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One Piece

One Piece (Anime)

One Piece (English), ONE PIECE (Japanese), OP (Synonyms)

Gol D. Roger was known as the "Pirate King," the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world.

Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Pirates Treasure Hunting Teamwork Childish Male Lead Friendship Character Growth

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (Anime)

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest (English), ありふれた職業で世界最強 (Japanese), From Common Job Class to the Strongest in the World (Synonyms)

The ordinary life of 17-year-old otaku Hajime Nagumo is disrupted when he and his classmates are summoned to a fantasy world and tasked with saving mankind. While his classmates are gifted with impressive abilities useful in combat, Hajime is belittled for only gaining an inferior transmutation skill that lacks any real offensive power. During an expedition in the Great Orcus Labyrinth, Hajime is betrayed by one of his classmates, plummeting him to the bottom of an abyss.

Weak to Strong Magic/s World Travel Magical World Special Ability/ies Bullying Human-Non Human Relationship Saving the World Strong Male Lead Journey Vampire/s


Kajin (Manga)

かじ入 (Synonyms), 炎人 (Synonyms), 炎人 かじん (Synonyms), 炎人‐かじん‐ (Synonyms)


Special Ability/ies


Kakusan (Manga)

A Diffusion Disease (Synonyms), Dispersion (Synonyms), 扩散 (Synonyms), 拡散 (Synonyms), 擴散 (Synonyms)

"Kacchan" is a guy who has the power (or the disease) to "disperse" in time and space, looking for a place where he can exist...

Africa Reflections on Human Existence Special Ability/ies Time Skip World Travel

Kakushigoto - Secrets

Kakushigoto - Secrets (Manga)

Ka「」Ku「」Shi「」Go「」To「 (Synonyms), SE «» CRE «» TO « (Synonyms), か「」く「」し「」ご「」と「 (Synonyms), 内「」心「」的「」秘「」密 (Synonyms), 비밀 (Synonyms)

An only slightly particular ability hidden from others, a power of no benefit to anyone, yet recently because of it I can't help but be interested in you. Highlighting the secrets of 5 people and their slow-going feelings towards another...

Alternating POV Based on a Novel Hidden Power/s Love Square Multiple Couples Multiple Protagonists Plain-Looking Male Lead Special Ability/ies Unrequited Love Becomes Requited Useless Power

Kami-sama no Joker

Kami-sama no Joker (Manga)

Gods' Joker (Synonyms), Pray for the desires. (Synonyms), 神之小丑 (Synonyms), 神明的鬼牌 (Synonyms), 神様のジョーカー (Synonyms)

Ogata Kiwa is a mediocre male university student you can find anywhere. Not skilled at job hunting, he is always scolded by his hardworking girlfriend Mahiro. Kiwa has a secret he hasn't told anyone about. --He carries the "power to make wishes come true".But this dangerous power goes hand in hand with compensations. It's a secret he silently carries inside himself. However, once he opens up to Mahiro about the existence of this power, little by little, the gears of their fates go amiss.

21st Century Japan Melancholy Atmosphere Murder/s Older Female Younger Male Post-Secondary Student/s Special Ability/ies Wish/es


Kamigurai (Manga)

Kami Gurai (Synonyms), 吞神传说 (Synonyms), 神喰らい~カミグライ~ (Synonyms)

A God Eater consumes the power of impure gods and gains their strength. Koutaro is one of these people. Because of the discrimination and danger that he faces he doesn't have anyone close to him besides his familiar spirit Hinaki. But all that changes when he meets the cheerful Miko, Amane, who is determined to be his traveling companion.

Calm Protagonist Discrimination Familiar/s God/s Journey Priestess/es Special Ability/ies Spirit Power Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead

Kamishiro Misuzu no Mabataki

Kamishiro Misuzu no Mabataki (Manga)

神代三鈴の瞬き (Synonyms)

A high school student, Inukai, had a heart for his friend, Misuzu Kamishiro, who had been separated when he was a child. One day, the Misuzu transfers to the Inukai class. With a nostalgia approaching Misuzu, Misuzu exclaims, "Don't bite me!" During the few years I didn't meet, Misuzu became "Saiko", an incompetent person who could hear the voice of the dead and understand. Appealing fantasy works by up-and-coming young artists!!

Childhood Friend/s High School Student/s Male Demographic with Female Author Non-BL with Two Male Leads Special Ability/ies White-Haired Male Lead


Kamitsuki (Manga)

God Moon (Synonyms), Kami Tsuki (Synonyms), Kami-Tsuki (Synonyms), Paper Moon (MAEDA Tomo) (Synonyms), Spirit Moon (Synonyms), カミツキ (Synonyms)

A high school student, Yahiro, who can see "Kami-sama" who lives in things. Without telling anyone, I was happily living every day while secretly collecting cute kami. One day, after a suspicious classmate, I went to an off-limits gymnasium where I met an unidentified kami named "Janome". Janome says that his classmate is obsessed with kami, "Kami possession". Yao Yorozu Gakuen Kitan is made up of a kami who lives in things and a high school boy who collects kami.

Animal/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Ghost/s God/s High School Student/s Non-BL with Two Male Leads Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Special Ability/ies Spirit/s

Kamitsuki (MINAGI Umihito)

Kamitsuki (MINAGI Umihito) (Manga)

God Moon (MINAGI Umihito) (Synonyms), Kami Tsuki (MINAGI Umihito) (Synonyms), カミツキ (MINAGI Umihito) (Synonyms)


School Girl/s Special Ability/ies Spirit/s


Kamui (Manga)

カムイ (Synonyms)

From Broccoli:Spirits known as kamui are thrown into chaos when the sacred spirit Okikurumi is taken from Atsuma's village, and the imbalance threatens to destroy Earth. Infused with the spirit of an ancient sword, Atsuma must leave his village to reclaim Okikurumi.He encounters NOA, an organization of youths who wield the power of the kamui, and who may hold the key to Okikurumi. Atsuma is recruited into NOA by Sumire, a young woman with an empty soul who yearns for a miracle. Atsuma and his new companions must work together to find Okikurumi before the world is destroyed.

A Change in Art Style Boys' Love as a Subplot Brother Complex Childhood Trauma God/s Orphan/s Out of Print in English Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Super Powers

Kanako Mandala

Kanako Mandala (Manga)

Tanaka Kanako Tanpenshuu - KANAKO MANDALA (Synonyms), たなかかなこ短編集 KANAKO MANDALA (Synonyms)

A collection of short stories by the author.

Animal Characteristics Collection of Stories Curse/s European Ambiance France Medieval Setting Nudity Searching for Someone Special Ability/ies War/s

Kanawanu Koi wa Shinai Shugi

Kanawanu Koi wa Shinai Shugi (Manga)

I Won't Do Unrequited Love (Synonyms), 叶わぬ恋はしない主義 (Synonyms)


Collection of Stories Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Red Thread of Fate Special Ability/ies


Kanna (Manga)

神无 (Synonyms), 神無 (Synonyms)

Kagura is a professional slacker with nothing but a part-time job and cram school to keep him company. When a little girl suddenly shows up in his house one day, he thinks things can't get any weirder... until she starts calling him "Daddy"! It's hard enough taking care of an ordinary child, but Kanna -- who doesn't speak his language, isn't from his dimension, and has hordes of evil minions hot on her heels -- is anything but ordinary!

Child/ren ESP Father and Daughter Mute Character Special Ability/ies

Kara no Kyoukai dj - Mirai Fukuin

Kara no Kyoukai dj - Mirai Fukuin (Novel)

Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin - The Garden of Sinners/Recalled Out Summer (Synonyms), 空の境界 未来福音 (Synonyms), 空の境界 未来福音 the Garden of sinners/recalled out summer (Synonyms)

The main theme of this novel centers around two people who have eyes capable of precognition, and how Shiki and Mikiya interact with them.See for more info.

Adapted to Anime Adapted to Movie Dead Friend/s Episodic Female Fighter/s Polite Male Lead Precognition Special Ability/ies Time Skip

Karakuri (KISHIMOTO Masashi)

Karakuri (KISHIMOTO Masashi) (Manga)

カラクリ (岸本斉史) (Synonyms)

Animal/s Cyberpunk Special Ability/ies Special Squad/s Violence Young Male Lead

Kare ni Irai shite wa ikemasen

Kare ni Irai shite wa ikemasen (Manga)

Kare ni Irai Shite ha Ikemasen (Synonyms), You should not ask him (Synonyms), อย่าวางใจให้ผมเป็นนักสืบ (Thai) (Synonyms), 不能委托他 (Synonyms), 彼に依頼してはいけません (Synonyms)

21st Century Crime/s Detective/s Episodic ESP Female Demographic with Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Non-BL with Two Male Leads Quirky Characters Special Ability/ies

Kare wa Charisma

Kare wa Charisma (Manga)

Kare wa Karisuma (Synonyms), My Charisma (Synonyms), 彼はカリスマ (Synonyms)


Special Ability/ies

Katashiro to Melancholy

Katashiro to Melancholy (Manga)

カタシロとメランコリー (Synonyms)


Cross-dressing Curse/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Idol/s Special Ability/ies Talent Agency

Kawatare Toki no Hakomonogai

Kawatare Toki no Hakomonogai (Manga)

Misty Town Hakomonogai (Synonyms), かわたれ時の箱者街 (Synonyms)

People called “boxers” who manipulate rare mysterious kites from which rare items and artworks from around the world can be taken out. The town where they lived close together was called the “boxer town”. A man who saves the boxers who are used by villains all over the world and sends them to the boxer town, and a human story about the boxer town!

Delivery Episodic Special Ability/ies