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Futsu Hyakkei

Futsu Hyakkei (Manga)

普通百景 (Synonyms)

In these super ordinary days something unexpected happened?Mirutsuki is shocked when Fujiyama suddenly approaches her with an unusual request: The smartest, most popular guy wants to observe her, the most average girl? What could be the reason for his strange behavior?

Arrogant Male Lead Handsome Male Lead High School Mismatched Couple Misunderstanding/s Observant Protagonist Plain-Looking Female Lead Popular Male Lead Smart Male Lead Unexpressed Feeling/s

Konyakusha ga Akuyaku de Komattemasu

Konyakusha ga Akuyaku de Komattemasu (Manga)

Fiancé ga Akuyaku de Komattemasu (Synonyms), I Am Troubled That My Fiance Is a Villain (Synonyms), I Am Troubled That My Fiancé Is a Villain (Synonyms), 婚約者が悪役で困ってます (Synonyms), 婚约者是恶役令我苦恼 (Synonyms), 약혼자가 악역이라 곤란합니다 (Synonyms)

Lizia is reincarnated into an otome game world as a mob character.She decides to live with two lives worth of filial piety, however, she has been betrothed to Bernhardt, the last villain in the prince' Route. This is the struggle of Lizia as she tries for a peaceful life.

Age Progression Based on a Novel Engaged Couple Engagement Female Protagonist Illegitimate Child/ren Otome Game Plain-Looking Female Lead Reincarnated in a Game World Reincarnated in Another World

Eris no Seihai

Eris no Seihai (Manga)

The Holy Grail of Eris (Synonyms), エリスの聖杯 (Synonyms)

Connie, the daughter to a Viscount whose only value is her honesty, and Scarlet Castiel, the most reviled villainess of the era who was sentenced to death ten years ago. When the two people who were never supposed to meet encountered one another at a night party, the story that should have ended with Scarlet's death began anew.Although their relationship only began out of mutual interest, they soon became true partners in an effort to unravel the mysteries of a grand conspiracy borne out of the past, that still has a vicious grip on the present.

Broken Engagement Cheating/Infidelity Dead Female Lead European Ambiance Execution Ghost/s Honest Protagonist Nobility Plain-Looking Female Lead Possession

Gakuen Baby

Gakuen Baby (Manga)

Ame furi Himawari (Synonyms), Edelweiss no Saku Asa ni (Synonyms), โรงเรียนป่วนกวนยกแก๊ง (Thai) (Synonyms), 学園ベイベー (Synonyms), 校图甜心 (Synonyms)

Best Friends Collection of Stories Dead Friend/s Ghost/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Music Plain-Looking Female Lead Smart Female Lead Soccer/Football Weak Female Lead

Mobuko no Koi

Mobuko no Koi (Manga)

A Side Character's Love Story (Synonyms), El Amor de Mobuko (Synonyms), Mobuko's Love (Synonyms), حب موبوكو (Synonyms), قصة حب شخصية جانبية (Synonyms), モブ子の恋 (Synonyms), 모부코의 사랑 (Synonyms)

Nobuko Tanaka works as a part-timer at a local supermarket while studying in college. Most of the part-timers in this supermarket are college students too. Like Irie-kun who became the subject of her crush due to helping her out. Can Nobuko "Mobuko" Tanaka - the plain girl who fits the supporting character role and doesn't stand out - succeed in pursuing her crush?

21st Century Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Part-Time Job Plain-Looking Female Lead Post-Secondary Student/s Quiet Female Lead Shy Female Lead Workplace Romance

The Tales of Marielle Clarac (Novel)

The Tales of Marielle Clarac (Novel) (Novel)

Engagement of Marielle Clarac (Novel) (Synonyms), Marielle Clarac no Konyaku (Novel) (Synonyms), Marielle Clarac's Engagement (Novel) (Synonyms), マリエル・クララックの婚約 (Novel) (Synonyms)

Adapted to Manga Author/s Engaged Couple Fangirl/s Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Nobility Plain-Looking Female Lead Popular Male Lead

Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai

Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai (Manga)

A Condition Called Love (Synonyms), Ein Gefühl namens Liebe (German) (Synonyms), I'm addicted to you (Synonyms), À tes côtés (Synonyms), 花野井くんと恋の病 (Synonyms), 花野井君的相思病 (Synonyms)

Hotaru is a 16-year-old high school first-year who has always been ambivalent about love, preferring instead to have a lively life with her family and friends. So when she sees her schoolmate, Hananoi-kun, sitting in the snow after a messy, public breakup, she thinks nothing of offering to share her umbrella. But when he asks her out in the middle of her classroom the next day, she can't help but feel that her life is about to change in a big way…Nominated for the Best Shoujo Manga of the 44th Kodansha Manga Awards in 2020.

Caring Male Lead First Love First Time Dating Handsome Male Lead Kind Female Lead Love Confession/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Plain-Looking Female Lead Possessive Lover/s Rational Protagonist

Haru to Ao no Obentoubako

Haru to Ao no Obentoubako (Manga)

Chacun ses goûts (French) (Synonyms), Haru and Ao's Lunch Box (Synonyms), Haru to Ao no Obento Bako (Synonyms), The Lunch Box of Haru and Ao (Synonyms), ハルとアオのお弁当箱 (Synonyms)

Haru is an otaku girl who has no interest in food or clothes—she'd rather spend her money on her own hobbies. This changes when she encounters an effiminate boy, Aoi. Their story begins with them creating delicious bento boxes together...

Adapted to JDrama Adult Protagonist Awkward Female Lead Bento Bespectacled Protagonist Cooking Food Glasses-Wearing Female Lead LGBT Character in Non-Yaoi/Yuri Manga Plain-Looking Female Lead

Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni

Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni (Manga)

Altın Ülkesi, Su Ülkesi (Synonyms), Country of Gold Country of Water (Synonyms), Kin no Kuni, Mizu no Kuni (Synonyms), País del Oro, País del Agua (Synonyms), The Kingdom of Gold and Water (Synonyms), 金の国水の国 (Synonyms), 金之国水之国 (Synonyms)

Award-Nominated Work Award-Winning Work Fat Female Lead Plain-Looking Female Lead Political Marriage Princess/es Royalty Smart Male Lead

Koisuru Mitsuba

Koisuru Mitsuba (Manga)

Clover in Love (Synonyms), Koi Suru Mitsuba (Synonyms), 恋するみつば (Synonyms), 恋爱三叶草 (Synonyms)

From :Even at school, the sober Mitsuba is attracted by the popular Sakurai-kun. But then, something big will happen...

Blushing Male Lead Handsome Male Lead High School High School Student/s Inexperienced in Love Kind Female Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Plain-Looking Female Lead Popular Male Lead Shy Female Lead

Kujaku no Kyoushitsu

Kujaku no Kyoushitsu (Manga)

Kujaku no Kyoshitsu (Synonyms), Kujaku no Kyōshitsu (Synonyms), Kujyaku no Kyoushitsu (Synonyms), Peacock Classroom (Synonyms), The Classroom of a Peafowl (Synonyms), クジャクの教室 (Synonyms), 孔雀教室 (Synonyms)

They're a group of peacocks who dance gracefully with their beautiful plumage that mesmerizes all eyes. Will Mariho's destiny be changed after meeting them? [Simple Scans]

Beautiful Female Lead Bishounen Friendship Handsome Male Lead High School Inferiority Complex Plain-Looking Female Lead Popularity Shy Protagonist Transfer Student/s

Cosplay Jimiko to Kameko Kachou

Cosplay Jimiko to Kameko Kachou (Manga)

コスプレ地味子とカメコ課長 (Synonyms)

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Cosplay Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Handsome Male Lead Office Lady Office Love Otaku Photography Plain-Looking Female Lead Secret/s

Kekkon Kirai no Sankyoudai

Kekkon Kirai no Sankyoudai (Manga)

Koi wa Butoukai de (Synonyms), Lady e no Kaidan (Synonyms), Onzoushi no Yuuutsu (Synonyms), The Blacksheep's Arranged Marriage (Synonyms), The C.E.O.'s Unplanned Proposal (Synonyms), The Playboy's Office Romance (Synonyms), レディへの階段 結婚嫌いの三兄弟 3 (Synonyms), 御曹子の憂鬱 結婚嫌いの三兄弟 (Synonyms), 恋は舞踏会で 結婚嫌いの三兄弟 2 (Synonyms)

Appearance Changes Based on a Novel Harlequin Inferiority Complex Kind Male Lead Love Interests Who Don't Get Along Plain-Looking Female Lead Playboy/Playgirl Becomes Monogamous Playboy/s Rich Family

Arienai Getsuyoubi

Arienai Getsuyoubi (Manga)

Shikatanai Ichiya (Synonyms), アリエナイ月曜日 (Synonyms)


Freckles Fujoshi Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Limited Lifespan Plain-Looking Female Lead

Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai

Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai (Manga)

Dahliya Wilts No More (English), 魔導具師ダリヤはうつむかない ~Dahliya Wilts No More~ (Japanese), Magic Artisan Dahliya Won't Hang Her Head (Synonyms)

Waterproof Slime Cloth, Small Magic Stove, Artificial Magic Sword and Fairy Crystal Glasses... Using her knowledge from before she reincarnated for innovative ideas, Dahliya immersed herself in creating her beloved magic tools full of cheerful feelings. Enjoying her second chance at life, the curtain opens on this otherworldly craftsmanship fantasy! Mag Garden, translated)

Broken Engagement Crafting Craftsman Fantasy World Magic/s Plain-Looking Female Lead Reincarnated in a Another World