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Fushigiboshi no Futagohime

Fushigiboshi no Futagohime (Manga)

Công chúa huyền bí (Synonyms), Công chúa sinh đôi (Synonyms), Công chúa song sinh của hành tinh diệu kỳ (Synonyms), Fushigiboshi no Futagohime - Lovely Kingdom (Synonyms), Fushigiboshi no Star Futago Hime (Synonyms), Mysterious Star of the Twin Princesses (Synonyms), The Twin Princesses of the Wonder Planet: Lovely Kingdom (Synonyms), Twin Princesses of Wonder Planet (Synonyms), ふしぎ星の☆ふたご姫 (Synonyms), ふたご姫 (Synonyms), 不可思议星球的双胞胎公主 (Synonyms), 신비한 별의 쌍둥이 공주 (Synonyms)

Seven royal families reign over each of the seven kingdoms of Wonder, prospering inside the planet for many years. Ohisama no Megumi (the sun's blessing) is beginning to die, and, if it disappears, all of the planet will be covered in darkness. Twin princesses Fine and Rein receive a secret mission from Princess Grace to use the power of the Prominence and rescue the Ohisama no Megumi. Meanwhile, they attend several Princess Parties and get to know the other princesses of Wonder.

Adapted to Anime Adapted to Manga Animal Sidekick Based on an Anime Cheerful Female Lead Female Author Kingdom/s Magical Girl/s Princess/es Twin/s


Futago (Manga)

FUTAGO - twins- (Synonyms), FUTAGO‐ふたご‐ (Synonyms), 트윈스 (Synonyms)

From : Yukari was enjoying her single life until her elder twin sister, Ayaka, suddenly pays her a visit with a young man in tow, to ask for some strange advice! This is a story about a set of mismatched twins.

Affair/s Age Gap Fake Relationship Family Reunited Live-in Lover Married Couple Older Female Younger Male Twin/s Unrequited Love Writer/s

Futago Kareshi

Futago Kareshi (Manga)

双子カレシ (Synonyms)

From Salty PotatoesYuusei and Shuusei are high-spec twins that appeared in front of Haruyoshi who is poor, but he was living peaceful ordinary days until the twins became overly attached to him and going all the way!! The twins gradually invade Haruyoshi’s mind and body and gave Haruyoshi, who felt secretly alone, a place to stayㅡ. “Let’s just love each other, just the three of us”. The twins want to have xxx together?! A 3P Love Story with Rich xxx

Student-Student Relationship Student/s Threesome Twin/s

Futago Konpurekkusu

Futago Konpurekkusu (Manga)

Futago Complex (Synonyms), Twin Complex (Synonyms), 双子コンプレックス (Synonyms)

You're a good guy !!!! Sometimes they are friends, sometimes they love each other, sometimes rivals? Momo that can't be released a little while well, and is always taking care of the trouble. Ayatsuki,a tsundere (?) Story of twin high school students who are the opposite of personality!

4-koma/Yonkoma Brother and Sister Brother/s High School Student/s Sibling Relationship Siblings Sister/s Tsundere Character/s Twin/s

Futago na Ero Joumu no Iinari

Futago na Ero Joumu no Iinari (Manga)

双子なエロ常務の言いなり! (Synonyms)


Rape Twin/s Twincest

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai (Manga)

I Can't Tell Which Twin Is Which Sex (Synonyms), 双子の男女がわからない (Synonyms)

Takushi Hatsujou had played with a twin brother and sister when they were all kids, and he fell in love with the sister, culminating in his asking for her hand in marriage when they grew up, to which she agreed. However, they were torn apart for 10 years until Takushi is finally able to get his grandfather's permission to marry her. When they finally reunite, he is surprised to find they both look like girls. Although he knows one of them is cross-dressing, he can't tell which is a guy and which is a girl.

21st Century Childhood Friend/s Cohabitation Cross-dressing High School Student/s Japan Marriage Proposal Trap Twin/s

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai (Pre-serialization)

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai (Pre-serialization) (Manga)

I Can't Tell Which Twin Is Which Sex (Pre-serialization) (Synonyms), 双子の♂♀がわからない (Synonyms)

An 18 year old guy comes to live with his aunt and twin cousins while he tries looking for work. Although he remembers that they were twin brother and sister, he is surprised too find that they both appear to be girls when he meets them again after several years, so now he can't tell which is a guy and which is a girl.

21st Century Cousin/s Cross-dressing Incest Japan Trap Twin/s

Futago no Imouto ni Narikawatte Karada o Sasagemasu

Futago no Imouto ni Narikawatte Karada o Sasagemasu (Manga)

Futago no Imouto ni Narikawatte Karada wo Sasagemasu (Synonyms), ふたごの妹に成り代わってカラダを捧げます (Synonyms)


Sister/s Twin/s

Futago no Kishi

Futago no Kishi (Manga)

The Twin Knights (Synonyms), 双子の騎士 (Synonyms)

Prince Daisy and Princess Violetta are the twin son and daughter of Queen and King Sapphire and Frantz. In the midst of their peace and good life, something bad happens. Prince Daisy is kidnapped. Princess Violetta must pretend to be not only herself, but her brother as well, and at the same time attempt to find the whereabouts of her missing brother.

Female Demographic with Male Author Kidnapping/s Royalty Secret Identity Twin/s

Futago no Koibito

Futago no Koibito (Manga)

Futago (Gemini) no Koibito (Synonyms), Gemini no Koibito (Synonyms), 双子の恋人 (Synonyms)


Love Triangle/s Twin/s

Futago no Pink

Futago no Pink (Manga)

Pink Twins (Synonyms), ふたごのピンク (Synonyms)



Futago no Princess

Futago no Princess (Manga)

Princess twins (Synonyms), ふたごのプリンセス (Synonyms)



Futago no Soudouki - We Are Twins

Futago no Soudouki - We Are Twins (Manga)

ふたご騒動記―We are twins (Synonyms)



Futago no Yome

Futago no Yome (Manga)

Married To Twins -Attacked By Handsome Men From In Front And Behind! A New Wife's Mating Battle (Synonyms), 双子のヨメ~前も後ろもイケメン攻め!新婚種付けバトル (Synonyms)

The husband I married was a twin!? Kaede is the eldest daughter of a poor family with lots of children. Because of her large breasts and excellent childbearing body, she catches the eye of a major landowner and ends up marrying the heir to the family, Takaomi. He's handsome, kind, and the best husband a girl could ask for... or he should have been, but on their wedding night a stranger with the same face as Takaomi appears...!

Arranged Marriage Threesome Twin/s

Futago wa Gaman Dekinai

Futago wa Gaman Dekinai (Manga)

双子はガマンできない (Synonyms)


Age Gap BDSM Collection of Stories Cosplay Fellatio Group Intercourse Masturbation Older Seme Younger Uke Twin/s

Futago, Futagokoro.

Futago, Futagokoro. (Manga)

Split between Twins. (Synonyms), ふたご、ふたごころ。 (Synonyms), 雙子戀心 (Synonyms), 쌍둥이, 두 마음. (Synonyms)

It's the ultimate romantic comedy of a non-riajuu boy and two polar opposite sisters!Haruta is going out with a shy beauty, Mafuyu. While he's distressed over being unable to even hold hands, he was able to enjoy youth with his girlfriend for the first time in his life. However, having encountered Mafuyu's devilish twin sister who's the extreme opposite of her, his happy days are coming to an end!?

Cheating/Infidelity Gyaru High School Student/s Japan Love Triangle/s Rushed Ending / Axed Sister/s Study Abroad Twin/s Two-Timing

Futakaku Kankei

Futakaku Kankei (Manga)

Bicornuate Relationship (Synonyms), 双角カンケイ。 (Synonyms), 双角关系 (Synonyms), 쌍각관계 (Synonyms)

From :Twin sisters Airi and Himari have always been very close, and worn identical hairstyles, clothing and accessories. But after they enter high school, Himari starts to drift away from her sister. When cornered by Airi, she explains that she has "a promise with senpai to fulfill," no matter what.

Blushing Bookstore Coworker/s Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Misunderstanding/s Twin/s

Futakoi Alternative

Futakoi Alternative (Manga)

フタコイ オルタナティブ (Synonyms)

Futakoi Alternative tells the story of Rentarō Futaba and his detective agency. One day a set of twins, Sara and Sōju, show up at his doorstep. They move in with him and work as secretaries for his agency.

Adapted to Anime Based on an Anime Scooter Twin/s

Futari no Erika

Futari no Erika (Manga)

ふたりのエリカ (Synonyms)

Erika and her twin sister Sayuri got separated when their parents divorced. They look identical, and both grew up to love ballet and became promising dancers, but can a girl love only ballet in her life? And how their identical look will reflect on their private lifes?Image taken from description compiled from

Ballerina/s Ballet Divorced Parent/s Twin/s

Futari no Musuko ni Nerawarete Imasu

Futari no Musuko ni Nerawarete Imasu (Manga)

Futari no Musuko ni Nerawareteimasu (Synonyms), I'm Being Targeted by My Two Sons (Synonyms), ふたりの息子に狙われています (Synonyms), 被两个儿子同时追求 (Synonyms), 두 아들에게 노려지고 있습니다 (Synonyms)

Keiichi is raising his twin nephews as sons, Ren and Takumi, his sister's sons who are under the false assumption that Keiichi is not related by blood. Ren is a promising future researcher and Takumi is a national swimmer. Keiichi's always wanted to give his two excellent sons whatever they wish for, but on their 20th birthday they unexpectedly started pestering him about... "They want... my body?!"Kamon Saeko draws the crazy love triangle of two boys that want to stay with him both as family and as lovers!(By )

Adopted Child/ren Double / Multiple Penetration False Incest Group Intercourse Guardian/s Rape Single Father Threesome Twin/s Young Father