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Heaven Eleven

Heaven Eleven (Manga)

HEAVEN Irebun (Synonyms), HEAVENイレブン (Synonyms), ชมรมฟุตบอลบ้าบ๊องบวม (Synonyms), ชมรมฟุตบอลบ้าบ๊องบวม Heaven Eleven (Synonyms)

On the island of Hazukito, there is a superstition that forbids people from playing soccer. Two high schoolers, Saigo and Okubo, decide to form a soccer team in their school, to challenge this superstition. Now all they need is to find nine other players who aren't afraid of the curse.

Curse/s High School Student/s Island/s Isolated Location Soccer/Football Superstition

Sayonara Gunjou

Sayonara Gunjou (Manga)

Farewell, Ultramarin (Synonyms), Sa-yo-na-ra Ultramarine (Synonyms), Sayonara Ginjō (Synonyms), Sayonara Gunjō (Synonyms), さよなら群青 (Synonyms)


Countryside Island/s Japan Pure-Hearted Protagonist Sea Superstition Young Female Lead Young Male Lead

Shina no Kawa

Shina no Kawa (Manga)

Fleuve Shinano (le) (French) (Synonyms), Shinano Gawa (Synonyms), Shinano River (Synonyms), Shinanogawa (Synonyms), Shinanogawa (German) (Synonyms), しなの川 (Synonyms)

Yukie grows up in the countryside in the 1930s as a daughter of a well-off family plagued with dark secrets. Surrounded by people but without any real friends, she tries to come to terms with herself and learn what love is.

20th Century Absent Parent/s Abusive Father Abusive Parent/s Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Family Secret Japan Showa Era Superstition

Koikokoro Koushinchuu

Koikokoro Koushinchuu (Manga)

Koigokoro Koushin Naka (Synonyms), Koigokoro Koushinchuu (Synonyms), Koikokoro Koushin Naka (Synonyms), The Evolution of Love (Synonyms), When Love is Growing (Synonyms), 恋心♥コウシン中 (Synonyms), 恋心・コウシン中 (Synonyms), 戀愛進行期 (Synonyms)

Charms Childhood Friend/s Chocolate/s Love Interests Who Don't Get Along Love Rival/s Neighbor/s School Chairman Secret Identity Superstition Tsundere

Kooporasu e Youkoso

Kooporasu e Youkoso (Manga)

Corporasu e Youkoso (Synonyms), Welcome to Our Apartment Block (Synonyms), Welcome to the Corporate House (Synonyms), コーポラスへようこそ (Synonyms), 品尝你的温柔宠爱 (Synonyms)

Anti-Social Protagonist Apartment Life Caretaker/s Changed by Love Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Friends Become Lovers Insecurity Misunderstood Protagonist Neighbor/s Superstition