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Their Circumstances (TAKAYOSHI Yuri)

Their Circumstances (TAKAYOSHI Yuri) (Manga)

Behind Closed Doors (Synonyms), Dr. Aoyama Perverted Therapist (Synonyms), My Visions Betray Me (Synonyms), Trouble Train (Synonyms), 変態整体! 青山先生 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Collection of Stories High School Student/s Therapy Train/s

Toukyou Hatsu Isekai Yuki

Toukyou Hatsu Isekai Yuki (Manga)

Departing from Tokyo... Bound for a Parallel World... (Synonyms), Departing Tokyo — Heading for a Strange Universe (Synonyms), From Tokyo to Another Universe (Synonyms), Leaving from Tokyo, Going to a Different Dimension (Synonyms), Saigo no Bansan (OHTAKE Masao) (Synonyms), Sent from Tokyo, Moving Towards Another Realm (Synonyms), The Last Supper (OHTAKE Masao) (Synonyms), Tokyo Hatsu Isekai Yuki (Synonyms), Toukyouhatsu Isekaiyuki (Synonyms), さいごのばんさん (OHTAKE Masao) (Synonyms), 最後の晩餐 (OHTAKE Masao) (Synonyms), 東京発 異世界行き (Synonyms), 東京発異世界行き (Synonyms)

A series of cleverly interconnected stories written from multiple POV's, tying together the quirky cast and a number of mysterious (and occasionally hilarious) occurrences in a certain suburb of Tokyo.The Last SupperTwo very unusual detectives investigate a murder and a dinner.

Alternate Universe Bank Robbery Collection of Stories Deafness Detective/s Firefighter/s Reunion/s Tokyo Train/s Transported to Another World

Do S Shashou to Iku Ecstasy Train - Kairaku Keiyuu Tengoku-iki

Do S Shashou to Iku Ecstasy Train - Kairaku Keiyuu Tengoku-iki (Manga)

ドS車掌とイク★エクスタシートレイン ~快楽経由天国行き~ (Synonyms)



Junai ni Torawarete

Junai ni Torawarete (Manga)

Captured by the Love Worth Dying for (Synonyms), Jyunai ni Torawarete (Synonyms), Jyunaini Torawarete (Synonyms), 殉愛に囚われて (Synonyms), 순애에 사로잡혀서 (Synonyms)

Childhood Friend/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Insecurity Misunderstanding/s Model/s Older Uke Younger Seme Persistent Seme Possessive Lover/s Salaryman Train/s


Kyoushashou (Manga)

Crazy About Train Conducting (Synonyms), Enthusiast Train Conductor (Synonyms), Kyou Shashou (Synonyms), Mad Train Conductor (Synonyms), Train Conductor Otaku (Synonyms), 狂車掌 (Synonyms)

Toki Bianchi is obsessed with trains. His goal is to ride every line in the world, including the infamous Pulito, the train that carries criminals sentenced to death to their final destination. He will do anything to attain this goal. Absolutely anything...

Bespectacled Protagonist Criminal/s Execution Murder/s Suicide/s Train/s

The Coffee Shop in a Different World Station (Novel)

The Coffee Shop in a Different World Station (Novel) (Novel)

Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten (Novel) (Synonyms), Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten - Chiisana Majo to Kioku no Tart (Novel) (Synonyms), 異世界駅舎の喫茶店 (Novel) (Synonyms), 異世界駅舎の喫茶店 小さな魔女と記憶のタルト (Novel) (Synonyms)

Adapted to Manga Animal Characteristics Cafe Cat Girl/s Cooking Food Train/s Transported to Another World Web Novel


Yajirushi (Manga)

Arrow (Synonyms), Chikan sareteru Kare wo Guuzen wo Hakken shite, teki na Tenkai de Hakken shite (Synonyms), Henai Maotokohen (Synonyms), Hikizuru Oto (Synonyms), Rei no Otoko (Synonyms), Yugami Hajime (Synonyms), やじるし (Synonyms), 奴隸標記 (Synonyms), 歪みはじめ (Synonyms)

Abusive Character/s Bullying Collection of Stories Injury/ies Molesting Pedophile Rape Scar/s Sexual Harassment Train/s

Sasakure Memorial

Sasakure Memorial (Manga)

Barbed Memories (Synonyms), Sasakure Memoriaru (Synonyms), ササクレ・メモリアル (Synonyms)

Age Gap Caught in the Act Detective/s Fetish/es Inferiority Complex Manly Gay Couple Older Uke Younger Seme Promiscuous Character Train/s Unrequited Love

Sayonara, Papa.

Sayonara, Papa. (Manga)

Bye Bye, Papa. (Synonyms), Sayonara Papa (Synonyms), さよなら、パパ。 (Synonyms)

In kindergarten, naive Mitsuko began to think of Yoshioto, who was staying at her house, as her papa. And she vowed that she would be Yoshioto's bride when she grew up. Can this dream be fulfilled? In the journey to see him, she slowly understands her own feelings and her heart that refuses to mature, but nonetheless thinks she's already mature. In her search, they gradually melt into one.

Collection of Stories Dead Family Member/s Father Complex Searching for Someone Train/s

Amairo Omoi

Amairo Omoi (Manga)

Ama Iro Omoi (Synonyms), Rain-Colored Feelings (Synonyms), Чувства цвета дождя (Synonyms), مشاعر بلون المطر (Synonyms), 雨色想い (Synonyms)

Oneshot from Aiko fell in love at first sight with a guy who lent her an umbrella on a rainy day. Later, she met him again on the train to school, but no matter how hard she tries, she still can't confess her love to him. Will Aiko be able to convey her feelings to this guy, whose name she doesn't even know, or will everything remain a beautiful memory of a rainy day?

Female Lead Falls in Love First High School High School Student/s Kind Female Lead Kind Male Lead Lack of Self-Confidence Love at First Sight Love Confession/s Shy Female Lead Train/s


1925 (Manga)

Ichi Kyu Ni Go (Synonyms)

Tokyo in the Taisho Era, when Japan made a strong move towards modernization. Len, the eldest son of the Kagurazaka family, wants nothing more than to prevent his sister, Rin, from entering an arranged marriage. As a last resort, he goes in search of the urban legend of a ghost train that will grant any wish. Not only does he find it, but in order to grant his wish, the train's conductor, Miku, charges him an incredibly high amount of money...?!

1920s 20th Century Based on a Song Brother and Sister Japan Male Protagonist Taisho Era Train/s Urban Legends Vocaloid