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Fuufu wa Zense kara

Fuufu wa Zense kara (Manga)

The Couple From Previous Lives (Synonyms), 夫婦は前世から (Synonyms)

The couple, who died in the early Showa era, were reborn and reunited during the Reiwa era!? The confused youngsters regained their past lives memories!

Past Life/ves Past Lovers Reincarnated Lover Reincarnation

Hana Calendar

Hana Calendar (Manga)

Flower Calendar (Synonyms), 花カレンダー (Synonyms)


Flower/s Reincarnation

Hanaori Soushi

Hanaori Soushi (Manga)

Flower Cage Book (Synonyms), Flower Cage Notebook (Synonyms), Hanaori Soshi (Synonyms), 花檻草子 (Synonyms)

Having lost their parents at a young age, Chiharu and her brother find strength in each other. The past behind, the two live their lives in peace. However, the appearance of a new transfer student named Hisaya will put an end to these tranquil days. What does he want, and why does it involve Chiharu? A complex tale involving magic, reincarnation, betrayal, and

Betrayal Bishounen Guardian/s Immortality Magic Plant/s Reincarnation Reverse Harem Special Ability/ies


Kazeoh (Manga)

Air Soul King (Synonyms), Fuureioh (Synonyms), 風霊王 (Synonyms)

The story is about a girl who was the reincarnation of Princess Alaia of the contient of Mu. The princess was persued by the god of water and the god of fire. She opted to marry the god of earth to end the dispute, but fell in love with Kazeoh (the god of air) before the marriage.

Mythology Reincarnation

Kimi ni Sasayaku Mirai

Kimi ni Sasayaku Mirai (Manga)

Pretentious You (Synonyms), The Future I Whisper to You (Synonyms), The Loneliness I Whisper to You (Synonyms), The Moment That You Whisper (Synonyms), The Paradise I Whisper to You (Synonyms), Whispers (French) (Synonyms), 君に囁く未来 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Dead Lover/s Delinquent Uke Masculine Uke Older Uke Younger Seme Possessive Lover/s Reincarnation Salaryman School Nurse-Student Relationship Uke-like Seme


Luohua (Manhua)

Fallen Flower (Synonyms), Falling Peony (Synonyms), Lạc Hoa (Synonyms), 落花 (Synonyms), 낙화 (Synonyms)

Ancient China Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Character/s Connected to Wealth Flower/s God/s Handsome Male Lead Love Triangle/s Reincarnation Time Skip

Pao Ge Huangtaizi

Pao Ge Huangtaizi (Manhua)

Flirt with a Prince (Synonyms), Pào Gè Huángtàizǐ (Synonyms), 泡个皇太子 (Synonyms)

The Yiqi who sees the other person’s memories when they lock lips, falls in love with a time traveling prince. In order to retrieve his memories, the prince kisses her without hesitation. And the person in his memories looks exactly like Yiqi… Hurry and read this kissing-from-beginning-to-end manhua, an excellent time-travel story full of embarrassing and slightly masochistic scenes.

Adult Protagonist China Full Color Handsome Male Lead Long-Haired Male Lead Memories of Past Life Prince/s Reincarnation Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Web Comic

Rasen no Kakera

Rasen no Kakera (Manga)

Fragments of a Spiral (Synonyms), Pieces of a Spiral (Synonyms), Vòng xoáy định mệnh (Synonyms), 螺旋のかけら (Synonyms), 螺旋前世缘 (Synonyms)

From CMX:Sakuya and Wakyo are reincarnated and reunited only to discover that Bishu-sama - their master and mentor from a past existence - is in their midst and in grave danger from vengeful demons! Still unsure of their own powers and the nature of their cunning and elusive enemy, they must race against time to rescue Bishu from the dark forces that roil within his reincarnated form.


Sengoku Tsukiyo

Sengoku Tsukiyo (Manga)

Feudal Nights (Synonyms), Nights of the Warring States (Synonyms), Sengoku Nights (Synonyms), 戦国月夜 (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Masayoshi Kurozuka is an ordinary high school boy... until the day he discovers that he is the reincarnation of an evil woman named Oni-hime, who sold her soul to the devil during Japan's warring period. Masayoshi must come to grips with his identity, all the while fighting off legions of ghosts -- the remnants of men killed by Oni-hime. In order to free himself from this curse, Masayoshi must discover the truth behind Oni-hime's deal with the devil and clear her name in the eyes of the restless spirits seeking revenge.

Curse/s Deal with the Devil Demon/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Ghost/s Out of Print in English Reincarnation Revenge Sengoku Era

Sita Wihayeo

Sita Wihayeo (Manhwa)

For the Sake of Sita (Synonyms), Все для тебя, богиня Сита! (Synonyms), 시타를 위하여 (Synonyms)

From :A medical student passionately falls in love with a fallen goddess during his volunteer abroad in Nepal, and he desperately tries to fight off destiny to save his love.

Death of Loved One/s Foreigner/s Full Color Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Goddess/es Marriage Poor Female Lead Reincarnation Strong Female Lead Web Comic

Song of the Long Night

Song of the Long Night (Manhua)

Feng Ye Chang; (Synonyms), Su Ye Chang Ge; (Synonyms), 夙夜长歌; (Synonyms)

The lingering love of her past life has turned into a demon that will hate her until death. The Qingcheng of this life is certain that the past life that killed her was stained in blood... A tale of the strings of love and hate connecting three people, one that has spanned over two lives and two deaths. Love and hate are so hard to understand..."If I had the choice, I would never have met you again."

Abuse of Power Assassination Attempt/s Assassination/s Cross-dressing Cultivation Demon Lord/King Full Color Powerful Master Reincarnation Sect/s

The Former Hero Wants to Lead an Ordinary Life (Novel)

The Former Hero Wants to Lead an Ordinary Life (Novel) (Novel)

Yuusha datta Ore wa Konse koso Heibon na Jinsei o Ayumu! (Novel) (Synonyms), Yuusha datta Ore wa Konse koso Heibon na Jinsei wo Ayumu! (Novel) (Synonyms), 勇者だった俺は今世こそ平凡な人生を歩む!(Novel) (Synonyms)

Satou Kakeru has long accepted that his past life’s memories of being a Hero in a fantasy world has no place in the current modern society. Until one day, the Demon King – Suzuki Teru – transfers into his school and turns Kakeru’s normal life upside-down.An incident leads to their separation and three years later, Kakeru’s big brother drops a bomb on him.“They say the key to reviving the Demon King is in the academy island.â€

Demon Lord/King Enemies Become Friends Friends Become Lovers Hero/es Reincarnation Transported to Another World

Tobu, Kokoro

Tobu, Kokoro (Manga)

Flying Spirits (Synonyms), Tobu Kokoro (Synonyms), 戀心起飛 (Synonyms), 飛ぶ、ココロ (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Ghost/s High School High School Student/s Loneliness Masturbation Out-of-Body Experience Reincarnation Spirit/s Student-Student Relationship

Yan Huang - Xiao Yuan Mi Yin

Yan Huang - Xiao Yuan Mi Yin (Manhua)

Flame Phoenix: Campus Secret Seal (Synonyms), Phoenix Flames: Campus Secret Seal (Synonyms), Yan Huang: Xiao Yuan Mi Yin (Synonyms), 焰凰~校园秘印~ (Synonyms), 燄凰-校園秘印 (Synonyms)

Mu Qian Ran, a sixteen year old girl, who had always set her heart onto studying the art of Chinese medicine, is excited as she has been accepted into her first choice of college, Yan Huang Advance technical school! At the same time, due to a mysterious portrait of a girl that no one could tell when was it drawn, Qian Ran is able to see illusions of fire. She ignores the incident, but this would start the unraveling of a great secret.

Bishounen Boarding School Curse/s Dormitory/ies Handsome Male Lead Reincarnation Special Ability/ies Spirit/s Taiwan Transformation/s

The Flame's Daughter

The Flame's Daughter (Manhua)

Lie Huo Ru Ge (Synonyms), Liệt Hỏa Như Ca (Synonyms), 烈火如歌 漫画版 (Synonyms)

The fiery, pure, and lively Lie Ruge is the heiress to the powerful Liehuo Pavilion. The murky events of nineteen years prior bring her into a storm, and three men are destined to enter Ruge's life -- the proud and aloof Feng, the quiet and gentle Yu, and the elegant and graceful Xue -- Wind, Jade, and Snow. Thus begins an entangling and thrilling story of love and hate.

Reincarnation Reverse Harem Royalty Sect/s Wuxia

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (Anime)

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (English), 転生したらスライムだった件 (Japanese), TenSura (Synonyms)

Thirty-seven-year-old Satoru Mikami is a typical corporate worker, who is perfectly content with his monotonous lifestyle in Tokyo, other than failing to nail down a girlfriend even once throughout his life. In the midst of a casual encounter with his colleague, he falls victim to a random assailant on the streets and is stabbed. However, while succumbing to his injuries, a peculiar voice echoes in his mind, and recites a bunch of commands which the dying man cannot make sense of.

Slime Dragon/s Dwarf/ves Elf/ves Fantasy Creature/s Transformation Shape Shifter/s Goblin/s Game Element/s Reincarnated to Another World Monster/s Reincarnation

Shuuen no Elysion

Shuuen no Elysion (Manga)

Elysion of Demise (Synonyms), The End of Elysion (Synonyms), 終焉のエリュシオン (Synonyms), 终焉的极乐净土 (Synonyms)

From AQUA Scans: After a long fight and receiving a fatal wound, Aoi and his loyal retainer Kazuha sealed the chaos king, a demonic being that lurks in human’s hearts… but in their last moments another of Aoi’s retainers betrayed him and chains Aoi and Kazuha’s souls to reincarnate together in order to keep fighting the chaos king in all their lives. Centuries later, what will happen now both are reincarnated as boys and the chaos king is about to wake up?

Betrayal Bound Together Clan/s Demon/s Flashbacks Master-Servant Relationship Non-BL with Two Male Leads Past Life/ves Past Life/ves Play/s a Big Role Reincarnation

The Empress' Poor-quality Special Effects

The Empress' Poor-quality Special Effects (Manhua)

Empress' Game: Make-up Master (Synonyms), Empress' Poor Quality Special Effects (Synonyms), Huanghou niangniang de wumao texiao (Synonyms), Huánghòu niángniáng de wǔmáo tèxiào (Synonyms), 皇后娘娘的五毛特效 (Synonyms)

Wu Sheyue is a cosmetic specialist/assassin. One day, her organization decides to kill her. Though she was stabbed by a knife, she didn't die, and instead traveled back to the past, into the body of a "crazy" girl. There, she uses her wits and skills to become the Empress.

Assassin/s Assassination Attempt/s Based on a Novel Broken Engagement Chinese Ambient Disguise/s Empress/es Make-up Reincarnation Time Travel

The Ultimate of All Ages

The Ultimate of All Ages (Manhua)

Eternal Supreme (Synonyms), Everlasting Supreme (Synonyms), The Ancient One (Synonyms), The Ancient Sovereign of Eternity (Synonyms), The Eternal Supreme (Synonyms), 万古至尊 (II) (Synonyms)

First among the ten martial emperors, Peerless Martial Emperor Gu Feiyang met his demise in the Tiandang mountains. He was reincarnated fifteen years later, as Li Yun Xiao of the Tianshui Nation, and thus began a heaven-defying battlefront with the countless talents of the current generation. Martial arts of the nine heavens and ten divine realms. From then on, the whole world was set ablaze.

Based on a Web Novel Reincarnation

E? Heibon Desu yo??

E? Heibon Desu yo?? (Manga)

Ee? Heibon Desu yo?? (Synonyms), Eh? Heibon Desu yo?? (Synonyms), Eh? It's Ordinary?? (Synonyms), えっ? 平凡ですよ?? (Synonyms)

Yukari was a high-school student when she died in a traffic accident, but when she woke up, she had been reincarnated as the daughter of a count in another world! But strangely, what was waiting for her was a life of poverty, so she decided to make use of the knowledge from her previous life.

Advanced Knowledge Meets Archaic World Based on a Novel Cooking Folklore Magic Mature Child Nobility Reincarnation Smart Female Lead Sword and Sorcery