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One Piece

One Piece (Anime)

One Piece (English), ONE PIECE (Japanese), OP (Synonyms)

Gol D. Roger was known as the "Pirate King," the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world.

Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Pirates Treasure Hunting Teamwork Childish Male Lead Friendship Character Growth

HERO - Marigold in 4 minutes before

HERO - Marigold in 4 minutes before (Manga)

HERO - 4-funkan no Mariigoorufo before (Synonyms), HERO~4分間のマリーゴールド before~ (Synonyms), Hiirou ~ 4-funkan no marīgourudo bifoa (Synonyms)

Hanamaki Mikoto who just became a lifesaving firefighter I was concerned about the firefighter, Kuju. A brave man, Sometimes I do my best to save my life. That's when Mikoto realizes she has the ability to see how people will die. The fate of Kuju is to die in a fire. That was the end of Kuju. Firefighter is a hero. Save people with their lives. But how heavy is a firefighter's life? Ask the lives of those who save lives A must-see friendship drama!

Adapted to JDrama Death of Loved One/s Fate Fire Firefighter/s Future Plays a Big Role Hard-Working Protagonist Special Ability/ies


Heroizm (Manga)

ヘロイズム (Synonyms)

Hero/es Sentai Special Ability/ies

Hetalia dj - Emergency Call

Hetalia dj - Emergency Call (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Pairing: America x England

Alternate Universe King/s Queen/s Rape Rescue Special Ability/ies Time Manipulation

Hi-Fi Cluster

Hi-Fi Cluster (Manga)

Hi-Fi CLUSTER-六攻特課事件実例- (Synonyms), ハイファイクラスタ (Synonyms)

21st Century Detective/s Japan Non-BL with Two Male Leads Outcast/s Police Police Officer/s Prosthesis Special Ability/ies Talentless Character/s

Hinekure Shisho no Mikaiketsu Jikenroku

Hinekure Shisho no Mikaiketsu Jikenroku (Manga)

Hinekure Shisho no Mikaiketsu Jiken Roku (Synonyms), The Rebellious Librarian’s Record of Unsolved Cases (Synonyms), ひねくれ司書の未解決事件録 (Synonyms), 乖僻司书之未解事件录 (Synonyms), 司書員的未解決事件錄 (Synonyms)

A young man sits in the inner room of a library, diligently restoring old - but valuable - books to their former splendour. An enthusiastic, upbeat young police officer often comes to him for help with hard-to-solve cases...But what exactly is the mysterious skill that allows this man to unfailingly discover the truth lying in places that even the watchful eye of the Law has failed to penetrate?

Book/s Cool Male Lead Detective/s Forgery Library Murder/s Mysterious Protagonist Police Officer/s Quirky Characters Special Ability/ies

Heroes of the Spring and Autumn

Heroes of the Spring and Autumn (Manhua)

Heroes of Spring and Autumn (Synonyms), 春秋战雄 (Synonyms)

From :The Prince of Qin sets sail for his 100th conquest; If he comes back victorious, the throne will be his and he will be able to marry his childhood sweetheart! Will he come back victorious? Or does fate have other plans for him?

Amnesia China Full Color Hidden Power/s Prince/s Romantic Subplot Special Ability/ies Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead Talented Male Lead

Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan

Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan (Manga)

Grand Guignol Orchestra (Synonyms), The Royal Doll Orchestra (German) (Synonyms), ギニョール宮廷楽団 (Synonyms), 人形宮廷楽団 (Synonyms)

From :The beautiful singer Lucille and his orchestra invite you to the city of fear where puppets hunt down humans. The puppets are playing an oratorio of magic and illusions!--This manga also features the unrelated short story in vol. 5.

Doll/s Gothic Style Hidden Past Music Musical Instrument/s Orchestra Special Ability/ies Subtle Romance Tomboy/s Zombie/s

Princess Chaos

Princess Chaos (Manga)

A káosz kapui (Hungarian) (Synonyms), Doors of Chaos (Synonyms), Grenzen Tur (Synonyms), Grenzen Tür (Synonyms), Двери Хаоса (Synonyms), グレンツェン・テューア (Synonyms)

When all the doors open, the world will slip into chaos... Only the twins Clalisa (open) and Mizeria (close) control the Four Doors that protect the world from descending into chaos. When Rihitel, their guardian, kidnaps Clalisa, he weakens the Door of Chaos and demons begin to pour through, threatening to destroy the entire kingdom. Will Mizeria find her sister in time to close the door and restore order to the world?

Alice in Wonderland Dark Ambience Demon/s Emotionally Weak Female Lead European Ambiance Fashion Lolita/s Gothic Style Magic Special Ability/ies Twin/s

Tamago no Hi

Tamago no Hi (Manga)

Day of the Egg (Synonyms), Gravitation (NAONO Bohra) (Synonyms), Tamago no... (Synonyms), 卵の日 (Synonyms)

Naono Bohra's only published non-yaoi series (aside from doujinshi's). Contains elements of fantasy, horror, comedy, romance, action, adventure and drama. Centers around 4 supernatural male characters and 1 female who joins them.After the erosion of the atmosphere (dimensional barrier), the world itself is about to cease (disappear). What's left of mankind has used up every bit of technology that remained. To defend the world they built artificial bodies.

Animal Transformation Appearance Different from Actual Age Contract/s Guardian Relationship Love at First Sight Older Male Younger Female Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Unexpected Feelings Unexpressed Feeling/s

The Girl who Could See Emotions

The Girl who Could See Emotions (Manga)

Kanjo ga Mieru Onnanoko (Synonyms), 感情が見える女の子 (Synonyms), 감정이 보이는 여자아이 (Synonyms)

The story is about a girl who has the ability to see and physically handle others’ emotion (which take the shape of animals). She comes across a boy who seems to have no emotion at all and it turns out they share the same ability.

21st Century Full Color Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Special Ability/ies


X-Gene (Manga)

Gene-X (Synonyms), 变异 (Synonyms)

X-gene is about a few chosen people, whose DNA contains genes from certain unique animals that can turn them into that animal and receive its attributes. What makes this game even more deadly is that they can kill and consume other X-genes powers and use it for themselves. But they need to hurry, for only one can enter the ark.

Evolution Experiment/s Genetic Modification Special Ability/ies Survival Survival Game Unrealistic Fighting

Shinigami Hakushaku wa Yuuutsu

Shinigami Hakushaku wa Yuuutsu (Manga)

The Grim Reaper Earl's Melancholy (Synonyms), 死神伯爵はユウウツ (Synonyms)

Chiyo meets a wealthy nobleman who seems to be the grim reaper.A story about being able to save people who are destined to die.

20th Century Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Grim Reaper Judo Master-Servant Relationship Nobility Showa Era Special Ability/ies Strong Female Lead

Gyu Gyutto Mamotte!

Gyu Gyutto Mamotte! (Manga)

Guard Me! Hold Me! (Synonyms), Gyu Gyutto Mamotte (Synonyms), ぎゅぎゅっと守って! (Synonyms), 純愛相守 (Synonyms)

From PocketScans: Umiha Hiyoko is just transferring into her new school. Unlike most ordinary girls, Hiyoko beholds a special power. She can understand feelings of things that most humans cannot (such as flowers, trees, birds, etc.). Although Hiyoko doesn't know it at first, she is a princess of this place called the Broom Kingdom! Just what in the world is going on?

Princess/es Secret Identity Secret World Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead

Toki o Kakeru Shoujo

Toki o Kakeru Shoujo (Manga)

A Girl Who Runs Through Time (Synonyms), La Traversée du temps - Les Origines (Synonyms), The Girl Who Runs Through Time (Synonyms), Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (Synonyms), Девочка, покорившая время (Synonyms), 時をかける少女 (Synonyms), 穿梭时空的少女 (Synonyms)

Taken from CMX websiteKazuko is a high school senior who has no idea what she wants to do in the future. Alone one day after school, she discovers a broken beaker in the science lab. She smells something sweet in the air, passes out, and finds herself transported back to her own past! Will Kazuko use her ability to travel through time wisely or selfishly?Based on the 1965 novel.

amnesia Based on a Classic Bespectacled Protagonist Special Ability/ies Time Travel

Fushigi Yuugi - Byakko Ibun

Fushigi Yuugi - Byakko Ibun (Manga)

Fushigi Yugi - Byakko Ibun (Synonyms), Fushigi Yugi - Curious Tales of the Byakko (Synonyms), ふしぎ遊戯~白虎異聞 (Synonyms)

The prequel of "Fushigi Yuugi" telling the story of Byakko's miko, Suzuno Osugi, and her Seven Celestial Warriors.

Beast Girl/s Child Abuse Illegitimate Child/ren Sorcerer/s Special Ability/ies World Travel

Futagami Double

Futagami Double (Manga)

Twin God Double (Synonyms), Two God Double (Synonyms), フタガミ*ダブル (Synonyms)

Futagami Sousuke, 14 years old, is a normal student, wishing to live a normal life. But everything changes the day he sees a doppelganger of himself in his house.Since then, the girl he has a crush on, Amane, will introduce him to another side of his world he had no idea about, and it won't be anymore the dear peaceful days for Futagami.

Dead Family Member/s Doppelganger/s Female Fighter/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Monster/s Romantic Subplot Special Ability/ies Spirit Power Strong Female Lead Strong-Willed Male Lead


Futaribotchi (Manga)

Futari Bocchi (Yoshimura Akemi) (Synonyms), Futari Botchi (Synonyms), Futaribocchi (Synonyms), ふたりぼっち (吉村明美) (Synonyms)


Cat/s Living Alone Special Ability/ies

Hanaori Soushi

Hanaori Soushi (Manga)

Flower Cage Book (Synonyms), Flower Cage Notebook (Synonyms), Hanaori Soshi (Synonyms), 花檻草子 (Synonyms)

Having lost their parents at a young age, Chiharu and her brother find strength in each other. The past behind, the two live their lives in peace. However, the appearance of a new transfer student named Hisaya will put an end to these tranquil days. What does he want, and why does it involve Chiharu? A complex tale involving magic, reincarnation, betrayal, and

Betrayal Bishounen Guardian/s Immortality Magic Plant/s Reincarnation Reverse Harem Special Ability/ies

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de (Manga)

From a Distant Time (Synonyms), Haruka 8 (Synonyms), Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time (Synonyms), Harukanaru Jikuu no Naka de (Synonyms), In a Distant Time (Synonyms), Miền Bí Ẩn (Synonyms), В далекие времена (Synonyms), ลัดฟ้าข้ามพิภพ (Synonyms), 遙かなる時空の中で (Synonyms), 遥远时空 (Synonyms)

From Viz:Akane is your typical teenage girl...until she swallows the Dragon Jewels, which transport her to the Heian period of ancient Japan! There in the capital city, Akane learns that she has been foreordained to lead the people as the Priestess of the Dragon God!

Adapted to Anime Alternate Universe Based on an Otome Game Demon/s Feudal Japan Guardian/s Magic Priestess/es Reverse Harem Special Ability/ies