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Hana to Usagi

Hana to Usagi (Manga)

Flower and Bunny (Synonyms), Kwiat i królik (Polish) (Synonyms), ดอกไม้กับนายกระต่าย (Thai) (Synonyms), 花とうさぎ (Synonyms), 花与兔 (Synonyms)

Awkward Male Lead Blushing Male Lead Delivery Man Love at First Sight Mask/s Masked Character/s Phobia/s Recluse Shy Protagonist Social Anxiety

Yubisaki no Koi

Yubisaki no Koi (Manga)

Fingertip Love (Synonyms), Fingertip's Love (Synonyms), 指先の恋 (Synonyms)

Detective Maizuru Motoya has a secret he cannot tell his assistant, whom he is in love with. With a single touch of a person, Motoya can read their thoughts. How he got such ability is in the past. Nakagawa, who doesn't know about his respectful boss's special ability, began to worry when Motoya refuses to let come in contact with him. To add more worry, Motoya is awfully close with his old friend...

Assistant/s Attempted Murder Detective/s ESP Haphephobia Murder/s Phobia/s Special Ability/ies Telepathy Tragic Past

Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu

Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu (Manga)

Elles (French) (Synonyms), Expressions of Love (Synonyms), First Kiss (ZAOU Taishi) (Synonyms), Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter (German) (Synonyms), Her (ZAOU Taishi) (Synonyms), Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back (Synonyms), She-wolf (Synonyms), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (Synonyms), Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter (Synonyms), 春夏秋冬 (蔵王大志) (Synonyms)

All-Girls School Appearance Different from Personality Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Nurse/s Past Plays a Big Role Phobia/s Rape Sexual Abuse Teacher-Teacher Relationship Transfer Student/s


MM! (Manga)

Emu Emu! (Synonyms), MM一族 (Synonyms), えむえむっ! (Synonyms)

Because of a certain incident, Sado Tarou learns that there is a problem with his body. He derives pleasure from girls doing "this" and "that" to him. To cure his body, and so that he can confess to his love "Shihori Hime", he approaches the Voluntary Club- a school group that tries to fulfill students' wishes. He goes only to find Isurugi Mio, a girl with the gross misunderstanding of being a god, and Yuuno Arashiko, the most hated existence for Tarou since she is the cause of his problem...

Adapted to Anime Based on a Novel Brother Complex Club/s Cross-dressing First Love Love at First Sight Masochist/s Phobia/s Son Complex

Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi

Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi (Manga)

Clean - Freak Fully Equipped (Synonyms), Cleanliness Boy Fully Equipped (Synonyms), Keppeki Shōnen Kanzen Sōbi (Synonyms), Mr. Clean: Fully Equipped (Synonyms), Mr. Super Clean (Synonyms), รักวุ่นวายของคุณชายสะอาด (Synonyms), 潔癖少年 完全装備 (Synonyms)

From :Because of a frightening experience three years ago, the boy Sata Senda became a compulsive cleanliness freak. As he has anti-bacterial spray and mask as standard equipment and doesn’t allow any form of close contact, he has no friends… Thus came the summer of sixth grade. Sata, who has been half forced to participate in the school trip, arrives to the meeting place completely wrapped in a protective suit?!

Cheerful Female Lead Friendship Long-Distance Relationship Middle School Mysophobia OCD Outcast/s Phobia/s Quirky Characters School Trip/s

Melancholy Melancholic Melancholinist

Melancholy Melancholic Melancholinist (Manga)

Conspicuously Obvious (Synonyms), Ichijirushiku Akiraka (Synonyms), メランコリメランコリックメランコリニスト (Synonyms), 著しく明らか (Synonyms)

Dentist/s Drunken Intercourse Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Oblivious Trap Old Man Older Uke Younger Seme Oyaji Romance Phobia/s Salaryman Unexpressed Feeling/s

Cross Voice

Cross Voice (Manga)

CrossVoice (Synonyms), クロスヴォイス (Synonyms), 放学后的教室里 (Synonyms)

1-3) A student, Fukuoka, finally tells his feeling to his classmate Amano. But did Amano really hear it or not?4-6) Tired office worker with acrophobia finds someone who is going to committing suicide on the roof of the building. He takes the guy to his house and becomes intimate with him but can't accept his love. Then the guy suddenly vanishes and our hero climbs up the building to find him again...

Acrophobia Attempted Suicide Friends Become Lovers Insecurity Misunderstanding/s Office Worker/s Phobia/s Student-Student Relationship Teasing Protagonist

Conbini Siren

Conbini Siren (Manga)

Convenience Store Siren (Synonyms), コンビニセイレン (Synonyms)

Reiko is a descendant of sirens, monsters from ancient Greece. Despite this, she is terrified of men, so she gets a job at a convenience store to overcome her fears.

Androphobia Convenience Store/s Monster Girl/s Mythology Phobia/s

Suashi no Meteorite

Suashi no Meteorite (Manga)

Bare Foot Meteorite (Synonyms), Meteorite of Bare Foot (Synonyms), Sao Ước Nguyện (Synonyms), Босоногий Метеорит (Synonyms), 素足のメテオライト (Synonyms), 裸足的流星 (Synonyms), 赤足的陨星 (Synonyms), 赤足的陨石 (Synonyms)

Ariyuki is standing in front of his former home which happens to be destroyed by a meteorite. Among the ruins he finds a gem which frees a young girl. The girl claims to be a god and is willing to grant him his dearest wishes.

Alien/s Calm Protagonist Childhood Trauma God-Human Relationship God/s Normal to Abnormal Philosophical Moments Phobia/s Super Powers Wish/es

The Best Lover

The Best Lover (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)

In Sakura Shiori's "The Best Lover," two women who, for different reasons, haven't found love with men end up falling in love with each other. [from Lililicious]

Engagement Female-Oriented Girls' Love Lesbian Character/s Phobia/s

Angel Lip

Angel Lip (Manga)

Thỏi son thần kỳ (Synonyms), エンジェルリップ (Synonyms), 天使口紅 (Synonyms), 天使口红 (Synonyms), 천사의 립스틱 (Synonyms)

Mikina's father is the president of a modeling agency. Mikina was once a popular child model, but due to an accident, she developed camera-phobia and gave up modeling.10 years later, Mikina's father's company is going through some financial difficulty. Mikina really wishes to be able to help revive the company, and one day, she received a mysterious lipstick...In 1999 Angel lip won the Shogakukan Manga Award for the shoujo category.

Award-Winning Work Modeling Phobia/s Rivalry Transformation/s