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Toilet Hakase

Toilet Hakase (Manga)

Dr. Toilet (Synonyms), Toilet, PhD. (Synonyms), トイレット博士 (Synonyms)

Starring a scientist who specializes in scatology and works in a toilet-shaped laboratory.

Gag Professor/s Science Scientist/s Toilet Humor

50 Million Km

50 Million Km (Manhwa)

50 Million Kilometer (Synonyms), 50 Million Km - Her and My Distance (Synonyms), 50 миллионов километров (Synonyms), 5000만km (Synonyms), 5000만km (그녀와 나의 거리) (Synonyms), 5000만km - 그녀와 나의 거리 (Synonyms), Distance Between Her and I: 50 Million Kilometers (Synonyms), Fifty Million Kilometers (Synonyms), Her and My Distance 50 Million Km (Synonyms), 그녀와 나의 거리 5000만km (Synonyms)

Alien/s Brother/s Rushed Ending / Axed Scientist/s Space Station

Cobra: The Space Pirate

Cobra: The Space Pirate (Manga)

COBRA ギャラクシー・ナイツ (Synonyms), COBRA ザ・サイコガン (Synonyms), COBRA ソード人の秘密 (Synonyms), COBRA タイム・ドライブ (Synonyms), COBRA ブルーローズ (Synonyms), COBRA マジックドール (Synonyms), COBRA マンドラドの伝説 (Synonyms), COBRA 戦場にて (Synonyms), COBRA 神の瞳 (Synonyms), COBRA 雷電の惑星 (Synonyms), COBRA 黄金の扉 (Synonyms), COBRAラグボール (Synonyms), COBRA黒竜王 (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: Blue Rose (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: Galaxy Nights (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: God's Eyes (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: Golden Gate (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: Legend of Mandrad (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: Magic Doll (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: On the Battlefield (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: Rugball (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: Secret of Sword (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: The Black Dragon King (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: The Psychogun (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: Thunderbolt Star (Synonyms), Space Adventure Cobra: Time Drive (Synonyms)

An all-color alternate story of the original classic, Space Adventure Cobra.

Android/s Dragon King/s Dragon/s Full Color Museum/s Robot/s Scientist/s Spaceship Thief/ves Womanizer

Chi - Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite

Chi - Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite (Manga)

About the Movement of the Earth (Synonyms), チ。ー地球の運動についてー (Synonyms), チ。地球の運動について (Synonyms)


Astronomy Blood and Gore Church Middle Age Scientist/s Two-Faced Male Lead Violence

Hyper Run

Hyper Run (Manga)

Cyber planet 1999 HYPER Run (Synonyms), Hyper Rune (Synonyms), サイバー・プラネット1999HYPER☆ルン (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Rune Ayanokouji lives a life less ordinary with a "mad" scientist for a grandfather and mysterious humanoid robots popping up around town. It turns out there's an alien plot to take over the world, but there seems to be a set of aliens with a different agenda in mind. With a little unexpected help, Rune and her friends are able to fight these aliens on equal ground. But with the fate of Earth at stake, who can Rune really trust?

Alien/s Banding Together Humanoid/s Out of Print in English Robot/s Saving the World Scientist/s

Jishou Baritachi Kenkyuusha no Kokkeina Jikken

Jishou Baritachi Kenkyuusha no Kokkeina Jikken (Manga)

A Comical Experiment Of Of A Scholar Who Consider Himself A Top: A Guinea Pig For Sex Gets A Boner When Bitten (Synonyms), Jishou Baritachi Kenkyuusha no Kokkeina Jikken ~ Kama Rete Binbin ♂ SEX Ho Rumotto ~ (Synonyms), 自称バリタチ研究者の滑稽な実験~噛まれてビンビン♂SEX掘ルモット~ (Synonyms)

Tokiwa, who researches cytology, one day discovers a new aphrodisiac substance. He thinks by using this substance he can make Kazuno, an impertinent college kid who makes fun of Tokiwa's research, want to be made love to; however, it doesn't go as planned after a large number of lab guinea pigs escape from the cage all of a sudden...Getting bit by a guinea pig makes Tokiwa's body rut with a huge boner. On the contrary to his feeling, his body wants Kazuno's body, "How did I become a bottom?" What is the outcome of this experimentation?

Aphrodisiac Scientist/s Seme Turned Uke

Nijiiro Joker

Nijiiro Joker (Manga)

2.5 Nightmare (Synonyms), Colorful Joker (Synonyms), Colorful Joker Extra (Synonyms), Colourful Joker (Synonyms), Cầu vồng nắng (Synonyms), カラフルジョーカー (Synonyms), 虹色(カラフル)JOKER (Synonyms), 虹色JOKER (Synonyms)

Magic Panda/s Scientist/s

Rakuen no Chloris

Rakuen no Chloris (Manga)

Chloris of Paradise (Synonyms), 楽園の神娘 (Synonyms)

The number of humans has plummeted in a world where a deadly poison was spread by the explosion of a research facility. One day, Professor Murase discovers a girl who was preserved by a capsule. In a world where there are no young women, her existence has become the saving grace of humanity.

Appearance Different from Actual Age Plant Girl/s Post-Apocalyptic Scientist/s

Concrete Garden

Concrete Garden (Manga)

Clock Down (Synonyms), コンクリートガーデン (Synonyms), コンクリート・ガーデン (Synonyms)

Androgynous Male Lead Angel/s Cannibalism Dark Ambience Experiment/s Hard Science Fiction Male Pregnancy Parallel Universe Romantic Subplot Scientist/s


Challengers (Manga)

Goukaku Kigan (Hakusensha Version) (Synonyms), Goukakukigan (Synonyms), Küss mich Student! (German) (Synonyms), Please Allow Us To Love (Synonyms), Please Let Us Love (Synonyms), Rien n'est impossible ! (French) (Synonyms), ยากจะสอบผ่านหัวใจ (Synonyms), チャレンジャーズ (Synonyms), 合格祈願 (Hakusensha Version) (Synonyms), 愛的挑戰者 (Synonyms), 爱的挑战者 (Synonyms), 우리 사랑하게 해주세요 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Brother Complex Brother/s Cohabitation Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Homophobia Post-Secondary School Salaryman Scientist/s Student/s

Black Survival

Black Survival (Manhwa)

Суровое выживание (Synonyms), 블랙 서바이벌 - 그들이 살아남는 법 (Synonyms)

Three strangers ally with each other to survive a Battle Royale style game of death on a deserted island against other contenders. A lot of contestants have amnesia and each person has a life sustaining bracelet which heals wounds over time.Made for promotion of game 'black survival'.RAW webpage is expired.

Amnesia Battle Royale Deserted Island/s Island/s Play or Die Situation Scientist/s Student/s Survival Survival Game Webtoon

Koukaku no Pandora - Ghost Urn

Koukaku no Pandora - Ghost Urn (Manga)

Benikara no Pandora (Synonyms), Koukaku no Pandora (Synonyms), Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn (Synonyms), Пандора в малиновой оболочке (Synonyms), ปริศนาแพนโดร่าสีแดง (Synonyms), 紅殻のパンドラ (Synonyms), 紅殻のパンドラ-GHOST URN‐ (Synonyms), 红壳的潘多拉 (Synonyms), 철단의 판도라 (Synonyms)

It is an age when large-scale natural disasters frequently happen all over the world. It is a time when cyborgs and autonomous robots are beginning to appear on the market in technologically advanced nations. Major world powers compete for technology and resources. The divide between rich and poor grows and the future for the poor looks bleak. In this transitional stage, everyone wanders around in a self-indulgent daze and the way out isn't clear.This is the story of how two cybernetically enhanced girls meet in such an era.

Adapted to Anime Cyborg/s Future Gun/s Mad Scientist/s Military Robot/s Scientist/s Small Breasts Young Female Lead

Akai Megami

Akai Megami (Manga)

The Red Goddess (Synonyms), 赤い女神 (Synonyms)

Miya goes with her father (scientist) to an island, where he suppouse to find the last humans with red skin. On their journey, they have to face with racial discrimination in- and outside their journey group...

Anthropology Collection of Stories Lost Civilizations Racism Scientist/s


Alive (Manga)

[アライブ] (Synonyms), Alive! (Synonyms), Alive死囚 (Synonyms), Élni (Synonyms), Живой (Synonyms), حي (Synonyms), アライブ (高橋ツトム) (Synonyms)

Yashiro Tenshuu killed five people, including his girlfriend, and is now on death row. However, a secret government organization is willing to take him off death row if he allows himself to become a test subject to an experiment that requires a killer's intent.

Atonement Confinement Dark Ambience Death Penalty Experiment/s Magic Murder/s Prisoner/s Scientist/s Suicide/s

Amazing Agent Luna

Amazing Agent Luna (OEL)

Amazing_Agent Luna (Synonyms)

Clone/s Emperor/s Empress/es Genetic Modification High School Prince/s Professor/s Robot/s Scientist/s Secret Agent/s

Androgynous (ASHIHARA Akira)

Androgynous (ASHIHARA Akira) (Manga)

アンドロジナス (Synonyms)

"Two anachronistic tales of forbidden, heretical love, set deep in the jungle..."A long time ago, the first androgynous priest Ester transformed his body to give love to the lonely forest god. Now, the present day androgynous priest Aura is confused by his longing for the outside world & attraction to the foreign botanist, Jack, who discovers the secret shrine.

Androgynous Character/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Eloping Couple Feminine Uke God/s Hermaphrodite Isolated Location Priest/s Scientist/s Short Uke

Any Questions? (MITSUKI Kazumi)

Any Questions? (MITSUKI Kazumi) (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)

After her pet cat was discovered, Kana was kicked out of her university dormitory. As she contemplated where to stay that night, she somehow ends up living with a university professor! Through a mutually beneficial arrangement, they decide to live together. Living with a super difficult, super stubborn science professor has its ups and downs. But the professor's handsome smile soon starts playing with Kana's feelings...

Cat/s Cohabitation Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Physics Scientist/s Student/s University Student/s

Ao Kishi - Tetsuwan Atom Ao Kishi yori

Ao Kishi - Tetsuwan Atom Ao Kishi yori (Manga)

Ao Kishi (Synonyms), Astro Boy - Legend of the Knight Azur (Synonyms), 青騎士 鉄腕アトム 青騎士 より (Synonyms)

In the future, robotics will greatly help humans get rid of the most tedious tasks. But as the technology evolves and more robots are themselves aware of their condition, it does not take long until they rebel against their creators. A war breaks out. But in the midst of this conflict, there Tobio, a young boy who is fed up with the situation--and then one day he discovers that he himself is a robot...

Based on a Classic Discrimination Hidden Past Hidden Power/s Iconic Character Rebellion Robot/s Scientist/s Super Powers Technology

Aoi Ryuu no Tani

Aoi Ryuu no Tani (Manga)

Valley of the Blue Dragon (Synonyms), 青い竜の谷 (Synonyms)

Dinosaur/s Geology Scientist/s Time Travel Twin/s

Army Doggy's Mousou Line

Army Doggy's Mousou Line (Manga)

Army DOGGY'S妄想ライン (Synonyms), 陆军团可爱狗狗的妄想行列 (Synonyms)