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Threads of Time

Threads of Time (Manhwa)

Dòng Thời Gian (Synonyms), Sal rye tap (Synonyms), Sal-Le-Top (Synonyms), Salitai (Synonyms), Salletop (Synonyms), Нити времени (Synonyms), 撒禮塔 (Synonyms), 살례탑 (Synonyms)

Rape Coma Guilt Korea Love Triangle/s Mongol Reincarnation Romantic Subplot Time Travel War/s

Tobira to Kamen

Tobira to Kamen (Manga)

Doors and Masks (Synonyms), 扉と仮面 (Synonyms)


Gang Rape Older Uke Younger Seme rape

Hyouryuu Net Cafe

Hyouryuu Net Cafe (Manga)

Cibercafé a la deriva (Synonyms), Drifting Net Café (Synonyms), Hyouryuu Internet Cafe (Synonyms), Hyōryū Net Café (Synonyms), 漂流ネットカフェ (Synonyms), 漂流网咖 (Synonyms)

Blood and Gore Borderline H Manipulative Antagonist/s Murder/s Nudity Parallel World/s Psychopath/s Rape Sex Addict/s Survival

Ibara no Ori

Ibara no Ori (Manga)

Cage of Thorns (Synonyms), Cage of Thorns - Freedom in Miniature Garden (Synonyms), Ibara no Ori - Hakoniwa no Naka no Jiyuu (Synonyms), 荆棘之栏 (Synonyms), 荊の檻~いばらのおり~ (Synonyms), 荊の檻~いばらのおり~箱庭の中の自由 (Synonyms)

From :Tsurugi met Katsuragi's father and Tsurugi is afraid senior Katsuragi might do something to the company he manages, Mishima Construction. But young Katsuragi thought Tsurugi wanted a break-up and told Tsurugi he would definitely protect him. Tsurugi always thought that their relationship is purely sexual, without any feelings involved. Now Tsurugi met with some troubles, will Katsuragi keep to his promise to protect him?

Attempted Blackmail Attempted Gang Rape Complicated Family Dangerous Family Gun/s Imprisonment Kidnapping/s Rape Rescue Sex Friends Become Lovers

Ikujinashi no Shiawase

Ikujinashi no Shiawase (Manga)

A Coward's Happiness (Synonyms), Happiness of a Coward (Synonyms), Happiness of cowardly boy (Synonyms), Homemade Vampire (Synonyms), Kodomo no Himitsu (Synonyms), Slave of Love (Synonyms), 意気地なしの幸せ (Synonyms)

Age Gap Boss-Subordinate Relationship Collection of Stories Crybaby Seme Host/Hostess Live-in Lover Possessive Lover/s Rape Sex Toy/s Vampire/s


Jipinlamahaov5 (Manhua)

Cực Phẩm Manh Nương Thật Uy Vũ V5 (Synonyms), Hot Mother (Synonyms), Jípǐn là mā hǎo V5 (Synonyms), Uma Assasina em Problemas (Synonyms), Una Asesina En Problemas (Synonyms), What A Hot Mom! (Synonyms), 极品辣妈好V5 (Synonyms)

She is the top killer of the killer employment center. Her auntie throwed her to a strange man. When she wanted to ask who was the child's father, Auntie's feet ran away... Six years later, the baby was caught by the black empire. In desperation, she was disguised as a man pretending to be a driver lurking into the black empire boss side to do undercover...

21st Century Arrogant Male Lead Assassin/s Beautiful Female Lead Birth Secrets Child Born From Rape Drug/s Rape Rape as a Start of Relationship Weak Plot Continuity

Juukei Hanazono

Juukei Hanazono (Manga)

Chungking Garden (Synonyms), 重慶花園 (Synonyms)

From :Haruhiko's older brother Seiichi suddenly stops sending letters in the middle of investigating the mysterious organization called PARK. Haruhiko crosses over to Hong Kong to pursue the whereabouts of his brother and encounters detective Kuwan who continues to investigate PARK. Kuwan comforts Haruhiko who is shaken with anxiety and loneliness and vows to protect Haruhiko with all of his power. But, because of his good looks, Haruhiko gets captured as a pet of PARK...!?

Detective/s Dog/s Investigation Italy Kidnapping/s Live-in Lover Older Seme Younger Uke Older Uke Younger Seme Rape Stepsiblings

Juuyoku no Chigiri

Juuyoku no Chigiri (Manga)

Carnal Desires (Synonyms), Jyuuyoku no Chigiri (Synonyms), 獣欲の契 (Synonyms)

Three yakuza go through a life normal people cannot even imagine. The strife, the love and the complex relationships unwind as their lives continue on.

Dead Friend/s Debt Collector/s Love Triangle/s Orphan/s Outdoor Intercourse Rape Revenge Suicide/s Tattoo/s Yakuza/s

Kagakushitsu e Douzo

Kagakushitsu e Douzo (Manga)

Chemistry Lab (Synonyms), Kagakushitsu e Douzo Mirai ban (Synonyms), Kagakushitsu he Douzo (Synonyms), Sexperimente (German) (Synonyms), Welcome to the Chemistry Lab (Synonyms), Zoku Kagakushitsu e Douzo (Synonyms), 化学室へどうぞ (Synonyms), 化学室へどうぞ//未来版 (Synonyms), 画学室的激情酵素 (Synonyms), 続・化学室へどうぞ (Synonyms)

Amnesia Club/s Incest Misunderstanding/s Otaku Photography Possessive Lover/s Rape Revenge Student-Teacher Relationship

Kagen no Tsukiyo no Monogatari

Kagen no Tsukiyo no Monogatari (Manga)

Crescent Moon Story (Synonyms), Tale of the Night's Waning Moon (Synonyms), Tale of the Waning Moon (Synonyms), The Story of the Waning Moon at Night (Synonyms), 下弦の月の物語 (Synonyms), 下弦の月夜の物語 (Synonyms), 下弦月夜物語 (Synonyms)

From :After a night of serious boozing, a jilted young man named Ryuka speaks his wish for true love atop a starlit hill. His words reach the ears of Ixto, the spirit of the last quarter moon, who decides to grant Ryuka’s wish. Unfortunately for Ryuka, Ixto’s handpicked selections to be the young man’s lover are all men themselves! And when his rejection of these choices leads to an unexpected night of passion that casts a spell on him, will Ryuka give in to his enchanted body’s urge to chase after Ixto and journey through worlds unknown, or will his mind win over his heart?

Animal Characteristics Curse/s Journey Legend/s Quest/s Rape Spirit/s Transformation/s Unrequited Love Wish/es

Kawaii Akuma

Kawaii Akuma (Manga)

Cute Demon (Synonyms), Cute Devil (Synonyms), Милый дьявол (Russian) (Synonyms), かわいい悪魔 (Synonyms), 卡哇依恶魔 (Synonyms), 可爱恶魔 (Synonyms)

From :Akiyoshi Tooru is the perfect student with glasses. Unfortunately, he’s always been told that he was 'cute' and 'pretty' which forced him to develop an inferiority complex as a young man. The very same Akiyoshi received a confession from a boy of rare beauty, Naruse Fuuta. Of course, Akiyoshi rejected the confession from another man. However, Naruse lost it, underwent a complete change of attitude, and attacked him! Now knowing the fearsome nature of Naruse, what fate awaits the fleeing Akiyoshi?!

Aggressive Lover Appearance Different from Personality Character Who Bullies the One They Love Forced into a Relationship Growth Spurt Inferiority Complex Manipulative Lover Possessive Lover/s Rape Yandere

Kawaii Darling

Kawaii Darling (Manga)

A Dear Darling (Synonyms), Cute Darling (Synonyms), 可愛いダーリン (Synonyms)

Collection of oneshots:1) Revenge!What's the most effective way to get revenge on the person who betrayed you? By attacking his best friend, of course.

Best Friends Collection of Stories Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Kidnapping/s Otaku Rape Revenge Unrequited Love

Keishi Sokan Asami

Keishi Sokan Asami (Manga)

Keishi Soukan Asami (Synonyms), The Chief of the Metropolitan Police (Synonyms), 警視総監アサミ (Synonyms), 警視總監麻美 (Synonyms)

Asami is a beautiful cop in the Investigative Precint 1! Her dream is to solve a big case! But because of Asami hating Lieutenant Shimoyama's interference Asami's chances are thwarted time and time again. One day, an all-points bulletin stating a discovery of a floating corpse!? Shimoyama claims it's a suicide but Asami does not rule out foul play and starts investigating with her partner, Harada. A front line police story depicting the adventures of a female cop.

Big Breasts Borderline H Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Masochist/s Nudity Panchira Police Rape Sadist/s

Kiken na Asobi

Kiken na Asobi (Manga)

Cherry Boy (Synonyms), 危険な弄び (Synonyms)

Age Gap Bullying Chat Rooms Collection of Stories Humiliation Masochist/s Rape Sadist/s Sadomasochism Student-Teacher Relationship

Kitsch Year

Kitsch Year (Manhwa)

Crime & Punishment (Synonyms), Disrespectful Bitch (Synonyms), Kitsch (Synonyms), Kuso Onna (Synonyms), くそ女 (Synonyms), 천박한 년 (Synonyms)

A disrespectful bitch can never have a long lasting love, but her love is rather sad and short-lived.

Betrayal Blood and Gore Dark Ambience Debt-Motivated Prostitution Full Color Murder/s Prostitute/s Psychopath/s Rape Web Comic

Koi no Ori Mitsu no Kusari

Koi no Ori Mitsu no Kusari (Manga)

Caged by Love, Shackled by Honey (Synonyms), Caged Love, Shackled Honey (Synonyms), コイノオリミツノクサリ (Synonyms), 恋の檻、蜜の鎖 (Synonyms)

From : Mashita Kaname had recently lost his father and left him with a mountain of debts behind. Then a mysterious man, Hashimoto Hidemitsu, came barging in his home calling for his late father by his first name! What had happened between them? Is Kaname prepared to become his father's replacement?

Anal Intercourse Anilingus Bondage Dead Family Member/s Dead Love Interest Debt/s Dubious Consent Rape Rich Seme Stockholm Syndrome

Korokoro Soushi

Korokoro Soushi (Manga)

Carnets de massacre (French) (Synonyms), Cuaderno de masacres (Spanish) (Synonyms), Koro Koro Soushi (Synonyms), ころころそうし (Synonyms), 殺殺草紙 (Synonyms)

Assassin/s Black Humor Blood and Gore Cannibalism Corruption Edo Period Ero-Guro Rape Sadist/s Torture

Kuraudo (NOUJOU Junichi)

Kuraudo (NOUJOU Junichi) (Manga)

Cloud (Synonyms), Kuraudo (NOJO Junichi) (Synonyms), Kuraudo (NOJYO Junichi) (Synonyms), 鞍生人 (Synonyms)

The Tokyo Metro central computer has been cracked! Out of the chaos of wild passengers and a frantic transport ministry, Cloud's story begins. A child prodigy who has grown up into a black hat hacker strives to fulfil his impossible dream of making a kingdom on top of the clouds! But how will he do this and what will the government and police even allow him to try?

America Board Game/s Dead Family Member/s Genius/es Hacker/s Past Plays a Big Role Police Rape Smart Male Lead Strategic Minds

Kusari ni Kiss

Kusari ni Kiss (Manga)

Chain of Kisses (Synonyms), 亲吻爱的枷锁 (Synonyms), 鎖にキス (Synonyms)

The give & take relationship. Hellsing (Dhampir) gives his body to Tayuu, while Tayuu gives Hellsing his body fluid. When Tayuu and Hellsing meet, all they do is argue, and have very kinky sex..."I want to touch" "I want to dominate"... Tayuu doesn't understand the reason why he wants more. And Hellsing can't have a "beloved person" because of what he is....

Dhampir/s Dragon/s Dubious Consent Fellatio Masochist/s Rape Sadist/s Student/s Traumatic Past Vampire Hunter/s


Kuzu (Manga)

Caste Heaven Bangaihen (Synonyms), Kuzu Anthology (Synonyms), 屑 (Synonyms), 屑(くず) (Synonyms)

AnthologyCover OGAWA Chise1.) OGAWA Chise - Special story from , features two of the side characters.2.) SHIMURA Takako -「卒業」3.) Hideyoshico - This installment features some backstory for Koizumi () and some "trash" guy.4.) YAMAMOTO Ataru -「律くん、ボクはね」5.) TSUYUKI Yuruco -「ENDLESS WELCOME BACK」6.) kanipan -「答え合わせ」 7.) Purugaria - 「西園寺先生」8.) Niyama -「愛はかえるか」Additional Art by:TamekouEn Chiyoko Shimatchaouneminato.Bob

Appearance Different from Personality Collection of Stories Low Self-Esteem Manipulation NEET Rape Short Uke Tall Seme Twisted Character/s Two-Faced