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Hana to Sakazuki

Hana to Sakazuki (Manga)

Flowers and Pints (Synonyms), الزهور والمكاييل (Synonyms), 花とサカヅキ (Synonyms)

Ayame is 25 years old. She lost her father fifteen years ago, and is now in search of the pub that she had once frequented with him. Night after night, she stops in at pubs on her way home from work, and on one particular night happens across a man who might be able to help her find what she's missing...

Bar/s Dead Parent/s Editor/s Family Past Plays a Big Role Remarriage Searching for Something Stepbrother/s Stepfather/s Writer/s

Kinku - Don't Say "I Love You"

Kinku - Don't Say "I Love You" (Manga)

Forbidden Phrase (Synonyms), Forbidden Phrase - Don't Say "I Love You" (Synonyms), Forbidden Words (Synonyms), It's Going to Snow (Synonyms), Let Me Feel More - Love Virgin (Synonyms), Let Me Feel You (Synonyms), Lustful Lover (Synonyms), Make Me Aroused... Love Virgin (Synonyms), Snow Falling (Synonyms), 禁句 - Don`t say "I love you" (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Dead Family Member/s Kidnapping/s Orphan/s Playboy/s Stepdaughter/s Stepfather-Stepdaughter Relationship Stepfather/s Stockholm Syndrome Valentine's Day

Sweet vs Home

Sweet vs Home (Manga)

First Love (Sweet VS Home) (Synonyms), Hatsukoi (ABE Miyuki) (Synonyms), Sweet vs Home - First Love (Synonyms), Sweet vs. Home (Synonyms), スウィート・バーサス・ホーム (Synonyms), 初恋 (あべ美幸) (Synonyms)

Age Gap Character Who Bullies the One They Love Childhood Friend/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead In Love with Family Member's Spouse Stepfather-Stepson Relationship Stepfather/s Stepson/s Student-Teacher Relationship Sudden Disappearance/s

Trompe-l'œil no Yubisaki

Trompe-l'œil no Yubisaki (Manga)

Fingertip Trompe L'oeil (Synonyms), Toronpuruiyu no Yubisaki (Synonyms), Trompe-l'oeil no Yubisaki (Synonyms), トロンプルイユの指先 (Synonyms), 指尖的誘惑 (Synonyms)

Doctor/s Jealousy Age Gap Archery Older Uke Younger Seme Salaryman Salesman Stepfather/s Stepsiblings Student-Teacher Relationship

Kekkon shite mo Koi shiteru

Kekkon shite mo Koi shiteru (Manga)

#shin5 - Kekkonshite mo Koishiteru (Synonyms), #shin5~結婚しても恋してる~ (Synonyms), Even though we're married, I love you (Synonyms), Evlensek de Aşığız (Synonyms), I'm in Love with You Forever (Synonyms), Kahit Tayo'y Kasal Na, Mahal Pa Rin Kita (Synonyms), Kekkonshite mo Koishiteru (Synonyms), My Love for You Is Always Growing (Synonyms), למרות שנשאנו, אני ממשיך להתאהב בך (Synonyms), أنا أحبك، على الرغم من أننا تزوجنا (Synonyms), 結婚しても恋してる (Synonyms)

"Even if we're married, I want to know more about you. I love you." A semi-autobiographical story about the daily life of a married couple and their three children.

Biography / Autobiography Doting Family Member/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Marriage Proposal Married Couple Salaryman Short Chapter/s Siblings Stepfather/s Twin/s

Koukyuu no Arika

Koukyuu no Arika (Manga)

A Permanent Place (Synonyms), Endless Comfort (Synonyms), Koukyu no Arika (Synonyms), 恒久の在り処 (Synonyms)

Adultery Boss-Subordinate Relationship Cheating/Infidelity Child Abuse Childhood Trauma Dog/s Master-Servant Relationship Nightmare/s Sexual Abuse Stepfather/s

Umi wo Mite Ita Inu

Umi wo Mite Ita Inu (Manga)

Lady & The Sea (Synonyms), The Dog Who was Looking at the Sea (Synonyms), Umi wo Miteita Inu (Synonyms), 海をみていた犬 (Synonyms)

About a mother and son at the beach with their dog.

Animal Communication Beach Childcare Divorce Single Parent Stepfather/s Stepmother/s Stepson/s

Ao no Honoo

Ao no Honoo (Manga)

Ao no Homura (Synonyms), 青の炎 (Synonyms), 青之炎(新井理惠) (Synonyms)

This is the story of a high school boy named Kushimori who lives with his younger sister, mother, and step-father after moving in with him a few years back. The step-father has fallen on hard times and have become drunk and abusive, and Kushimori is starting to wonder if his step-father is involved in something much worse… like murder…

Abusive Parent/s Based on a Novel High School Older Brother School Boy/s Stepfather/s Student/s Younger Sister