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Sayonara Futaribocchi Renai Shinsho

Sayonara Futaribocchi Renai Shinsho (Manga)

Farewell, Our Lonely Love Story (Synonyms), さよならふたりぼっち恋愛新書 (Synonyms)

In our usual group of college buddies, we have Shun-chan and Yuuta. From that flashy bunch of guys, Shun-chan is constantly finding every possible way to sexually harass the hardworking Yuuta. Then one day he actually confesses seriously, and so begins their clumsy dating experience.(Same Universe as & )

Emotional Roller Coaster Friends Become Lovers Height Difference Popular Male Lead Short Uke Tall Seme Unexpected Feelings University University Student/s Urination

Usotsuki na Kokuhaku

Usotsuki na Kokuhaku (Manga)

Fake Confession (Synonyms), 嘘つきな告白 (Synonyms)


Classmate/s Collection of Stories Cross-dressing Nobility Reunion/s Royalty Social Gap Social Hierarchy University University Student/s

Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo

Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo (Manga)

Dây Tơ Hồng Định Mệnh (Synonyms), el hilo rojo del destino (Synonyms), Le fil du destin (Synonyms), The Red String of Fate (Synonyms), В заключении красной нити судьбы (Synonyms), 紅線的緩期執行 (Synonyms), 红线的缓期执行 (Synonyms), 赤い糸の執行猶予 (Synonyms), 붉은실의 집행유예 (Synonyms)

From Keiji has the special ability to see red strings of fate...threads that connect when two people are meant to spend the rest of their lives together. One day, he looks down at his hand and sees that his string has finally connected to someone!! But when Keiji finds the person on the other end, he realizes it's... a guy!!!

Affectionate Seme Cute Seme Divorced Parent/s Fated Lovers Kind Seme Red Thread of Fate Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Seme Falling in Love First University University Student/s

Enjoy Your Meal

Enjoy Your Meal (Manga)

Oishiku Meshiagaremasu (Synonyms), おいしく召し上がれます (Synonyms)

Yoshimi, who has a strong attachment to food, meets the resourceful lunch box boy, Endou. As he is being fed, a strange desire began to grow...

Bento Cooking Friends Become Lovers Unexpected Feelings University University Student/s

Escape Journey

Escape Journey (Manga)

It's the Journey not the Destination (German) (Synonyms), エスケープジャーニー (Synonyms), 逃避之旅 (Synonyms)

From MbE:In college, Naoto has an unexpected reunion with ex‐boyfriend Taichi who he broke up with for claiming their relationship was for sexual release only. Naoto has been carrying this old resentment, but little by little his heart is starting to forgive Taichi, who has really grown compared to their time in high school…All the while, their friend Fumi‐chan seems to have fallen in love with Taichi…? As friends, they have extraordinary compatibility, but turning it into love isn’t going too well. A scar‐covered love story!

Drunken Intercourse Dubious Consent Ex-Boyfriend Flashbacks Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Uke Post-Secondary Student/s Rape University University Student/s

Kunkou Schale

Kunkou Schale (Manga)

Elementare Gefühle (German) (Synonyms), 你的香气培养皿 (Synonyms), 君香シャーレ (Synonyms)

Takashina, who usually finds it unpleasant to maintain close relationships with others because of his extreme sensitivity to smell, accidentally encounters the perfect scent while helping out one of his senpai at the college lab one night. From that day on, his desire to keep experiencing that smell grows ever stronger, and then...

Airhead/s Fetish/es Glasses-Wearing Seme Laboratory Older Uke Younger Seme Post-Secondary Student/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Smell Fetish University University Student/s

Semantic Error

Semantic Error (Manhwa)

Error semántico (Synonyms), 语义错误 (Synonyms), 错误指令 (Synonyms), 시맨틱 에러 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Adapted to Kdrama Based on a Novel Based on a Web Novel Coincidental Connections Full Color Student-Student Relationship University University Student/s Webtoon

Hibari ga Naitara Tsukamaete

Hibari ga Naitara Tsukamaete (Manga)

Catch Me When the Skylarks Sing (Synonyms), Please Catch Me When I Hear The Lark Singing (Synonyms), ひばりが鳴いたらつかまえて (Synonyms), 雲雀鳴叫之時 便是捕捉之際 (Synonyms)

"In order to meet you, I…"Enomoto, currently a college student, often finds himself reminiscing the days spent with his childhood friend Shimura, who had always been beside him up until six years ago. Due to a sudden transfer, Enomoto didn't get to ask Shimura where he was moving and he hadn't heard anything from him since.Until one day, he suddenly reunites with Shimura in his Philosophy class in college. Enomoto is over the moon, but Shimura seems to feel differently...

Childhood Friend/s Childhood Friends Reunited Part-Time Job Regret Reunion/s Reunited Friends University University Student/s

Super School Doctor

Super School Doctor (Manhua)

Chaoji Xiaoyi (Synonyms), The Ultimate School Doctor (Synonyms), 超级校医 (Synonyms)

Xiong Yu returned to the mall in order to fulfill his grandfather's death wish. He married Qiu Hongxin, the principal of the beauty, but was refused. In order to cultivate feelings, Xiong Yu became ...

Engagement Medicine/s Principal/s School Doctor/s University

Uchi ni Oide yo (AZUMI Kyohei)

Uchi ni Oide yo (AZUMI Kyohei) (Manga)

Come on Over (Synonyms), Uchi ni Oideyo (Synonyms), うちにおいでよ (Synonyms)

Natsuki, who can't get to sleep unless he is completely worn out from sex, is living a life of debauchery with no strings attached. One night, he finds a hot young guy waiting in front of his apartment in the rain. Thinking there's definitely more to him than meets the eye, Natsuki lets the guy live with him, but only under certain conditions... This manga contains the following works: "Come on Over," "First Love," "Intense Love," and "This Just Can't Be Helped," a previously unpublished story.

Collection of Stories High School High School Student/s Older Uke Younger Seme Post-Secondary Student/s Student-Student Relationship University

Crazy in Love (Ki Bom)

Crazy in Love (Ki Bom) (Manhwa)

Jukgo Motsaneun Yeonae (Synonyms), Love or Die (Ki Bom) (Synonyms), やっかいな初カレ (Synonyms), 不恋爱就会死 (Synonyms), 죽고 못사는 연애 (Synonyms)

If the two strangers in the same school program want to lie they must be a couple. The story starts with a car accident which made them the worst enemies. Can these two truly love each other?

Accidental Death Angel/s Bickering Love Destiny Fate Full Color Ghost Protagonist University University Student/s Webtoon

Kare ga Kawaii to Ittakara

Kare ga Kawaii to Ittakara (Manga)

Because, he said that you are cute. (Synonyms), 因为他夸我可爱 (Synonyms), 彼がかわいいと言ったから (Synonyms)


Classmate/s Collection of Stories High School High School Student/s Housemates Love Triangle/s Salaryman Straight Uke Student-Student Relationship University

Sake to Sakana

Sake to Sakana (Manga)

Booze and Fish (Synonyms), 酒と魚 (Synonyms)

Fumi and Haru are two university friends with a shared passion for the swim team, until Fumi's "unique" heritage complicates matters.

Animal Characteristics Atypical Art Style Fish Out of Water Fish/es Mermaid/s Ocean Pool/s Sea Swimming University

All Night Long (Muno)

All Night Long (Muno) (Manga)

オールナイトロング (Synonyms), 直到天明 (Synonyms), 올 나이트 롱 (Synonyms)

From :"Why don't you try it out?" These were the words Akashi Noboru's friends uttered to him when he found out that a school hottie, Yagi Tomohiro, was gay. Noboru who was already contemplating the fact that he himself might be gay, egged on by what his friends said, makes the move.

Misunderstanding/s Post-Secondary School Sex Friends Sex Friends Become Lovers Sexual Curiosity Student-Student Relationship Unexpected Feelings Unexpressed Feeling/s University University Student/s


Altruist (Manga)

アルトルイスト (Synonyms)

After drinking with the members of his college department, Asahi was suddenly invited by Toono Sensei to come to his place.As they enter his home, Asahi was pushed by Sensei to have sex with Tsukasa, an omega who is currently on heat. Asahi being an Alpha couldn't suppress the urge to hold Tsukasa and Sensei was there filming it all on his tape.Now he can’t seem to get himself out of this weird situation.

Beta x Omega Cohabitation Impotency Mutual Pining Omegaverse Traumatic Past University Unrequited Love Voyeurism

Amanojaku no Koi

Amanojaku no Koi (Manga)

Amanojyaku no Koi (Synonyms), あまのじゃくの恋 (Synonyms)

Collection of oneshots:1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9)

Apartment Life Collection of Stories Older Uke Younger Seme Post-Secondary Student/s University

Asahina Reiichirou wa Itsumo Yuuutsu

Asahina Reiichirou wa Itsumo Yuuutsu (Manga)

Reiichirou Asahina is Always Melancholy (Synonyms), 朝日奈怜一郎はいつも憂鬱 (Synonyms)


Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Uke Student-Teacher Relationship University University Student/s

Asobinin ni Matomo na Koi ga Dekiru no ka

Asobinin ni Matomo na Koi ga Dekiru no ka (Manga)

My First Time With A Guy (Synonyms), Yarichin Dakedo Hajimete Otoko to Yattara Nigerareta (Synonyms), ヤリチンだけど初めて男とヤッたら逃げられた (Synonyms), 遊び人にまともな恋ができるのか (Synonyms)

Age Gap Middle-Aged Protagonist Older Male Younger Male Older Uke Younger Seme Professor/s University University Student/s

Ayame-kun no Nonbiri Nikushoku Nisshi

Ayame-kun no Nonbiri Nikushoku Nisshi (Manga)

The diary about Ayame’s easygoing and aggressive days. (Synonyms), アヤメくんののんびり肉食日誌 (Synonyms)

The manga centers on Ayame and Tsubaki, who are researchers at a lab in the biology department of T University. Ayame is a "returnee," someone who lived abroad for a while and then returned to Japan. He does things at his own pace and is a "dinosaur otaku," and Tsubaki is his older colleague who is an enthusiast of studying the skeletons of birds and dinosaurs. The manga follows their slightly strange romantic relationship. [ANN]

Adapted to Live Action Coworker Relationships Eccentric Male Lead Laboratory Older Female Younger Male Quirky Characters Research Scientist/s University Unusual Hobby/Interest

Ano Ko wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai

Ano Ko wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai (Manga)

Ano Ko wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai (Synonyms), The Boy Can’t Help It (Synonyms), あのこはソレを我慢できない (Synonyms)

From :College student Junya accidentally intrudes on his gay childhood friend and roommate, Akiyoshi, while he’s in the midst of a steamy hookup. Junya finds he can’t tear his eyes away from his friend’s “O face” or stop appreciating his rough pace in bed. Akiyoshi protests, but Junya eventually seduces his reluctant roommate into some hot groping and a little anal play to boot! So why does Akiyoshi continue to refuse to seal the deal? Also includes a short story about a manic romantic and his ever-positive boyfriend!

Cohabitation Friends Become Lovers Gay Seme Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Seme Manly Gay Couple Playboy/Playgirl Becomes Monogamous Roommates University University Student/s