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Kaikan Douki

Kaikan Douki (Manga)

Kaikan-Douki (Synonyms), Simultaneous Orgasm (Synonyms), Синхронизация удовольствия (Synonyms), カイカンドウキ (Synonyms), 快感同步 (Synonyms)

Niwa Tasuku working at Sanden Printing Company for 2 years now but still can't get along at all with Yukino Tsumugi, a female colleague at the DTP department. Their colleagues try to 'break the ice' by inviting them out for drinks but later that night, they ended up in a love hotel. A strange "connection" is made between these two, one that would 'link' them during the most private thoughts and moments!

21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Cunnilingus ESP Fellatio Lust Masturbation Orgasm Control Sexual Powers

Kantan Kiss

Kantan Kiss (Manga)

カンタンキス (Synonyms)

The manga revolves around a boy who meets an older woman over the internet. As he gets closer to her, he wants to meet her in person, to touch her, and to do naughty things to her.(Source: ANN)

Big Breasts Bisexual Character/s Borderline H Cunnilingus Drug/s LGBT Scenes Masturbation Nudity Orgasm Control Virtual Reality

Seito Kaichousama no Pet

Seito Kaichousama no Pet (Manga)

King's Slave (Synonyms), Seito Kaichou-sama no Pet (Synonyms), Seito Kaichousama no Petto (Synonyms), Tenohira no Ondo (Synonyms), The Great Class President's Pet (Synonyms), 生徒会長様のペット (Synonyms)

Best Friends Blackmail Collection of Stories Festival Friends Become Lovers Kimono Master-Pet Relationship Orgasm Control Possessive Lover/s Student Council

Gintama dj - Tejou de Dakishimete

Gintama dj - Tejou de Dakishimete (Doujinshi)

Gintama dj - Hold Me With Handcuffs (Synonyms)

Pairing: Gintoki x Hijikata

Anal Intercourse Fellatio Love Hotel Manly Gay Couple Orgasm Control Seme and Uke Switch