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Detective Conan

Detective Conan (Anime)

Case Closed (English), 名探偵コナン (Japanese), Meitantei Conan (Synonyms)

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student of astounding talent in detective work, is well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity. Unfortunately, he is caught in the act, so the men dose him with an experimental drug formulated by their criminal organization, leaving him to his death.

Young Male Lead Science Child Protagonist Romantic Subplot Childhood Love Secret Identity Police Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Investigation/s Crime/s Genius/es Age Transformation Smart Male Lead Secret Organization/s

Hime 100%

Hime 100% (Manga)

Hime100% (Synonyms), Super Girl (AKAISHI Michiyo) (Synonyms), Supergirl (Synonyms), 姫100% (Synonyms)

From Ivyscan:Hime wants answers. How could her father, an expert driver, die in a car accident caused by his own carelessness? What about the mysterious note he left behind? What exactly is going on? Hime intends to find out!

Animal Sidekick Beautiful Female Lead Conspiracy/ies Motorcycle/s Romantic Subplot Secret Organization/s Strong Female Lead Twin/s

Himitsu - Season 0

Himitsu - Season 0 (Manga)

Himitsu Season 0 (Synonyms), The Top Secret - Season 0 (Synonyms), 秘密 season 0 (Synonyms)

Clever Protagonist Dead Parent/s Important Non-Romantic Relationship/s Investigation Non-BL with Two Male Leads Post-Secondary School Post-Secondary Student/s Searching for Answers Secret Organization/s Smart Male Lead

Himitsu Sentai Goranger

Himitsu Sentai Goranger (Manga)

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger (Synonyms), Secret Task Force Goranger (Synonyms), 秘密戦隊ゴレンジャー (Synonyms)

Based on a Tokusatsu show Based on a TV Show Secret Organization/s Sentai Special Suit/s


Hiniiru (Manga)

Hi ni Iru (Synonyms), Hiniiru - Wie Motten ins Licht (Synonyms), Like a Moth Flying into the Flame (Synonyms), ヒニイル (Synonyms), 红炎之恋 (Synonyms)

Childhood Friend/s Human Becomes Demon/Monster Monster/s Non-Human Protagonist Non-Humans Secret Organization/s Super Powers Supernatural Elements Weak to Strong Young Male Lead

Kao no Nai Onna

Kao no Nai Onna (Manga)

Faceless Woman (Synonyms), 顔のない女 (Synonyms)

A collection of horror/fantasy/supernatural-themed oneshots.

Assassin/s Atypical Art Style Collection of Stories Episodic with Underlying Continuous Plot Interconnected Episodic Male Demographic with Female Lead Monster Hunter/s Murderer/s Secret Organization/s Shape Shifter/s

Madan no Shashu

Madan no Shashu (Manga)

Der Freischutz (Synonyms), Der Freischütz (Synonyms), The Free Shooter (Synonyms), 魔弾の射手 (Synonyms), 魔彈射手 (Synonyms)

A hardboiled espionage action story featuring Major Eberbach. Can he elude the pursuit of the genius assassin from the KGB?

Assassin/s Secret Agent/s Secret Organization/s Spy/ies

Onibito no Matsuri

Onibito no Matsuri (Doujinshi)

The Festival of Demons - A Cunning Chance Encounter (Synonyms), おにびとの祀り (Synonyms)

Delinquent/s Female Protagonist High School Student/s Secret Organization/s Youkai

Danzai Otome

Danzai Otome (Manga)

Execution Girl (Synonyms), 断罪乙女 (Synonyms)

When Yuko randomly runs into her aloof classmate Arisa one day, she's delighted to get a chance to get to know her! She cheerfully accompanies her to Shibuya, where Arisa says she has an important job that only she can do. As the situation turns violent, Yuko realizes that the mysterious Arisa has a lot more secrets than she could have guessed. Is Arisa involved with the urban legend of the "Execution Girl," who punishes evildoers?

Hidden Power/s Rape Secret Organization/s Social Outcast/s Urban Legends

Eroica yori Ai o Komete

Eroica yori Ai o Komete (Manga)

Eroica yori Ai wo Komete (Synonyms), From Eroica with Love (Synonyms), エロイカより愛をこめて (Synonyms), 浪漫英雄 (Synonyms)

What happens when a gay art thief and a conservative NATO officer cross paths? Disaster, of course. Dorian is an aristocrat, a thief, and a hedonist; Klaus is a duty-driven espionage agent with no patience for fools. Follow them as they chase each other across the globe -- from Britain to Baghdad, from Alaska to Alexandria, from Moscow to Madrid. Spectacular locations and non-stop adventures await!

Aristocrat/s Classic Manga Episodic Europe Secret Agent/s Secret Organization/s Spy/ies Thief/ves Workaholic World Travel

Evil Secret Society NEKO

Evil Secret Society NEKO (Manga)

悪の秘密結社ネコ (Synonyms)


Cat/s Secret Organization/s

Excel Saga

Excel Saga (Manga)

エクセルサーガ (Synonyms), エクセル・サーガ (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Conspiracy/ies Male Demographic with Female Lead Modern City Parody Robot/s Scientist/s Secret Organization/s Strong Female Lead World Domination

Ouritsu Mahou Gakuen no Saikasei - Hinkongai Agari no Saikyou Mahoushi, Kizoku Darake no Gakuen de Musou Suru

Ouritsu Mahou Gakuen no Saikasei - Hinkongai Agari no Saikyou Mahoushi, Kizoku Darake no Gakuen de Musou Suru (Manga)

El Irregular de la Real Academia de magia ~el hechicero más fuerte de los barrios bajos no tiene rival en la Escuela de la realeza ~ (Synonyms), O Irregular da Academia Real de Magia (Synonyms), Oritsu Maho Gakuen no Saika-sei~ Hinkon-gai (Suramu) Agari no Saikyo Maho-Shi, Kizoku-darake no Gakuen de Muso Suru~ (Synonyms), Ouritsu Mahou Gakuen no Saikasei (Synonyms), Ouritsu Mahou Gakuen no Saikasei - Hinkongai (Slum) Agari no Saikyou Mahoushi, Kizoku Darake no Gakuen de Musou Suru (Synonyms), Ouritsu Mahou Gakuen no Saikasei - Slum Agari no Saikyou Mahoushi, Kizoku Darake no Gakuen de Musou Suru (Synonyms), The Irregular of the Royal Academy of Magic (Synonyms), The Irregular of the Royal Academy of Magic ~The Strongest Sorcerer From the Slums is Unrivaled in the School of Royals ~ (Synonyms), Младший студент королевской академии магии (Synonyms), Младший студент королевской академии магии - сильнейший маг-выскочка из трущоб, которому нет равных среди знати в академии (Synonyms), Найсильніший чаклун з нетрів не має собі рівних в Королівській школі магії (Synonyms), Самый Сильный Колдун из трущоб не имеет себе равных в Королевской школе магии (Synonyms), 王立魔法学園の最下生 (Synonyms), 王立魔法学園の最下生~貧困街〈スラム〉上がりの最強魔法師、貴族だらけの学園で無双する~ (Synonyms), 王立魔法学園の最下生~貧困街上がりの最強魔法師、貴族だらけの学園で無双する~ (Synonyms), 로얄아카데미의 불규칙마법 (Synonyms), 로얄아카데미의 불규칙마법~빈민가 출신 최강의 마법사가 로열스 학원에서 타의 추종을 불허합니다~ (Synonyms)

"Magic." A sacred mystery usable only by those chosen. One day, a child from the slums named Ars finds he has the power to use magic. A sorcerer by the name of Genos Wilzard learns of his talent and raises him, turning him into the greatest of assassins. One day, Genos gives him an order: To enroll at the Magic Academy...!?

Adopted Protagonist Assassin/s Gun/s Magic Nobility Overpowered Protagonist Secret Agent/s Secret Organization/s Social Hierarchy Sorcerer/s

Kesshoku no Shuugosha

Kesshoku no Shuugosha (Manga)

Cavalier of the Bloody Eclipse (Synonyms), 血蝕の守護者 (Synonyms)

Kagura is the last remaining survivor of a vampire attack at a laboratory, and is saved by Nicol, a member of a troop of soldiers employed by the Vatican. But both Kagura and Nicol are hiding secrets, neither one is exactly who they claim to be.

Dark Ambience Experiment/s Ghoul/s Mission/s Plot Twist Secret Organization/s Vampire/s Vatican Werewolf/ves Zombie/s

The Clock Workers

The Clock Workers (Manhwa)

시계수리공 (Synonyms)

In a world where a person’s lifespan is determined by a clock placed in his or her chest at birth, people with the ability to manipulate these clocks to grant immortality began to emerge. Known as clockworkers, they are separated by those motivated by greed and those who want the world to be balanced. Each side wants to destroy the other and two brothers find themselves on opposite sides of the fight after a tragic accident in the past.

Betrayal Brother/s Cold Female Lead Cold Male Lead Death of Loved One/s Immortality Revenge Secret Organization/s Siblings Special Ability/ies


Collide (Manhwa)

부딪치다 (Synonyms)

Fateful encounter between Joy, the girl with special gene, and Moowon, the top class super abilities.An average girl Joy suddenly beomes the target of super powers due to her generic trait that she never knew before.Moowon, a highest-level super power, is sent to protect Joy.However, Joy's gene makes him strongly attracted to her no matter how much his rationality resists it.Official English Translation: , , , ,

Crybaby Female Lead Hidden Power/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Pheromones Possessive Lover/s Secret Ability Secret Organization/s Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Super Powers

Count Over

Count Over (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)

A mysterious mastermind single-handedly releases 206 of the most dangerous prisoners around the states. When the prisoners rampage New York City, the police helplessly watch as a young boy with a katana appears. His mechanical arm has a countdown from 206; what is his purpose?

Criminal/s Gun/s Matricide Modern Era New York Prosthesis Secret Organization/s Super Powers Sword/s United States


S+ (Manga)

Bí Mật Hội ICA (Synonyms), Bí Mật Tình Báo ICA (Synonyms), S. Secret ICA (Synonyms), S.秘密ICA (Synonyms), Special Secret Plus (Synonyms), エスプラス (Synonyms)

From : This is basically about a group called ICA who one day show up at school and took Akane away telling her to provide information about her brother Akihei but she refuses to. After a while she changed her mind and agree to help them because she only wants Akihei to herself.

Adoption Brother Complex Secret Identity Secret Organization/s

Alpha (Bugyeum)

Alpha (Bugyeum) (Manhwa)

Alpha (Bookyeom) (Synonyms), 알파 (Synonyms)

The emotionless agent Alpha was given a secret mission.

Brutality Calm Protagonist Death Experiment/s Human Experiment/s Laboratory Secret Organization/s Special Ability/ies Teammates Relationship Webtoon


Anonymous (Manga)

Анонимные (Synonyms), アノニマス (Synonyms)

From :There is a special organization known as "anonymous" which takes children and raises them without names, without feelings, without souls. Then it sends them out to kill. Can emotions get through to these cold-hearted killers?A sequence of stories that deal with a few of the organization's members.

Episodic Assassin/s Bodyguard/s Changed by Love Child Assassin Moral Dilemma Secret Organization/s Spy/ies Taisho Era Twin/s