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Kisu wa kossori to.

Kisu wa kossori to. (Manga)

Four Kisses, in Secret (Synonyms), キスはこっそりと。 (Synonyms), 无法瞒过鹰的眼睛 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Graduation In Love with Childhood Friend Love Confession/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Multiple Couples Older Female Younger Male Older Male Younger Female Part-Time Job Worker/s

Love Ho no Ojou-sama

Love Ho no Ojou-sama (Manga)

First Love Time Machine (Synonyms), Hatsukoi no Time Machine (Synonyms), Kaseifu wa Santai! (Synonyms), Koisuru Surprise Cafe (Synonyms), Love Ho no Ojousama (Synonyms), Love Hotel no Ojousama (Synonyms), Natsuiro no Katakoi (Synonyms), Sonogo no Ojousama (Synonyms), ラブホ・のお嬢サマ (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Part-Time Job Playboy/s Unrequited Love


Pharaoh (Manga)

Fara Otto (Synonyms), ファラ夫 (Synonyms)

A pharaoh wakes up in modern day Japan. Hilarity ensues.

21st Century Convenience Store/s Fish Out of Water Foreigner/s Gag Historical References Japan King/s Mysterious Male Lead Part-Time Job

Seigi no Mikata!

Seigi no Mikata! (Manga)

Anh hùng bất đắc dĩ (Synonyms), For Justice and Love (Synonyms), Mikata of Justice (Synonyms), Во имя любви и справедливости! (Synonyms), 正義のミカタ (Synonyms), 正義的盟友! (Synonyms)

Quick tempered, dirt poor brawler Kotarou Mikata can’t hold down a job because he always ends up beating the crap out of some errant customer. Just when he’s at wit’s end, “S” offers Mikata a job as a “hero”. But what exactly does it mean to be a hero? Join Mikata on his WTF journey from brawler to hero in the action romantic comedy “Seigi no Mikata”!

Big Family Bishounen Hero/es Hot-Blooded Male Lead Misunderstood Protagonist Part-Time Job Secret Identity Strong Male Lead Super Hero/es Transformation/s

The Secret Between Two

The Secret Between Two (Manga)

Futari no Himitsu (KURACHI Mikoto) (Synonyms), ふたりの秘密 (倉地皇子都) (Synonyms)

Like most superheroes, Kashiwara has a secret. He plays a hero for the stage shows of Godranger Zeus as his part-time job. While at work, Kashiwara discovers Sakuma, another student at his high school, also loves Godranger Zeus. Out of fear of being bullied, Sakuma hides his true hero otaku self at school. Sakuma and Kashiwara strike a deal to keep each other's secret which only brings them closer.

Fanboy/s High School Student/s Masked Character/s Part-Time Job Ranger/s

Tonda Pierrot

Tonda Pierrot (Manga)

Flying Clown Nakatoka Kumiko Collection (Synonyms), Tonda Pierrot - Nakatoka Kumiko Sakuhinshuu (Synonyms), 飛んだピエロ (Synonyms), 飛んだピエロ なかとかくみこ作品集 (Synonyms)

Crush and smile. Make your lover an invisible person! ? Get the head of your favorite person! ? A high school teacher whose admiration is super strong! ? And so on... 6 stories by the authors of "Professor Shioda and Amai". This book is full of the charm of Nakamakumi, which has been drawn down from past readings including unpublished works.

Atypical Premise Clowns Collection of Stories Convenience Store/s Frog/s High School Student/s Invisibility Painting Part-Time Job Surrealism

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu (Manga)

Flower, Walnut and Sweet Life (Synonyms), 花とクルミと甘い生活 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Drunken Intercourse Florist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Uke Office Love Office Worker/s Part-Time Job


Elemental (Manga)

エレメンタル (Synonyms)

From :Haru possesses the ability to see spirits and otherworldly beings. He's found a place where he's accepted, abilities and all, until a promise from the past comes back and threatens it all...

Bookstore Exorcism First-Person Narrative Mermaid/s Nightmare/s Part-Time Job Possession Promise/s Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Spirit/s

Eojjeomyeon Bombyem Muldeulda

Eojjeomyeon Bombyem Muldeulda (Manhwa)

Incidentally Dyed by Spring's Love (Synonyms), Maybe it's Colored in Spring Love (Synonyms), 어쩌면 봄愛 물들다 (Synonyms)

Based on a Web Novel Convenience Store/s Hotel/Inn Musical Instrument/s Part-Time Job Pianist/s Piano University Student/s Webtoon

Erotic Romantic

Erotic Romantic (Manhwa)

에로틱 로맨틱 (Synonyms)

Out of simple curiosity, Jaeyoung entered an adult DVD rental store. But when he first met the store owner Taesub, he fell head-over heels in love with him. He’s now been working in the store for over a month, but will he be able to win Taesub’s heart…?

Adult Couple Love at First Sight Part-Time Job Web Comic Webtoon

H na Koakuma-kun wa Nugase Jouzu de, Yajuu Sugi!

H na Koakuma-kun wa Nugase Jouzu de, Yajuu Sugi! (Manga)

Ecchi na Koakuma-Kun wa Nugase Jouzu de Yajuu Sugi (Synonyms), This Sexy Young Beast is Too Good at Taking Off My Clothes (Synonyms), Hな小悪魔くんは脱がせ上手で、野獣すぎ! (Synonyms)

Kyoko is a 28-year-old single woman. The night she gets her heart broken, she sleeps with a good-looking bartender after getting drunk. The next day, he shows up at her work, telling Kyoko, "It was a first time for me to come so many times." However, there seems to be another reason that he approaches her. What is his true identity...?[Renta!]

Aggressive Lover Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Death of Loved One/s Drunken Intercourse High School Student/s Office Lady Older Female Younger Male Part-Time Job Sick Parent/s

Incessant Fever

Incessant Fever (Manga)

Everlasting Heat (Synonyms), Samenai Binetsu (Synonyms), 覚めない微熱 (Synonyms)

Yuu, an omega, has never really had it easy in life. He works hard day in and day out to provide for himself, and things finally started looking up when he met Keiya, an alpha. That is, until the unthinkable happened. Get a peek into how these two met, fell in love, and what life was like for Yuu since childhood in part 1.

Abusive Lover Avoidance Fear of Abandonment Insecure Uke Josei-muke Male Pregnancy Omegaverse Original Doujinshi Orphan/s Part-Time Job

Kageki ni Houkago

Kageki ni Houkago (Manga)

Extreme After School (Synonyms), カゲキに放課後 (Synonyms)

From :This is the story of a young girl working part-time at a video store who meets and falls in love with a young police officer investigating a case. But because they are too busy fighting (or not!) their relationship, they don't realize she is working in the lion's den!

Part-Time Job Police Officer/s

Mobuko no Koi

Mobuko no Koi (Manga)

A Side Character's Love Story (Synonyms), El Amor de Mobuko (Synonyms), Mobuko's Love (Synonyms), حب موبوكو (Synonyms), قصة حب شخصية جانبية (Synonyms), モブ子の恋 (Synonyms), 모부코의 사랑 (Synonyms)

Nobuko Tanaka works as a part-timer at a local supermarket while studying in college. Most of the part-timers in this supermarket are college students too. Like Irie-kun who became the subject of her crush due to helping her out. Can Nobuko "Mobuko" Tanaka - the plain girl who fits the supporting character role and doesn't stand out - succeed in pursuing her crush?

21st Century Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Part-Time Job Plain-Looking Female Lead Post-Secondary Student/s Quiet Female Lead Shy Female Lead Workplace Romance

Shiawase wa Tabete Nete Mate

Shiawase wa Tabete Nete Mate (Manga)

Eat Happiness, Sleep and Wait (Synonyms), しあわせは食べて寝て待て (Synonyms)

Satoko Minomaki, the main character of "Eat Happiness and Sleep and Wait" by the newest artist Minagi, lives alone at the age of 38. She lives a part-time job four days a week without a regular job due to a certain chronic illness. Satoko is worried about her life, but encounters an old woman on her way to find a new home. Along with the manga, Kuniko Asaki, who has written books such as "Recipes that add vitality," has also started a column entitled "Yakuzen ni Yakuzen-Matomaki Satoko wants to be prepared."

Female Protagonist Food Illness Living Alone Money Problems Part-Time Job Sick Protagonist Sickly Character

Suteki na Kareshi

Suteki na Kareshi (Manga)

Ein Freund zum Verlieben (German) (Synonyms), So Charming! (French) (Synonyms), Where's My Lovely Sweetheart? (Synonyms), 素敵な彼氏 (Synonyms), 绝妙男友 (Synonyms), 멋진남친 (Synonyms)

From :“I want a boyfriend!”Kozakura Nonoka always fancied having a boyfriend. Upon entering high school, she was certain that she was finally going to get one, but fast-forwarding eight months to December, she was still single as ever. Desperate, she attended a goukon (a group blind date) where she met Kiriyama Naoya, whose first words to her was “You’ll never get a boyfriend.”Now, what would this strange meet-up lead to?Won the 2018 Shogakukan Manga Award for Shoujo.

Convenience Store/s Couple Growth First Love First Time Dating Innocent Female Lead Japan Part-Time Job Student-Student Relationship Tall Male Lead Teasing Character/s

Dame na Kanojo wa Amaetai

Dame na Kanojo wa Amaetai (Manga)

Damena kanojo wa amaetai (Synonyms), ダメなカノジョは甘えたい (Synonyms), ダメな彼女は甘えたい (Synonyms), 废柴女友爱撒娇 (Synonyms)

Ueno Ittou is a kind and tall high school student raised by a single mom. One day when he gets home he finds an empty house and no signs of his mother, she has left him... In that moment, a mysterious girl offers him a job with upfront payment. The job is to take care of the Josei manga author, Nobara Hifumi!

Age Gap Beautiful Female Lead Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Helpful Protagonist High School Student/s Kind Male Lead Mangaka in a Manga Neighbor/s Older Female Younger Male Part-Time Job

Heart Cafe

Heart Cafe (Manga)

Cosplay咖啡廳 (Synonyms), Hato Café (Synonyms), Hatoko's Cafe (Synonyms), はと♡かふぇ (Synonyms), はとかふぇ (Synonyms)

Unique characters dress up in cute outfits to put a smile on your face in this moe comedy.

Caring Female Lead Cheerful Female Lead Childhood Friend/s Childlike Female Lead Cosplay Cross-dressing Ditzy Female Lead Full Color Older Male Lead Part-Time Job

Hibari ga Naitara Tsukamaete

Hibari ga Naitara Tsukamaete (Manga)

Catch Me When the Skylarks Sing (Synonyms), Please Catch Me When I Hear The Lark Singing (Synonyms), ひばりが鳴いたらつかまえて (Synonyms), 雲雀鳴叫之時 便是捕捉之際 (Synonyms)

"In order to meet you, I…"Enomoto, currently a college student, often finds himself reminiscing the days spent with his childhood friend Shimura, who had always been beside him up until six years ago. Due to a sudden transfer, Enomoto didn't get to ask Shimura where he was moving and he hadn't heard anything from him since.Until one day, he suddenly reunites with Shimura in his Philosophy class in college. Enomoto is over the moon, but Shimura seems to feel differently...

Childhood Friend/s Childhood Friends Reunited Part-Time Job Regret Reunion/s Reunited Friends University University Student/s

Hokago wa Kissaten De

Hokago wa Kissaten De (Manga)

After School in a Coffee Shop (Synonyms), Coffee Shop Anemone (Synonyms), Houkago wa Kissaten de (Synonyms), В кофейне после школы (Synonyms), 放学后的咖啡厅 (Synonyms), 放課後は喫茶店で (Synonyms)

21st Century Cafe Coffee Shop Crush/es Handsome Male Lead High School High School Student/s Love Triangle/s Part-Time Job Warm Ambience