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Futago Caste

Futago Caste (Manga)

The Twins Caste (Synonyms), 双子カースト (Synonyms)


Incest Omegaverse Post-Secondary Student/s Twincest University Student/s

Futaribocchi no Otacir no Hime

Futaribocchi no Otacir no Hime (Manga)

Futaribocchi no Otaku Circle no Hime (Synonyms), Futaribocchi no Otasaa no Hime (Synonyms), ふたりぼっちのオタサーの姫 (Synonyms), 只有二人的宅圈公主 (Synonyms)

Takeko joins an otaku club in the hopes of being worshiped as a princess as she'd be the only female member, but the club she joins only has two members (including herself). Based on a one shot of the same name.

Big-Breasted Female Lead Club/s College Fat Male Lead Otaku Post-Secondary Student/s

Hatsukoi no Kanata

Hatsukoi no Kanata (Manga)

Beyond the First Love (Synonyms), The Far Side of First Love (Synonyms), ハツコイの彼方 (Synonyms), 初恋的彼方 (Synonyms)

His first love was his father's lover. To deal with this unrequited passion he made a habit of serial-dating older women. But then there's his carefree-but-straightforward friend Shinri, who remains sincere to an unrequited love. For the first time in a long while, a cynical young man's heart begins to flutter anew...: Chapters 1-3 include the title story. Chapter 4 is a side story to .

Complicated Family Finding Love Again First Love LGBT Parent/s Misunderstanding/s Painful First Love Post-Secondary Student/s Student-Student Relationship Unrequited Love Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Kindan Harem

Kindan Harem (Manga)

Forbidden Pleasures (Synonyms), 禁断ハーレム (Synonyms)

Friends Become Lovers Post-Secondary Student/s Siblings in Love with Same Person Threesome

Orokamono no Koi

Orokamono no Koi (Manga)

A Fool's Love (Synonyms), 愚か者の恋 (Synonyms)

From :1-3) It exists.Someone who would tell you “anyone but him,” or “he may be cool, but it can’t be him.” “You may think he’s a good person, but it can’t be him.” “You can’t be alone together,” “You can’t fall for him,” “You can’t look at him without his glasses on.”A fool like me can only do what she is told.4) 5)

Age Gap Character Who Bullies the One They Love Cold Male Lead Crybaby Protagonist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Older Brother Older Male Younger Female Post-Secondary Student/s Student-Teacher Relationship Younger Brother

Fatal Woman

Fatal Woman (Manhwa)

Manyeoui Seukaendeul (Synonyms), Scandal of the Witch (Synonyms), Scandalous (ALMA) (Synonyms), 魔女のスキャンダル (Synonyms), 마녀의 스캔들 (Synonyms)

From Lezhin:Who says a woman can't be smart and sexy at the same time? But can a woman get away with cheating on two men at once? Saeeun's simply SCANDALOUS!

21st Century Borderline H Caught in the Act Cheating/Infidelity Full Color Nudity Office Worker/s Post-Secondary Student/s Rape Web Comic

Baka ga Zenra de Yatte Kuru

Baka ga Zenra de Yatte Kuru (Manga)

A Fool Arrives in the Nude (Synonyms), A Naked Idiot Coming at Full Speed (Synonyms), Baka ga Zenra de Yattekuru (Synonyms), Ein irrer Flitzer (Synonyms), Пришествие голого придурка (Synonyms), バカが全裸でやってくる (Synonyms), 笨蛋快來全裸 (Synonyms), 笨蛋快来全裸 (Synonyms), 바보가 전라로 달려온다 (Synonyms)

"I," an aspiring novelist who can’t land a hit, a normal college student. Kai Shouko, a female college student writer who produced a string of hits. During the welcoming party of our university, a naked idiot suddenly barges into my life.

Based on a Novel Bespectacled Protagonist Exhibitionism Famous Character/s Inconclusive Ending Loser Protagonist Novelist Post-Secondary Student/s Sudden Appearance Writer/s

End of Balor

End of Balor (Manga)

Endo Obu baroru (Synonyms), エンド・オブ・バロル (Synonyms)


Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Magic Modern Fantasy Post-Secondary Student/s


Eromanhwabu! (Manhwa)

Erotic Manga Department! (Synonyms), Rom-comixxx! (Synonyms), 에로만화부! (Synonyms)

It’s called Erotic Manga Department so it may cause some misunderstandings, but the misunderstandings are right!!Sangyeol, the club president who loves erotic mangas, and Sunjeong, who loves every type of manga except for erotic mangas.And to protect the existence of the club, they work together in making an erotic romantic-comedy school manga!

Korea Post-Secondary Student/s South Korea University Student/s

Escape Journey

Escape Journey (Manga)

It's the Journey not the Destination (German) (Synonyms), エスケープジャーニー (Synonyms), 逃避之旅 (Synonyms)

From MbE:In college, Naoto has an unexpected reunion with ex‐boyfriend Taichi who he broke up with for claiming their relationship was for sexual release only. Naoto has been carrying this old resentment, but little by little his heart is starting to forgive Taichi, who has really grown compared to their time in high school…All the while, their friend Fumi‐chan seems to have fallen in love with Taichi…? As friends, they have extraordinary compatibility, but turning it into love isn’t going too well. A scar‐covered love story!

Drunken Intercourse Dubious Consent Ex-Boyfriend Flashbacks Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Uke Post-Secondary Student/s Rape University University Student/s

Euphoria Juice

Euphoria Juice (Manga)

Euforia Juice (Synonyms), First Lend (Synonyms), ユーフォリアジュース (Synonyms), 青涩的幸福果汁 (Synonyms), 青澀的幸福果汁 (Synonyms)

A collection of stories:7.

21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Collection of Stories Cunnilingus First-Time Intercourse Japan Nudity Post-Secondary Student/s Sex Addict/s

Fluttering Feelings

Fluttering Feelings (Manhwa)

Exciting Feelings (Synonyms), Sŏllenŭn Kibun (Synonyms), ยามเมื่อรักเรียกหา (Synonyms), ときめく気分 (Synonyms), 怦然心情 (Synonyms), 설레는 기분 (Synonyms)

The story of two people brought together by the fluttering feelings that they know nothing about. Discontinued due to author's death.

Beautiful Female Lead Chance Encounter Full Color Jealousy Opposites Attract Popular Female Lead Post-Secondary School Post-Secondary Student/s Smart Female Lead Web Comic

Ijiwaru na Hito

Ijiwaru na Hito (Manga)

A Nasty Person (Synonyms), Amai Yuuwaku (OOTSUKI Miu) (Synonyms), Evergreen (OOTSUKI Miu) (Synonyms), Line (OTSUKI Miu) (Synonyms), Oto mo Naku (Synonyms), World's End Supernova (Synonyms), いじわるな人 (Synonyms)

Businessman / Businesswoman Collection of Stories Friends Become Lovers Older Uke Younger Seme Post-Secondary Student/s Shorter Seme Student-Student Relationship Student-Teacher Relationship Student/s Teacher/s

Kunkou Schale

Kunkou Schale (Manga)

Elementare Gefühle (German) (Synonyms), 你的香气培养皿 (Synonyms), 君香シャーレ (Synonyms)

Takashina, who usually finds it unpleasant to maintain close relationships with others because of his extreme sensitivity to smell, accidentally encounters the perfect scent while helping out one of his senpai at the college lab one night. From that day on, his desire to keep experiencing that smell grows ever stronger, and then...

Airhead/s Fetish/es Glasses-Wearing Seme Laboratory Older Uke Younger Seme Post-Secondary Student/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Smell Fetish University University Student/s

Mobuko no Koi

Mobuko no Koi (Manga)

A Side Character's Love Story (Synonyms), El Amor de Mobuko (Synonyms), Mobuko's Love (Synonyms), حب موبوكو (Synonyms), قصة حب شخصية جانبية (Synonyms), モブ子の恋 (Synonyms), 모부코의 사랑 (Synonyms)

Nobuko Tanaka works as a part-timer at a local supermarket while studying in college. Most of the part-timers in this supermarket are college students too. Like Irie-kun who became the subject of her crush due to helping her out. Can Nobuko "Mobuko" Tanaka - the plain girl who fits the supporting character role and doesn't stand out - succeed in pursuing her crush?

21st Century Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Part-Time Job Plain-Looking Female Lead Post-Secondary Student/s Quiet Female Lead Shy Female Lead Workplace Romance

Yubisaki to Renren

Yubisaki to Renren (Manga)

A Sign of Affection (Synonyms), Ein Zeichen der Zuneigung (german) (Synonyms), رمز العاطفة (Synonyms), ゆびさきと恋々 (Synonyms), 指尖相触,恋恋不舍 (Synonyms)

Yuki is a typical college student, whose world revolves around her friends, social media, and the latest sales. But when a chance encounter on a train leads to her meeting friend-of-a-friend and fellow student Itsuomi-san, her world starts to widen. But even though Itsuomi-kun can speak three languages, sign language isn't one of them. Can the two learn to communicate the budding feelings between them?

Cute Female Lead Deaf Protagonist Deafness Disability/ies Female Lead Falls in Love First First Love Post-Secondary School Post-Secondary Student/s Silent Protagonist Tattoo/s

Ezuke wa Yahan, Ano Heya de

Ezuke wa Yahan, Ano Heya de (Manga)

Midnight Feeding in that Room (Synonyms), 餌付けは夜半、あの部屋で (Synonyms)

This is a BL spin-off from the series BL of the Dead.

Cheating/Infidelity Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Collection of Stories Glasses-Wearing Male Lead High School High School Student/s Post-Secondary Student/s School Boy/s University Student/s Unrequited Love

Katou Kyouju no Iutori

Katou Kyouju no Iutori (Manga)

Comme l'a dit le professeur Kato (Synonyms), Katou Kyouju no Iutoori (Synonyms), 加藤教授の言うとおり (Synonyms)

When you pine for another person while in a relationship with another, which road should you take to find the destined one?

Age Gap Art Cheating/Infidelity Post-Secondary Student/s Student-Teacher Relationship Unrequited Love Unrequited Love Stays Unrequited

Kouryaku Syndrome

Kouryaku Syndrome (Manga)

Capture Syndrome (Synonyms), Kōryaku Shindorōmu (Synonyms), Kōryaku Syndrome (Synonyms), 攻略シンドローム (Synonyms), 攻略你的心 (Synonyms), 攻略症候群 (Synonyms)

Hina is a typical game otaku ever since one can remember. The day he falls in love, he bumps into the worst scenery; his crush happens to be his mortal enemy's younger sister, Natsushiro Ryusei!What shall the big brother say... Or probably request from Hina?

Character Who Bullies the One They Love Cosplay Dense Uke First Kiss Game/s Gamer/s Naive Uke/s Otaku Post-Secondary Student/s Unexpected Feelings

Laika, Pavlov, Pochihachikou

Laika, Pavlov, Pochihachikou (Manga)

A Crow with a Glistening Trinket in Her Jet-Black Feathers (Synonyms), Lip-Service Woman and the Impregnable Maiden (Synonyms), One Who Depicts Love (Synonyms), ライカ、パブロフ、ポチハチ公 (Synonyms)

Clingy Friend Collection of Stories Hotel/Inn Love Confession/s Ojou-sama-like Female Character Persistent Female Lead Post-Secondary School Post-Secondary Student/s Rumors Student/s