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Horimiya (Anime)

Hori-san and Miyamura-kun (Synonyms), ホリミヤ (Japanese)

On the surface, the thought of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura getting along would be the last thing in people's minds. After all, Hori has a perfect combination of beauty and brains, while Miyamura appears meek and distant to his fellow classmates. However, a fateful meeting between the two lays both of their hidden selves bare. Even though she is popular at school, Hori has little time to socialize with her friends due to housework. On the other hand, Miyamura lives under the noses of his peers, his body bearing secret tattoos and piercings that make him look like a gentle delinquent.

Having opposite personalities yet sharing odd similarities, the two quickly become friends and often spend time together in Hori's home. As they both emerge from their shells, they share with each other a side of themselves concealed from the outside world.

Cool Male Lead Secret Identity Popular Female Lead Friendship

Detective Conan

Detective Conan (Anime)

Case Closed (English), 名探偵コナン (Japanese), Meitantei Conan (Synonyms)

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student of astounding talent in detective work, is well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity. Unfortunately, he is caught in the act, so the men dose him with an experimental drug formulated by their criminal organization, leaving him to his death.

Young Male Lead Science Crime/s Child Protagonist Romantic Subplot Childhood Love Secret Identity Age Transformation Police Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Genius/es Investigation/s Smart Male Lead Secret Organization/s

Time Between Dog and Wolf

Time Between Dog and Wolf (Manhwa)

The Dog and the Wolf's Time (Synonyms), 개와 늑대의 시간 (Synonyms)

Based on a Drama Mafia Secret Agent/s Secret Identity

Tsuki to Mizuumi

Tsuki to Mizuumi (Manga)

Danau & Bulan (Synonyms), The Moon and the Lake (Synonyms), Tsuki to Mizumi (Synonyms), القمر والبحيرة (Synonyms), 月と湖 (Synonyms), 月与湖 (Synonyms)

Two stories:Kazuna's late grandfather was a writer, and his unpublished novel depicting his private life was found among the articles left by him. He had written down his affection to his lover, while he was a devoted husband. Kazuna felt perplexed, and went to see his grandfather's lover.Does anyone know where "Nacchan" is? December, ten years ago, Nacchan's house next door burned down. Both parents were safe. Only Nacchan was never found. The body was never found... In the chaos of the fire, only Nacchan... disappeared.

Cat/s Childhood Friend/s Lake/s Past Plays a Big Role Promise/s Runaway/s Secret Identity Secret Relationship Story within Story Writer/s


Coda (Manga)

コーダ (Synonyms)

From Bliss:One day, Kunisada Haruichi who is specializing in Japanese dance in his high-school dance department, meets Yuri Arbatov, a famous and young ballet dancer who comes for a short-term study abroad. However when he gets a hold of Haruichi's weakness, Haruichi is forced to crossdress on stage...

Ballet Blackmail Cross-dressing Dancing False Personality Genius/es Half-Japanese Prodigy Secret Identity Trap

Charisma Doll

Charisma Doll (Manga)

カリスマ・ドール (Synonyms), 玩偶教主 (Synonyms)

From :High school first year Sara has a secret…she’s really the super-popular singer SALA! However, as an idol her gender is kept a secret from the world in order to sell her music. But can Sara win when she wants to be just Sara…?

Cross-dressing Friends Become Lovers Kind Male Lead Love Triangle/s Secret Identity Showbiz Singer/s Strong Female Lead Talented Female Lead Wish/es

Hua Cao Guan Xi - Close to You

Hua Cao Guan Xi - Close to You (Manhua)

Close to You (RYAN) (Synonyms), 花草关系 (Synonyms), 花草關係 (Synonyms), 花草關係Close to You (Synonyms)

Childhood Friend/s Cross-dressing Dead Family Member/s Family Business Love Polygon Master-Servant Relationship Misunderstanding/s Revenge Secret Identity Secret/s

Jeongchebulmyeong Saesaegsi

Jeongchebulmyeong Saesaegsi (Manhwa)

Cô dâu heo (Synonyms), Mystery Bride (Synonyms), Pig Bride (Synonyms), Unknown New Bride (Synonyms), 정체불명 새색시 (Synonyms)

Arranged Marriage Curse/s Korea Mask/s Reincarnation Rich Kid/s Rich Male Lead Rich Protagonist Secret Identity Strong Female Lead

Josou Shite Mendoukusai Koto ni Natteru Nekura to Yankee no Ryou Kataomoi

Josou Shite Mendoukusai Koto ni Natteru Nekura to Yankee no Ryou Kataomoi (Manga)

cross-dressing became troublesome - a pessimist and a delinquent's mutual unrequited love (Synonyms), 女装してめんどくさい事になってるネクラとヤンキーの両片想い (Synonyms)

The cute and cheerful girl working at a Japanese style maid cafe, Hana. The black haired cold beauty, Mei. Though the two are in love with each other, they have not realized it. However, they have a secret that should not be discovered...

Cross-dressing Crush/es Delinquent/s Disguise/s Innocent Male Lead Love at First Sight Maid Cafe Male Disguised as Female Misunderstanding/s Secret Identity

Juunikyuu de Tsukamaete

Juunikyuu de Tsukamaete (Manga)

12 Signs of Zodiac (Synonyms), 12-kyuu de Tsukamaete (Synonyms), Catcher in the Horoscope (Synonyms), Horoskooppimysteerit (Synonyms), I Will Catch You With The Zodiacs (Synonyms), Junikyu de Tsukamaete (Synonyms), Zodiac Detective (Synonyms), Zodiac P.I (Synonyms), Zodiac P.I. (German) (Synonyms), Zodiac Private Investigator (Synonyms), 十二宮でつかまえて (Synonyms), 占星妙探 (Synonyms)

Lili is just like any other girl except she can foretell the future! This 'Zodiac PI' relies on horoscopes and astrology to help her solve crimes and track down criminals. When there's trouble a'brewing, she transforms herself into the magic Detective Spica and looks to the stars to guide her way. Before long, she is joined by her childhood friend, Hiromi, who dreams of becoming a detective as skilled as Lili. Soon, no astral investigation is too arduous for this dynamic duo! [Tokyopop]

Allergies Astrology Detective/s Fortune Teller Murder/s Partners Secret Identity Smart Female Lead Smart Male Lead Zodiac

Kaitou Magu no Ichibushijuu

Kaitou Magu no Ichibushijuu (Manga)

Kaitou Mag no Ichibushijuu (Synonyms), The Complete Story of Mag the Thief (Synonyms), 怪盗マグの一部始終 (Synonyms)

After botching a job, Mag the Thief meets a priest intent on reforming her ways.

Beautiful Female Lead Charismatic Male Lead Clumsy Character Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Older Female Lead Priest/s Secret Identity Smart Male Lead Strong Female Lead Thief/ves

Kidou Senshi Crossbone Gundam

Kidou Senshi Crossbone Gundam (Manga)

Crossbone Gundam (Synonyms), Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam (Synonyms), 機動戦士クロスボーンガンダム (Synonyms), 高达X十字先锋 (Synonyms)

Piloted Robots Pirate/s Real Robot Secret Identity Soldier/s Space Battle Talented Male Lead Violence War/s Young Male Lead

Knight Princess

Knight Princess (Manhua)

CAVALIER PRINCESS (Synonyms), Cavalier princesse (Synonyms), Kabalyerong Prinsesa (Synonyms), Kỵ sĩ công chúa (Synonyms), Prinsesse Ridder (Synonyms), Qi Shi Gong Zhu (Synonyms), 騎士公主 (Synonyms), 骑士公主 (Synonyms)

Yashi has wandered with her father for fourteen years, and only now has she discovered that her own mother is actually Bocinia’s current queen. To see her mother, from whom she was separated when she was just an infant, she and her father enter the palace, but she never thought she would accidentally run into the Princess of Bocinia, and then become her bodyguard by mistake...NOTE: This manhua ends at Volume 4. The continuation of the story was written in a novel.

Beautiful Family Cross-dressing Female Bodyguard Illegitimate Child/ren Knight/s Princess/es Secret Identity Special Ability/ies Strong Female Lead Young Mother

Koohii Jikan

Koohii Jikan (Manga)

Coffee Jikan (Synonyms), Coffee Time (Synonyms), Kōhī Jikan (Synonyms), 珈琲時間 (Synonyms)

This is a collection of 17 short stories that all involve coffee in some way.

Bespectacled Protagonist Coffee Collection of Stories Detective/s Dishonest Protagonist Family Food Middle-Aged Protagonist Secret Identity Variations on a Theme

Maopai Xinniang (Novel)

Maopai Xinniang (Novel) (Novel)

Counterfeit Bride (Novel) (Synonyms), 冒牌新娘 (Novel) (Synonyms)

A young man being forced to crossdress as a bride to replace his young lady who refused to marry since she already had her own lover.And the groom had prepared a surprise for the supposed bride, yet he was the one who got the surprise for the bride he had imagined was not as his imagined before, ---personality wise.So, the life of the counterfeit bride and 'her' groom began.With both party having their own secret, how would their life like?

Ancient China Arranged Marriage Cross-dressing Doting Lover/s Mistaken Gender Secret Identity

Matsuri Special

Matsuri Special (Manga)

Cố lên Matsuri (Synonyms), まつりスペシャル (Synonyms), 마츠리스페셜 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Drama CD Debt/s Female Fighter/s Love Triangle/s Male Demographic with Female Lead Rivalry Secret Identity Strong Female Lead Transfer Student/s Wrestling

Nousatsu Rock Shounen

Nousatsu Rock Shounen (Manga)

Charming Rock Boy (Synonyms), Nosatsu Rock Shounen (Synonyms), Nousatsu Rock Star (Synonyms), Stereo Pop Rock N Roll (Synonyms), 悩殺ロック少年 (Synonyms), 我的摇滚男友 (Synonyms)

Fujisaki Maki once had a peaceful life, but one day, she decides to help Nobitani, who was being bullied, and now everyone's bullying her! Because Nobitani feels guilty, he gives Maki tickets to a famous local band called 'East Robo'. Maki decides to go and during the concert, the leader singer plays a ballad and is looking at Maki?!

Alter Ego Bullying Celebrity/ies Disguise/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Music Music Band/s Secret Identity Showbiz Singer/s

Oiran Girl

Oiran Girl (Manga)

Courtesan Girl (Synonyms), Ginrou no Sakura (Synonyms), おいらんガール (Synonyms), 花魁女孩 (Synonyms), 銀狼の櫻 (Synonyms)

The era is Edo (1603-1868). Tsubaki is a merchant's daughter who is sold to the red lights district after losing her family in a fire. Driven by desire to triumph over her first love, a servant, she aims to become the top courtesan! She polishes her beauty and artistic talents every day, but for some reason, her senior courtesan and current number one oiran Takao has an eye on her?!In volume 4 is included the oneshot .A beautiful wolf with silver hair and silver eyes... Surely I'll be captured.

Androgynous Male Lead Courtesan/s Cross-dressing Edo Period Master-Disciple Relationship Master-Servant Relationship Rich to Poor Rivalry Secret Identity Strong Male Lead

Ore no Choukyouta Doutei-chan

Ore no Choukyouta Doutei-chan (Manga)

Ore no Choukyouta (Shitsuketa) Doutei-chan (Synonyms), Ore no Shitsuketa Doutei-chan (Synonyms), The Cherry Boy I Trained (Synonyms), The Cherry Boy Whom I Trained (Synonyms), オレのシツケた童貞ちゃん (Synonyms), オレの調教(シツケ)た童貞ちゃん (Synonyms), 내가 조교한 체리보이 (Synonyms)

"Don't shake your hips until I say "good", okay?" I'm a virgin who's being trained... every day. Katou, who once was a Bishounen (beautiful boy) Idol has grown to be a man now. He spends his university life hiding from the world, but he was spoken to by his former partner, Aki.

Appearance Changes Arrogant Male Lead Blackmail Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Seme Idol/s Jealousy Secret Identity University Student/s Virgin/s


Otomen (Manga)

Chàng Trai Hoàn Hảo (Synonyms), Maiden Man (Synonyms), Manlady (Synonyms), Otomen: Um Doce de garoto (Synonyms), Отомэн (Synonyms), ยอดชายใจแหวว (Synonyms), オトメン (Synonyms), オトメン(乙男) (Synonyms), 乙男 (Synonyms), 粉紅系男孩 (Synonyms), 오토멘 (Synonyms)

From :Asuka is a guy who has likings for girly things like shoujo manga, baking, and sewing. However, his mother forbids this and wants him to grow up manly. He starts learning kendo and karate and grows up to be the stoic guy his mother wants him to be. But can he fight the urge of falling in love and revealing his true self?

Androgynous Male Lead Appearance Different from Personality Comic Artist/s LGBT Parent/s Love at First Sight Male Lead Falls in Love First Opposites Attract Parody Secret Identity Tomboy/s