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Norimono Man: Mobile Land no Car-kun

Norimono Man: Mobile Land no Car-kun (Anime)

のりものまん モービルランドのカークン (Japanese)

The anime will depict various vehicles as characters in the "Mobile Land" island. The protagonist Car-kun arrives at the island as a delivery worker. Through his deliveries, he gets to know the residents of Mobile Land, all while following traffic rules and having his deliveries stopped by the meddling Sabibi.


F (Manga)

エフ (Japanese), Formula (Synonyms)

Gunma, son of the countryside politic and wealthy farmer Souchirou Akagi, have a dream to become a racer. Not an easy thing to do in any circumstances, but Lady Luck give him a chance to prove himself and he shows his raw talent, big enough to impress an experienced constructor to invite him in a humble garage-made F3000 team. Thus, he started climbing the ladder to the pillar of the motorsports - the Formula 1.

Osaka Mad Family

Osaka Mad Family (Manga)

大阪MADファミリー (Japanese)

Yoroshiku, Mechadock

Yoroshiku, Mechadock (Manga)

よろしくメカドック (Japanese), Yoroshiku (Synonyms), Mechadoc (Synonyms)

Jun Kazami works at the tuning shop "Mecha-dock", and with the help of his friends, he upgrades regular, non-racing cars to take on his rivals in car races! The pages are full of authentic depiction of various machine parts, not to mention adrenaline-filled races that will leave you breathless. (Weekly Shonen Jump Exhibition Vol.1 Catalog)

Tonneru wo Nuketara Sky Blue

Tonneru wo Nuketara Sky Blue (Manga)

トンネルぬけたらスカイ☆ブルー (Japanese)

The main character of this story is 18-year-old Toshihiko, a senior high school student who drives an AE86 Sprinter Trueno. The story is mainly about how Toshihiko deals with his attraction to two different girls, Chiharu and Maari. Toshihiko must decide — will it be Chiharu, who is very much attracted to him;

Full Spec

Full Spec (Manga)

フルスペック (Japanese)

Arata, Chinta and Buuyan found an old used car in the dump. They tried to fix it, but it exploded. They decide to try fixing another car, a Eunos Roadster.

Zesshaka! Shiritsu Yotsuwa Joshi Gakuin Zetsumetsu Kigu-sha Gakka

Zesshaka! Shiritsu Yotsuwa Joshi Gakuin Zetsumetsu Kigu-sha Gakka (Manga)

ぜっしゃか!‐私立四ツ輪女子学院絶滅危惧車学科‐ (Japanese), Zessyaka! (Synonyms)

On the distant island where Yotsuwa Private Girl's Acadamy is located, the Near-Extinct Car Academic Faculty takes old barn finds and restores them and their owner's memories. Following her dream of driving her late grandfather's Subaru Sambar, Rico Momose and her freshman friends join the Rare Car Class to bring back to life these old, forgotten vehicles and their legacies. Follow Rico and her friends' journey as they make plenty of car-related memories.

Arms Rally

Arms Rally (Anime)

Arms Rally (English), アームズラリー (Japanese)

A flash animation about a long distance tank race in the Taklimakan desert (a real desert in Northwest China). It aired within "Fight Tension☆Depart," a variety program that originally aired the anime as one of its segments.

Radicon Boy

Radicon Boy (Manga)

WILD RC Boy (English), ラジコンボーイ (Japanese), RC Boy (Synonyms)

Flat Out

Flat Out (Manga)

Flat Out (Japanese), FlatOut (Synonyms)

Ryuya, 18, lost his parents and lives with Akane and her brother Koichi. His father was a racing driver and still holds the speed record on the local track. Ryuya inherited his passion for motor sports, and when he learns that the Subaru team will have to experiment in his district, on the trail of his father, he decided to take a look.


G (Manga)

G (Japanese)

From a young age, Mao Manaka has had a fascination with race cars. One day, fate brings him together with Yoshiki Tsuji, the undisputed champion of formula racing in Japan. It was then that Mao decided to become a professional racer.

RPM: Red Passion Men's Story

RPM: Red Passion Men's Story (Manga)

RPM: Red Passion Men's Story (English), RPM: Red Passion Men's Story (Synonyms), RPM (Synonyms), Flat Out (Synonyms)

RPM is a story about a business man (Salary Man in Japanese) who longs to get back into racing. Seeing the Tekkamen Skyline instantly reminds him of his youth. He will have to balance his rekindling passion for car life with his responsibility to his family.

Kanojo no Carrera RS

Kanojo no Carrera RS (Manga)

My Favorite Carrera RS (English), 彼女のカレラRS (Japanese)

A manga about general car appreciation, or "Car Life" as it is known to auto enthusiasts.

Kanojo no Carrera RS 0

Kanojo no Carrera RS 0 (Manga)

My Favorite Carrera RS 0 (English), 彼女のカレラRS 0 (Japanese), Kanojo no Carrera RS Zero (Synonyms)

A manga about general car appreciation, or "Car Life" as it is known to auto enthusiasts.

M.M Santa

M.M Santa (Manga)

エムエム三太 (Japanese), Emuemu Santa (Synonyms)

Restore Garage 251: Kurumaya Jumejirou

Restore Garage 251: Kurumaya Jumejirou (Manga)

レストアガレージ251―車屋夢次郎 (Japanese), Restore Garage Nikoichi (Synonyms)

Restore Garage 251 follows Satomi Yumejirou and his grandson in restoring classic JDM cars, and by doing that, also restoring the heart of their owners.

Wangan Midnight: C1 Runner

Wangan Midnight: C1 Runner (Manga)

湾岸ミッドナイト C1ランナー (Japanese)

This new story features the adventures of the new main character, Shinji Ogishima (who debuted in the last chapters of the original story), and his friend, Nobu Setoguchi, both are part of "GT Cars" project which is in dispute and conflict, and must settle these problems by driving Mazda RX-7s around Shuto Expressway, and meeting with Tatsuya Shima.

Kirin: The Happy Ridder Speedway

Kirin: The Happy Ridder Speedway (Manga)

キリン The Happy Ridder Speedway (Japanese)


Kirin (Manga)

キリン (Japanese)

A manga about the story of a 38-year-old salaryman named Kirin who is also a street racer.

Futatsuboshi Kudou Rikigaku Kenkyuujo

Futatsuboshi Kudou Rikigaku Kenkyuujo (Manga)

TMFL: Twin Stars Mechanomotive Force Laboratory (English), 二ツ星駆動力学研究所 (Japanese)

The manga artist Kentarou joins a group of adults as they return to the revival of a childhood fad—The Mini 4WD. As he's dragged around by the members of the force-fully created Mini 4WD team "Twin Stars Mechanomotive Force Laboratory," he comes to awaken to the joys of "All out play"...