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Mieruko-chan (Anime)

見える子ちゃん (Japanese)

Miko is a typical high school student whose life turns upside down when she suddenly starts to see gruesome and hideous monsters. Despite being completely terrified, Miko carries on with her daily life, pretending not to notice the horrors that surround her. She must endure the fear in order to keep herself and her friend Hana out of danger, even if that means coming face to face with the absolute worst.

Fall 2021

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu (Anime)

Higurashi: When They Cry – SOTSU (English), ひぐらしのなく頃に卒 (Japanese), When the Cicadas Cry (Synonyms), The Moment the Cicadas Cry (Synonyms)

Sequel to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.

Summer 2021


Kaiki (Manga)

かいき (Synonyms)

Kaiki Gensou Horror Manga Kessakushuu

Kaiki Gensou Horror Manga Kessakushuu (Manga)

怪奇幻想ホラー漫画傑作選 (Synonyms)


Kaiki Hakubutsukan

Kaiki Hakubutsukan (Manga)

Museum of Horror (Synonyms), 怪奇博物館 (Synonyms)

Apartment Life Coffin/s Collection of Stories Crush/es Curse/s Doll/s Neighbor/s Rich Family Rich Female Lead Sudden Disappearance/s

Kaiki Kaeru Hime

Kaiki Kaeru Hime (Manga)

怪奇カエル姫 (Synonyms)


Kaiki Kessaku-shu

Kaiki Kessaku-shu (Manga)

Kaiki Kessakushuu (Synonyms), 怪奇傑作集 (Synonyms)


Female Demographic with Male Author

Kaiki Kurabu

Kaiki Kurabu (Manga)

Klub Misteri (Synonyms), 怪奇倶楽部 (Synonyms)


Kaiki Mandara

Kaiki Mandara (Manga)

怪奇まんだら (Synonyms), 怪奇阴阳路 (Synonyms)

Short horror stories collection.

Kaiki Manga Michi

Kaiki Manga Michi (Manga)

怪奇まんが道 (Synonyms)


Kaiki Miira Shoujo

Kaiki Miira Shoujo (Manga)

怪奇ミイラ少女 (Synonyms)


Kaiki Ningyoukan

Kaiki Ningyoukan (Manga)

Guai Qi Ren Xing Guan (Synonyms), Kaiki Ningyou Kan (Synonyms), 怪奇人形館 (Synonyms), 怪談~犬木加奈子劇場怪奇人形館~ (Synonyms)


Kaiki no Harawata

Kaiki no Harawata (Manga)

怪奇のはらわた (Synonyms)


Kaiki no Tamago

Kaiki no Tamago (Manga)

怪奇の卵 (Synonyms)


Kaiki no Yakata

Kaiki no Yakata (Manga)

怪奇の館 (Synonyms)


Kaiki Shinin Chou

Kaiki Shinin Chou (Manga)

Kaiki Shibito Chou (Synonyms), Kaiki Shininchou (Synonyms), 怪奇死人帳 (Synonyms)


Kaiki Shinrei Katari

Kaiki Shinrei Katari (Manga)

Kaiki Shinrei Katari: Ueno Shogitai no Kaihen (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り 上野・彰義隊の怪編 (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り―埋蔵金発掘の怪奇編 (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り上野・彰義隊の怪奇編 (Synonyms), 怪奇心霊語り光と闇のシャーマン編 (Synonyms)

The first collection of true story psychic experiences of Nanami Kamon, who has been attracting attention in the reportage on ancient Japanese magic and feng shui. A TV program production company has requested cooperation in the excavation of buried treasure. Mr. JET made a complete comic of the mysterious psychic experience that Mr. Kamon and the staff experienced at the place where he participated.

Kaiki Shinsatsu-shitsu

Kaiki Shinsatsu-shitsu (Manga)

怪奇診察室 (Synonyms)


Psychiatrist Spirit/s

Kaiki Taxi

Kaiki Taxi (Manga)

怪奇タクシー (Synonyms)


Kaiki to Fuushi Sakuhinshuu

Kaiki to Fuushi Sakuhinshuu (Manga)

怪奇と風刺作品集 (Synonyms)