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Futago (Manga)

FUTAGO - twins- (Synonyms), FUTAGO‐ふたご‐ (Synonyms), 트윈스 (Synonyms)

From : Yukari was enjoying her single life until her elder twin sister, Ayaka, suddenly pays her a visit with a young man in tow, to ask for some strange advice! This is a story about a set of mismatched twins.

Affair/s Age Gap Fake Relationship Family Reunited Live-in Lover Married Couple Older Female Younger Male Twin/s Unrequited Love Writer/s

Futari no Himitsu.

Futari no Himitsu. (Manga)

Our Secret - What Makes Two of Us (Synonyms), The Secret of Us (Synonyms), ふたりのヒミツ。 (Synonyms), 两个人的秘密 (Synonyms), 兩人的秘密 (Synonyms)

Saijou Kiki is a model and child star and with the release of her new commercial her popularity skyrockets. At school, she harbors feelings for Takumi-kun... but somehow ends up kissing his friend Teppei?! And what's more, they've switched bodies due to some sort of old legend?!

Body Swap/s Childhood Friend/s Crybaby Protagonist Ex-Girlfriend Male Lead Falls in Love First Modeling Popular Female Lead Student/s Unrequited Love Urban Legends

Futari no Lion

Futari no Lion (Manga)

Dwa lwy (Polish) (Synonyms), Futari no Raion (Synonyms), Les deux lions (French) (Synonyms), The Two Lions (Synonyms), ふたりのライオン (Synonyms)

To escape his reputation as a misunderstood loner, Leo attends a university far from home. His attempts at making friends aren't going so well until he meets someone who recognizes him—friendly and laidback Junpei, who went to the same high school as he did. Can Leo break out of his shell and navigate his new friendship as it grows into something more? This Teen-rated BL tale will warm your heart.

Awkward at Relationships Cat/s Character Growth Dyed Hair Fight/s First Friend Friendship Grandfather/s University Student/s Unrequited Love

Fuyushirazu no Koi

Fuyushirazu no Koi (Manga)

Fuyu Shirazu no Koi (Synonyms), Souci d'amour (The love of Calendula) (Synonyms), 冬知らずの恋 (Synonyms)

Even though Chihiro is Shuto's cousin, his neighbor, and a guy, Shuto has had feelings for him for five years. Shuto knows nothing good could come from these feelings. That doesn't stop Shuto from kissing his cousin...and touching himself. When Chihiro catches Shuto kissing him, Shuto soon realizes his unrequited love might still have hope..

Bisexual Seme Caught in the Act Cousin/s Hetero Sex in Yaoi Manga In Love with Family Member Neighbor/s Stolen Kiss Unrequited Love

Gokujou Beef Curry, Himitsu Iri

Gokujou Beef Curry, Himitsu Iri (Manga)

The Finest Beef Curry with 5 Secrets (Synonyms), The Finest Beef Curry with a Secret (Synonyms), 極上ビーフカレー、秘密入り (Synonyms), 極品牛肉咖哩的秘密 (Synonyms)

Collection of stories:Story 1 - Story 2 - Story 3 - Story 4 - Gokujou Beef Curry, Himitsu IriStory 5 - Eikyuu Red Carpet

Absent Parent/s Brother/s Collection of Stories Extended Flashbacks In Love with Family Member's Spouse Makeshift Family Older Female Younger Male Unexpressed Feeling/s Unrequited Love

Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi

Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi (Manga)

Flower Gardens and Goodbyes (Synonyms), 花畑と別れ話 (Synonyms), 花畑与离别之语 (Synonyms)

Takuya, Yuiji, and Aki are childhood friends who have always been together. Takuya secretly likes Aki, but she suddenly gets a boyfriend. Takuya nurses his broken heart with Yuiji, who suddenly confesses that he's always liked Takuya.r Ryoutarou, and his brother's boyfriend Nonoyama.

Brother/s Childhood Friend/s Family Family Love First Love Flashbacks Flower/s Friends Become Lovers Friendship Unrequited Love

Hare no Hi

Hare no Hi (Manga)

A Fine Day (Synonyms), ハレの日 (Synonyms)

From Seraphic Deviltry:A story told in the form of a monologue by a father who discovers some aspects of his son’s life that are intricately linked to his own hidden past and the experiences he had when he was young.

Coming Out of the Closet Divorced Parent/s Family Father and Son First Love Heartbreak LGBT Parent/s LGBT Themes Love Confession/s Unrequited Love

Hatsukoi Hakusho

Hatsukoi Hakusho (Manga)

Diari Kasih (Synonyms), First Love Memories (Synonyms), First Love Stories (Synonyms), White Paper on First Love (Synonyms), 初恋白書 (Synonyms)

Best Friends Class President Classmate/s Collection of Stories Delinquent/s First Love Friends Become Lovers Friendship Unrequited Love Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Hatsukoi no DNA

Hatsukoi no DNA (Manga)

A First Love's DNA (Synonyms), 初恋のDNA (Synonyms)


Age Gap First Love Student-Teacher Relationship Unrequited Love

Hatsukoi no Kanata

Hatsukoi no Kanata (Manga)

Beyond the First Love (Synonyms), The Far Side of First Love (Synonyms), ハツコイの彼方 (Synonyms), 初恋的彼方 (Synonyms)

His first love was his father's lover. To deal with this unrequited passion he made a habit of serial-dating older women. But then there's his carefree-but-straightforward friend Shinri, who remains sincere to an unrequited love. For the first time in a long while, a cynical young man's heart begins to flutter anew...: Chapters 1-3 include the title story. Chapter 4 is a side story to .

Complicated Family Finding Love Again First Love LGBT Parent/s Misunderstanding/s Painful First Love Post-Secondary Student/s Student-Student Relationship Unrequited Love Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Hatsukoi no Katachi wa Sankaku

Hatsukoi no Katachi wa Sankaku (Manga)

First Love Triangle (Synonyms), The Shape of First Love is a Triangle (Synonyms), The Triangle of First Love (Synonyms), 初恋のカタチは△ (Synonyms), 初恋的形状是三角 (Synonyms)

Minato confesses his love to his childhood friend Tsukasa but is rejected. Unable to give up he asks his friend Tooru, the most popular guy in school, for advice, but what he gets is another love confession: Tooru is in love with him. And thus a love triangle is born.

Bisexual Love Triangle Cheerful Male Lead Childhood Friend/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Love Triangle/s Unrequited Love

Hatsukoi to Sobakasuto Kimi

Hatsukoi to Sobakasuto Kimi (Manga)

First Love, Freckles, and You (Synonyms), 初恋とそばかすとキミ (Synonyms), 雀斑姑娘的初戀 (Synonyms)

Yuri has a complex about her freckles. She does not want boys to look at her face closely. It's too much! Things take a serious turn. The seat of Shindo, who is the most handsome boy in class, is now next to hers. All five stories of painful love are included.Story 1: Hatsukoi to Sobakasuto KimiStory 2: Houkago, futari / Together After SchoolStory 3: Namida hikaru / Sparkling Tears Story 4: Kare no kimochi ga shiritai itoki wa / I Want to Know His FeelingStory 5: Mienai kimi he no love letter / Love Letter to Invisible You

Collection of Stories Emotionally Weak Female Lead Strong Male Lead Unrequited Love


Hatsukokuhaku. (Manga)

First Confession (Synonyms), Hatsu Kokuhaku (Synonyms), Hatsu Kokuhaku. (Synonyms), Hatsukokuhaku (Synonyms), Kokuhaku (SAKANO Anri) (Synonyms), 初告白。 坂野杏梨女装少年アンソロジー作品集 (Synonyms), 初告白。坂野杏梨女裝少年作品集 (Synonyms)

Arai is a member of the home economics club at his high school, and he gets roped into cross-dressing by the club president so he can talk to and ultimately confess to his first love, Ono.Originally included in .

Cross-dressing Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Male Disguised as Female Trap Unrequited Love

Junai Junkie

Junai Junkie (Manga)

Di Gelanggang Impi (Synonyms), Dojiko & Hero (Synonyms), Fool For You (SHIUMI Saki) (Synonyms), Jun'ai Junkie (Synonyms), Jun'ai Junkies (Synonyms), Pure Love Junkie (Synonyms), The Hallway Rumors (Synonyms), We're Not Involved (Synonyms), 純愛ジャンキー (Synonyms), 纯爱中毒 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Arrogant Male Lead Basketball Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Manager Model/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Unrequited Love Valentine's Day

Kimi ni Hana o

Kimi ni Hana o (Manga)

Flowers for You (Synonyms), 君に花を (Synonyms)

From :Who cut my daisies?!

Female Demographic with Male Lead Feminine Male Lead Flower/s Gardener/s Gardening Rumors Tomboy/s Tsundere Male Lead Unrequited Love

Love Ho no Ojou-sama

Love Ho no Ojou-sama (Manga)

First Love Time Machine (Synonyms), Hatsukoi no Time Machine (Synonyms), Kaseifu wa Santai! (Synonyms), Koisuru Surprise Cafe (Synonyms), Love Ho no Ojousama (Synonyms), Love Hotel no Ojousama (Synonyms), Natsuiro no Katakoi (Synonyms), Sonogo no Ojousama (Synonyms), ラブホ・のお嬢サマ (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Part-Time Job Playboy/s Unrequited Love

Mister Mermaid

Mister Mermaid (Manga)

Fuji no Yamai (Synonyms), Undying Illness (Synonyms), ミスターマーメイド (Synonyms)

Based on a Classic Based on a Fairytale Immortality Merman/men Mute Character Unorthodox Male Love Interest Unrequited Love

Not All Chicks Are Retards

Not All Chicks Are Retards (Manga)

Fun After School (Synonyms), Gunzuna Onna Bakariya Naize (Synonyms), Guzu na Onna Bakari ja nai ze (Synonyms), Guzu na Onna Bakarija Naize (Synonyms), Guzuna Onna Bakarijya Naize (Synonyms), Not All Girls Are Stupid (Synonyms), 愚図な女ばかりじゃないぜ (Synonyms)

"Fun After School" is a two-part one-shot that tells about the relationship between Iwata Megumi, the idol of Chofu High School, and Midorikawa Mayuko, also known as Miss Chofu High School. When another student takes a picture of the two of them in an intimate moment, what lengths will Megumi go to to get the picture and negative?"School Days" centers around a girl named Misaki who hates the co-ed school she was forced to transfer to and desperately misses her best friend from the girls' school she used to attend.

Friends Become Lovers Sexuality Unrequited Love

Oouso Swing

Oouso Swing (Manga)

Bride on Loan (Synonyms), Futaba no Tote mo Sainan na Hi (Synonyms), Futaba no Totemo Sainan na Hi (Synonyms), Helah Putar Belit (Synonyms), Lying Swing (Synonyms), Lời nói dối hay thay đổi (Synonyms), Ohuso Swing (Synonyms), Oouso Suuingu (Synonyms), Ouso Swing (Synonyms), The Big Lie Swing (Synonyms), ふたばのとても災難な日 (Synonyms), 大嘘スウィング (Synonyms), 谎言Swing (Synonyms)

All-Girls School Blunt Male Lead Cold Male Lead Ex-Delinquent/s First Time Dating Lie/s Love Triangle/s Strong Female Lead Strong-Willed Female Lead Unrequited Love

Sayuri Hime

Sayuri Hime (Manga)

First Impression (NANAZAKI Iku) (Synonyms), First Love Sisters Extra (Synonyms), Flowers in the Shade (Synonyms), Honnou-ji no Hen (Synonyms), Incident at Honnou Temple (Synonyms), Instant Summer (Synonyms), Mini Yuri-Hime (Synonyms), Sayuri-hime (Synonyms), Sharing Heat (Synonyms), Summer With a Mermaid (Synonyms), Sweetly Reeling (Synonyms), Tag (TANIMURA Marika) (Synonyms), 小百合 姫 (Synonyms)

Animal Characteristics Collection of Stories Diet/s First Love Tattoo/s Unrequited Love