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Hana ni Arashi (TAKAGI Shigeyoshi)

Hana ni Arashi (TAKAGI Shigeyoshi) (Manga)

After the Storm (Synonyms), Flower in a Storm (Synonyms), Fureru Ondo (Synonyms), Hana no Arashi (Synonyms), Jigoku Kokyuu no Hitsuyou (Synonyms), Sono Ato No Arashi (Synonyms), عاصفة من الزهور (Synonyms), แม่สาวทอร์นาโดกับคุณชายสุดแสบ (Thai) (Synonyms), 燃烧一瞬间 (Synonyms), 花にアラシ (Synonyms), 花样岚 (Synonyms), 꽃의 폭풍 (Synonyms)

Assassin/s Gun/s Love at First Sight Male Lead Falls in Love First Marriage Proposal Rich Family Rich Kid/s Rich Male Lead Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead

Saa Koi ni Ochitamae

Saa Koi ni Ochitamae (Manga)

Fall in Love with Me (Synonyms), Pleasure Point (Synonyms), Saa, Koi ni Ochitamae (Synonyms), The Vital Points of One's Back (Synonyms), さあ 恋におちたまえextra (Synonyms), さあ恋におちたまえ (Synonyms)

Blackmail Family Rivals Poor Protagonist Rich Kid/s Rich Protagonist Rivalry Secret Identity Social Gap Straight Uke Twin/s

Bakufuu Cinderella Sensen

Bakufuu Cinderella Sensen (Manga)

Explosive Cinderella Warfront (Synonyms), 我愛玻璃鞋 (Synonyms), 我爱玻璃鞋 (Synonyms), 爆風シンデレラ戦線 (Synonyms)

Hinazato Tsugumi, a normal girl, accidentally got picked as Miss Madonna for the Shiratori Girls School, a very select girls high school for the rich. So now Tsugumi, a girl from a middle class background, is attending Shiratori and trying to adjust to being the centre of attention amidst all of these high-class people. Of course, she's not ashamed of her background, and she's very high-spirited and cheerful. Takaomi, a slacker from the private boys' school next-door, is exactly the opposite - apathetic, and always napping outside. How will they deal with each other?

All-Boys School All-Girls School Clumsy Protagonist Private School Rich Kid/s

Houou Gakuen Shikkoubu

Houou Gakuen Shikkoubu (Manga)

Happy Tea Time (Synonyms), Ootari Gakuen Shikkoubu (Synonyms), The Executives of Houou Academy (Synonyms), おおとり学園執行部 (Synonyms), 鳳凰学園執行部 (Synonyms), 鳳凰學園執行部 (Synonyms)

Boarding School Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Cool Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Prestigious School Private School Rich Kid/s Student Council Student/s

Miwaku no Ringo

Miwaku no Ringo (Manga)

Enchanting Apple (Synonyms), 魅惑ノリンゴ (Synonyms), 魅惑的蘋果 (Synonyms)

Ichijou Kei is the son of a famous and powerful family. He's disgusted by everyone always sucking up to him, even teachers. But new Sensei Hayashi Satoru isn't interested in Ichijou's family connections, in fact he doesn't seem to like him at all!

Adapted to Drama CD Affectionate Seme Age Gap All-Boys School Bickering Love Older Uke Younger Seme Rape Victim/s Rich Kid/s Student-Teacher Relationship

Ore-sama o Kurae!

Ore-sama o Kurae! (Manga)

Dévore-moi (French) (Synonyms), Eat Me! (CHITOSE Piyoko) (Synonyms), Oresama wo Kurae! (Synonyms), To Devour Me (Synonyms), 俺様をくらえ! (Synonyms)

Attempted Rape Kidnapping/s Older Uke Younger Seme Personality Change/s Possessive Lover/s Rich Kid/s Rich Male Lead Rich Protagonist Student-Teacher Relationship Virgin/s

I Accept You

I Accept You (Manhwa)

Con Gái, Con Trai (Synonyms), IAY (Synonyms), 넌 내가 접수한다 (Synonyms)

Yee Su-yoon is a high school student who has everything going for him – top of his class, top fighter and a Barbie-like girlfriend named Kang Ha-eun.But why does he mistreat his girlfriend and seem to always protect a girl named Chae Shin-hee?

Angst Character Who Bullies the One They Love Cohabitation Delinquent/s Hidden Past Male Lead Falls in Love First Mismatched Couple Pretend Lovers Rich Kid/s Unrequited Love

Jeongchebulmyeong Saesaegsi

Jeongchebulmyeong Saesaegsi (Manhwa)

Cô dâu heo (Synonyms), Mystery Bride (Synonyms), Pig Bride (Synonyms), Unknown New Bride (Synonyms), 정체불명 새색시 (Synonyms)

Arranged Marriage Curse/s Korea Mask/s Reincarnation Rich Kid/s Rich Male Lead Rich Protagonist Secret Identity Strong Female Lead

Royal Seventeen

Royal Seventeen (Manga)

17岁千金的初恋 (Synonyms), Club Papillon (Synonyms), Princess Paffy and the 40 Thieves (Synonyms), Royal 17 (Synonyms), ロイヤル・セブンティーン (Synonyms), 로열 세븐틴 (Synonyms)

Bodyguard/s Handsome Male Lead Love-Hate Relationship Master-Servant Relationship Rebellious Child Revenge Rich Female Lead Rich Kid/s Stolen Kiss Sudden Appearance

Mitsu no Yoru

Mitsu no Yoru (Manga)

100 million Love (Synonyms), Boku no Pink (Synonyms), Ichioku no Koi (Synonyms), Mitsu no Yoru - Ijiwaruna Otouto (Synonyms), Night of Honey - Malicious little brother (Synonyms), ぼくのPINK (Synonyms), 一億の恋 (Synonyms), 彼女の××× (Synonyms), 蜜の夜 (Synonyms), 蜜之夜 (Synonyms)

Brother Complex Collection of Stories Emotionally Weak Female Lead Forbidden Love Incest Orphan/s Possessive Lover/s Rich Family Rich Kid/s Rich Protagonist

Rakuen no Pet

Rakuen no Pet (Manga)

Boku no Ijiwaru (Synonyms), Honeycomb Child (Synonyms), Oujisama no Boku (Synonyms), Pet in Paradise (Synonyms), 楽園のペット (Synonyms)

Dead Lover/s Dead Parent/s Group Intercourse Incest Rich Kid/s Twin/s

Aishite Kurenakya Bukkorosu!!!

Aishite Kurenakya Bukkorosu!!! (Manga)

Love Me Or I'll Kick Your Ass!!! (Synonyms), 愛してくれなきゃブッ殺す!!! (Synonyms)

Age Gap Chasing After Love Interest Delinquent Uke Drugged Ex-Delinquent/s Naive Uke/s Rape Rich Kid/s Virgin/s Workplace Romance

At Summer's Thin Door

At Summer's Thin Door (Manhwa)

Cánh cửa mùa hè (Synonyms), 여름으로 가는문 (Synonyms)

She is perfect - a gentle, capable, talented and daring class president.She studies in a school full of kids from the elite and rich class.But she...sells homeworks to live!And one day, a boy discovers her secret...

Class President Rich Kid/s

Ouran Koukou Host Club

Ouran Koukou Host Club (Anime)

Ouran High School Host Club (English), 桜蘭高校ホスト部 (Japanese), Ohran Koko Host Club (Synonyms), Ouran Koukou Hosutobu (Synonyms), Ouran Koukou Host Bu (Synonyms), OHSHC (Synonyms)

Haruhi Fujioka is a bright scholarship candidate with no rank or title to speak of—a rare species at Ouran High School, an elite academy for students of high pedigree. When she opens the door to Music Room #3 hoping to find a quiet place to study, Haruhi unexpectedly stumbles upon the Host Club. Led by the princely Tamaki, the club—whose other members include the "Shadow King" Kyouya, the mischievous Hitachiin twins, and the childlike Haninozuka "Honey" and his strong protector Mori—is where handsome boys with too much time on their hands entertain the girls in the academy.

Student/s School Club/s Host/Hostess Rich Kid/s Cross-dressing Secret Identity Cosplay Poor Female Lead Rich Male Lead Twin/s Prestigious School Multiple Love Interest Smart Female Lead Rich Character/s