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Heaven!! (Manga)

ヘブン!! (Synonyms), 天堂 (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Rinne is a girl who can see and exorcise ghosts (usually with a paper fan). When the school punk saves her from getting hit by a truck, but ends up in a coma himself, she, and his disembodied spirit must defend his prone body from being possessed by this, that, and the other local spirits. Unfortunately, she fails in her task, and an ancient playboy takes over the punk’s body, leaving him to inhabit a pink stuffed monkey. Hilarity ensues.

Body Swap/s Delinquent/s Exorcism God/s Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Monkey/s Playboy/s Spirit Power Yankee/s

Hentai ★ Hosuto Keiji

Hentai ★ Hosuto Keiji (Manga)

Hentai ★ Hosuto Keiji ♂ asoko ni saku ichirin no bara (Synonyms), Pervert Host Detective (Synonyms), ヘンタイ★ホスト刑事♂アソコに咲く一輪の薔薇 (Synonyms)

Detective/s Playboy/s

Hiasobi wa Osuki?

Hiasobi wa Osuki? (Manga)

The Parisian Playboy (Synonyms), 火遊びはお好き? (Synonyms)

from fictiondb:Name: Jacques QuerruelOccupation: Self-made millionaireReputation: The ultimate playboyJacques Querruel appeared regularly in society magazines with a string of women.When he decided that he wanted shy, sexy Holly Stanton as his personal assistant, it was a fait accompli!Holly fully intended not to be swept off her feet. But working long hours by Jacques's side, she was bombarded with temptation! And mixing business with pleasure was Jacques's specialty...!

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Boss-Subordinate Relationship Harlequin Playboy/s

Himitsu - H na Naishobanashi

Himitsu - H na Naishobanashi (Manga)

1. 40°C Hot Body (Shigano Iori) (Synonyms), 2. Sensational Love Lesson Ensnaring Melody (Murata Yuka) (Synonyms), 3. Kuchibiru kara Toroketai (I Want the Enchantment from Your Lips)(Ayukawa Mio) (Synonyms), 4. Renai Kyoukasho (The Love Textbook) (Harushiro Amami) (Synonyms), 40°C炙热的身体 (Synonyms), 5. Anata ni Toketai (I Want to Be Melted by You) (Watanabe Shiho) (Synonyms), 6. Junjou Shoudou (Pure Heart Urges) (Ibuki Kaede) (Synonyms), Anata ni Toketai (Synonyms), Himitsu - H na Naisho banashi - (Synonyms), I Want the Enchantment From Your Lips (Synonyms), Junjo Shodo (Synonyms), Kuchibiru Kara Toroketai (Synonyms), Secrets - Private Sexual Tales (Synonyms), 秘密-H的秘密物语 (Synonyms), 秘密~Hなナイショ話~ (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Cheating/Infidelity Collection of Stories Love at First Sight One-Night Stand Piano Playboy/s Rape Student-Teacher Relationship Writer/s

Himitsu no Karada de Iku nante...!? - Aitsu ni Oshiekomareru Kaikan

Himitsu no Karada de Iku nante...!? - Aitsu ni Oshiekomareru Kaikan (Manga)

用秘密身體高潮什麼的…!?─那傢伙教會我的快感 (Synonyms), 秘密のカラダでイクなんて…!? ―アイツに教え込まれる快感 (Synonyms)


Classmate/s Cross-dressing High School High School Student/s Playboy/s Popular Male Lead

Hard Triangle

Hard Triangle (Manga)

Hard Days (Synonyms), ハードトライアングル (Synonyms), ハード・トライアングル (Synonyms)

Best Friends Bondage Doctor/s Guilt Hidden Past Jeweler Playboy/s Rape Sex Toy/s Split Personality

Sayonara Midori-chan

Sayonara Midori-chan (Manga)

Adieu Midori (French) (Synonyms), Goodbye Midori (Synonyms), Goodbye Midori-chan (Synonyms), さよならみどりちゃん (Synonyms)

At age 20, Yuko is leading a life without aspirations, what with work as an assistant in a company and her non-existent relationship with her lover Yutaka. Determined to give a new twist to her lifestyle, she accepts Yutaka's offer to work at a bar as a hostess. Yuko quickly becomes disenchanted: this choice brings her much more trouble than pleasant surprises, leading her to face difficult situations, even dangerous ones. Will she react before breaking apart? How far will she let herself go?

Adapted to Movie Bar/s Character Growth Egotistic Male Lead Host/Hostess Introverted Protagonist Laid-back Male Lead Playboy/s Rushed Ending / Axed Sketchy Art Style

Tonari no Yarou ga Konomi na Ken

Tonari no Yarou ga Konomi na Ken (Manga)

The Guy Next Door's Just My Type (Synonyms), となりのヤロウが好みな件 (Synonyms)

"Did you know? Sex isn't just putting it in...... You can feel good here as well." The root of white-collar worker Takanashi's stress is Akemi, his neighbor who brings girls home each night. He warns Akemi of his sleepless nights but is ignored, driving him up the wall! Takanashi snaps and proceeds to barge into Akemi's apartment...... Even serious guys can be scary when they're mad! This is the love story of a closet gay and a straight guy with a naughty body!from Renta!

Adapted to Motion Comic Bisexual Uke Blackmail Neighbor/s Playboy/s Salaryman Sex Addict/s Tsundere Uke

Fusuma Land 4.5

Fusuma Land 4.5 (Manga)

フスマランド 4・5 (Synonyms)

From Wingtip Cafe:Udagawa Kachiko is a studious no-nonsense high-school girl. One day, she found an entrance to a fantastic world called Fusuma Land.

Alternate Universe Animal Characteristics Appearance Changes Bespectacled Protagonist Dream World Historical Persons Magical World Playboy/s Quirky Characters Surfing

Hana ni Kedamono

Hana ni Kedamono (Manga)

Flower and The Beast (Synonyms), La Rosa y la Bestia (Spanish) (Synonyms), La Rose et le Démon (French) (Synonyms), زهرة وَ الوحش (Synonyms), หวานใจนายวายร้าย (Synonyms), 花にけだもの (Synonyms), 花予野兽 (Synonyms), 護花野獸 (Synonyms)

From :That was the first time I fell in love. The first time I met "Leopard-kun", time stopped and I could not breathe. My heartbeat became louder and I could not take my eyes off of him. Although Leopard-kun told me "he wants to be with me", he is a guy who has kissed many girls. This love has many difficulties... it's tender yet painful, but even so I can't stop my feelings for him. I'm sorry...I fell in love with a "beast". This is my first love.

Adapted to JDrama Bear/s Dumb Female Lead Emotionally Weak Female Lead Love Triangle/s Playboy/s Popular Male Lead Possessive Lover/s Stuffed Animal Transfer Student/s

Hissatsu! Madonna Densetsu

Hissatsu! Madonna Densetsu (Manga)

Born Bad Boy (Synonyms), Fire Baby (Synonyms), Gekikara Baby! (Synonyms), Hissatsu Madonna Densetsu (Synonyms), Tekken Baby! (Synonyms), Tennen Bad Boy (Synonyms), 必殺!マドンナ伝説 (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Beautiful Female Lead Character Who Bullies the One They Love Collection of Stories Handsome Male Lead Hot-Blooded Female Lead Playboy/s Rivals Become Lovers Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead

Itsuwari no Kamen

Itsuwari no Kamen (Manga)

The Future King's Pregnant Mistress (Synonyms), ニローリ・ルールズシリーズ I 偽りの仮面 (Synonyms), 偽りの仮面 (Synonyms)

Affair/s Based on a Novel Harlequin Kingdom/s Playboy/s Pregnancy Royalty

Kemono ni, Koishita

Kemono ni, Koishita (Manga)

Fallen for a Beast (Synonyms), 爱上野兽了。 (Synonyms), 獣に、恋した。 (Synonyms)

From :A collection of oneshots.1. Kemono ni, KoishitaMadoka accepted the odd temper of the beast-like guy, Misao, and continues to be his sex-friend. But, the truth is, she wants his heart, too. But she's afraid that she will be dumped, so she does not confess her feelings... In order to graduate from this relationship, Madoka takes action...?!2. Karada Dake, Ageru3. Yokujou4. Hatsukoi5. Scarf

Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories First Love In Love with Family Member's Friend Misunderstanding/s Playboy/s Post-Secondary School Reunion/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Student/s

Kiken Mania

Kiken Mania (Manga)

Danger-MANIA (Synonyms), Dangerous Mania (Synonyms), Finding True Love (Synonyms), Kiken Mania Prologue (Synonyms), รักอันตรายของยัยเจ้าเสน่ห์ (Synonyms), キケンマニア (Synonyms), 危险MANIA (Synonyms), 危險的甜蜜關係 (Synonyms)

From :After breaking up with their respective exes due to certain circumstances, Nono and Kazuma suddenly find themselves in a relationship. How much does it really take to make things work?From :Nono (15) dislikes flirty men because of previous experience, so she wants to date a serious, honest guy. When Akkun (25) confesses to her, it's like a dream come true. But does he really love her?

Bad Experiences Beautiful Female Lead Bishoujo Breakup/s Ex-Boyfriend Playboy/s Popular Female Lead Protective Friend/s Searching for Love Student-Student Relationship

Kinku - Don't Say "I Love You"

Kinku - Don't Say "I Love You" (Manga)

Forbidden Phrase (Synonyms), Forbidden Phrase - Don't Say "I Love You" (Synonyms), Forbidden Words (Synonyms), It's Going to Snow (Synonyms), Let Me Feel More - Love Virgin (Synonyms), Let Me Feel You (Synonyms), Lustful Lover (Synonyms), Make Me Aroused... Love Virgin (Synonyms), Snow Falling (Synonyms), 禁句 - Don`t say "I love you" (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Dead Family Member/s Kidnapping/s Orphan/s Playboy/s Stepdaughter/s Stepfather-Stepdaughter Relationship Stepfather/s Stockholm Syndrome Valentine's Day

Kuro Gal ni natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita.

Kuro Gal ni natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita. (Manga)

Fucked by My Best Friend (Synonyms), Guro Gyaru ni natta kara Shinyuu to Yatte mita. (Synonyms), I Turned Into a Gyaru and Tried out My Best Friend (Synonyms), Kuro Gyaru ni Natta kara Shinyuu to Yatte Mita. (Synonyms), 變身成黑辣妹之後就和死黨上床了 (Synonyms), 黒ギャルになったから親友とヤってみた。 (Synonyms)

We are the No.1 golden pair who boast success rate at picking up girls. One night, I was going to play around again but a mysterious drug was forced on me... And I woke up in woman's body! My best friend who came looking for me didn't recognize me and hit on me!?

Best Friends Bisexual Male Lead Friends Become Lovers Friendship Gender Swapped Character/s Gyaru Gyaru Lead Hetero Sex in Yaoi Manga Male to Female Playboy/s

Love Ho no Ojou-sama

Love Ho no Ojou-sama (Manga)

First Love Time Machine (Synonyms), Hatsukoi no Time Machine (Synonyms), Kaseifu wa Santai! (Synonyms), Koisuru Surprise Cafe (Synonyms), Love Ho no Ojousama (Synonyms), Love Hotel no Ojousama (Synonyms), Natsuiro no Katakoi (Synonyms), Sonogo no Ojousama (Synonyms), ラブホ・のお嬢サマ (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Part-Time Job Playboy/s Unrequited Love


Osaerarenai! (Manga)

don't suppress it! (Synonyms), First Emotion Territory (Synonyms), Hatsujou Territory (Synonyms), I Can't Stop It (Synonyms), Kimi wo Kaorasete (Synonyms), Let You Be Fragrant (Synonyms), おさえられないっ! (Synonyms), 无法控制 (Synonyms)

From :Haruka is a owner of a dog; however, the dog is no ordinary dog. He is the wildest boy in her high school. What exactly is their relationship...?Includes extra one-shot (): "I like Hisato-san a lot. Being held in his arms this way, I'm really happy... Eh? A woman's perfume? There is a 'flowery scent' from Hisato-san's body... Why?"

Animal Characteristics Cross-dressing Friends Become Lovers Jealous Friend Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Master-Pet Relationship Playboy/s Possessive Lover/s Unexpressed Feeling/s

Sakura ni Aitara

Sakura ni Aitara (Manga)

For My Cherry Blossom (Synonyms), Sakura ni Ai Tara (Synonyms), さくらにあいたら (Synonyms), 若与樱花相逢 (Synonyms)

Stubborn, awkward and naive high-schooler Kanbara Minoru is secretly in love with Matsunaga Yuuto, who's their school's idol. But Yuuto changes girlfriends as quickly as you change shoes -- and has earned himself the nickname "butterfly of love." But one day, unable to contain his feelings any longer, Minoru finds himself confessing...

Awkward Male Lead High School Student/s Playboy/Playgirl Becomes Monogamous Playboy/s Popular Male Lead School Idol Secret Relationship Student-Student Relationship

16 Engage

16 Engage (Manga)

16 Engaged (Synonyms), 16Engage (Synonyms), 16세의 첫사랑 (Synonyms), Engaged at Sixteen (Synonyms), Обручённые в шестнадцать (Synonyms), ツックスティーン 工ンゲージ (Synonyms), 热恋16 (Synonyms), 熱戀16 (Synonyms)

From Serenus Dreamers:Yuiko's parents passed away leaving her to start her new life with her aunt. But Shun appeared and said he is her fiancee, however at school Yukio approach a couple that are having a fight, the guy, Takami said he is going out with Yuiko. So what is the situation?

Arranged Marriage Incest Love Triangle/s Orphan/s Playboy/s