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Heaven at The End of 4th Floor

Heaven at The End of 4th Floor (Manhwa)

4층복도끝천국 (Synonyms), 盡頭的天國 (Synonyms)

A ghost cannot move to their afterlife if they're holding a grudge in this world. While trying to find out why she's still stuck at her high school, ghost girl Yoon longs to have a living friend. One day, a handsome boy named Sean visits her in the utility room, and he willingly becomes her friend. They soon become best of friends, but Yoon finds out that Sean is suspiciously involved in her death.

Full Color Ghost/s Regret Web Comic Webtoon

Hebi Hime-sama no Oose no Mama ni

Hebi Hime-sama no Oose no Mama ni (Manga)

月夜下的蛇姬 (Synonyms), 蛇姫様の仰せのままに (Synonyms)

Mei Xingxiang, who inherited the blood of the snake witch, was cursed by the snake god, and turned into a licentious snake girl every moonlit night, and the only person who could ease the curse for her was the beautiful man Kujochi who held the priesthood.The fate of the two of them intertwined under the moonlit night of a certain festival...

Appearance Changes Curse/s Full Color Handsome Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Snake Girl/s Webtoon White-Haired Female Lead

Hello Dosa

Hello Dosa (Manhwa)

헬로 도사 (Synonyms)

Hello again it is nice to meet you again in this life?"This is a story of a genius master and a girl he must keep.“

Full Color Webtoon

Hello Mister Teddy

Hello Mister Teddy (Manhwa)

Hello Mr Teddy (Synonyms), 헬로 미스터 테디 (Synonyms)

From :The ruler of the underworld whose appearance is fiercer than a black bear, who has a secretive and cute hobby?!

21st Century Appearance Different from Personality Bear/s Full Color Gang/s South Korea stuffed animal Web Comic Webtoon

Hello to My God

Hello to My God (Manhua)

吾神万岁 (Synonyms)

One day, Delysia, a star who had been accidentally disfigured, encountered a guru who looked like a bad guy but helped her regain her appearance. Soon after, Delysia found that the guru was a gay and was kept by someone. Well, let me save this adonis.

Web Comic Webtoon

Hello Zombie Girl

Hello Zombie Girl (Manhwa)

헬로! 좀비 걸 (Synonyms), 헬로! 좀비걸 (Synonyms), 헬로좀비걸 (Synonyms)

Daily life of Maru Jeong and his friend, who take care of a zombie-looking robot girl sent by Maru's grandfather for 300m Won.

Android/s Artificial Intelligence Bad Art Emotionless Character/s Modern Era South Korea Web Comic Webtoon

Hello, Mom

Hello, Mom (Manhwa)

Bye and Hello, Mom (Synonyms), Goodbye, Mom (Synonyms), Hi, Mom (Synonyms), 안녕, 엄마 (Synonyms)

A parting with one mom and a meeting with another. Our close and distant parting story.

Full Color Ghost/s Mother and Daughter Web Comic Webtoon

Hellper 2 - Killberos

Hellper 2 - Killberos (Manhwa)

헬퍼 2 : 킬베로스 (Synonyms)

Indeed it is, Indeed it doesThe leader of the Killberos Tribe Jang Gwangnam unfolds street action comics

Atypical Art Style God/s Godly Powers Partially Colored Web Comic Webtoon

Help Me! Ancestors!

Help Me! Ancestors! (Manhua)

祖先帮帮忙 (Synonyms)

Xiaotu Li -- a high schooler who lives an ordinary life, has just turned eighteen this year. One day, he wakes up to find a mysterious witch who tells him about a surprising family's curse!. A mystifying yet funny magical adventure of a quirky boy who is in search for solving his mystery.(Source: INKR Comics)


Help Top

Help Top (Manhwa)

헬프탑 (Synonyms)

The creepy neighbours are continuously watching my house. What is their goal?

21st Century Full Color South Korea Web Comic Webtoon

Herb Connection

Herb Connection (Manhwa)

Heobeu Keonegsyeon (Synonyms), Пряные отношения (Synonyms), 허브 커넥션 (Synonyms)

Winner of the 2nd MrBlue Comic ContestOfficial Webtoon:

Cooking Restaurant Web Comic Webtoon Workplace Romance

Hero Killer (Beolkkul)

Hero Killer (Beolkkul) (Manhwa)

히어로 킬러 (Synonyms)

The world is in constant turmoil, with constant wars breaking out between Heroes and Villains. Gifted with supernatural abilities, one lone girl sets out on a bloody path for revenge against the injustices of the world she lives in. With the constant clashes between titans, no one is safe. If no one is willing to protect the innocent, who are the real heroes, and who are the real villains? What truly separates one from the other?

Blood-Thirsty Female Lead Blood-Thirsty Protagonist Corruption Dead Family Member/s Full Color Muscular Female/s Protagonist Strong from the Start Revenge Scar/s Webtoon

Heungnyong Yeonin

Heungnyong Yeonin (Manhwa)

흑룡연인 (Synonyms), Black Dragon Lover (Synonyms), Black Dragon Romance (Synonyms), Black Dragon's Lover (Synonyms), Heukryong Yeonin (Synonyms), Heunglyong Yeonin (Synonyms), Heungnyongui Yeonin (Synonyms), Les Amants du Dragon Noir (Synonyms), 甜心总裁娇妻控 (Synonyms), 黒龍恋人 (Synonyms)

Alternating POV Bodyguard-Boss Relationship Bodyguard/s CEO China Full Color Mafia Multiple Couples Office Worker/s Webtoon

Hi, My Lady

Hi, My Lady (Manhwa)

Hi My Lady (Synonyms), Hi, M'Lady (Synonyms), Hi, Malady (Synonyms)

The lady of the Walters house, Cecilia Walters, loses her engagement ring, the cornerstone of her profitable relationship with Hans G. Manz.Maid Mia Bridget is blackmailed by Cecilia into helping her find the ring and enact her "second secret plan," all whilst keeping it under wraps to prevent a fuss, before Viscount Manz visits the next week.Note: No official summary. Summary given here is provided by Hour of Lunacy Scans.

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Fiancée/s Maid/s Rings Web Comic Webtoon

Hidden Hobbies

Hidden Hobbies (Manhwa)

은밀한 반장의 취미 (Synonyms)

Jun is a common and ordinary boy, class president of a prestigious school that only accepts the elite ... Everyone in the school admires him and there are too many rumours about him ... but none of them comes close about the true being of their president . Everything is going great until Mariam, the vice president, finds the class president sleeping dressed as ... A fun story involving an undercover hobby!

Caught in the Act Cross-dressing Full Color High School High School Student/s Secret Desire Secret Relationship Student-Student Relationship Web Comic Webtoon

Hidden Love 37.5℃

Hidden Love 37.5℃ (Manhua)

37.5℃ Hidden Love (Synonyms), Anlian 37.5℃ (Synonyms), 暗恋37.5℃ (Synonyms)

Li Shiyan and Zheng Rixun are best friends since childhood. They live next door, grow up together and now attend the same high school. They almost spend twelve hours a day hanging out together. Gradually both of them harbors a secret crush upon each other, though neither dares to confesses nor make the first move. As a heartthrob in school, Rixun is always badgered by girls wherever he goes, while Shiyan also bumps into guys every now and then, soon some misunderstanding occurs...

Childhood Friend/s Full Color Love Rival/s Popular Male Lead Student-Student Relationship Web Comic Webtoon

Hide and Seek (Ipado)

Hide and Seek (Ipado) (Manhwa)

Haideu Aen Sikeu (Synonyms), Hide & Seek (Synonyms), Hide & Seek รักซ่อนหา (Synonyms), Игра в прятки (Synonyms), ハイド・アンド・シーク (Synonyms), 捉迷藏 (Synonyms), 隐藏与寻找 (Synonyms), 하이드 앤 시크 (Synonyms), 하이드앤시크 (Synonyms)

Bodyguard-Boss Relationship Bodyguard/s Dark Past Dysfunctional Family Full Color Rich Male Lead Split Personality Thriller Web Comic Webtoon

High School Teacher

High School Teacher (Manhwa)

Godeung Hag Ssaem (Synonyms), Учитель старшей школы (Synonyms), 고등 학 쌤 (Synonyms), 고등학쌤 (Synonyms)

By the author of .

Body Swap/s Full Color Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Teacher/s Web Comic Webtoon

Himawari Memory

Himawari Memory (Manga)

ヒマワリメモリー (Synonyms)

Death of Loved One/s Full Color Hospital Patient/s MMORPG Mother and Daughter Web Comic Webtoon

Himitsu no Video Kissa

Himitsu no Video Kissa (Manhwa)

秘密のビデオ喫茶 (Synonyms)

Web Comic Webtoon