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Paripi Koumei

Paripi Koumei (Anime)

Party People Koumei (Synonyms), パリピ孔明 (Japanese), Ya Boy Kongming! (English)

General of the Three Kingdoms, Kongming had struggled his whole life, facing countless battles that made him into the accomplished strategist he was. So on his deathbed, he wished only to be reborn into a peaceful world... and was sent straight to modern-day party-central, Tokyo! Can even a brilliant strategist like Kongming adapt to the wild beats and even wilder party people?! Kodansha US, edited) Episode 1 streamed in advance on Abema and HIDIVE on March 31, 2022. Regular broadcast began on April 5, 2022.

Idol/s Reverse Isekai Isekai Spring 2022

Yo ga Yorunara!

Yo ga Yorunara! (Manga)

It's Just Not My Night! (Synonyms), It’s Just Not My Night: Tale of a Fallen Vampire Queen (Synonyms), Yo ga Yonara! (Synonyms), 世が夜なら! (Synonyms), 若世界处于黑夜 (Synonyms)

Powerful, world-conquering vampiress Manamir is on the verge of world conquest, but when a teleportation spell goes awry, she finds herself stranded on Earth. Not only has she been flung into a world that’s not her own, she has lost the very power that defines a vampire: the ability to drink human blood! Unable to steal energy from others, Manamir has to make ends meet somehow, which is why she ends up working part-time at a convenience store, selling smokes to bikers while trying to grasp the subtleties of Earth life. Maybe she’d make more money selling her panties…

Attempted Rape Reverse Isekai Transported to Another World Vampire/s

Straight Outta Manhwa

Straight Outta Manhwa (Manhwa)

Boy and Girl Straight Out of a Cartoon (Synonyms), Comic Book Boy Girl (Synonyms), Man and Woman (Synonyms), Manjjijnamnyeo (Synonyms), Men of Men (Synonyms), Pop Out Boy! (Synonyms), Right Out of Manhwa (Synonyms), Right Out of Manhwa Nam-Nyeo (Synonyms), Straight Out of Manhwa Man and Woman (Synonyms), Straight Out of Manhwa Nam-Nyeo (Synonyms), Straight Outta Manhwa Man and Woman (Synonyms), Straight Outta Manhwa Nam-Nyeo (Synonyms), The Girl And The Boy Coming Out Of Manga (Synonyms), 만찢남녀 (Synonyms)

Han Seon-Nyeo hears about an old romance manhwa from more than a decade ago, with a female lead character whose face and name are the same as hers. She obtains a copy of that manhwa by luck, and falls asleep while reading it. When she wakes up, she finds Cheon Nam-Wook, the male lead character, lying next to her. From the moment he comes "straight out of manhwa," Seon-Nyeo's normal school life begins to go awry!,

21st Century Adapted to Kdrama Adapted to Live Action Full Color High School Student/s Manga in a Manga Reverse Isekai South Korea Web Comic Webtoon

Edomae Elf

Edomae Elf (Manga)

Edomae Erufu (Synonyms), Otaku Elf (Synonyms), Shut-In Elf (Synonyms), 江户前的废柴精灵 (Synonyms), 江戸前エルフ (Synonyms)

16 year old Koganei Koito is the miko of the Takamimi Shrine. In actuality, the deity of the shrine is a hikikomori elf who was summoned to her world 400 years prior and gets spoiled with offerings like games by her worshipers.

21st Century Elf/ves Gamer/s High School Student/s Hikikomori Japan Reverse Isekai Shrine Maiden/s Shrine/s Tokyo

Eirun Last Code

Eirun Last Code (Manga)

Eirun Rasuto Koudo (Synonyms), エイルン・ラストコード (Synonyms)

This is the story of how one primitive lame old mecha anime became a legend that led the way for humanity. Eirun Bazatt after a malfunction arrives during a battle between what appear to be Japanese forces fighting against monsters called 'Malice' and he's not one to run away from a fight...

Alien/s Based on a Novel Drawn by Hentai Artist Fish Out of Water Invasion/s Reverse Isekai Robot/s Space Battle Space Travel Transported to a Parallel World

Eleanor Oujo wa Jiyuu na Seishun wo Okuritai ~Isekai Trip de JK Life~

Eleanor Oujo wa Jiyuu na Seishun wo Okuritai ~Isekai Trip de JK Life~ (Manga)

Princess Eleanor wants to live a free youth ~ JK life on a trip to a different world ~ (Synonyms), エレノア王女は自由な青春を送りたい~異世界トリップでJKライフ~ (Synonyms)

Eleanor, the princess, has a second life!Eleanor Skye Eta, Princess of the Kingdom of Eta, was born to a life that was fixed from birth. The only thing she enjoyed was reading school memoirs of an unknown author. On the eve of her political wedding, she was led down a dark path by Kiran, a wild weasel she loved.And was led to a modern Japanese high school...By a princess full of "hajimete"! Reverse trip to another world x unpredictable youth school story!

High School Japan Princess/es Reverse Isekai Royalty Transported to Another World

Meshi ni Michibikareshi Elf

Meshi ni Michibikareshi Elf (Manga)

The Elf Guided by Food (Synonyms), めしに導かれしエルフ (Synonyms)


Elf/ves Food Reverse Isekai

Mujintou de Elf to Kyoudou Seikatsu @ Comic

Mujintou de Elf to Kyoudou Seikatsu @ Comic (Manga)

Communal life with elves on desert islands@comic (Synonyms), Mujintou de Elf to Kyoudou Seikatsu (Synonyms), Sharing Life on a Deserted Island with Elves (Synonyms), 无人岛上与精灵的共同生活 (Synonyms), 無人島でエルフと共同生活@COMIC (Synonyms)

Kento (30 years old), won 1 billion yen in a lottery.In order to enjoy a nice slow life for the rest of his days, he bought a small uninhabited island off the coast of Southern Japan. However, one day he finds an unconscious woman on his beach that should not be there. When he runs up to check on her, he notices some rather sharp edges...The behaviors Elize brought from the other world are a little bit exciting for a normal guy like Kento..."A naive middle aged guy" and "wandering elf..." a happy cohabitation between the two of them on a resort island, begins now.

Attempted Murder Beautiful Female Lead Corrupt Organization Cultural Differences Dungeon/s Elf/ves Island/s Magic Reverse Isekai Rich Protagonist

Bamhaneure Gureumun

Bamhaneure Gureumun (Manhwa)

Clouds in the Night Sky (Synonyms), 夜空之云 (Synonyms), 밤하늘에 구름운 (Synonyms)

NPC Cho Nakwoon from a failed game, Sword Wind Online, appeared in Seo Yoona's normal life?! Romance with an NPC

Full Color Gamer/s Korea Modern City Non-Human Becomes Human Reverse Isekai RPG Transported to Another World Video Game/s Webtoon

Convenience Brave

Convenience Brave (Manga)

Convenience Yuusha (Synonyms), Konbiniensu Yuusha (Synonyms), コンビニエンス勇者 (Synonyms)

About a hero from another world who goes to Japan to earn money.

Convenience Store/s Hard-Working Protagonist Hero/es High School Student/s Magic Part-Time Job Poor Female Lead Reverse Isekai Strong Male Lead Transported to Another World

My Room Has Become a Dungeon's Rest Area (Novel)

My Room Has Become a Dungeon's Rest Area (Novel) (Novel)

Boku No Heya Ga Danjon no Kyoukeisho Ni Natte Shimatta Kudan (Novel) (Synonyms), Boku no Heya ga Dungeon no Kyuukeijo ni Natteshimatta Ken (Novel) (Synonyms), How My Room Turned Into a Dungeon Rest Area (Novel) (Synonyms), 僕の部屋がダンジョンの休憩所になってしまった件 (Novel) (Synonyms)

2LDK apartment in the Tokyo metropolitan area, for rent with only 30.000 Yen. Crap! I have been lured by the cheap price and made a contract to live in the property. Yeah, as expected it was a shitty property. No Ghost came out but a Slime and a Goblin…. also a Female Knight came out. Although I just want to start a peaceful life alone. A Female Knight, a Mage, and a Thief frequented my room. Dungeons are a dangerous place to conquer by those girls. I spread traps made by the items that were bought from a discount store.

Adapted to Manga Apartment Life Dungeon/s Japan Knight/s Reverse Isekai World Travel

Nihon e Youkoso Elf-san (Novel)

Nihon e Youkoso Elf-san (Novel) (Novel)

Bienvenue au Japon, Mademoiselle l'Elfe ! (Novel) (Synonyms), Nihon he Youkoso Elf-san (Novel) (Synonyms), Welcome to Japan, Elf-san (Novel) (Synonyms), Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf! (Novel) (Synonyms), Добро пожаловать в Японию, Эльф-сан! (Novel) (Synonyms), 日本へようこそエルフさん (Novel) (Synonyms), 精灵来日 (Novel) (Synonyms)

Kitase Kazuhiro is an ordinary salary man who always leaves the office on time. Though this is Japan, so perhaps he's not really ordinary after all. What's truly strange comes after that; Every night, he takes a shower, changes into his pajamas and has a good night's sleep. Then he dreams of a fantasy world, and only wakes up when he dies or sleeps in that world. One day, he's killed together with his elf friend, after stumbling onto a dragon's lair. "A nightmare," he sulks, until he finds his elf friend in his bed.

Beautiful Female Lead Curious Female Lead Dragon/s Dream World Dream/s Elf/ves Japan Modern Era Reverse Isekai Transported to Another World

Arusu no Tsubasa

Arusu no Tsubasa (Manga)

Wings of Ars (Synonyms), アルスの翼 (Synonyms)

Warrior from another world arrives in modern Japan.Can he stop the dark ruler Hydra?

Reverse Isekai Rushed Ending / Axed Savior