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Kingdom 3rd Season

Kingdom 3rd Season (Anime)

キングダム 第3シリーズ (Japanese), Kingdom Season 3 (Synonyms)

Following the successful Sanyou campaign, the Qin army, including 1,000-Man Commander Li Xin, inches ever closer to fulfilling King Ying Zheng's dream of unifying China. With a major geographical foothold in the state of Wei now under its control, Qin sets its sights eastward toward the remaining warring states.

Meanwhile Li Mu—an unparalleled strategist and the newly appointed prime minister of the state of Zhao—has taken advantage of Zhao's temporary truce with Qin to negotiate with the other states without interruption. Seemingly without warning, Ying Zheng receives news that armies from the states of Chu, Zhao, Wei, Han, Yan, and Qi have crossed into Qin territory. Realizing too late the purpose behind Li Mu's truce with Qin, Zheng quickly gathers his advisors to devise a plan to address the six-state coalition army on their doorstep. For the first time in history, the state of Qin faces complete destruction and must use every resource and strategy at their disposal to prevent themselves from being wiped off the map.

Ambitious Goal/s Ambitious Protagonist Armed Combat China Dream/s Hot-Blooded Male Lead Politics Involving Royalty Strong Male Lead War/s Spring 2021

One Piece

One Piece (Anime)

One Piece (English), ONE PIECE (Japanese), OP (Synonyms)

Gol D. Roger was known as the "Pirate King," the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world.

Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Pirates Treasure Hunting Teamwork Childish Male Lead Friendship Character Growth

Heisei Busou Seigidan

Heisei Busou Seigidan (Manga)

Heisei Armored Justice Corps (Synonyms), Heisei Busoseigidan (Synonyms), 平成武装正義団 (Synonyms)

From :Kamikaze Zero armors himself to fight off an extremely immoral group of bullies.All fans will love this. Like , it's just one volume but has a continuous story instead of random stand-alones. Warning: It's got nudity, violence, gore and a strange sort of sexuality going on throughout the entire thing. It's weird but from this guy, not something you'd be too surprised about.

Borderline H Gang/s Hermaphrodite LGBT Character in Non-Yaoi/Yuri Manga Monster/s Pervert/s Rape Strong Male Lead Sukeban

Heisei Project - Imitation Hero

Heisei Project - Imitation Hero (Manga)

ヘイセイプロジェクト-イミテーションヒーロー- (Synonyms)

In this story, Earth is actually made up of two worlds that coexist in seemingly perfect harmony: the Reverse World which thrives on magic and the Surface World which has been developed through technology.When his best friend Rei disappears, Toki, an inhabitant of the Reverse World, sets off to the Surface World in search of him. But the discoveries he makes along the way begin to hint at a conspiracy that could shake both worlds to the core.

Based on a Song Conspiracy/ies Female Demographic with Male Lead Magic Missing Person Searching for Answers Searching for Someone Strong Male Lead Vocaloid

High & Low - The Story of S.w.o.r.d.

High & Low - The Story of S.w.o.r.d. (Manga)


A legendary, all-powerful gang called Mugen once dominated a certain Japanese town. But they faced resistance from the formidable Amamiya Brothers: the only ones willing and powerful enough to resist them. In the end, Mugen suddenly disbanded and the Amamiya Brothers disappeared without a trace. Now, a group of five gangs—Sannou Hoodlum Squad, White Rascals, Oya High School, Rude Boys and Daruma Ikka—have taken over, calling themselves "G-SWORD" and naming the area "SWORD" after an acronym composed of each gang's initials.

Based on a Drama Based on a TV Show Delinquent/s Gang Wars Gang/s Gangster/s Street Fighting Strong Male Lead Yankee/s

Hiiragi-sama wa Jibun o Sagashite Iru.

Hiiragi-sama wa Jibun o Sagashite Iru. (Manga)

Miss Hiiragi is Looking for Her (Synonyms), Госпожа Хиираги в поисках себя (Synonyms), 柊様は自分を探している。 (Synonyms)

Hakuba Keijiro doesn't have any interest in girls, until he meets a beautiful girl that is also very unusual. The girl in question is dressed in an old-fashioned style, and seems to have nearly complete amnesia. The only thing she remembers is that her name is "Hiiragi." Keijiro gets his parents to take guardianship of her while they look for her real family, and Hiiragi moves in. But who is she, really? Is she a princess, come through some kind of time-slip? Is she something supernatural? Hiiragi herself would like to know...

Amnesia Beautiful Female Lead Cohabitation High School Student/s Mysterious Elements Popular Male Lead Strong Male Lead Unconditional Love Unconventional Female Lead Youkai

Himawari (HIRAKAWA Tetsuhiro)

Himawari (HIRAKAWA Tetsuhiro) (Manga)

ヒマワリ (Synonyms)

From Tetsuhiro Hirakawa, author of Clover and Crows Zero 2 Suzuran x Housen, comes a new story that begins in a little town in Hiroshima. Childhood friends Ren and Kiyoharu aren't just partners on the Kagura (Shinto theatrical dance) stage, they also spend their days fighting together in perfect sync. Until one day, opportunity comes knocking.

Childhood Friend/s Delinquent/s Small Town Strong Male Lead Theater

Himegimi no Jouken

Himegimi no Jouken (Manga)

เจ้าหญิงตัวร้ายกับนายจอมยุ่ง (Thai) (Synonyms), 公主的條件 (Synonyms), 姫君の条件 (Synonyms)

Darian-hime is the next in line to the throne, and she is constantly being made aware of it, but she’s not really the princess type. She wants to be strong and continually trains and pushes herself to be as strong a person as she can be. This does make her a bit reckless sometimes. Fortunately, she has a protector…

Childlike Female Lead Hot-Blooded Female Lead Princess/es Royal Guard Secret Identity Sibling Rivalry Spirit/s Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead Triplets

Hinata 120%

Hinata 120% (Manga)

Rich Girl 120% (Synonyms), ひなた120% (Synonyms), 富家女120% (Synonyms)

From :Hinata Hyuga lost both of her parents and declared herself to be the loneliest person in the world. Her grandmother is the CEO of a large company that Hinata is supposed to inherit. However, Hinata, who has no interest in being rich, wants to annul the contract.

Cousin/s Inheritance Orphan/s Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead

Heroes of the Spring and Autumn

Heroes of the Spring and Autumn (Manhua)

Heroes of Spring and Autumn (Synonyms), 春秋战雄 (Synonyms)

From :The Prince of Qin sets sail for his 100th conquest; If he comes back victorious, the throne will be his and he will be able to marry his childhood sweetheart! Will he come back victorious? Or does fate have other plans for him?

Amnesia China Full Color Hidden Power/s Prince/s Romantic Subplot Special Ability/ies Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead Talented Male Lead

Hazure Skill "Kage ga Usui" o Motsu Guild Shokuin ga, Jitsu wa Densetsu no Ansatsusha

Hazure Skill "Kage ga Usui" o Motsu Guild Shokuin ga, Jitsu wa Densetsu no Ansatsusha (Manga)

Hazure Skill "Kage ga Usui" o Motsu Guild Shokuin ga, Jitsuha Densetsu no Ansatsusha (Synonyms), Hazure Skill "Kage ga Usui" wo Motsu Guild Shokuin ga, Jitsu wa Densetsu no Ansatsusha (Synonyms), Hazure Skill: The Guild Member with a Worthless Skill Is Actually a Legendary Assassin (Synonyms), The Guild Official With the Out-of-the-Way Skill “Shadowy” Is, in Fact, the Legendary Assassin (Synonyms), 外れスキル「影が薄い」を持つギルド職員が、実は伝説の暗殺者 (Synonyms), 拥有开挂技能「薄影」的公会职员原来是传说级别的暗杀者 (Synonyms)

Roland is an assassin who, one day, breaks from his team and single-handedly “kills” the demon king.After returning to the kingdom, the king graciously promises Roland whatever he wants for his heroics. Conflicted in his desires - he hasn’t thought of anything outside of killing for years - he remembers that one of his teammates told him what she plans to do after evil is defeated: "Live an ordinary life." And so Roland, with his ability to become unnoticeable and the disguised demon king/queen Laila at his side, decides to live a slow life.

Assassin/s Demon Lord/King Early Romance Enemies Become Friends First-Time Intercourse Guild/s Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Sexually Active Protagonist Strong Male Lead

Haibara-kun Wa Go Kigen Naname

Haibara-kun Wa Go Kigen Naname (Manga)

Haibara is in a bad temper (Synonyms), Haibara-kun is in a bad mood (Synonyms), Haibara-kun wa Gokigen Naname (Synonyms), Haibara-kun wa Gokigennaname (Synonyms), 灰原くんはご機嫌ななめ (Synonyms), 灰原君一脸嫌弃地看着我 (Synonyms)

From :Although Mio wanted to become good friends with Haibara-kun who transferred to her class. But the first impression she received was the worst ever! But since with her grades, she was in danger of getting retained for a year, she has to go beg Haibara-kun to help tutor her??

Cheerful Female Lead First Time Dating Serious/Studious Character/s Strong Male Lead Studious Male Lead


Otokogumi (Manga)

Gallant Gang (Synonyms), Otoko Gumi (Synonyms), วีรบุรุษทรชน (Synonyms), 男組 (Synonyms)

20th Century Delinquent/s Friendship Gang Wars Gang/s Japan Mafia Murder/s Rival/s Strong Male Lead

Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei (Novel)

Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei (Novel) (Novel)

Goodbye Dragon Life, Hello Human Life (Novel) (Synonyms), Sayonara Ryuusei, Konnichiwa Jinsei (Novel) (Synonyms), さようなら竜生、こんにちは人生 (Novel) (Synonyms)

Demon/s Dragon/s Elf/ves Fairy/ies Goddess/es Lamia Magic Monster/s Reincarnation Strong Male Lead

Soukai Kessen

Soukai Kessen (Manga)

God Save The Empress (Synonyms), 苍海决战 (Synonyms), 蒼海訣戰 (Synonyms)

Ambitious Protagonist Animal Characteristics Military Navy Politics Involving Royalty Racism Romantic Subplot Social Hierarchy Strong Male Lead

Tamago no Hi

Tamago no Hi (Manga)

Day of the Egg (Synonyms), Gravitation (NAONO Bohra) (Synonyms), Tamago no... (Synonyms), 卵の日 (Synonyms)

Naono Bohra's only published non-yaoi series (aside from doujinshi's). Contains elements of fantasy, horror, comedy, romance, action, adventure and drama. Centers around 4 supernatural male characters and 1 female who joins them.After the erosion of the atmosphere (dimensional barrier), the world itself is about to cease (disappear). What's left of mankind has used up every bit of technology that remained. To defend the world they built artificial bodies.

Animal Transformation Appearance Different from Actual Age Contract/s Guardian Relationship Love at First Sight Older Male Younger Female Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Unexpected Feelings Unexpressed Feeling/s

The Gama

The Gama (Manga)

Dai-ni Enshutsubu Director: The Gama (Synonyms), ザ・ガマ (Synonyms), 第二演出部ディレクター ザ・ガマ (Synonyms)


Acting Actress/es Director/s Genius/es Popular Male Lead Strong Male Lead

Tobaku no Kyojin

Tobaku no Kyojin (Manga)

Gamble Giant (Synonyms), 賭博の巨人 (Synonyms)


Gambling Post-Apocalyptic Strong Male Lead Travelling Female and Male Pair

Unlock 99 Heroines in End Times

Unlock 99 Heroines in End Times (Manhua)

Giải Thoát 99 Nữ Chính Ở Mạt Thế (Synonyms), Jiesuo Moshi De 99 Ge Nu Zhu (Synonyms), Unlock 99 Heroines At World End (Synonyms), 解锁末世的99个女主 (Synonyms)

What do you do when a plane hits a building? Cry out? Call for help? Hao Lanren, a top martial artist, laughed: No, as a man of the world, of course, is to use his fist to hit the plane!... He died and crossed over to the zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic world, and awakened to the system, killing zombies to explode gold, buy equipment, and found that the number of women is also unexpectedly high... so in the company of many confidantes, launched a journey to save the world!

Game Elements Post-Apocalyptic Strong Male Lead Zombie Apocalypse Zombie/s

Zenbu Chodai

Zenbu Chodai (Manga)

Give Me All (Synonyms), Give me all your love (Synonyms), Zenbu Choodai (Synonyms), Zenbu Choudai (Synonyms), Zenbu Cho~dai (Synonyms), เจ้าหญิงวุ่นวายกับนายปากแข็ง (Synonyms), ぜんぶちょーだい (Synonyms), 全部都给我 (Synonyms), 給我你的一切 (Synonyms)

Arrogant Female Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Queen/s Rivalry Sadist/s Smart Female Lead Smart Male Lead Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead Tsundere Female Lead