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Detective Conan

Detective Conan (Anime)

Case Closed (English), 名探偵コナン (Japanese), Meitantei Conan (Synonyms)

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student of astounding talent in detective work, is well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity. Unfortunately, he is caught in the act, so the men dose him with an experimental drug formulated by their criminal organization, leaving him to his death.

Young Male Lead Science Crime/s Child Protagonist Romantic Subplot Childhood Love Secret Identity Age Transformation Police Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Genius/es Investigation/s Smart Male Lead Secret Organization/s

Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakasetachi

Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakasetachi (Manga)

Doctors in Isolated Room (Synonyms), Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakase-tachi (Synonyms), Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakushitachi (Synonyms), 冰冷密室的博士們 (Synonyms), 冷たい密室と博士たち (Synonyms)

On a colleague, Professor Kita's, suggestion, Associate Professor Saikawa Souhei and his student Nishinosono Moe head to Kita's research institute, where various experiments are being conducted in a low-temperature research lab. During the night a murder takes place: two graduate students are found dead in the lab.How did the killer enter the locked room? How did they leave?

Age Gap Apathetic Protagonist Based on a Novel Bespectacled Protagonist Clever Protagonist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Murder/s Older Male Younger Female Rich Female Lead Smart Male Lead

Doubt! (AMANO Sakuya)

Doubt! (AMANO Sakuya) (Manga)

Doubt! -ダウト- (Synonyms), ダウト (天乃咲耶) (Synonyms)

Ichiru Kanzaki is given an offer he can't refuse: to clear his entire debt, he has to enroll in the high school where his father works to track down his father's illegitimate daughter, his own younger half-sister, whom he has never met. But which girl is she?

Cool Male Lead Cunning Male Lead Debt/s Illegitimate Child/ren Independent Male Lead Irresponsible Parent/s Perceptive Male Lead Searching for Someone Smart Male Lead Talented Male Lead

Chrono Monochrome

Chrono Monochrome (Manga)

クロノ・モノクローム (Synonyms)

Inubuse Kuromu aspired to be King in Chess, he was so skilled he represented Japan in the World Youth Chess Championship at age 11. However, due to his loss to a mysterious, wolf-like player, he developed a condition where he can't sit in front of anyone?! Because of this condition, he stopped playing Chess and chose to solely focus on his studies until his fingers break. Three years since his loss, while desperately still holding onto his title as 'King' through internet Chess, he meets an incredibly strong opponent. This game…starts his tale to become King.

Chess Emotionally Weak Male Lead Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Smart Male Lead Time Travel Trauma Traumatic Past

Himitsukeisatsu Holmes

Himitsukeisatsu Holmes (Manga)

Cảnh sát bí mật (Synonyms), Secret Agent Holmes (Synonyms), 秘密警察ホームズ (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Actual Age Childhood Friend/s Murder/s police serial killer/s Smart Female Lead Smart Male Lead young male lead

Isekai Houtei: Rebuttal Barrister

Isekai Houtei: Rebuttal Barrister (Manga)

Courtroom in another world, the rebutting strange law lawyer (Synonyms), 异世界法庭 (Synonyms), 異世界法廷〜反駁の異法弁護士 (Synonyms)

Yuuto Shiba is a 29-year old who, despite his desire to be a barrister, is a complete failure of a man. In a fit of drunkenness, he gets hit by a truck and dies. In the afterlife, he is brought into the world of Luanolde, and is tasked with implementing Japanese law into the country's court systems.

Clever Protagonist Crime/s Detective/s Elf/ves God/s Lawyer/s Nobility Parallel World/s Smart Male Lead Transported to Another World

Juunikyuu de Tsukamaete

Juunikyuu de Tsukamaete (Manga)

12 Signs of Zodiac (Synonyms), 12-kyuu de Tsukamaete (Synonyms), Catcher in the Horoscope (Synonyms), Horoskooppimysteerit (Synonyms), I Will Catch You With The Zodiacs (Synonyms), Junikyu de Tsukamaete (Synonyms), Zodiac Detective (Synonyms), Zodiac P.I (Synonyms), Zodiac P.I. (German) (Synonyms), Zodiac Private Investigator (Synonyms), 十二宮でつかまえて (Synonyms), 占星妙探 (Synonyms)

Lili is just like any other girl except she can foretell the future! This 'Zodiac PI' relies on horoscopes and astrology to help her solve crimes and track down criminals. When there's trouble a'brewing, she transforms herself into the magic Detective Spica and looks to the stars to guide her way. Before long, she is joined by her childhood friend, Hiromi, who dreams of becoming a detective as skilled as Lili. Soon, no astral investigation is too arduous for this dynamic duo! [Tokyopop]

Allergies Astrology Detective/s Fortune Teller Murder/s Partners Secret Identity Smart Female Lead Smart Male Lead Zodiac

Kagaku Tantei Mr. Curie

Kagaku Tantei Mr. Curie (Manga)

Chemical Detective Mr. CURIE (Synonyms), 化学探偵Mr.キュリー (Synonyms)


Adult Protagonist Based on a Novel Older Male Lead Smart Male Lead

Kaitou Magu no Ichibushijuu

Kaitou Magu no Ichibushijuu (Manga)

Kaitou Mag no Ichibushijuu (Synonyms), The Complete Story of Mag the Thief (Synonyms), 怪盗マグの一部始終 (Synonyms)

After botching a job, Mag the Thief meets a priest intent on reforming her ways.

Beautiful Female Lead Charismatic Male Lead Clumsy Character Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Older Female Lead Priest/s Secret Identity Smart Male Lead Strong Female Lead Thief/ves

Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni

Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni (Manga)

Altın Ülkesi, Su Ülkesi (Synonyms), Country of Gold Country of Water (Synonyms), Kin no Kuni, Mizu no Kuni (Synonyms), País del Oro, País del Agua (Synonyms), The Kingdom of Gold and Water (Synonyms), 金の国水の国 (Synonyms), 金之国水之国 (Synonyms)

Award-Nominated Work Award-Winning Work Fat Female Lead Plain-Looking Female Lead Political Marriage Princess/es Royalty Smart Male Lead

Kuraudo (NOUJOU Junichi)

Kuraudo (NOUJOU Junichi) (Manga)

Cloud (Synonyms), Kuraudo (NOJO Junichi) (Synonyms), Kuraudo (NOJYO Junichi) (Synonyms), 鞍生人 (Synonyms)

The Tokyo Metro central computer has been cracked! Out of the chaos of wild passengers and a frantic transport ministry, Cloud's story begins. A child prodigy who has grown up into a black hat hacker strives to fulfil his impossible dream of making a kingdom on top of the clouds! But how will he do this and what will the government and police even allow him to try?

America Board Game/s Dead Family Member/s Genius/es Hacker/s Past Plays a Big Role Police Rape Smart Male Lead Strategic Minds

Kyoukotsu no Yume

Kyoukotsu no Yume (Manga)

Crazy Bones Dream (Synonyms), Le Rêve du Kyoukotsu (French) (Synonyms), ปริศนาหัวกะโหลก (Thai) (Synonyms), 狂骨の夢 (Synonyms), 狂骨之夢 (Synonyms)

20th Century Amnesia Clever Protagonist Cult Mistaken Identity Murder/s Mythology Prosopagnosia Psychologist Smart Male Lead

Mashounen BT

Mashounen BT (Manga)

Cool Shock B.T. (Synonyms), Cool Shock BT (Synonyms), Demon Boy BT (Synonyms), Mashounen B.T. (Synonyms), 魔少年ビーティー (Synonyms)

From Project Bite Me! Scanlations:The creator of Baoh and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure presents a manga about magic and mysteries! You'll meet him at 13:13 pm, on Friday the 13th. He'll do an uncanny intro where he plays a trick on you! And wherever he goes, trouble seems to always follow. Who is this person who creates such incidents? None other than Cool Shock BT.

Deception Episodic Manipulative Protagonist Smart Male Lead Transfer Student/s Tricks Unpredictable Outcome

Nanshen Zai Gebi

Nanshen Zai Gebi (Manhua)

Adonis Next Door (Synonyms), God-looking Neighbor (Synonyms), Nam Thần Ở Phòng Bên Cạnh (Synonyms), Nán shén zài gébì (Synonyms), Piss Off, Prince Charming! (Synonyms), The Cute Neighbor (Synonyms), 男神在隔壁 (Synonyms)

Su Shuang Shuang comes home one day to find that someone has moved into the apartment next to hers. When curiosity gets the best of her and she goes in to meet her neighbour, a handsome guys comes out of the shower? And he calls the police?

Apartment Life Arrogant Male Lead Comic Artist/s Cunning Male Lead Full Color Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Neighbor/s Rich Character/s Smart Male Lead

Neko no Me no Horoscope

Neko no Me no Horoscope (Manga)

Cat's Eye Horoscope (Synonyms), Saitei na Anata to Aki no Sora (Synonyms), The Worst You and the Autumn Sky (Synonyms), 猫の目のホロスコープ (Synonyms)

From : (The Worst You and the Autumn Sky)Nanami thinks his senior is a really awful guy, but still he can't help but like him. When his senior gets dumped, what will he do?

Club/s Director/s Opposites Attract Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Smart Male Lead Stolen Kiss Student-Student Relationship Student/s Sweets

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru + H

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru + H (Manga)

Caught in the Carnage between My Girlfriend and My Childhood Friend + H (Synonyms), 俺の彼女と幼なじみが修羅場すぎる+H (Synonyms), 我的各种修罗场+H (Synonyms)

The story sets one month after Eita and Masuzu start dating, and sets itself on a "what if" scenario where the Harem element is stronger than in the original.

Anti-Love Protagonist Blackmail Childhood Friend/s Fake Relationship False Personality Genki Girl Smart Male Lead

Sakurasaku Shoukougun

Sakurasaku Shoukougun (Manga)

Cherry Blossom-Blooming Syndrome (Synonyms), Exam-Success Syndrome (Synonyms), Sakurasaku Shoukougun (Syndrome) (Synonyms), Sakurasaku Syndrome (Synonyms), サクラサク症候群 (Synonyms), 樱花绽放症候群 (Synonyms)

Childhood friends Wakatake and Kagetora meet again after not seeing each other for more than 8 years.Wakatake is a boy who takes his studies extremely seriously, studying to take over his parents' clinic one day. Kagetora is an impulsive girl, who spends most of her time fighting outside on the streets, instead of the classroom.Now that Kagetora has decided to enter one of the most prestigious high schools of the country in order to pursue the love of her life, she needs Wakatake to help her to pass the entrance test...

Ambitious Goal/s Cheerful Female Lead Childhood Friend/s Delinquent/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Middle School Smart Male Lead Strong Female Lead Tutor/s Unrequited Love

Shindou to Moujuu

Shindou to Moujuu (Manga)

Child Prodigy and the Beast (Synonyms), 神童と猛獣 (Synonyms)


Classmate/s Eccentric Female Lead Foul-Mouthed Character/s Genius Protagonist Hair Messy Protagonist Opposites Become Friends Smart Male Lead

Shuushuu Kitan Itto

Shuushuu Kitan Itto (Manga)

Collection of Mysterious Stories of It (Synonyms), It, Who Gathers Mysterious Stories (Synonyms), The Gathering Mystery of It (Synonyms), The Gathering Story of It (Synonyms), 蒐集奇譚イット (Synonyms)

The magic boy, It, confronts the unimaginable past hidden in Yuri (Lily).

Demon/s Smart Male Lead Swordsman

Untouchable (Wen Yangdao)

Untouchable (Wen Yangdao) (Manhua)

Chu Bu Ke Ji (Synonyms)

A bad boy on the surface, a good kid on the inside; A bully on the surface, but a mischievous little devil on the inside. Two teenagers with different lives and different personalities develop a wonderful friendship by sheer chance. How will they make it last? "Untouchable" is here to answer that!

Delinquent/s Full Color High School High School Student/s Mischievous Male Lead Smart Male Lead Student-Student Relationship Troublemaker Male Lead Troublemaker/s Web Comic