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Futari Soccer

Futari Soccer (Manga)

ふたりサッカー (Synonyms), ふたりサッカー 2試合目 (Synonyms)



Ganbare! Kickers

Ganbare! Kickers (Manga)

Fight! Kickers (Synonyms), Ganbare, Kickers! (Synonyms), がんばれ!キッカーズ (Synonyms), 加油!吉塔斯 (Synonyms), 超新星足球小將翔 (Synonyms), 足球小將 (长井纪昭) (Synonyms), 足球小旋风 (Synonyms)

The story is about an enthusiastic kid soccer team at the Kitahara elementary school, who struggle without a competent striker, when little Kakeru Daichi's family moves in to the town. He immediately applies to join the team, keen to use his skills gained in the kid team of famous soccer club "The Falcons".This series won the 1987 Shogakukan Manga Award for best children's manga

Award-Winning Work Elementary-School Student/s Friendship Soccer/Football

Goshujinsama to Wanko

Goshujinsama to Wanko (Manga)

Awkard Kiss (Synonyms), Drown in Love (Synonyms), Feverish Eye complex (Synonyms), Goshujin sama to Wanko (Synonyms), Goshuujin-sama to Wanko (Synonyms), Love-possessed Boy (Synonyms), Master and Dog (Synonyms), Master and Doggy (Synonyms), Number Up! Split Boy (Synonyms), Secret Love Lesson (Synonyms), Spoiled Guinea Pig (Synonyms), The Master and His Puppy (Synonyms), Triangle Love (Synonyms), ご主人様とワンコ (Synonyms), 主人與狗狗情人 (Synonyms)

Official English on Renta: Earnest college student Yuuji Uehara is head over heels for the cold, bespectacled Professor Tatsukawa!! But, no amount of fawning will win over his professor, who is a hardened misanthropist... "That's it! If I'm not human, he might like me!" When Yuuji appears before him in a dog costume, Professor Tatsukawa starts giving him orders. What kind of orders, exactly...!?

Animal Characteristics Childhood Friend/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Group Intercourse Love Potion Older Uke Younger Seme Sadomasochism Soccer/Football Student-Teacher Relationship Swimming

Mirai no Football

Mirai no Football (Manga)

Future Football (Synonyms), Mirai's Football (Synonyms), มิไร ลูกหนังข้ามเวลา (Synonyms), 未来のフットボール (Synonyms)

From SRoMU:While on a soccer tour, Toudou Mirai is involved in a shipwreck accident. When he comes to, he finds himself in 19th Century England. With him being saved by a player of the local soccer team named "Durham", Eddie, it seems Mirai will be joining "Durham", a team with their sights set on joining the world's first ever professional league... What with slipping through time, will Mirai ever make it back to the 21st Century?! This is a science fiction soccer story bringing the true talents of playing soccer straight to you!

19th Century Arrogant Male Lead Athletic Protagonist England Friendship Race Against Time Soccer/Football Team Teamwork Time Travel

Pump Up!

Pump Up! (Manga)

Fuyu Hanabi (UEDA Rinko) (Synonyms), Pump Up (Synonyms), パンプアップ! (Synonyms), 恋爱二重奏 (Synonyms)

Androgynous Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Club/s Feminine Male Lead Middle School Misunderstanding/s Soccer/Football Strong Female Lead Student/s Weak Male Lead

Toumeiningen no Shissou

Toumeiningen no Shissou (Manga)

Forest of the Ice Needles (Synonyms), Toumei Ningen no Shissou (Synonyms), 透明人間の失踪 (Synonyms), 透明人間失蹤 (Synonyms)

Includes six short stories.Story 1, : a middle school student just wants a normal life, but his cultish mother is determined to raise him as she sees fit. Throw in a mysterious boy and some soccer, and you have this enigmatic tale.

Arson Collection of Stories Cult Soccer/Football

Sayonara Watashi no Cramer

Sayonara Watashi no Cramer (Manga)

Farewell, My Dear Cramer (Synonyms), Goodbye, my Cramer (Synonyms), さよなら私のクラマー (Synonyms), 再见了,我的克拉默 (Synonyms)

It begins with a middle school girl’s soccer match where short-haired Suo Sumire shows her overwhelming talent, but during a counterattack, her beautiful dribble to her shot at the goal gets blocked by a twin-tailed girl named Soshizaki Midori, ending the game.With no powerhouse school to go to, these two rivals, Sumire and Midori enter the same high school. In a scrimmage game, they are now on the same team…

Emotionally Strong Female Lead Friendship High School Student/s Male Demographic with Female Lead Rival Schools Rivalry Soccer/Football Strong Leader Teammates Relationship Tomboyish Female Lead

Women's Soccer

Women's Soccer (Manhwa)

Elegant and Exciting Women's Soccer (Synonyms), The Ellegant and Thrilling World of Women's Soccer (Synonyms), Uahago hokwaehan yeoja chuggu (Synonyms), 우아하고 호쾌한 여자 축구 (Synonyms)

Eonam is unexpectedly invited to join the local women's soccer team. With bad group experiences in the past, she isn't sure if soccer is for her. But after that first kick of the ball and getting to know the other women on the team, Eonam's life begins to change for the better.

Based on a Novel Female Protagonist Soccer/Football

Eikoku Kizoku Goyoutashi

Eikoku Kizoku Goyoutashi (Manga)

My British Prince (Synonyms), Pengintip Bangsawan (Synonyms), 英国貴族御用達 (Synonyms)

Bookstore Chef/s Collection of Stories Foreigner/s Manager Police Officer/s Rich Female Lead Rich Male Lead Soccer/Football Writer/s


Eleven (Manga)

Jin Đô Đi Nhô - Đường dẫn đến khung thành bộ III (Synonyms), イレブン (Synonyms)



Gakuen Baby

Gakuen Baby (Manga)

Ame furi Himawari (Synonyms), Edelweiss no Saku Asa ni (Synonyms), โรงเรียนป่วนกวนยกแก๊ง (Thai) (Synonyms), 学園ベイベー (Synonyms), 校图甜心 (Synonyms)

Best Friends Collection of Stories Dead Friend/s Ghost/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Music Plain-Looking Female Lead Smart Female Lead Soccer/Football Weak Female Lead

Kousha Ura no Eleven

Kousha Ura no Eleven (Manga)

Eleven Behind the School Building (Synonyms), 校舎うらのイレブン (Synonyms)



Shinomiya-kun no Sekai ga Owatte mo

Shinomiya-kun no Sekai ga Owatte mo (Manga)

Ein bittersüßer Winter (German) (Synonyms), Sakimachi Alyssum (Synonyms), Даже если мир Синомии-куна подойдёт к концу (Synonyms), 即使四宫君的世界将要终结 (Synonyms), 四宮君の世界が終わっても (Synonyms)

From Paper Dolls Project:Shinomiya-kun's aloofness attracted Yukino's attention and because of that, she started to see a new side of him. And now, even though he loves school, Shinomiya-kun has to quit school due to home circumstances. To be able to continue seeing him, what would Yukino do?Included one-shots: * Yoru to Asobu"Lucid dreams, they are dreams in which the person is self-aware. I escaped my hospital life night after night in my dreams."* Sakimachi Alyssum

Classmate/s Dog/s Drop-out/s Heart Condition High School Student/s Love Confession/s Out-of-Body Experience Siblings Soccer/Football Unpopular Protagonist