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Deaimon (Anime)

であいもん (Japanese)

Nagomu Irino returns to his Kyoto home for the first time in ten years when his father is hospitalized. Nagomu is eager to take over Ryokushou, the family's Japanese sweet shop, but he's instead asked to be a father figure to Itsuka Yukihira, the girl everyone calls the successor. Manga Translation Battle)

Food/s Sweet/s Spring 2022

Double Strawberry Bitter Cakes

Double Strawberry Bitter Cakes (Manga)

γƒ€γƒ–γƒ«γƒ»γ‚Ήγƒˆγƒ­γƒ™γƒͺー・ビター・ケむクス (Japanese)

Double Strawberry Bitter Cakes is a story that begins when a high school girl, Sachi, who is good at making sweets, interacts with Kurono and Shirahaku brothers who are popular at school. Natalie, translated)

Cat Boy/s Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Student/s Popular Male Lead Twin/s Twin Brother Sweet/s