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Kaijuu ni Natta Gay

Kaijuu ni Natta Gay (Manga)

A Gay Man Who Turned into a Monster. (Synonyms), Kaiju ni Natta Gay (Synonyms), Kaijuu ni Natta Gei (Synonyms), 怪獣になったゲイ (Synonyms)

A gay teenager who is constantly bullied at school turns into a monster after being rejected by his teacher. Was originally published as a series of 10 doujinshi.

Appearance Changes Bullied Protagonist Dark Skin Gay Protagonist High School High School Student/s LGBT Issues Prejudice Self-Hatred

Kedamono Bitch

Kedamono Bitch (Manga)

ケダモノビッチ (Synonyms), ケダモノビッチ-服従は挑発の合図 (Synonyms)

Coming back after noticing that he had forgotten to lock his front door, Senka found a beastman with a wolf's face in his house! Even though the beastman suddenly attacked and licked his whole body with ragged breath, Senka couldn't help himself from feeling good...?! This is a strange cohabitation story of the beastman named Dietrich and the slutty novelist Senka.

Bathroom Intercourse Beastman/men Cohabitation Dark Skin Fellatio Prejudice Secret Ability Transformation/s White Hair Wolf Boy/s

Kemono Joushi ni Jitsuwa Mitomerarete Ita Hanashi

Kemono Joushi ni Jitsuwa Mitomerarete Ita Hanashi (Manga)

Kemono Joushi ni Jitsu wa Mitomerarete Ita Hanashi (Synonyms), Kemonojoushi ni Jitsuwa Mitomerarete Ita Hanashi (Synonyms), 獣上司に実は認められていた話 (Synonyms)

In a world where beastmen stand on top of humans, OL Saki continues to struggle to lose.Saki endured the days of power harassment from her boss, but one day she was suddenly called by the company president, Atlas.I'll do my best!Mofumofu story with 100% power of healing ♪

Beastman/men Boss-Subordinate Relationship Company President Furry Human-Nonhuman Relationship Non-Human Protagonists Office Lady Office Love Prejudice Secretary


Kiku (Manga)

キク (Synonyms)

Endou Kiku, a delinquent lone wolf, is pissed off with the world and everyone in it. Until he meets Senji and Sanji, who were just like him until they met each other. This one volume story follows Kiku as he finds out what it means to have friends and not be alone in the world, while also kicking ass and taking names in the meantime. This is the original Takahashi Hiroshi delinquent manga, predating his more famous works Crows, QP and Worst.

All-Boys School Delinquent/s Friendship Prejudice Street Fighting Strong Protagonist Student/s Yankee/s

This Magical Moment

This Magical Moment (Manhwa)

Jigeum I Sungan Mabeobcheoleom (Synonyms), Now, Like Magic (Synonyms), Момент, подобный волшебству (Synonyms), 지금 이 순간 마법처럼 (Synonyms)

Everyday life can be tough even at the best of times, and when you’re a witch, an aspiring nun, or a former child actor, it gets a lot tougher! All Bakha, Minhyeok, Sara, and Sanghyeop want to do is live like everyone else and follow their dreams, but they are constantly confronted with prejudice and discrimination from those they encounter. Will they be able to show the world that despite their differences, people are all the same deep down?

Actor/s Character Growth Child/ren Full Color Multiple Protagonists Orphanage Prejudice Religion University Student/s Witch/es

The Genjrings

The Genjrings (Indonesian)

N/A (Synonyms)

Deden's surprise appearance with his guitar on the art stage made Domi, Malik, etc, who are members of the nasyid group Pesantrend, stifled. Especially in the appearance that made him suddenly popular, Deden invited Ben, one of the Pesantrend personnel. The quarrel between Deden and Pesantrend was inevitable. Follow the exciting story of the birth of the phenomenal band The Genjrings

Boarding School Music Music Band/s Prejudice Rock Music


Okashiratsuki (Manga)

Fish Served Whole (Synonyms), 因尾愛情。 (Synonyms), 因尾爱情。 (Synonyms), 尾かしら付き。 (Synonyms), 꼬리 달린 녀석. (Synonyms)

Miraculous days centering on a 'tail'!--Hiyama Nachi has always hated that she didn't tan in the sun like her teammates in the softball club. The difference made her stand out and uncomfortable. Then she met a kind, quiet boy, and accidentally discovered his secret, a secret that made him different beyond what she could imagine!

Bullied Male Lead Bullying Female Lead Falls in Love First Love Confession/s Misunderstood Character/s Prejudice Reunited Friends Suicidal Thoughts Unorthodox Male Love Interest

Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo

Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo (Manga)

Feminine Boy & Boyish Girl (Synonyms), Womanly Boyfriend and Boyish Girlfriend (Synonyms), オネエな彼氏とボーイッシュ彼女 (Synonyms)

From Limerent Void:A boyish lady and a feminine young man. They share a very special bond, but everyday life issues threat their delicate relationship, could their love be stronger than society's prejudices? Meet Nobuko and her protective yet tender boyfriend Chiyohiko and the friends who accompany them in this crazy ride that we call "life and human relationships".

Capable Male Lead Couple Growth Cute Female Lead Cute Male Lead Feminine Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Happy-Go-Lucky Protagonist Prejudice Size Difference Tomboyish Female Lead

Kaidan Tochuu no Big Noise

Kaidan Tochuu no Big Noise (Manga)

Big Noise from the Stairway Landing (Synonyms), 阶梯途中的喧嚣 (Synonyms), 階段途中のビッグ・ノイズ (Synonyms)

Based on a Novel Club/s Friendship High School High School Student/s Important Non-Romantic Relationship/s Music Music Band/s Prejudice Rock Music

Almost Friends

Almost Friends (Manhua)

The Rabbit That Refuses to Be Friends With the Fox (Synonyms), 绝不和狐狸做朋友的兔子 (Synonyms)

One is a rabbit girl with a congenital defect, and the other is a fox girl that's super popular but has a lonely heart. Despite their differences, they are each other's precious 'The Other Me in This World'. When they meet, a story of mutual healing and mutual growth begins...

Popular Female Lead Prejudice Unpopular Protagonist

Ano Ko wa Majoroshi

Ano Ko wa Majoroshi (Manga)

Anoko ha Majoroshy (Synonyms), あのこはマジョロシィ (Synonyms)

Momo loves ribbons, the colour pink, and many other things which better suit girls with delicate figures. Yukino, his best friend, was his only support and was also the only person he could enjoy cute things with but even their relationship had broken down...While Momo was in the depths of despair, a voice whispers in his ears..."Shall I grant your wish? If you are willing to fight in this world then I will turn you into a girl."

Gender Identity Gender Transformation High School Student/s Identity Crisis Magical Girl/s Magical Transformation/s Prejudice High School