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Initial D First Stage

Initial D First Stage (Anime)

Initial D First Stage (English), 頭文字〈イニシャル〉D (Japanese), ID (Synonyms)

Unlike his friends, Takumi Fujiwara is not particularly interested in cars, with little to no knowledge about the world of car enthusiasts and street racers. The son of a tofu shop owner, he is tasked to deliver tofu every morning without fail, driving along the mountain of Akina. Thus, conversations regarding cars or driving in general would only remind Takumi of the tiring daily routine forced upon him.

Genres: Action Drama Seinen Sports Cars

Initial D Second Stage

Initial D Second Stage (Anime)

Initial D Second Stage (English), 頭文字〈イニシャル〉D SECOND STAGE (Japanese)

Following his victory over RedSuns leader Ryosuke Takahashi, AE86 driver Takumi Fujiwara is challenged by the Lancer EVO-based "Emperor," a group known for taking decals of racing teams they defeat, cutting them up and placing them on their cars like a fighter plane kill board. Takumi's undefeated streak is on the line as his AE86 is virtually no match against the more powerful and more agile four-wheel-drive EVOs of the Emperor team. ANN)

Genres: Action Drama Seinen Sports Cars

Initial D Third Stage

Initial D Third Stage (Anime)

頭文字〈イニシャル〉D THIRD STAGE (Japanese)

Shortly after graduating from high school, Takumi is approached by RedSuns leader Ryosuke Takahashi and offered to join him in forming a professional racing team. Before coming up with an answer to the proposal, Takumi seeks retribution by issuing a rematch to Emperor leader Kyouichi Sudou, who previously defeated him due to an engine failure. He is also challenged by Kai Kogashiwa, a second-generation street racer whose father was once a fierce rival of Takumi's father Bunta.

Genres: Action Drama Seinen Sports Romance Cars


eX-Driver (Anime)

エクスドライバー (Japanese)

Ex-Driver is set in the future, when all transportation is easily controlled by AI. Though like all machines they tend to break down or lose control or re-programmed. This is where three high schoolers with non AI cars, Subaru WRX, Super 7, Lotus comes in to save the day and make sure the public is safe at all times.

Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Sci-Fi Shounen Cars

Riding Bean

Riding Bean (Anime)

ライディング・ビーン (Japanese)

Bean Bandit and his partner Rally Vincent are couriers for hire - transporting clients and delivering goods in his custom sports car "Roadbuster" for a hefty price. But when they are hired to escort a kidnapped girl named Chelsea to her home, they don't realize they're being framed for kidnapping as their former clients Semmerling and Carrie plan their escape with Chelsea's father and the ransom money. ANN)

Genres: Action Seinen Police Cars

Wangan Midnight

Wangan Midnight (Anime)

湾岸ミッドナイト (Japanese)

Based on a seinen manga by Kusunoki Michiharu serialised in Young Magazine. The story gets its roots from the actual street racing that occurs on Tokyo's Shuto Expressway, one stretch of which is known as the "Wangan", literally meaning "bay side" (although it is generally used to refer to the freeway), the longest, straightest road in the entire country. Of course, there's also lots of traffic to contend with, including a fair number of heavy trucks.

Genres: Action Seinen Sports Cars

Mach Girl

Mach Girl (Anime)

マッハガール (Japanese)

A spin-off of Mach Go Go Go (aka: Speed Racer). The titular Mach Girl is, according to Anime News Network, "a girl named Lip who wanders the land to compete in high-stakes races with her Mach Pink three-wheeler.

Genres: Comedy Cars


Tailenders (Anime)

テイルエンダーズ (Japanese)

Tomoe Shiro, a formidable racer with a very promising career, experiments a U-turn when a serious accident puts his life at stake. He recovers miraculously though when his heart is replaced with the engine of his own racing car. However, because of that very reason, race regulations demote him to the category of a mere mechanical part of the vehicle and is deprived from the right to participate as a pilot in regular races.

Genres: Action Adventure Sci-Fi Cars


Roll (Anime)

ROLL (English), ROLL (Japanese)

A short animation showing a car driving around a rotating track.

Genres: Cars


Sunny (Anime)

SUNNY (Japanese)

Music video by Densuke28 for the single SUNNY by Japanese hip-hop group TOKYO HEALTH CLUB. The video features two near-identical continuously looping scenes, where viewers are encouraged to try and spot the ten differences between them.

Genres: Cars Music

Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter

Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter (Anime)

超速変形ジャイロゼッター (Japanese), Chou Soku Henkei Gyrozetter (Synonyms), Hyper Speed Transforming Gyrozetter (Synonyms)

In 21st century Japan, cars with artificial intelligence for increased safety, known as "A.I. cars," have revolutionized the car industry.

Genres: Action Shounen Cars Mecha


Redline (Anime)

Redline (English), REDLINE (Japanese), Red line (Synonyms)

Every five years, an exhilarating race called Redline is held, and the universe's most anticipated competition has only one rule: that there are none. Racers are pushed to their absolute limit—a feeling that daredevil driver JP knows all too well.

Genres: Action Sci-Fi Sports Cars


Capeta (Anime)

カペタ (Japanese)

Taira Kappeita, or Capeta, was a 4th grader boy. He had lost his mother when he had been very little. Although he pretended to be tough in front of his father, actually he felt lonely.

Genres: Shounen Sports Cars

Categories: Strong-Willed Male Lead Rivalry Friendship Mechanic Money Problems Prodigy Racing Rival/s Race

Initial D Extra Stage

Initial D Extra Stage (Anime)

頭文字〈イニシャル〉D EXTRA STAGE (Japanese)

The Lancer EVO-driving group "Emperor" have defeated every racing team they've met in the Gunma region. Now they're out to challenge the duo of Mako and Sayuki and their SilEighty - the Impact Blue of Usui Mountain. ANN)

Genres: Action Drama Seinen Sports Cars

Yoroshiku Mechadock

Yoroshiku Mechadock (Anime)

What's Up Mechadoc (English), よろしくメカドック (Japanese), Yoroshiku Mecha Doc (Synonyms)

Mechadock is a powerful race car obtained from a simple economy car, which is able to race on any ground.

Genres: Action Comedy Police Sports Cars

Norimono Man: Mobile Land no Car-kun

Norimono Man: Mobile Land no Car-kun (Anime)

のりものまん モービルランドのカークン (Japanese)

The anime will depict various vehicles as characters in the "Mobile Land" island. The protagonist Car-kun arrives at the island as a delivery worker. Through his deliveries, he gets to know the residents of Mobile Land, all while following traffic rules and having his deliveries stopped by the meddling Sabibi.

Genres: Comedy Slice of Life Cars Kids


F (Manga)

エフ (Japanese), Formula (Synonyms)

Gunma, son of the countryside politic and wealthy farmer Souchirou Akagi, have a dream to become a racer. Not an easy thing to do in any circumstances, but Lady Luck give him a chance to prove himself and he shows his raw talent, big enough to impress an experienced constructor to invite him in a humble garage-made F3000 team. Thus, he started climbing the ladder to the pillar of the motorsports - the Formula 1.

Genres: Shounen Sports Cars

Osaka Mad Family

Osaka Mad Family (Manga)

大阪MADファミリー (Japanese)

Genres: Action Seinen Cars

Yoroshiku, Mechadock

Yoroshiku, Mechadock (Manga)

よろしくメカドック (Japanese), Yoroshiku (Synonyms), Mechadoc (Synonyms)

Jun Kazami works at the tuning shop "Mecha-dock", and with the help of his friends, he upgrades regular, non-racing cars to take on his rivals in car races! The pages are full of authentic depiction of various machine parts, not to mention adrenaline-filled races that will leave you breathless. (Weekly Shonen Jump Exhibition Vol.1 Catalog)

Genres: Action Comedy Shounen Sports Cars

Tonneru wo Nuketara Sky Blue

Tonneru wo Nuketara Sky Blue (Manga)

トンネルぬけたらスカイ☆ブルー (Japanese)

The main character of this story is 18-year-old Toshihiko, a senior high school student who drives an AE86 Sprinter Trueno. The story is mainly about how Toshihiko deals with his attraction to two different girls, Chiharu and Maari. Toshihiko must decide — will it be Chiharu, who is very much attracted to him;

Genres: Seinen Slice of Life Romance Cars