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The Poisonous Flower

The Poisonous Flower (Manga)

Doku no Hana (Synonyms), 毒の華 (Synonyms)

[From ShoujoMagic]:"The beautiful and most mysterious poison 'flower' tempting every part of me..." Michiru loved him from the bottom of her heart... because she loved him... and longed for him... but now Misaki is slowly losing hold of Michiru...!?

Emotionally Weak Female Lead Fangirl/s Idol/s Jealousy Playboy/s Popular Male Lead Possessive Lover/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Singer/s Wish/es


Uzakoi (Manga)

Anata no Kioku (HANYUU Shion) (Synonyms), Browser Love (Synonyms), Double Booking (Synonyms), Double☆Booking (Synonyms), I am in love with Onii-chan (Synonyms), Kissing Under the Sakura Tree (Synonyms), Sakura no Shita de Kiss wo Shite (Synonyms), Suki desu Oniichan (Synonyms), Your Memory (Synonyms), ウザ恋 (Synonyms)

Blackmail Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Fellatio Finding Love Again Friends Become Lovers Love Triangle/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Student-Teacher Relationship Twin/s

Deep Sex

Deep Sex (Manga)

ディープセックス (Synonyms)

They are childhood friends, they have always been curious. This is why they slept together for the first time as teenagers. The thing they do today, without officially dating. But when the girl finds a boyfriend and tells her friend that she won't sleep together with him anymore, things get a little more complicated.

Absent Parent/s Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Friends Become Lovers Love Triangle/s Neighbor/s Nudity Oral Intercourse Possessive Lover/s Sex Friends Become Lovers

Hatsukoi no Tsuzuki

Hatsukoi no Tsuzuki (Manga)

Continuing First Love (Synonyms), Hatsukoi no Tsuduki (Synonyms), 初恋のつづき (Synonyms), 初戀的繼續 (Synonyms)

From :1) After reaching a dead end in a relationship that never really started, Ogu and Kyoka meet again 4 years later. Will things unfold differently this time around?2) 3) Nene made a promise with her 'childish childhood' friend. But will he remember these years later?4)

Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Collection of Stories First Love Friends Become Lovers Moving Away Promise/s Reunion/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Ibara no Ori

Ibara no Ori (Manga)

Cage of Thorns (Synonyms), Cage of Thorns - Freedom in Miniature Garden (Synonyms), Ibara no Ori - Hakoniwa no Naka no Jiyuu (Synonyms), 荆棘之栏 (Synonyms), 荊の檻~いばらのおり~ (Synonyms), 荊の檻~いばらのおり~箱庭の中の自由 (Synonyms)

From :Tsurugi met Katsuragi's father and Tsurugi is afraid senior Katsuragi might do something to the company he manages, Mishima Construction. But young Katsuragi thought Tsurugi wanted a break-up and told Tsurugi he would definitely protect him. Tsurugi always thought that their relationship is purely sexual, without any feelings involved. Now Tsurugi met with some troubles, will Katsuragi keep to his promise to protect him?

Attempted Blackmail Attempted Gang Rape Complicated Family Dangerous Family Gun/s Imprisonment Kidnapping/s Rape Rescue Sex Friends Become Lovers

Mimitabu no Riyuu

Mimitabu no Riyuu (Manga)

A Reason for Earlobes (Synonyms), Come mai arrossisci qui (Italian) (Synonyms), On the Palm of Your Hand (Synonyms), The Reason His Earlobes Redden (Synonyms), The Summer Cat Turns Its Back (KUNIEDA SAIKA) (Synonyms), Ushirosugata no Natsu no Neko (Synonyms), 後ろ姿の夏の猫 (Synonyms), 摸耳垂的理由 (Synonyms), 耳たぶの理由 (Synonyms)

Bickering Love Character Who Bullies the One They Love Idiot Couple Mismatched Couple Persistent Seme Playboy/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Tsundere Tsundere Uke Violent Uke

Sefure no Heart no Tsukamikata

Sefure no Heart no Tsukamikata (Manga)

Catch my Heart (Synonyms), Sex Friend no Heart no Tsukamikata (Synonyms), セフレのハートの掴み方 (Synonyms)

"There are things which one just does not want to see" is what Seiichi thinks upon seeing his big brother Senri making out passionately with Seiichi's own art teacher."Two men are also able to...?"Seiichi is obviously confused, but his brother Senri means: Only exposure therapy can help! Which means round two for this kind of visual instruction. And while Senri and his lover slowly get into motion, Seiichi starts to watch with more attention...(Source: Roughly translated from official German cover)

Long-Haired Male Lead Sex Friends Become Lovers Tsundere Male Lead Tsundere Uke

Caged Slave (Novel)

Caged Slave (Novel) (Novel)

Misshitsu no Toriko (Synonyms), Prisoner of the Hidden Room (Synonyms), 密室の虜 (Synonyms)

Tsukasa met an unknown man in a hotel lobby, and ended up spending a maddening night of pleasure with him. He accepts to meet him again in the same room the following week, despite the fact he doesn't even know his name. Their secret encounters go on that way, and now he finds himself falling in love and is worried that it may not last.

Hotel/Inn Illegitimate Child/ren Jealousy Love at First Sight Misunderstanding/s Office Love Possessive Lover/s Secret Identity Secretary Sex Friends Become Lovers

Kiduitara Kiss Shiteta

Kiduitara Kiss Shiteta (Manga)

Before I Knew It, We Were Kissing -The Famous Actor Next Door and Our Secret Relationship- (Synonyms), Kiduitara Kiss shiteta -Rinjin no Ninki Haiyuu to Himitsu no Kankei- (Synonyms), 気づいたらキスしてた (Synonyms), 気づいたらキスしてた-隣人の人気俳優と秘密の関係…? (Synonyms)

Izumi Yasaka comes home one day dead-tired from work and is ready for a beer. That's when she receives a package from her family. It's vegetables. Lots of them.Unable to eat all of them by herself, she goes to ask the neighbor if he wants any.When she rings the doorbell, a really handsome guy answers the door... but he seems to be very nervous for some reason.But, after talking to him, they hit it off and have a few drinks together, which leads to something else.

Actor/s Drunken Intercourse Neighbor/s Popular Male Lead Secret Relationship Sex Friends Become Lovers

Myuzu no Gakuen de Aou

Myuzu no Gakuen de Aou (Manga)

Areno no Gotoku (Synonyms), Bad Dream (Synonyms), Cage (TATENO Makoto) (Synonyms), Let's Meet at the Campus of Muses (Synonyms), Like the Barren Wasteland (Synonyms), Muse no Gakuen de Aou (Synonyms), Myuuzu Gakuen de Aou (Synonyms), Ori (TATENO Makoto) (Synonyms), School of the muse (French) (Synonyms), See You in the School of the Muse (German) (Synonyms), Warui Yume (Synonyms), ミューズの学園で逢おう (Synonyms)

Composer different school sections Idol/s Jealousy Model/s Possessive Lover/s Rape Sex Friends Become Lovers Student-Teacher Relationship Tutor/s

Nakayoshi Wanko

Nakayoshi Wanko (Manga)

Buddy Buddy Puppy (Synonyms), なかよしわんこ (Synonyms), 兩情相悅 (Synonyms)

From :Kaibara Yousuke is a third-year college student looking for employment. During his second year, he'd immediately rebuffed his classmate Nakayamada Kazuki's offer: “Won't you have sex with me?” But that time, Kazuki's declaration of, “I could make you feel so good, you wouldn't be able to think of anything else,” was the beginning of their relationship. At first, Yousuke would shy away from sex, but he was healed by the unexpectedly tolerant Kazuki, and was gradually captivated.

Affectionate Seme Bara Bickering Love Job Hunting Manly Gay Couple Masculine Uke Persistent Seme Post-Secondary Student/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Tsundere Uke

All Night Long (Muno)

All Night Long (Muno) (Manga)

オールナイトロング (Synonyms), 直到天明 (Synonyms), 올 나이트 롱 (Synonyms)

From :"Why don't you try it out?" These were the words Akashi Noboru's friends uttered to him when he found out that a school hottie, Yagi Tomohiro, was gay. Noboru who was already contemplating the fact that he himself might be gay, egged on by what his friends said, makes the move.

Misunderstanding/s Post-Secondary School Sex Friends Sex Friends Become Lovers Sexual Curiosity Student-Student Relationship Unexpected Feelings Unexpressed Feeling/s University University Student/s

Ai no Koe

Ai no Koe (Manga)

Pictures of Us (Synonyms), Rainbow Smile (Hazuki Kanae) (Synonyms), Teach Me Love (Hazuki Kanae) (Synonyms), Voices of Love (Synonyms), Голоса любви (Synonyms), アイノコエ (Synonyms)

Abusive Lover Age Gap Collection of Stories Female Demographic with Male Lead Live-in Lover Neighbor/s Older Female Younger Male Older Male Younger Female Sex Friends Become Lovers Student-Teacher Relationship

Amaeru Kedamono

Amaeru Kedamono (Manga)

A Sweet Beast (Synonyms), Sweet Beast (Suji) (Synonyms), あまえるケダモノ (Synonyms)

Glasses-Wearing Uke Older Uke Younger Seme Perverted Seme Prodigy Sex Friends Sex Friends Become Lovers Student Council President Student-Adult Relationship Teacher/s Undercover

Amamitsu Days

Amamitsu Days (Manga)

Sweet Days (MINAMOTO Ichimi) (Synonyms), 甘密Days (Synonyms)

Heartbroken by her senior at work, Ayano becomes sex friends with her colleague, Miyaguchi. Without any romantic involvement, there's no need to fret over each other's behavior. A relationship with no strings attached is supposed to be satisfying, but Ayano's heart races whenever Miyaguchi is kind to her. Since there is no love, just carnal desire, Ayano believes it's best to remain distant, however that's harder than she thinks. Enjoy a story full of love, depicting the awkward romance between two adults.

Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Misunderstanding/s Office Love Scary Male Lead Sex Friends Become Lovers Unrequited Love Workplace Intercourse

Anata o Manzoku Saseru Tame

Anata o Manzoku Saseru Tame (Manga)

Anata wo Manzoku Saseru Tame (Synonyms), あなたを満足させるため (Synonyms), 为了满足你 (Synonyms), 당신을 만족시키기 위해 (Synonyms)


Collection of Stories Dishonest Protagonist Housekeeper Sex Friends Become Lovers

Anitomo to Sefure ni Narimashita

Anitomo to Sefure ni Narimashita (Manga)

In Bed with My Brother's Friend (Synonyms), 兄友とセフレになりました (Synonyms)

Drunken Intercourse In Love with Family Member's Friend Older Male Younger Female Sex Friends Become Lovers

Ashita no Kimi wa Koko ni Inai

Ashita no Kimi wa Koko ni Inai (Manga)

Ashita no Kimi wa Kokoni Inai (Synonyms), Ashita no Kimi wo Koko ni Inai (Synonyms), The You of Tomorrow is Not Here (Synonyms), Tomorrow's You Is Not Here (Synonyms), Завтра тебя не будет здесь (Synonyms), หากฉัน...บอกรักนายในวันนั้น (Synonyms), あしたのきみはここにいない (Synonyms), 明天的你即将离去 (Synonyms), 明天的你即將離去 (Synonyms)

From :After failing Japanese history, Mio was forced to go to extra cram classes. Finding his Japanese history teacher, Fumichika, to be quite understanding and kind, Mio couldn't help but feel an attraction towards him. After he confessed, Fumichika told him that his feelings wouldn't last but if he could accept the risk of not having his feelings reciprocated, then they could start a physical relationship. When Mio desires more...

Age Gap Cohabitation Crybaby Uke Older Seme Younger Uke Persistent Uke Personality Change/s Possessive Lover/s sex friends become lovers Student-Teacher Relationship Time Skip