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Heaven Company

Heaven Company (Manga)

HEAVENカンパニー (Synonyms), HEAVEN事务所 (Synonyms)

Marika Fujisawa is a crazy plant lady who is deeply passionate about anything green and growing. While training to become a plant coordinator, Marika is hired by "HEAVEN", a prestigious plant rental service dedicated to high quality decorative vegetation for special events. There, she meets stern Tetsuya. At first he seems dull, but then Marika comes across his rose arrangements and wonders how such a blunt man can create such heavenly decorations... On top of that, Marika has to stay on top of work! How will a wedding turn out under her expertise?

Age Gap Company Gardening Genius/es Older Male Younger Female Part-Time Job Plant/s Talented Protagonist

Hello, Green Days

Hello, Green Days (Manga)

Hola días verdes (Synonyms), ハロー、グリーンデイズ (Synonyms)

Mikage, a graduate student in the Department of Botany, is shy and timid when it comes to love. One day, Mikage decides to become roommates with his financially challenged junior classmen, Nanahoshi. But, suddenly one spring day Mikage is confessed to by Nanahoshi – whose sweet personality differs from his scary appearance. For the first time in his life, Mikage is in a relationship, but he struggles to understand how to become a loving boyfriend.

First Time Dating Fluff Gay Uke Height Difference Inexperienced in Love Insecure Character Plant/s Roommates Senpai-Kouhai Relationship University Student/s

Higouhou Underland

Higouhou Underland (Manga)

The Illegal Underland (Synonyms), 非合法アンダーランド (Synonyms)

120 pages of all-color comics and illustrations like a beautiful picture book drawn by insect-loving underground watercolor artist Nishizuka em on the theme of symbiosis and parasitism between humans and plant life. A high school girl in a sailor suit got lost in a biological research garden managed by a man in a plague mask. What is the "symbiotic treatment method" that is being done there?

Full Color Garden High School Student/s Illustration Book Insect/s Masked Character/s Plant/s Research

Saibai Kareshi

Saibai Kareshi (Manga)

Grow Your Own Boyfriend! A Straight Man Converted by His Own Creation (Synonyms), 栽培カレシ♂育てた男に●●られたノンケ (Synonyms)

"You can make your ideal lover." Seduced by this strange catchphrase, I recieved a gardening kit to grow my own perfect girlfriend. I was hoping for a beautiful girlfriend, but a hot muscle man was born instead! I'll give it one more try and... another hot man?! Does that mean my ideal lover is actually a man?! But I thought I was straight! To top it all off, they keep trying to kiss me and touch me, saying they'll die if I don't give them love... A new, hectic life begins!

Love Triangle/s Plant/s

Green Dead

Green Dead (Manga)

グリーン デッド (Synonyms), グリーンデッド (Synonyms)

Plants are screaming everywhere in the world. While plants have become extinct due to environmental destruction, some have emerged that have a way of living by feeding on the nutrients of other creatures. Finally, I let a plant in a school with a swelling hatred and pain.

High School Student/s Plant/s

Fuyu no Hana

Fuyu no Hana (Manga)

Winter Flower (YUMEKA Sumomo) (Synonyms), وردة الشتاء (Synonyms), 冬の花 (Synonyms)

From :The flower in Itadori will bloom in the summer, taking his life as it took his sister's, while giving others longer lives, but how can he leave his childhood friend Rakka behind...?A sweet story about friendship and young love.

Attempted Rape Childhood Friend/s Dead Family Member/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Melancholy Atmosphere Moral Dilemma Parasite/s Plant/s Runaway from Home Sci-fi Elements


Hanao (Manga)

Flower Guy (Synonyms), 花男 (山田 憂香) (Synonyms)

Yuri calls him Hanao (meaning 'Flower Guy') because he likes growing flowers. Hanao's dream is to grow the most beautiful flower of the world. Yuri promised him years ago that she would support him to realise his dream. Now, as a high school student, is it time for Yuri to fulfil her promise?

Eccentric Male Lead Flower/s Friends Grow Distant Gardening Glasses-Wearing Male Lead High School Student/s Loner Protagonist Murder/s Obsession Plant/s

Hanaori Soushi

Hanaori Soushi (Manga)

Flower Cage Book (Synonyms), Flower Cage Notebook (Synonyms), Hanaori Soshi (Synonyms), 花檻草子 (Synonyms)

Having lost their parents at a young age, Chiharu and her brother find strength in each other. The past behind, the two live their lives in peace. However, the appearance of a new transfer student named Hisaya will put an end to these tranquil days. What does he want, and why does it involve Chiharu? A complex tale involving magic, reincarnation, betrayal, and

Betrayal Bishounen Guardian/s Immortality Magic Plant/s Reincarnation Reverse Harem Special Ability/ies

Jeongnyeong Nongsakkun

Jeongnyeong Nongsakkun (Manhwa)

Farmer of Spirits (Synonyms), Spirit Farmer (Synonyms), 정령 농사꾼 (Synonyms)

The average Korean citizen who has been desperately trying to be a hero for 11 years has realized that this is not his craft or his dream. After giving up everything, Lee Kun Woo decided to become a farmer and live his quiet life. But is it that simple?

Adoption Dungeon/s Farming Full Color Human-Nonhuman Relationship Non-Humans Plant Girl/s Plant/s Slow Life Super Powers

Souzou no Ringo

Souzou no Ringo (Manga)

Apples of the Queen (Synonyms), Creation's Apple (Synonyms), 创造的苹果 (Synonyms), 創造のリンゴ (Synonyms)

A massive tree higher than a mountain erupts one day in the middle of a city. From it comes red apples that cure all illness and disease. Humanity rejoices until it discovers that they also cause some people to transform into murderous monsters. However, some are not only immune, but receive rare powers they can use to fight off the creatures. But what about the transformed - must they die or can they somehow be saved? (Source: Mangamo)

Body Horror Human Becomes Demon/Monster Monster/s Moral Dilemma Plant/s Special Ability/ies Transformation/s Web Comic


Count (Manga)

Count 0 (Synonyms), Count H (Synonyms), Count Love (Synonyms), Count0 (Synonyms), カウント0 (Synonyms), カウントH (Synonyms), 恋爱数值 (Synonyms)

Honest Protagonist Lie Detector/s Naive Uke/s Perverted Seme Plant/s Rescue Seme's POV Special Ability/ies Student-Student Relationship Student/s

Ore to Moyashi to Ohanaya-san

Ore to Moyashi to Ohanaya-san (Manga)

Bean Sprouts, a Florist, and Me (Synonyms), 俺ともやしとお花屋さん (Synonyms)

The main character of the story possesses special powers to help plants grow, but for some reason they have been sealed away. The plot of the story features the story of a man who falls in love with a florist.

Florist Plant/s Sealed Power Special Ability/ies


Arborist (Manga)

Jumokui (Synonyms), 樹木医 (Synonyms)

As some trees in Yuzuru Kashiwagi's lush garden mysteriously start withering, he decides to consult Shida, a talented arborist. What he finds, however, is no normal disease...

Forest Garden Illusions Plant/s

Arbos Anima - Plant Hunter

Arbos Anima - Plant Hunter (Manga)

Arbos Anima (Synonyms), アルボスアニマ (Synonyms), 树之魂 —植物猎人— (Synonyms)

The story follows the adventures of Noah Lescott, a young botanist who goes on an adventure in a tropical country. Besides being a botanist, Noah has a mysterious power that allows humans and plants get along well.

19th Century Plant/s