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Heaven!! (Manga)

ヘブン!! (Synonyms), 天堂 (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Rinne is a girl who can see and exorcise ghosts (usually with a paper fan). When the school punk saves her from getting hit by a truck, but ends up in a coma himself, she, and his disembodied spirit must defend his prone body from being possessed by this, that, and the other local spirits. Unfortunately, she fails in her task, and an ancient playboy takes over the punk’s body, leaving him to inhabit a pink stuffed monkey. Hilarity ensues.

Body Swap/s Delinquent/s Exorcism God/s Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Monkey/s Playboy/s Spirit Power Yankee/s

The God of Death

The God of Death (Manhua)

Supreme Yanluo System (Synonyms), 极品阎罗系统 (Synonyms), 목표는 만렙염라 (Synonyms)

Kang Moo Han is a cheap loan shark who suddenly died in a car accident. A few moments after his death, a mysterious black hole suddenly appeared. And now his goal is to become the ruler of the underworld. In order for him to achieve his objective, he has to complete all the quests and challenge the other kings of the underworld, who are also eagerly waiting for an opportunity… Will he be able to achieve his goal and become the god of death?

Arrogant Character/s Attempted Murder Cultivation Dead Protagonist Demon Lord/King Followers Full Color Game Elements Hell Spirit Power

Futagami Double

Futagami Double (Manga)

Twin God Double (Synonyms), Two God Double (Synonyms), フタガミ*ダブル (Synonyms)

Futagami Sousuke, 14 years old, is a normal student, wishing to live a normal life. But everything changes the day he sees a doppelganger of himself in his house.Since then, the girl he has a crush on, Amane, will introduce him to another side of his world he had no idea about, and it won't be anymore the dear peaceful days for Futagami.

Dead Family Member/s Doppelganger/s Female Fighter/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Monster/s Romantic Subplot Special Ability/ies Spirit Power Strong Female Lead Strong-Willed Male Lead


Goshintou (Manga)

Fragments d'amour 2 (French) (Synonyms), Ryakudatsusha (Synonyms), Splitter der Liebe (German) (Synonyms), Zettai Meirei (Synonyms), 御神刀シリーズ (Synonyms), 略奪者 (Synonyms), 絶対命令 (Synonyms)

In the series:Vol.1 - From :• (Absolute Decree)A wise, genius chief priest, Kikyou, falls in love with the beautiful heroic spirit of a sword, Kazuto. The story of a forbidden love.• (Stigma)"I have corrupted you... Mikoto." The third sword spirit that cleanses evil, Mikoto, understands what it is to love the gentle fourth sword spirit, Shiou. However, Shiou is used by a political opponent's freed assassin...!?Vol.2 -

Exorcism Forbidden Love Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Seme Heian Era Human Weapon Magical Creature/s Spirit Power Spirit/s Swordsman

Honoka na Koi no Danpen o

Honoka na Koi no Danpen o (Manga)

Fragments d'amour 1 (French) (Synonyms), Hazy Fragment of Love (Synonyms), Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo (Synonyms), Shards of Affection (Synonyms), 仄かな恋の断片を (Synonyms)

Demon Hunter/s Exorcism Magical Creature/s Misunderstanding/s Monk/s Priest/s Rape Rape Victim/s Souls Spirit Power


Entrans! (Manga)

En Trans! (Synonyms), えんとらんす! (Synonyms), 圆TS! (Synonyms)

The spirit at the shrine made a mistake, and now En Sakuma's been turned into a well-endowed girl. His days at school are filled with trials and tribulations, but not all the bad kind. "Who knew having a girl's body could feel this good!!?"

Attempted Rape Big Breasts Borderline H Breastfeeding Cheating/Infidelity Cross-dressing Gender Transformation Spirit Power Spirit/s Wish/es

My Prince-sama

My Prince-sama (Manhua)

Câu lạc bộ các hoàng tử (Synonyms), 我的王子殿下 (Synonyms)

From Aria:Tsubomi's mother left the world of sprites for the human world long ago. Tsubomi has always wanted to know why she chose to stay there and not return. When an accident strands Tsubomi in the human world, will she be able to find out what happened to her mother and return home?The last chapter of volume to is the oneshot, .

Animal Transformation Bishounen Innocent Female Lead Love Polygon Magic Item/s Maid/s Prince/s Princess/es Reverse Harem Spirit Power

Shugoreisama ni Tsuitekoi

Shugoreisama ni Tsuitekoi (Manga)

Come about the Guardian Spirit (Synonyms), Love Guardians (Synonyms), Protection Spirit (Synonyms), Protection Spirit Being in the Way of Love (Synonyms), Protection Spirit in the Way of Love (Synonyms), 守護霊様に憑いてコイ (Synonyms), 守護霊様に憑いてコイ コンプリート版 (Synonyms), 跟著守护神走 (Synonyms)

Brother/s Character Transformation/s Character Who Bullies the One They Love Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Guardian Spirit Love Triangle/s School Nurse-Student Relationship Spirit Power Spirit/s Student-Teacher Relationship

Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou

Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou (Manga)

Anata ni Hana wo Sasagemashou (Synonyms), Flowers for Seri (Synonyms), I'll Give You a Flower (Synonyms), Sana Çiçekler Vereceğim (Synonyms), Я подарю тебе цветок (Synonyms), รักหมดใจของสาวไฮโซ (Thai) (Synonyms), あなたに花を捧げましょう (Synonyms), 愛如鮮花般盛開 (Synonyms), 爱如鲜花般盛开 (Synonyms), 献爱的花束 (Synonyms), 獻愛的花束 (Synonyms)

From :Seri is a very happy, simple girl. The only thing that bothers her is her marriage to her fiancee, the super-obocchama, Yuzuki! While they both repel each other, Seri happens to notice the strange creatures behind Yuzuki!!

Arranged Marriage Childhood Friend/s Curse/s Ghost/s Married Couple Possessive Lover/s Special Ability/ies Spirit Power Spirit/s Strong-Willed Female Lead

Akuma no Ikenie

Akuma no Ikenie (Manga)

Devil's Sacrifice (Synonyms), Жертва дьявола (Synonyms), アクマのいけにえ (Synonyms), 恶魔的祭品 (Synonyms), 惡魔的祭品 (Synonyms)

Angel/s Beautiful Female Lead Big Breasts Demon/s Naive Female Lead Sealed Power Spirit Power Split Personality Twin/s Vampire/s

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender (OEL)

Avatar - The Last Airbender (Synonyms)

Avatar Blindness Elemental Manipulation Elements Hidden Power/s Reincarnation Spirit Power Spirit/s War/s World Travel