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Kingdom 3rd Season

Kingdom 3rd Season (Anime)

キングダム 第3シリーズ (Japanese), Kingdom Season 3 (Synonyms)

Following the successful Sanyou campaign, the Qin army, including 1,000-Man Commander Li Xin, inches ever closer to fulfilling King Ying Zheng's dream of unifying China. With a major geographical foothold in the state of Wei now under its control, Qin sets its sights eastward toward the remaining warring states.

Meanwhile Li Mu—an unparalleled strategist and the newly appointed prime minister of the state of Zhao—has taken advantage of Zhao's temporary truce with Qin to negotiate with the other states without interruption. Seemingly without warning, Ying Zheng receives news that armies from the states of Chu, Zhao, Wei, Han, Yan, and Qi have crossed into Qin territory. Realizing too late the purpose behind Li Mu's truce with Qin, Zheng quickly gathers his advisors to devise a plan to address the six-state coalition army on their doorstep. For the first time in history, the state of Qin faces complete destruction and must use every resource and strategy at their disposal to prevent themselves from being wiped off the map.

Ambitious Goal/s Ambitious Protagonist Armed Combat China Dream/s Hot-Blooded Male Lead Politics Involving Royalty Strong Male Lead War/s Spring 2021

Vanitas no Karte

Vanitas no Karte (Anime)

ヴァニタスの手記 (Japanese), The Case Study of Vanitas (Synonyms), Vanitas no Shuki (Synonyms), Memoir of Vanitas (Synonyms), Vanitas no Carte (Synonyms)

There once lived a vampire known as Vanitas, hated by his own kind for being born under a blue full moon, as most arise on the night of a crimson one. Afraid and alone, he created the "Book of Vanitas," a cursed grimoire that would one day take his vengeance on all vampires; this is how the story goes at least.

Summer 2021

Kaika Ayashi Jikenjou

Kaika Ayashi Jikenjou (Manga)

Kaika Ayashi Jikenbo (Synonyms), 開花あやし事件帖 (Synonyms)


Kaikan Douchou Marionette - Synchronized Ecstasy

Kaikan Douchou Marionette - Synchronized Ecstasy (Manga)

快感同調マリオネット シンクロナイズド•エクスタシー (Synonyms)


Sculpting Sculptor/s

Kaikan Pleasure Doll

Kaikan Pleasure Doll (Manga)

Private Pleasure Doll (Synonyms), 快感プライベートドール (Synonyms), 快感プライベートドール★絶対服従極上セックス (Synonyms)

Miyako has lost her fiance, and the one who heals her broken heart is her second fiance, Takashi... But then something happens that tears them apart...! It drives Takashi crazy with jealousy, and he forces Miyako down and...!

Engaged Couple

Kaiketsu El-Malo

Kaiketsu El-Malo (Manga)

Pirates El-Malo (Synonyms), 海傑エルマロ (Synonyms), 海杰怪童 (Synonyms)

In 16th century, Age of Discovery.A boy spent boring days on land and decided to go on a voyage. He became a brave Samurai with free spirits and finally became a the pirate called "EL-MALO".A Japanese Samurai commences his epic voyage.

16th Century Alcohol Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Big Breasts Blood and Gore Borderline H China Death of Loved One/s Female Fighter/s

Kaiketsu Lion Maru

Kaiketsu Lion Maru (Manga)

Kaiketsu Lion-Maru (Synonyms), Kaiketsu Lionmaru (Synonyms), The Vigilant Lion Knight (Synonyms), 快傑ライオン丸 (Synonyms)


Based on a Tokusatsu show

Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai

Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai (Manga)

Kaina (Synonyms), Kaina - Suruga-jou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), Kaina - Surugajou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), 腕~駿河城御前試合~ (Synonyms)

From MangaHelpers:This manga features violent stories of passion and swordsmanship, set in the Kan'ei era (1624-1643). It opens with a match between two damaged swordsmen. Irako is blind, and his opponent, Fujiki, is missing an arm. It has been decreed that their match will be fought with metal swords, instead of wooden, so one of these men will die. The story that led them to this final match, and gave them their handicaps, involves ambition, the selection of the heir for a dojo, and the passion of two women-- one the dojo master's daughter and the other his lover.

Amputee/s Assassin/s Based on a Novel Blood and Gore Body Horror Edo Period Episodic Masturbation Samurai Swordsman

Kainis no Kane no Tori

Kainis no Kane no Tori (Manga)

Kainis Gold Bird (Synonyms), カイニスの金の鳥 (Synonyms)

19th century England, an era when women's position was weak. The pastor's daughter, Leah, loved the world of stories from an early age and loved writing novels, but the men around her continued to deny that "a woman can't write a novel." At the age of 19, the work posted under the male name "Alan" is recognized, paving the way for a novelist. Then, dressed in men's clothing and heading alone to London, where the publisher is located, fate begins to move.

19th Century Author/s Book/s Cross-dressing England European Ambiance Novelist Pursuing One's Dream Runaway from Home Victorian Era

Kaiou Dante

Kaiou Dante (Manga)

Ocean King Dante (Synonyms), 海王ダンテ (Synonyms)

It is the middle of the 18th century. Beginning with the English, the Western European countries have begun to cast their gaze across the sea in an age of great romance. In such an age lives a boy who hides great power within him. What destiny awaits him as he struggles and cuts through the raging waves?

18th Century England Europe Navy Sailing Ship/s Strong Male Lead

Kairiki no Haha

Kairiki no Haha (Manga)

Plus forte que le sabre (French) (Synonyms), 怪力の母 (Synonyms), 異色列伝怪力の母 (Synonyms)


Kaiso Ichigenchou Hanafuda

Kaiso Ichigenchou Hanafuda (Manga)

Kaiso Ichigen-chou: Hanafuda (Synonyms), 怪鼠一見帳 花札 (Synonyms), 怪鼠一見帳・花札 (Synonyms)

Episodic Web Comic


Kaitei (Manga)

Ocean Adventurer Kaitei (Synonyms), 海帝 (Synonyms)

The manga tells of the "life and death" voyages of Ming Dynasty Chinese explorer Zheng He. The first chapter features a trip to Japan. [ANN]

Ancient China China Historical Persons Historical References Journey Ming Dynasty Smart Male Lead Strong Male Lead Wanderer/Traveler World Travel

Kaiten Kinema

Kaiten Kinema (Manga)

廻天キネマ (Synonyms)

I want you. The school “Teidai Senkan” in Tokyo, a city with a mix of Japanese and Western, was divided into two schools in preparation for the student council general election. One is “Kuro” in Japanese style, led by a hard-earned student, Suruga. The other is “white”, a Western-style clothing led by a prestigious mixed-breed child, Hongu. A transfer student who doesn't know anything gets caught in that ugly ...

Kaito Kamaitachi

Kaito Kamaitachi (Manga)

Kaitou Kamaitachi (Synonyms), Kamaitachi Si Pencuri Bayangan (Synonyms), 怪盗かまいたち (Synonyms)


20th Century Bespectacled Protagonist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Japan Reporter/s Showa Era Theft Thief/ves

Kaitorareta Hakushaku Reijou

Kaitorareta Hakushaku Reijou (Manga)

A Devil's Bargain (Synonyms), 買いとられた伯爵令嬢 (Synonyms)

Based on a Novel

Kaitou Lupin Den - Aventurier

Kaitou Lupin Den - Aventurier (Manga)

Aventurier (Synonyms), Aventurier - Kaitou Lupin Den (Synonyms), 怪盗ルパン伝 アバンチュリエ (Synonyms)

The story is set in France in the early 20th century, called the Belle Epoque (Beautiful Era).In the country of art that boasts the splendor, there was a thief, who repeatedly involved in stealing in genius ways. The protean and elusive man, in appearance was a Modus Operandi, fearless, twisted, and extremely bizarre. The name of the thief with a thousand names and faces is Arsene Lupin! A classic of Maurice Leblanc has been revived by Morita Takashi!

20th Century Based on a Classic Based on a Western Work Disguise/s Europe France Manipulative Protagonist Police Officer/s Romantic Subplot Smart Male Lead

Kaitou Shinshi Arsene Lupin - Hattenshou

Kaitou Shinshi Arsene Lupin - Hattenshou (Manga)

Hattenshou (Synonyms), Hattenshou - Kaitou Shinshi Arsene Lupin (Synonyms), 八点鐘 (Synonyms), 八点鐘 怪盗紳士アルセーヌ・ルパン (Synonyms), 怪盗アルセーヌ・ルパン 八点鐘 (Synonyms)


20th Century Based on a Novel Thief/ves

Kaizoki Hakushaku to Muku na Reijou - Himitsu no Irie

Kaizoki Hakushaku to Muku na Reijou - Himitsu no Irie (Manga)

海賊伯爵と無垢な令嬢~秘密の入り江~ (Synonyms)


Based on a Novel

Kaizoku Game

Kaizoku Game (Manga)

Pirate Game (Synonyms), 海賊★ゲーム (Synonyms), 海贼游戏 (Synonyms)

Chef/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Cooking Food Misunderstanding/s Pirate/s Prince/s Prisoner/s Revenge Unrequited Love