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Futago no Goshisoku-sama

Futago no Goshisoku-sama (Manga)

Futago no Goshisokusama (Synonyms), Hana Sakasemashou (Synonyms), 双子のご子息様 (Synonyms), 華咲かせましょ (Synonyms)

1-3. (Let the Flowers Bloom)Yasukado and Yasutoki are twin brothers born as the heir and protector of their family's feudal household. When an assassination attempt is made on Yasukado, Yasutoki must do all he can to protect his beloved brother and lord.- Blissful Sin4. An alternate story of Yasukado and Yasutoki in a modern world.5.

Brother Complex Collection of Stories Delinquent/s Eyepatch Feudal Japan High School Student/s Ninja/s Samurai Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Twincest

Futari de Koi wo suru Riyuu

Futari de Koi wo suru Riyuu (Manga)

FutaKoi (Synonyms), Futari de Koi o suru Riyuu (Synonyms), الأسباب لوقوع الناس في الحب (Synonyms), ふたりで恋をする理由 (Synonyms), 两个人相恋的理由 (Synonyms)

From Kogarashi Scans:In her first year of high school, Urara Andou fell in love at first sight with the kind stranger who saved her on the train. Too flustered to ask for his name or contact information, she swears to take action the next time she falls in love. But it turns out he's a senpai at her school!? Reunited, Urara believes it must be fate. But before she can take action, his childhood friend Misono-kun tells her "I won't hand Aiji-kun over to you." What will she do?

Childhood Friend/s Classmate/s Female Lead Falls in Love First Kind Female Lead Love at First Sight Love Triangle/s Mature Male Lead Polite Female Lead School Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Futari no Jikan (Onio)

Futari no Jikan (Onio) (Manga)

ふたりのじかん (Synonyms)

Ayato Sanada, a serious first year student attending Okuma East High School, joins the photography club but one of its members, a second year student named Kazuki Shindou, constantly distracts him with her embarrassing ideas and activities. How can he deal with such an uninhibited person?!

Club/s High School Student/s Laid-back Female Lead Older Female Younger Male Photographer/s Photography Rushed Ending / Axed Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Futsuu na Bokura no

Futsuu na Bokura no (Manga)

Comme les Autres (french) (Synonyms), Futsuuna Bokurano (Synonyms), Sıradan Bizlerin (Synonyms), ふつうな僕らの (Synonyms), 普通的我们 (Synonyms)

[From Kogarashi Scans]Our normal love story that is not "special".Tsubaki, who moved from Tokyo, fell in love with an older boy named Ibuki whom she met in the city during spring break. Shortly after, Tsubaki gave him a love letter and confessed that she wanted to have a "normal happy love" with him. However, Ibuki is deaf, and once Tsubaki found out the truth he coldly pushed her away...?

Cheerful Female Lead Deafness Disability/ies Female Lead Falls in Love First High School Persistent Female Lead Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Straightforward Female Lead Student-Student Relationship

Hatsukoi Shimai

Hatsukoi Shimai (Manga)

First Love Sisters (Synonyms), Loving Sisters (Synonyms), 初恋姉妹 (Synonyms)

From Seven Seas:During a fateful visit to Tsunojo Girls' School, Chika Matsusato meets the girl of her dreams--cool upperclassman Haruna Kanzaki. Even though they spent only one short day together, Chika will never forget Haruna's kindness, and has made it her life's goal to study hard and get accepted into Tsunojo Girls' School so that they can be together. But will Haruna share Chika’s feelings...?

All-Girls School Angst Fear of Abandonment Friendship Loneliness Older Female Younger Female Prestigious School Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Student-Student Relationship Student-Teacher Relationship

Ichiban Tooi Hoshi

Ichiban Tooi Hoshi (Manga)

The Farthest Star (Synonyms), いちばん遠い星 (Synonyms), 最遥远的那颗星 (Synonyms)


Manager Older Uke Younger Seme Salaryman Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Iyaya Iyaya mo Suki no Uchi?

Iyaya Iyaya mo Suki no Uchi? (Manga)

Falling Slowly (Synonyms), いややいややもすきのうち? (Synonyms), 지나친 부정은 긍정 아닐까? (Synonyms)

From :Who would've thought Masumi, the king of poker faces and a bit of an enigma, had a thing for Yuki? Yuki certainly didn't until Masumi decided to tell him one day. Yuki finds it hard to believe because Masumi is popular with women and is even rumored to have a girlfriend. As Yuki panics, Masumi lets him know that he finds it adorable how expressive Yuki is with his face. Yuki's never been with a guy, so he rejects Masumi at first, but as Masumi keeps confessing his hot, passionate feelings for him, he starts to develop some feelings of his own for the guy...!!

Affectionate Seme Convenience Store/s Coworker Relationships Expressionless Male Lead Love Confession/s Older Uke Younger Seme Seme Falling in Love First Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Straight Seme Straight Uke

Junai Junkie

Junai Junkie (Manga)

Di Gelanggang Impi (Synonyms), Dojiko & Hero (Synonyms), Fool For You (SHIUMI Saki) (Synonyms), Jun'ai Junkie (Synonyms), Jun'ai Junkies (Synonyms), Pure Love Junkie (Synonyms), The Hallway Rumors (Synonyms), We're Not Involved (Synonyms), 純愛ジャンキー (Synonyms), 纯爱中毒 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Arrogant Male Lead Basketball Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Manager Model/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Unrequited Love Valentine's Day

Kitsune to Tanuki

Kitsune to Tanuki (Manga)

Fox and Raccoon (Synonyms), きつねとたぬき (Synonyms)


Salaryman Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Priceless Honey

Priceless Honey (Manga)

Fall in XXX (Synonyms), Fine Play (Synonyms), Puraisuresu Hani (Synonyms), Replay (KANO Shiuko) (Synonyms), プライスレス・ハニー (Synonyms), 寶貴的甜心 (KgomeCaptor) (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Dishonest Protagonist Ex-Lover Glasses-Wearing Male Lead In Love with Family Member's Friend Older Uke Younger Seme Reunion/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Unexpressed Feeling/s Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Seiheki Strike

Seiheki Strike (Manga)

False Strike (Synonyms), Seiheiki Strike (Synonyms), Struck with Desire (Synonyms), 性癖ストライク (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Crybaby Seme Dormitory/ies High School Student/s Roommates Seme-like Uke Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Short Seme Tall Uke Short Seme Uke-like Seme

A Gentle Man

A Gentle Man (Manga)

Funwari Otoko (Synonyms), ふんわり男 (Synonyms)

One shot sponsored by Funwari Liquor

Blushing Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Multiple POV's Office Lady Office Worker/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship


Affair (Manga)

Affair [アフェア] (Synonyms), Erotic Affair (Synonyms), Love Machine (KANO Shiuko) (Synonyms), My Dear Mad Dog (Synonyms), One Lucky Guy (Synonyms), Любовные узы (Synonyms), アフェア (Synonyms), 再愛妳一次! (Synonyms), 再爱妳一次! (Synonyms), 어페어 (Synonyms)

1) The reunion of Yoshiyuki, who still nurses a grudge, and Okabe his senior in the baseball club of high school. 2) A pair of half siblings attempt to navigate the Yakuza world and their complicated relationship. 3) Two co-workers play a game of honour, luck and Mahjong. 4) A university student decides to get his driver's license and a fellow student offers to be his instructor. 5) A humorous and erotic extra of chapter 1.

Baseball Childhood Love Collection of Stories Incest Luck Mafia Mahjong Reversible Couple Seke Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Egoistic Trap

Egoistic Trap (Manga)

エゴイスティック トラップ (Synonyms), 自私的情网 (Synonyms)

[From Shinkirou Scans] Aoki was hurt when his co-worker dumped him. Suddenly, his senpai, Okada, suggested, “If you are sad, find yourself a partner!” and then Okada pushed him down!

Bossy Lover Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Dubious Consent Fellatio Fingering Heartbreak Older Seme Younger Uke Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Workplace Intercourse

Eien no Shichigatsu

Eien no Shichigatsu (Manga)

Neverending July (Synonyms), 恋人游戏 (Synonyms), 永遠の七月 (Synonyms)

As the engagement to the company president's daughter had been settled, days passed in smooth sailing for Tachibana when in front of him, the university senpai who he had lost contact with long ago, Ryuusuke, appeared. To add to that, Ryuusuke said to the bewildered Tachibana that he wants to play "couple" for a just a month... A bittersweet love story filled to the brim with heartrending emotion!

Bisexual Character/s Cheating/Infidelity Dead Family Member/s Friends Become Lovers Friends Grow Distant Live-in Lover Manipulative Lover Pretend Lovers Reunion/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Eigyou Nika!

Eigyou Nika! (Manga)

The Second Sales Division!! (Synonyms), 営業二課っ! (Synonyms), 营业二科 (Synonyms)

From Sakisaka, from the second sales division, is in love with his supervisor, Tojo. Naturally, he has no intention of ever letting him know, but when Tojo starts being clingy to the point of it being too much, it almost makes Sakisaka think that he might have a chance! Where will this slow-going love story go?Vol.2 Contains old/past doujins & extras with also new content of Eigyou Nika, it also includes other works of Kanai Kei

Adapted to Drama CD Company Coworker/s Fluff Men in Suits Office Worker/s Popular Male Lead Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Straightforward Male Lead Unexpressed Feeling/s

Electric Hands

Electric Hands (Manga)

Brothers Battle (Synonyms), If Looks Could Kill (Synonyms), Mokushite Katarazu Mede Otose (Synonyms), エレクトリック・ハンズ (Synonyms), 超级感应 (Synonyms)

All-Boys School Fetish/es Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Love Triangle/s Older Uke Younger Seme Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Stepsibling Love Stepsiblings Track and Field

End Start Line

End Start Line (Manga)

エンドスタートライン (Synonyms)


Classmate/s Collection of Stories High School High School Student/s Salaryman Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Student-Student Relationship Student/s

Erohon Bukkake

Erohon Bukkake (Manga)

After School Erotica (Synonyms), Erohon♥: Bukkake (Synonyms), Houkago Erotic (Synonyms), Yoi Dore Policy (Synonyms), エロほん♥―ぶっかけ― (Synonyms), 放課後エロティック (Synonyms)

Anilingus Collection of Stories Fellatio Fingering Frottage Masculine Uke Massage Oral Intercourse School Intercourse Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Ever Green (KASUKABE Akira)

Ever Green (KASUKABE Akira) (Manga)

Evergreen (KASUKABE Akira) (Synonyms), エバーグリーン (Synonyms), 青春恒久 (Synonyms)

Beautiful Female Lead Club/s Dead Family Member/s Heart Condition Inferiority Complex Nightmare/s Popular Female Lead Scar/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Swimsuit/s