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Enen no Shouboutai

Enen no Shouboutai (Anime)

Fire Force (English), 炎炎ノ消防隊 (Japanese), Fire Brigade of Flames (Synonyms)

Spontaneous Human Combustion: a chaotic phenomenon that has plagued humanity for years, randomly transforming ordinary people into flaming, violent creatures known as Infernals. While Infernals make up the first-generation accounts of Human Combustion, the second and third generations became known as pyrokinetics—people gifted with the ability to manipulate and control their flames while remaining human.

Genres: Action Supernatural Shounen

Categories: Exorcism Transformation/s Young Male Lead Firefighter/s Fire Demon/s Monster/s Sudden Death/s Romantic Subplot Strong Male Lead Mysterious Power/s Teamwork


Gleipnir (Anime)

グレイプニル (Japanese)

Shuichi Kagaya an ordinary high school kid in a boring little town. But when a beautiful classmate is caught in a warehouse fire, he discovers a mysterious power: He can transform into a furry dog with an oversized revolver and a zipper down his back. He saves the girl's life, sharing his secret with her. But she's searching for the sister who killed her family, and she doesn't care how degrading it gets: She will use Shuichi to accomplish her mission... Source: Kodansha

Genres: Action Comedy Drama Sci-Fi Horror Ecchi

Categories: Monster/s Weak Male Lead Transformation/s Partial Nudity Murder/s


Bleach (Anime)

Bleach (English), BLEACH - ブリーチ - (Japanese)

Ichigo Kurosaki is an ordinary high schooler—until his family is attacked by a Hollow, a corrupt spirit that seeks to devour human souls. It is then that he meets a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki, who gets injured while protecting Ichigo's family from the assailant. To save his family, Ichigo accepts Rukia's offer of taking her powers and becomes a Soul Reaper as a result.

Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Supernatural Shounen Super Power

Categories: Sword/s Ghost/s Special Ability/ies Training Afterlife Superpowers Transformation/s God/s Strong Male Lead Shinigami Spirit/s

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Anime)

Sailor Moon (English), 美少女戦士セーラームーン (Japanese), Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Synonyms)

Usagi Tsukino is an average student and crybaby klutz who constantly scores low on her tests. Unexpectedly, her humdrum life is turned upside down when she saves a cat with a crescent moon on its head from danger. The cat, named Luna, later reveals that their meeting was not an accident:

Genres: Demons Magic Romance Shoujo

Categories: Saving the World Transformation/s Magic/s Character Growth Clumsy Protagonist Monter/s Mythology Teamwork Romantic Subplot Rich Character/s Student/s Magical Girl/s Magical Power/s Masked Character/s Secret Identity

Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e

Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e (Anime)

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts (English), かつて神だった獣たちへ (Japanese), To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts (Synonyms)

With the initiation of the Patrian civil war came the creation of half-beast, half-human soldiers—a development of the outnumbered Northerners in a desperate attempt to counter the overwhelming Southern forces. Able to quickly dominate battlefields and achieve victory with ease, the soldiers' godlike abilities earned them the name "Incarnates." However, as the war raged on, the Incarnates encountered a problem involving the beasts inside them that they were unable to rectify by ordinary means.

Genres: Action Drama Fantasy Military Shounen

Categories: Beast/s Bounty Hunter/s Transformation/s Demon/s Monster/s Human Experiment/s Warrior/s Love Triangle Gun/s Hunter/s

Kamisama Hajimemashita◎

Kamisama Hajimemashita◎ (Anime)

Kamisama Kiss Season 2 (English), 神様はじめました◎ (Japanese), Kamisama Hajimemashita 2nd Season (Synonyms), Kami-sama Hajimemashita 2nd Season (Synonyms), Kamisama Kiss 2nd Season (Synonyms)

Nanami Momozono and her familiars Tomoe and Mizuki have survived quite a few challenges since Nanami took up the mantle of Mikage Shrine's patron god. Naturally, the wind god Otohiko comes to invite Nanami to the Divine Assembly in Izumo, the home of the gods, and Nanami chooses to take Mizuki with her, leaving Tomoe to pose as her at school. However, she has an ulterior motive for attending the Divine Assembly:

Genres: Comedy Demons Fantasy Supernatural Romance Shoujo

Categories: Spirit/s Handsome Male Lead Demon/s Love-Hate Relationship Strong Male Lead Fox Spirit God/s Clumsy Protagonist Tragic Past Student/s Transformation/s Shrine/s Master-Servant Relationship Special Ability/ies Human-Non Human Relationship

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket (Anime)

Fruits Basket (English), フルーツバスケット (Japanese), Furuba (Synonyms)

After the accident in which she lost her mother, 16-year-old Tooru moves in with her grandfather, but due to his home being renovated, is unable to continue living with him. Claiming she will find someone to stay with but also fearing the criticism of her family and not wanting to burden any of her friends, Tooru resorts to secretly living on her own in a tent in the woods. One night on her way back from work, she finds her tent buried underneath a landslide.

Genres: Comedy Drama Supernatural Slice of Life Romance Shoujo

Categories: Curse/s Student/s Friendship Family Drama Transformation/s Zodiac/s Handsome Male Lead Love Triangle Happy-Go-Lucky Female Lead