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Heaven at The End of 4th Floor

Heaven at The End of 4th Floor (Manhwa)

4층복도끝천국 (Synonyms), 盡頭的天國 (Synonyms)

A ghost cannot move to their afterlife if they're holding a grudge in this world. While trying to find out why she's still stuck at her high school, ghost girl Yoon longs to have a living friend. One day, a handsome boy named Sean visits her in the utility room, and he willingly becomes her friend. They soon become best of friends, but Yoon finds out that Sean is suspiciously involved in her death.

Full Color Ghost/s Regret Web Comic Webtoon


Heptagon (Manga)

ヘプタゴン (Synonyms)

Nana, an apathetic 24-year-old with nothing much in her life, suffers a car accident and wakes up in her 14-year-old junior high body. As she lives through each day, she starts to remember things she buried deep in her memory, and she can now not remember being involved with her older sister, whom she deeply admires, and her sister's first love, a senior at her school.

Bad Reputation First Love Inferiority Complex Mature Child Near-Death Experience Past Plays a Big Role Reflections on One's Childhood Regret Repressed Memories Time Travel

Hetalia dj - Koufuku no Shisha

Hetalia dj - Koufuku no Shisha (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - Messenger of Happiness (Synonyms), ヘタリア dj - 幸福の使者 (Synonyms)

Pairing: Germany x N.ItalyAfter a jealousy outburst, Germany confesses how lonely certain aspects of being a country are. Italy takes it to heart and goes to his brother, France, Austria and Hungary to ask them about love and how it can manifest given their status as countries.

Affectionate Lover European Ambiance Insecurity Jealousy Kind Seme Loneliness Mono no Aware Muscular Male Lead Older Uke Younger Seme Regret

Hina wa Mitsuiro no Koi ni Torawareru

Hina wa Mitsuiro no Koi ni Torawareru (Manga)

ひなは蜜色の恋にとらわれる (Synonyms), 雏鸟的蜜色之恋 (Synonyms)

Shinobu is a very cute and somewhat shy gay, who falls madly in love with his best friend Kenji, who for his misfortune is heterosexual and is about to get married. With this sea of mixed feelings and overcome by sadness, Shinobu attends a gay bar with the objective of finding some casual appointment with another Man who makes him forget the grief that happens with his unrequited love, in this place I met Kou a very handsome man who will change my life ...

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Changed by Love Cheating/Infidelity Glasses-Wearing Uke Heartbreak Makeover/s One-Night Stand Regret Virgin/s Workplace Intercourse

The Girl's Winter

The Girl's Winter (Manhwa)

شتاء فتاة (Synonyms)

She thought of dying, but never of the consequences on others...

Collection of Stories Regret Suicide/s

Hatsukoi Rhapsody

Hatsukoi Rhapsody (Manga)

First Love Rhapsody (Synonyms), 初恋ラプソディ (Synonyms)

"People always say that your first love is the most special..." A sweet story of lost and found.

First Love Library Middle School Misunderstanding/s Regret

Kiss shitara kowareru nowa wakatte ita.

Kiss shitara kowareru nowa wakatte ita. (Manga)

Fatal Kiss (Synonyms), Kiss Shitara Kowareru no wa Wakatte ita. (Synonyms), Kiss Shitara Kowareru no wa Wakatteita. (Synonyms), キスしたら壊れるのは分かっていた。 (Synonyms)

From :“If you cry, I will no longer hesitate." -Aki is exhausted by her husband's increasingly controlling behaviour.After returning to work, she happens upon her ex-boyfriend, Shuji, whom she was once hopelessly in love with.Everytime Aki and Shuji meet, she is troubled by his enduring love and understanding towards her. If she hadn't kissed him again, nothing would have come crumbling down, but...

Affair/s Designer/s Ex-Boyfriend Ex-Lover Past Plays a Big Role Possessive Lover/s Regret Yandere Yandere Antagonist

Empress Conquest

Empress Conquest (Manhua)

Empress' Conquest (Synonyms), 蛇蝎不好惹:弃后也妖娆 (Synonyms)

Banished into the Cold Palace, robbed of her newborn daughter, stripped of her status... She wants to avenge her husband now that she’s lost everything. She is his Queen, but she is also the one person that he wants to get rid of the most. She’s his disgrace and he’s her grudge. She rises like a phoenix from the ashes, renounces herself from love and returns full of hatred. After a few battles she says with a smile: “Only one more step. Sadly, you’ve fallen in love with me!” After several showdowns he says in an angered tone: “Even in hell I want you to stay with me!”

Based on a Web Novel Concubine/s Emperor/s Empress/es Full Color Regret Revenge Smart Female Lead Web Comic

Tomodachi Ijou

Tomodachi Ijou (Manga)

Diamond (OKAZAKI Mari) (Synonyms), Hide and Seek (OKAZAKI Mari) (Synonyms), Inside the Mosquito Net (Synonyms), More Than a Friend (Synonyms), Only 5 cm (Synonyms), Tomodachi Ijyou (Synonyms), أكثر من صديق (Synonyms), 友だち以上 (Synonyms)

From : Life is hard enough as it is without the complications love interests bring. However, it becomes even more complicated when the interest in question is a friend. How does one choose between what is right and what is wrong? The male friend you've always been with or the one that's recently come back?This is a set of five short stories about the trials and tribulations of five different women:1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Ambiguous Relationship Cheating/Infidelity Choices Collection of Stories Friends Become Lovers Job Hunting Regret Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Unexpressed Feeling/s Variations on a Theme


Cain (Manga)

قابيل (Synonyms)

A demon kills married couples while an angel tries to stop her, but cannot. Why?

Angel/s Child Abuse Demon/s Murder/s Regret

Hibari ga Naitara Tsukamaete

Hibari ga Naitara Tsukamaete (Manga)

Catch Me When the Skylarks Sing (Synonyms), Please Catch Me When I Hear The Lark Singing (Synonyms), ひばりが鳴いたらつかまえて (Synonyms), 雲雀鳴叫之時 便是捕捉之際 (Synonyms)

"In order to meet you, I…"Enomoto, currently a college student, often finds himself reminiscing the days spent with his childhood friend Shimura, who had always been beside him up until six years ago. Due to a sudden transfer, Enomoto didn't get to ask Shimura where he was moving and he hadn't heard anything from him since.Until one day, he suddenly reunites with Shimura in his Philosophy class in college. Enomoto is over the moon, but Shimura seems to feel differently...

Childhood Friend/s Childhood Friends Reunited Part-Time Job Regret Reunion/s Reunited Friends University University Student/s

Shiawase no Category

Shiawase no Category (Manga)

The Category of Happiness (Synonyms), 幸福(しあわせ)のカテゴリー (Synonyms), 幸福のカテゴリー (Synonyms)

Top reporter Tsuchiya writes a story that drives his friend to suicide, leaving his friend's son an orphan. The boy vanishes and Tsuchiya spends two years searching for him; while his own status as a reporter falls. When he finds the boy Fukuzawa he takes him in, without revealing his connection to the father, and tries to teach the lonely boy to rely on him. And perhaps to teach his own heart to rely on another as well...

Atonement Dead Family Member/s Kidnapping/s Orphan/s Photography Rape Regret Reporter/s Rescue Suicide/s

Bokura ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera.

Bokura ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera. (Manga)

Bokurani Matsuwaru etc. (Synonyms), You & Me, Etc. (Synonyms), You and Me (French) (Synonyms), You and Me, Etc. (Synonyms), 僕らにまつわるエトセトラ (Synonyms)

Accident/s Age Gap Baseball Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Friends Become Lovers Injury/ies Live-in Lover Regret Student-Teacher Relationship

Mukuro-dzumi no borute

Mukuro-dzumi no borute (Manga)

Borte of the Skeleton (Synonyms), Mukurozumi no Borte (Synonyms), Mukurozumi no Borute (Synonyms), Mukurozumi no Volte (Synonyms), Slayer Volte (Synonyms), 骸積みのボルテ (Synonyms)

These are interesting times in the empire of Varnia. The imperial army may have broken the back of the invading army of Nebel, but at tremendous cost. The living weapons born of past wars with the magic-wielding tribes of the south still prowl the ancient forests. And ever since the battle in the northern pass, an avenging phantom has stalked the trails of Varnia, leaving carnage in its wake: The immortal warrior, the last knight of Orgonne... And they call her Slayer Volte.

Animal Characteristics Blood and Gore Furry Immortal Female Lead Regret Revenge Strong Female Lead War/s

Ano Hi, Seifuku de

Ano Hi, Seifuku de (Manga)

A Sempai (Synonyms), A Senpai (Synonyms), Chuugaku 3 Nensei (Synonyms), Hadaka no Boku (Synonyms), Konya, Ano Hi ni (Synonyms), Middle School, Third Year (Synonyms), Nikoichi (NAKAMURA Asumiko) (Synonyms), Tenkousei (NAKAMURA Asumiko) (Synonyms), Tenkōsei (NAKAMURA Asumiko) (Synonyms), That Day, in the Uniform (Synonyms), あの日、制服で (Synonyms)

Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Cross-dressing Flashbacks Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Uke One-Night Stand Regret Reunion/s Separation/s

Ano Natsu

Ano Natsu (Manga)

O Yaz (Synonyms), That One Summer (Synonyms), That Summer Days (Synonyms), Those Summer Days (Synonyms), あのなつ。 (Synonyms), あの夏 (Synonyms), 那年夏天 (Synonyms), 그 여름 (Synonyms)

Class Reunion Dishonest Friend/s Friendship Lie/s Love Triangle/s Regret Second Chances Time Slip Time Travel Unexpressed Feeling/s

Asagao wa Yoru kara Saku

Asagao wa Yoru kara Saku (Manga)

あさがおは夜から咲く (Synonyms), 牵牛花自夜间绽放 (Synonyms)


Classmate/s Dead Male Lead Ghost Protagonist Ghost/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead High School Student/s Loner Protagonist Regret Weak Protagonist