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Toilet Hakase

Toilet Hakase (Manga)

Dr. Toilet (Synonyms), Toilet, PhD. (Synonyms), トイレット博士 (Synonyms)

Starring a scientist who specializes in scatology and works in a toilet-shaped laboratory.

Gag Professor/s Science Scientist/s Toilet Humor

Cha! Chu! Cho!

Cha! Chu! Cho! (Manga)

Cha Chu Cho (Synonyms), チャ・チュ・チョ (Synonyms)

Short, cute 4-koma about an ageing cat's digestive problems.

4-koma/Yonkoma Animals Cat/s Dedicated Protagonist Pet/s Toilet Humor

Super Remix Best

Super Remix Best (Manga)

Boku to Ohiru wo (Synonyms), Boku to Ohiru wo - Furuya Minoru - Super Remix Best (Synonyms), Inasaku (Synonyms), Inasaku ("Rice Crop" or "Rice Cultivation") (Synonyms), Inasaku - Furuya Minoru - Super Remix Best (Synonyms), Kikaitonchi Hanasaka Ikkyuu (Synonyms), My Health (Synonyms), 僕とお昼を (Synonyms), 僕とお昼を 古谷実 スーパーリミックスベスト (Synonyms), 稲作 (Synonyms), 稲作 古谷実 スーパーリミックスベスト (Synonyms)

In the series:1) Inasaku2) Boku to Ohiru woOneshot 1: My HealthWhen I pooped one morning...I gave birth to a rabbit.

Odd Situation/s Rabbit/s Toilet Humor

Alice no 100°C C

Alice no 100°C C (Manga)

Alice no 100°Cc (Synonyms), Alice no Hyakudo CC (Synonyms), Alice's 100 Degrees Cubic Centimeter (Synonyms), Arisu no Hyakudo Shiishii (Synonyms), アリスの100℃C (Synonyms)

Aoi Kururi is an onmyou-ji who is studying smells at a private academy. He in fact hates using onmyou magic, but when a spell is mysteriously cast on his whole class that causes everyone to wet themselves, he finds that with the warm power and sweet smell of girls' urine, his magic becomes more powerful, and he saves his class by breaking the spell. This is the story of the strange misadventures of Aoi, his sisters, and his friends.

Brother Complex Fetish/es Incest Omorashi Partial Nudity Rushed Ending / Axed Sexual Innuendo Sister/s Toilet Humor Urination