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Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season

Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season (Anime)

進撃の巨人 The Final Season (Japanese), Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 (Synonyms)

Final Season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Mysterious Power/s Military Revenge Blood and Gore Hidden Power/s Strong Female Lead

Kaijuu Jieitai: Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management

Kaijuu Jieitai: Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management (Manga)

Kaiju vs. JSDF (Synonyms), Kaijuu Jieitai (Synonyms), Kaijuu vs. Jieitai (Synonyms), Monster Self-Defense Force (Synonyms), Self-Defence Force Against Strange Beasts (Synonyms), TFPDM (Synonyms), 怪獣自衛隊 (Synonyms)

A classic Kaijū manga by the author of and Follow JSDF officers Yamato Yoshikazu and Sakimori Konoe as they face off against monsters of unknown origin that infest the troubled, disputed waters of the East Asian sea and have humans as a preferential prey!

Kaijuu Military Monster/s Ship/s Strong Female Lead Survival


Kaiouki (Manga)

Kaikouki (Synonyms), Kaioki (Synonyms), Ký sự vua biển. (Synonyms), Tale of the Sea King (Synonyms), 海皇紀 (Synonyms)

Princess/es Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead Swordsman

Kaizokuhime (SHIWASU Yuki)

Kaizokuhime (SHIWASU Yuki) (Manga)

Kaizoku Hime (Synonyms), Pirate Princess (Synonyms), 海賊姫 (Synonyms)

Jill seeks freedom on the high seas! Jill wants to become a pirate!

Cheerful Female Lead Eyepatch Overprotective Parent/s Pirate/s Rich Female Lead Runaway from Home Strong Female Lead

Kaizokuhime - Captain Rose no Bouken

Kaizokuhime - Captain Rose no Bouken (Manga)

Kaizoku-hime - Captain Rose no Bouken (Synonyms), Pirate Princess - Adventure of Captain Rose (Synonyms), 海賊姫~キャプテン・ローズの冒険~ (Synonyms)

From back cover:"Pirates are the lowest~~!"Rose, a young girl who stubbornly believed herself to be such type of high-class princess. The one who came to “kidnap” that slightly restless girl some how ended up being a heinous pirate, a crew member of the "Phantom”…!? Blood will race, set sail on a love and romance adventure—Ahoy!!

Pirate/s Ship/s Strong Female Lead

Kakutou Komusume Juline

Kakutou Komusume Juline (Manga)

JULINE (Synonyms), Kung-Fu Girl Juline (Synonyms), 格闘小娘JULINE (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:In a faraway village, in a magical land, live Juline, Bakuya, and Seika, daughters of the top three martial-arts schools. Join them on a quest to uncover the mystery of the Black Pearl, a new clan shrouded in shadows. Juline and the other clan leaders face a new threat in the form of the Black Pearl Guardians. Who are these mysterious warriors, and what is their link to the princesses' past?

Clan/s Female Fighter/s Hidden Past Kung Fu Secret Organization/s Strong Female Lead Teamwork

Kamigatari - Joinhishi to Bosou no Aooni

Kamigatari - Joinhishi to Bosou no Aooni (Manga)

Kamigatari - Onna Onmyouji to Bousou no Aooni (Synonyms), かみがたり 女陰陽師と房総の青鬼 (Synonyms), 伪神者 (Synonyms)

Edo period. There was an unreasonable Onmyoji who used the demon's half-crawl, Blue Oni, who was once called the most brutal twin demon. He called himself “Kamigari”, and he managed to defeat the demon “Hidden” that he had handled. Oedo's neat devil action! !

Demon-Human Relationship Demon/s Edo Period Exorcist/s Japan Oni Onmyouji Sealed Demon Strong Female Lead White-Haired Male Lead


Kamigurai (Manga)

Kami Gurai (Synonyms), 吞神传说 (Synonyms), 神喰らい~カミグライ~ (Synonyms)

A God Eater consumes the power of impure gods and gains their strength. Koutaro is one of these people. Because of the discrimination and danger that he faces he doesn't have anyone close to him besides his familiar spirit Hinaki. But all that changes when he meets the cheerful Miko, Amane, who is determined to be his traveling companion.

Calm Protagonist Discrimination Familiar/s God/s Journey Priestess/es Special Ability/ies Spirit Power Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead

Kanashi no Homura - Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku

Kanashi no Homura - Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku (Manga)

Kanashi no Homura (Synonyms), Larmes de Samouraï (French) (Synonyms), ไฟรักเพลิงสงคราม (Synonyms), 愛しの焔 ゆめまぼろしのごとく (Synonyms)

From :Akechi Mitsuhide, who resided under the roof of Saitou Dousan, hid himself in Nobunaga Oda's palace Owari under the guise of a marriage with Dousan's daughter, Nohime.Before long, that fated meeting was bound to create a great change...Honnou Temple burns with the fires of love and hatred. A dazzling story of love and romance in a country ridden by civil war!

Beautiful Female Lead Cross-dressing Dead Family Member/s Disguise/s Enemies Become Lovers Feudal Japan Strong Female Lead Strong-Willed Female Lead Swordplay War/s


Kanna-san! (Manga)

カンナさーん! (Synonyms)

Kanna Suzuki has a bright and positive personality. She works as a fashion designer at a company. She is married to Rei and they have a son Reon. Her family life is filled with happiness. One day, Kanna learns that Rei is having an affair. She kicks him out of their house. Kanna has a hard time dealing with her job and raising Reon by herself, but she tries her best for Reon and to achieve her own dream.

Adapted to Live Action Cheating Husband Gyaru Single Parent Strong Female Lead

Kao no Nai Otoko

Kao no Nai Otoko (Manga)

The Man Without a Face (Synonyms), رجل بلا وجه (Synonyms), 顔の無い男 (Synonyms)

Separated by war, a pair of lovers seek to be united once more...

Dead Lover/s Desert Doppelganger/s Injury/ies Middle Eastern Strong Female Lead War/s

Kare wa Diablo!

Kare wa Diablo! (Manga)

He is Diablo! (Synonyms), Kare wa Diablo (Synonyms), Kare wa Diabolo! (Synonyms), 他是惡魔! (Synonyms), 彼はディアボロ! (Synonyms), 그는 디아블로 (Synonyms)

From KakerA Translations:In order to realize her dream of a romance with her sempai, Meiko uses black magic. Unexpectedly, she summons the demon king Lucifer, who also ends up as her homeroom teacher!As part of their contract, Meiko is forced onto the path of a witch, but in reality, she's just Lucifer's slave! And now that she has magical powers, she activates her super strength whenever she eats Anpan. What will become of Meiko and the great demon king Lucifer?

Absent Parent/s Age Gap Demon Lord/King Live-in Lover Magic Older Male Younger Female Parody Strong Female Lead Student-Teacher Relationship Summoned Creatures

Kataomoi Shoten

Kataomoi Shoten (Manga)

Unrequited Love Bookstore (Synonyms), かたおもい書店 (Synonyms), 书店恋爱单行线 (Synonyms)

Oogaki Mebae’s love of manga has led her to her dream job of working with comics in a bookstore. As an absurdly hard worker (and ninja-clan descendant?), she is doing her best to learn all she can about the comic sales world from Serizawa-san, her mysterious and talented superior who always ends up teasing her. She may just end up with her own manga-like love story…

Blunt Male Lead Bookstore Cool Male Lead Fujoshi Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Manga in a Manga Manipulative Male Lead Persistent Female Lead Strong Female Lead

Kaze no Juka - Nubatama no Kami no Himegimi

Kaze no Juka - Nubatama no Kami no Himegimi (Manga)

Il Sortilegio del Vento (italian) (Synonyms), Kaze no Galdor (Synonyms), Kaze no Galdor - Nubatama no Kami no Himegimi (Synonyms), Kaze no Garudoru (Synonyms), The Wind of Galdor (Synonyms), 風の呪歌 (Synonyms), 風の呪歌 射千玉の髪の姫君 (Synonyms), 風の呪歌 射干玉の髪の姫君 (Synonyms), 風の呪歌-ガルドル- (Synonyms)

From :Two fantasy stories with a rich sense of celtic folklore. The first story, "On the Riverbank of Lethe", tells a strange encounter of a memory-lost amazon warrior and a mysterious bard with a broken-string unicorn-shaped harp. The second, title story, is about the bard’s past when he first met his red-headed amazon princess.

Arthurian Legend Celtic Myth or Legend Magic Mythical Beast/s Mythology Strong Female Lead

Kaze no Stigma - Kouen no Miko

Kaze no Stigma - Kouen no Miko (Manga)

Печать ветра (Synonyms), Печать ветра: Жрица малинового пламени (Synonyms), 風の聖痕 - 紅炎の御子 (Synonyms), 风之圣痕 红炎之子 (Synonyms)

Kannagi Ayano and Yagami Kazuma are asked to suppress an evil spirit that resides in the home of a collector of paintings. However, the original painting in which the spirit was sealed has been unsealed...!

Based on a Novel Contract/s Female Fighter/s Hot-Blooded Female Lead Spirit/s Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead Swordsman Tsundere

Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä

Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä (Manga)

Nauscaä aus dem Tal der Winde (German) (Synonyms), Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (Synonyms), Nausicaä (Synonyms), Nausicaä do Vale do Vento (Synonyms), Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Synonyms), Naušika z Větrného údolí (Synonyms), Tuulen laakson Nausicaä (Synonyms), Навсикая из долины Ветров (Synonyms), 風の谷のナウシカ (Synonyms), 바람계곡의 나우시카 (Synonyms)

From Viz:Humanity, in its hubris, has precipitated a devastating environmental disaster. Flourishing industrial civilizations have been swallowed up by the Sea of Corruption, an enormous forest of fungi releases a miasma of poisonous spores into the air. Nausicaa, a compassionate young princess, and her allies battle to heal a wounded world and its inhabitants...Note: Won Japan Cartoonist Association Award for Grand Award (1994) and the 26th Seiun Award for Best Comic (1995).

Adapted to Anime Award-Winning Work Classic Manga Environmentalism Insect/s Pollution Post-Apocalyptic Princess/es Strong Female Lead War/s

Kaze yo, Banri o Kake yo

Kaze yo, Banri o Kake yo (Manga)

Kaze yo, Banri wo Kake yo (Synonyms), O Wind, Fly O'er a Thousand Leagues (Synonyms), 風よ、万里を翔けよ―花木蘭物語 (Synonyms), 风翔万里 (Synonyms)

Mulan donned armor in her aged father's place and came to serve in the Sui Dynasty's expedition to Gao Ju Li (Korea). However, due to a revolt caused by Imperial corruption, there came an event which would greatly change the course of her fate!!

China Chinese Folklore Cross-dressing Female Fighter/s Strong Female Lead War/s


Kechonpa (Manga)

KECHONPA ケチョンパ (Synonyms), ケチョンパ (Synonyms)

From : Ririko, a stylish Charisma Gal from Shibuya, finds herself playing amateur detective after an unexpected turn of events. She is keen to solve cases to prove herself worthy of elite police detective Nii, a man she adores and regards as her fiancé, but her enthusiasm leads her into a whole lot of trouble.

Appearance Changes Clever Protagonist Cunning Female Lead Detective/s Emotionally Strong Female Lead Independent Female Lead Police Officer/s Smart Female Lead Strong Female Lead Unrequited Love

Kedakaki Yakusoku

Kedakaki Yakusoku (Manga)

A Noble's Promise (Synonyms), Lord Calthorpe's Promise (Synonyms), 気高き約束 (Synonyms)

Katherine's hope for her beloved brother's return to their estate in Hampshire is dashed when she receives the news of his death... He met a brave death at Battle of Waterloo. Then cruel reality hits devastated Katherine. Her uncle's family claims the estate, leaving Katherine no access to her fortune. The only person she can turn to for help is Lord Adam Calthorpe, her late brother's superior. Little does she know her brother asked Adam to look after Katherine if any ill fate were to befall him....

Based on a Novel Dead Family Member/s Emotionally Strong Female Lead Family Feud Harlequin Independent Female Lead Inheritance Love Interests Who Don't Get Along Promise/s Strong Female Lead

Keishichou Bijinkyoku

Keishichou Bijinkyoku (Manga)

Keishichou Bijin Kyoku (Synonyms), Keishichou Tsutsumotase (Synonyms), The Honey Trappers (Synonyms), 警視庁美人局 (Synonyms)

Stationed in the country side, Sawajiri Ai, a new recruit to the police force, didn’t think she would ever see any kind of action. So it comes as a shock to her when she is transferred to headquarters into a division she has never even heard about: the 82nd division. Also known as the Beauty Division, the female officers all are gorgeous woman with extraordinary talent and skills. They use their God given body to infiltrate and crush criminal organizations and wanted men. Ai has her work cut out for her since all the members are motivated as well as extremely “persuasive.”

Attempted Rape Attempted Suicide Beautiful Female Lead Big Breasts Bondage Masturbation Multiple Protagonists Police Police Officer/s Strong Female Lead