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TNT - 12 Short Cut Women Anthology

TNT - 12 Short Cut Women Anthology (Manga)

deep sleep読み切り作品再録集・TNT (Synonyms)

Adult Couple Doctor/s Hair Salon High School Student/s Pervert/s Perverted Female Lead Short Haircut

Norowareta Yoru no Soleil

Norowareta Yoru no Soleil (Manga)

Cursed Night Sun (Synonyms), 呪われた夜の太陽 (Synonyms)

Age Regression Age Transformation Appearance Different from Actual Age Curse/s Magician/s Old to Young Short Haircut Special Lineage Wizard/s

Ame to Kimi to

Ame to Kimi to (Manga)

Rain, You, and... (Synonyms), 雨と君と (Synonyms)

On one rainy day, she had picked something that looked like a dog... Let's see how tricky dog it can be...

Male Demographic with Female Lead Pet/s Short Chapter/s Short Haircut Tanuki Web Comic

After Christmas

After Christmas (Manga)

Sau Đêm Giáng Sinh (Synonyms), После Рождества (Synonyms), بعد الميلاد (Synonyms), アフター・クリスマス (Synonyms)

Asami wakes up naked in a hotel room, not remembering what happened and who she slept with! The only clue she has is a thank you note. Can she find who she had a passionate night with?

21st Century Christmas Drunken Intercourse First-Time Intercourse Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Japan Love Confession/s One-Night Stand Short Haircut University Student/s

Arihara-san no Himitsu no Jijou

Arihara-san no Himitsu no Jijou (Manga)

Mr. Arihara's Secret Circumstances (Synonyms), Тайные обстоятельства г-на Арихара (Synonyms), 有原さんの秘密の事情 (Synonyms), 有原先生的秘密情事 (Synonyms), 아리하라 씨의 비밀스런 사정 (Synonyms)

From Exiled Rebels Scans:Arihara Keigo - he excels in any role he plays, and he has a few awards under his acting. Arihara meets Matsushita, an idol and his co-star who struggles with acting. One day, Matsushita mistakes the dressing room and discovers Arihara's secret. The "aloof and mysterious" Arihara that everyone loves is actually a clutz with a sweet tooth! As the two become friends, Matsushita becomes interested in Arihara's real personality...!?

Actor/s Appearance Different from Personality Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Collection of Stories Entertainment Industry Fetish/es Idol/s Older Uke Younger Seme Short Haircut Sweet Tooth

Atashi no Naka no Hito

Atashi no Naka no Hito (Manga)

アタシのナカのひと (Synonyms)


Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Love Triangle/s Short Haircut