has a crush on his longtime friend, Seojin. When Seojin goes to meet a sex partner, Jisoo tags along. When the situation becomes complicated, Seojin’s partner, "K", proposes an idea.

Full Color Gay Protagonist Gay Seme Gay Uke Graduation High School High School Student/s One-Night Stand Unrequited Love Webtoon

Ecchi no Aite ga Wakaranai

Ecchi no Aite ga Wakaranai (Manga)

I Don't Know Who I Slept With! -My Coworker's Such a Tease!- (Synonyms), エッチの相手が分からない!~イジワル同期とミダラなカケヒキ~ (Synonyms)

"You're already this wet? You're so dirty." After a work party, I wake up in a hotel. I vaguely remember someone calling my name sweetly, giving me all of their love... but he's gone! I must have done it with someone from work! Dazed and confused, I go to my coworker Ryohei for help, but he just laughs at me and says I'm not woman enough! Still, he takes it upon himself to improve my feminine charms, using his tongue and fingers to torture me! It feels so good, just like that night! Is Ryohei the guy...? If not, then who?

Cheerful Female Lead Clueless Protagonist Coworker/s Drunken Intercourse Kind Female Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Misunderstanding/s Naive Female Lead One-Night Stand Sex Friends Become Lovers

Eikyuu Red Carpet

Eikyuu Red Carpet (Manga)

Eternal Red Carpet (Synonyms), 永久レッドカーペット (Synonyms)

I'm confused, is what many readers will feel, when they read this short story about a guy, his wife, and the long red something!

Adultery Business Trip Cheating/Infidelity Guilt Metaphorical Office Worker/s One-Night Stand Unexpressed Feeling/s

Ending Again

Ending Again (Manhwa)

Ddohanbeon Ending (Synonyms), Ttohanbeon Ending (Synonyms), 又一次的結局 (Synonyms), 또한번 엔딩 (Synonyms)

It tells of the fraud marriage romance of two persons who do not want to marry but decided to get married to be eligible to receive the “newlyweds jeonse loan”, governmental financial support for newly married couples to help them rent houses. But what happens when the ex-boyfriend of 8 years comes back?Note: Released to promote the kdrama though features an alternative conclusion, "Ending Again" is the third drama from the "Ending" series after "The Flower Ending" (2018) and "The Best Ending" (2019).

Adapted to Kdrama Art Gallery Based on a Drama Breakup/s Ex-Boyfriend Ex-Couple Back Together Fake Marriage Newlyweds One-Night Stand Student/s

Mister Millionaire

Mister Millionaire (Manga)

Anata no Kioku (Synonyms), Expecting the Boss's Baby (Synonyms), Kekkon nante Shitakunai (Synonyms), Kekkon no Kokoroe (Synonyms), Millionaire Husband (Synonyms), あなたの記憶 (Synonyms), 結婚なんてしたくない (Synonyms), 結婚の心得 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Based on a Novel Child Custody Inheritance Office Worker/s One-Night Stand Past Plays a Big Role Rich Lover/s Strong Female Lead Wedding

Nakeru BL

Nakeru BL (Manga)

Dead White (Synonyms), Erabareru Yoru (Synonyms), Tooi Hi no Atosaki (Synonyms), 泣けるBL (Synonyms)

Age Gap Child Abuse Collection of Stories Dead Family Member/s Finding Love Again One-Night Stand Past Plays a Big Role Short Chapter/s Student/s Unrequited Love Stays Unrequited

Senzoku de Aishite

Senzoku de Aishite (Manga)

Ai no Muchi, Ai no Mitsu (Synonyms), At that time, love was stolen (Synonyms), Dr. Yagami's Love Examination (Synonyms), Exclusive Love Contract (Synonyms), Koi no Legend (Synonyms), Love me exclusively (Synonyms), Seito Kaishitsu e Youkoso! (Synonyms), Shitasaki no Amai Aji (Synonyms), Sono Toki ai Wa Ubawareta (Synonyms), Sweet Taste on my Tongue (Synonyms), Yagami Doctor no Ai no Shinsatsushitsu (Synonyms), 専属で愛して (Synonyms)

Adapted to Drama CD Businessman / Businesswoman Collection of Stories Doctor/s Nurse/s Older Uke Younger Seme One-Night Stand President Salaryman Student-Teacher Relationship

Toiki Yori mo Yasashii

Toiki Yori mo Yasashii (Manga)

Even More Gentle Than a Breath (Synonyms), Hauch der Leidenschaft (German) (Synonyms), L'Empreinte de la passion (French) (Synonyms), 吐息よりも優しい (Synonyms), 呼吸愛情 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Cat/s Love Confession/s Misunderstanding/s One-Night Stand Possessive Lover/s Post-Secondary School Reunion/s Searching for Someone Writer/s

Heya ni Oide yo

Heya ni Oide yo (Manga)

Come Home with Me (Synonyms), Heya (Uchi) ni Oide yo (Synonyms), Uchi ni Oide yo (HARA Hidenori) (Synonyms), 部屋においでよ (Synonyms)

A story about two people who share the same room right from the day they first meet.

Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Taiwanese drama Adult Couple Adult Female Lead Adult Male Lead Adult Protagonist Bar/s Nudity One-Night Stand

Kyaku to Kazoku ni Narimashite

Kyaku to Kazoku ni Narimashite (Manga)

Customer And Me Make a Family (Synonyms), 客と家族になりまして (Synonyms)

Brother Complex Death of Loved One/s Gay Bar Incest Long-Lost Sibling/s Male Prostitute One-Night Stand Orphan/s Rich Family Secret Child

Moesakaru Unmei

Moesakaru Unmei (Manga)

The Carides Pregnancy (Synonyms), 燃えさかる運命 (Synonyms)

Naive Becca Summer is seduced by Greek tycoon Christos Carides. Knowing of the hostility between their families, Christos deliberately conceals his true identity. Their lovemaking is passionate and Becca discovers she's expecting Christos's child!Christos is furious that Becca has tried to keep her pregnancy from him, and he's determined to marry her. What sweeter way to get his revenge?

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Harlequin One-Night Stand Pregnancy Snowy Setting

Tsumetaku, Amai

Tsumetaku, Amai (Manga)

Cool and Honey (Synonyms), Cool and Sweet (Synonyms), つめたく、あまい。 (Synonyms), 冰冷的甜蜜 (Synonyms)

From : A series of one shots about couples' struggles and happiness. The subtlety and tensions of the stories are all aided by Shigisawa's delicately realistic style.

Appearance Different from Personality Bespectacled Protagonist Collection of Stories High School Student/s Incest Marriage One-Night Stand Part-Time Job Subtle Romance Thief/ves

Umi no Kodou o Kiita Yoru

Umi no Kodou o Kiita Yoru (Manga)

Conquering King's Heart (Synonyms), Umi no Kodou wo Kiita Yoru (Synonyms), 海の鼓動をきいた夜 (Synonyms)

Jesse King arrived on Bella’s turf three months ago. She runs a swimsuit shop and he is buying run-down shops in her town one after another. The other townspeople are thrilled, but Bella has decided to rebel, even if hers ends up being the last shop left. She doesn’t like his profit-centered mindset. But there’s another reason she doesn’t like him—she can’t forgive him for forgetting the night they shared three years ago!

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Beach Business Businessman / Businesswoman Confused Memories Harlequin One-Night Stand Surfing

Ureoji BL

Ureoji BL (Manga)

Come Over (Synonyms), Coming! (Synonyms), How to Catch a Star (Synonyms), Ureoji BL - Uke (Synonyms), Ureoji BL -Uke- (Synonyms), 熟れおじBL (Synonyms), 熟れおじBL -受- (Synonyms)

Age Gap Anthology Gay Protagonist Multiple Stories One-Night Stand

Zutto Aishite

Zutto Aishite (Manga)

Crazy in Love (Synonyms), ずっと愛して (Synonyms), 愛我到永久 (Synonyms)

1. Seto Hayato was heartbroken and had a one-night stand with a guy he met at the gay bar. Only to reunite with the same man, Sakaguchi Shuuichi, when the police arrived because of Seto's report of his apartment being robbed. Both were happy about meeting and after another night of talking, the two realize that they want to become closer to one another.2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Age Gap Attempted Blackmail Ex-Boyfriend Fetish/es Older Seme Younger Uke One-Night Stand Police Officer/s Post-Secondary Student/s Tattoo Artist/s Tattoo/s