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Kyokou Suiri

Kyokou Suiri (Anime)

虚構推理 (Japanese), In/Spectre (Synonyms)

At the young age of 11, Kotoko Iwanaga was abducted by youkai for two weeks and asked to become their "God of Wisdom," a mediator between the spirit and human worlds, to which the girl quickly agreed but at the cost of her right eye and left leg. Now, six years later, whenever youkai wish for their problems to be solved, they make their way to Kotoko for consultation. Meanwhile, Kurou Sakuragawa, a 22-year-old university student, has just broken up with his girlfriend after he fled alone when the two encountered a kappa.

Genres: Comedy Demons Supernatural Mystery Shounen Romance

Categories: Spirit/s Human Experiment/s Ghost/s Amputee/s Demon/s Monster/s Short Female Lead Regeneration Japanese Folklore Disability/ies Love Triangle

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (Anime)

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (English), 魔入りました!入間くん (Japanese)

Suzuki Iruma has been sold to the demon by his irresponsible parents in exchange for money. Surprisingly, next thing he knows, he is living with the demon and has been transferred into a school in the Demon World... MU)

Genres: Comedy Demons Fantasy Supernatural Shounen

Categories: Demon/s Bad Parent/s Weak Male Lead Secret Identity Misunderstanding/s Student/s Student Council Magic/s Magical Power Ranked by Strength

Fairy Gone

Fairy Gone (Anime)

Fairy gone フェアリーゴーン (Japanese)

"Once upon a time, fairies were tools of war." The story takes place in a world where fairies possess and dwell in animals, giving them mysterious abilities. By removing the organs of a possessed animal and transplanting them into humans, fairies can be summoned as an alter ego and be used as a weapon.

Genres: Action Demons Fantasy Supernatural Magic

Nurarihyon no Mago

Nurarihyon no Mago (Anime)

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (English), ぬらりひょんの孫 (Japanese), The Grandson of Nurarihyon (Synonyms), Grandchild of Nurarihyon (Synonyms)

Rikuo Nura doesn't want anything to do with evil youkai, and just wants a normal life. Too bad he's a quarter youkai, and Nurarihyon, his grandfather, is insistent that he takes over as head of the Nura Clan. He's able to keep his supernatural secret life hidden from his classmates, as he can only transform into a youkai at night, for six hours at a time.

Genres: Action Demons Supernatural Shounen

Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Anime)

鬼滅の刃 (Japanese), Blade of Demon Destruction (Synonyms), Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Synonyms)

Ever since the death of his father, the burden of supporting the family has fallen upon Tanjirou Kamado's shoulders. Though living impoverished on a remote mountain, the Kamado family are able to enjoy a relatively peaceful and happy life. One day, Tanjirou decides to go down to the local village to make a little money selling charcoal.

Genres: Action Demons Supernatural Historical Shounen

Categories: Brother and Sister Weak to Strong Sword/s Character Growth Demon/s Special Ability/ies Swordsman Journey Death of Loved Ones Training Intense Fight

Blood Lad

Blood Lad (Anime)

Blood Lad (English), ブラッドラッド (Japanese)

Staz Charlie Blood is a powerful vampire who rules the Eastern district of Demon World. According to rumors, he is a bloodthirsty and merciless monster, but in reality, Staz is just an otaku obsessed with Japanese culture and completely uninterested in human blood. Leaving the management of his territory to his underlings, Staz spends his days lazing around, indulging in anime, manga, and games.

Genres: Action Comedy Demons Supernatural Seinen Vampire

Chrno Crusade

Chrno Crusade (Anime)

Chrono Crusade (English), クロノクルセイド (Japanese), Chrno Crusade: Mary Magdalene (Synonyms)

The 1920s was a decade of great change and upheaval, with monstrous demons appearing across America. To combat this menace, the holy organization known as the Order of Magdalene was established. The organization's New York branch is home to the young and reckless Sister Rosette Christopher, as well as her partner Chrno.

Genres: Action Demons Supernatural Historical Shounen Romance


InuYasha (Anime)

InuYasha (English), 犬夜叉 (Japanese), Inu Yasha (Synonyms)

Based on the Shogakukan award-winning manga of the same name, InuYasha follows Kagome Higurashi, a fifteen-year-old girl whose normal life ends when a demon drags her into a cursed well on the grounds of her family's Shinto shrine. Instead of hitting the bottom of the well, Kagome ends up 500 years in the past during Japan's violent Sengoku period with the demon's true target, a wish-granting jewel called the Shikon Jewel, reborn inside of her. After a battle with a revived demon accidentally causes the sacred jewel to shatter, Kagome enlists the help of a young hybrid dog-demon/human named Inuyasha to help her collect the shards and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Demons Fantasy Supernatural Historical Shounen Magic Romance

Categories: Character Growth Love Triangle Demon/s Half-Demon Monster/s Journey Time Travel Priestess/es Reincarnation Sword/s Half-Human Archery

3x3 Eyes

3x3 Eyes (Anime)

3x3 Eyes (English), 3×3EYES (Japanese), Sazan Eyes (Synonyms), 3x3 Eyes: Immortals (Synonyms)

3X3 Eyes is the story of a young man named Yakumo Fuuji, who through a strange series of events becomes the immortal slave of the last of a race of 3 Eyed demons. The demon absorbs his soul to save his life, making him immortal in the process. Now, he begins a journey with the female demon in an attempt to find a way of becoming human.

Genres: Action Demons Fantasy Horror Romance

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (Anime)

Neuro: Supernatural Detective (English), 魔人探偵 脳噛ネウロ (Japanese), Private Evil-Eye Nougami Neuro (Synonyms), Demon Detective Nougami Neuro (Synonyms)

Yako Katsuragi is an acclaimed high school detective, who, despite her young age, has solved many cases. In fact, there seems to be no case that she can't solve, or any culprit that escapes justice. But within the walls of her detective agency lies the secret to her prolific crime-solving skills:

Genres: Comedy Demons Supernatural Mystery Shounen

1001 Nights

1001 Nights (Anime)

1001 Nights (Japanese)

Presented in the form of a feverish love dream, 1001 Nights (based on Amano`s book of artwork) is the first performance of the groundbreaking "Filmharmonic" series, which presents new orchestral works by film composers in tandem with short films made by A-list directors. Nights is the series's only animated work, and plans originally called for the film to be completely computer animated. AniDB)

Genres: Demons Fantasy Seinen Romance

Koutetsu Jeeg

Koutetsu Jeeg (Anime)

鋼鉄ジーグ (Japanese), Kotetsu Jeeg (Synonyms), Steel Jeeg (Synonyms), Zieg (Synonyms)

Hiroshi Shiba is an outstanding car racer whose father is assassinated upon the discovery of the Bronze Bell from an ancient civilization. This Bronze Bell is coveted by Queen Himika who comes from that ancient era; the Yamatai Kingdom, and whose ambitions are to seize the Bell and dominate earth.

Genres: Action Sci-Fi Demons Shounen Mecha


Kuroshitsuji (Anime)

Black Butler (English), 黒執事 (Japanese), Kuro Shitsuji (Synonyms), Kuroshitsuzi (Synonyms)

Young Ciel Phantomhive is known as "the Queen's Guard Dog," taking care of the many unsettling events that occur in Victorian England for Her Majesty. Aided by Sebastian Michaelis, his loyal butler with seemingly inhuman abilities, Ciel uses whatever means necessary to get the job done. But is there more to this black-clad butler than meets the eye? In Ciel's past lies a secret tragedy that enveloped him in perennial darkness—during one of his bleakest moments, he formed a contract with Sebastian, a demon, bargaining his soul in exchange for vengeance upon those who wronged him.

Genres: Action Comedy Demons Supernatural Mystery Historical Shounen

Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou

Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou (Anime)

Natsume's Book of Friends Season 2 (English), 続 夏目友人帳 (Japanese), Natsume Yuujinchou Two (Synonyms), Natsume Yuujinchou 2 (Synonyms), Natsume Yujincho 2 (Synonyms)

As with its prequel, Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou is about Takashi Natsume, a boy who has had the ability to see youkai since he was young, and his bodyguard youkai Madara, nicknamed Nyanko-sensei. Natsume attempts to return names written in his "Book of Friends" (which he inherited from his grandmother Reiko) to youkai in his village. Throughout these adventures, he meets some youkai that are friendly, some that want to steal the Book, and some that want to kill him, as Natsume learns about himself and his relationship with these mysterious beings along the way.

Genres: Drama Demons Supernatural Slice of Life Shoujo

Gregory Horror Show

Gregory Horror Show (Anime)

Gregory Horror Show (English), グレゴリーホラーショー (Japanese)

The first series is a set of 25 stories about a male businessman arriving at the hotel after taking a train home from work. He encounters the mysterious owner of the hotel, an old mouse known as Gregory, who suggests that he stay a while. Soon, the man becomes drawn into a bizarre series of events taking place within Gregory House as he tries desperately to escape from this bizarre purgatory.

Genres: Comedy Demons Horror Supernatural Mystery Vampire

Makaryuudo Demon Hunter

Makaryuudo Demon Hunter (Anime)

魔狩人 (Japanese), Demon Hunter Makaryuudo (Synonyms), Makaryudo (Synonyms), Demon Hunter (Synonyms)

Yama Rikudo is not your average teenage girl. With her trademark duo horn-like tufted hair, she’s really a kind of demon policewoman, charged with the duty of protecting Japan from demonic monsters that’ve gone AWOL. Even when her demon superiors try and pull her off the job, because demon-human relations are getting too hot for her to handle, she will stay and fight with her giant scythe, because, while disguised as a high school student, she has fallen for fellow student Sho Kurogane.

Genres: Demons Supernatural

Otome Youkai Zakuro

Otome Youkai Zakuro (Anime)

Zakuro (English), おとめ妖怪 ざくろ (Japanese), Girl Demon Zakuro (Synonyms)

Second Lieutenant Kei Agemaki, the son of a famous general, has hidden his extreme fear of paranormal beings all his life. However, when he and two others are reassigned to live and work with youkai in the Ministry of Spirit Affairs, he is brought face-to-face with his worst nightmare. Now with the help of the fox spirit Kushimatsu, he and his fellow officers must learn to work alongside youkai maidens—Zakuro, Susukihotaru, Hoozuki, and Bonbori—to solve paranormal cases.

Genres: Demons Supernatural Military Seinen Historical Romance


Onigamiden (Anime)

Legend of the Millennium Dragon (English), 鬼神伝 (Japanese)

A 15-year-old boy travels back in time—over 1,200 years ago to the Heian period—and faces a war between oni (demons) and humans in the former Japanese capital of Kyoto.

Genres: Action Demons Supernatural

Supernatural The Animation

Supernatural The Animation (Anime)

スーパーナチュラル・ザ・アニメーション (Japanese), Supernatural: The Anime Series (Synonyms)

Based on the live-action CW show Supernatural, the anime will be a 22-episode season that will cover the storyline of the live-action version's first two seasons. The anime project will not only remake the best episodes from the live-action version, but also depict original episodes not seen in the live-action version. Those original episodes will include prologues of the Winchester brothers' childhood, anime-only enemies, and episodes featuring secondary characters from the live-action version.

Genres: Action Demons Horror Supernatural

Natsume Yuujinchou San

Natsume Yuujinchou San (Anime)

Natsume's Book of Friends Season 3 (English), 夏目友人帳 参 (Japanese), Natsume Yuujinchou Three (Synonyms), Natsume Yuujinchou 3 (Synonyms), Natsume Yujincho 3 (Synonyms)

Natsume Yuujinchou San follows Takashi Natsume, a boy who is able to see youkai. Natsume and his bodyguard Madara, nicknamed Nyanko-sensei, continue on their quest to release youkai from their contracts in the "Book of Friends." Natsume comes to terms with his ability to see youkai and stops thinking of it as a curse.

Genres: Drama Demons Supernatural Slice of Life Shoujo