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Heaven Lover

Heaven Lover (Manga)

ヘブンズ・ラバー (Synonyms)


Heaven's Door (TATENO Makoto)

Heaven's Door (TATENO Makoto) (Manga)

ヘブンズ・ドア (Synonyms)


Heavenly Kiss

Heavenly Kiss (Manga)

ヘヴンリー・キス (Synonyms)

At first Shigeru hated her boss, but eventually the two of them fell and love and got married. They just haven’t told anyone else yet…


Hebi (Manga)

Snake (Synonyms), 蛇 (Synonyms)

A surgeon father and a beautiful and elegant mother. And an excellent brother. Erika was proud of her family, but one day she realized that everything was created. I was astonished at the truth that I couldn't see because I was closed, and admitted the good and evil in me. A collection of masterpiece psychomysteries that sharply pierce the deep psychology of human beings

Hebi Hime-sama no Oose no Mama ni

Hebi Hime-sama no Oose no Mama ni (Manga)

月夜下的蛇姬 (Synonyms), 蛇姫様の仰せのままに (Synonyms)

Mei Xingxiang, who inherited the blood of the snake witch, was cursed by the snake god, and turned into a licentious snake girl every moonlit night, and the only person who could ease the curse for her was the beautiful man Kujochi who held the priesthood.The fate of the two of them intertwined under the moonlit night of a certain festival...

Appearance Changes Curse/s Full Color Handsome Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Snake Girl/s Webtoon White-Haired Female Lead

Hebi Ichigo no Kanzume

Hebi Ichigo no Kanzume (Manga)

Indian Strawberry (Synonyms), へび苺の缶詰 (Synonyms)


Hebi ni Pierce

Hebi ni Pierce (Manga)

Hebi ni Piasu (Synonyms), Snakes and Earrings (Synonyms), 蛇にピアス (Synonyms)

Based on Hitomi Kanehara's Akutagawa Prize-winning novel that was published in 2003.The story follows a teenage girl, who starts experimenting with piercings and other body modifications, but it leads her life into a downward spiral.

Based on a Novel Tattoo/s

Hebi no Michi wa Kaeru

Hebi no Michi wa Kaeru (Manga)

蛇の道はかえる (Synonyms)


Hechima Milk

Hechima Milk (Manga)

ヘチマミルク (Synonyms)


Heian Joshibu!

Heian Joshibu! (Manga)

平安女子部! (Synonyms)


Club/s Heian Era Student/s

Heian Juukon Monogatari - Juujin Danna-sama wa Shojo Hanayome o Amaku Torokasu

Heian Juukon Monogatari - Juujin Danna-sama wa Shojo Hanayome o Amaku Torokasu (Manga)

Heian Juukon Monogatari - Juujin Danna-sama wa Shojo Hanayome wo Amaku Torokasu (Synonyms), Heian Juukon Monogatari: Juujin Danna-sama wa Shojo Hanayome wo Amaku Torokasu (Synonyms), 平安兽婚物语 (Synonyms), 平安獣婚物語 ~獣人旦那様は処女花嫁を甘く蕩かす~ (Synonyms)

Lord Lion has the power to talk to animals, but because of the terrifying animal face, no one wants to get close to him. One day, a girl suddenly broke into Lord Lion’s mansion and approached his lonely heart. The sweet story of a human girl and a lone beast has begun.

Aristocrat/s Beastman/men Bestiality Heian Era Lion/s Sexually Active Protagonist Shy Male Lead Straightforward Female Lead

Heian Joururi Monogatari

Heian Joururi Monogatari (Manga)

平安情瑠璃物語 (Synonyms)

Takemiya's last BL work and quite different from the BL of the time. Also her most sex-filled work.

Heian Love Romance

Heian Love Romance (Manga)

末の松山 平安ラブロマン (Synonyms), 此の花選び 平安ラブロマン (Synonyms)


Heibon na OL ga Chikan ni Hamarimashita.

Heibon na OL ga Chikan ni Hamarimashita. (Manga)

平凡なOLが痴漢にハマりました。 (Synonyms)


Bad Art Biography / Autobiography Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Molesting Pervert/s Sketchy Art Style

Heijitsu dake no Koibito

Heijitsu dake no Koibito (Manga)

His Girl Monday To Friday (Synonyms), 平日だけの恋人 (Synonyms)

Barbara has decided she must turn down a spectacular job offer from her childhood friend Charles. In truth, she has harbored a secret crush on him since they were young. Not only is Charles a workaholic, but he is a company president who is strict with his subordinates and who always gets what he wants. Charles is determined to have Barbara as his secretary, but he knows he cannot win her over with money. But what else can he offer her?

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Harlequin

Heika, Kokoro no Koe ga Dadamore desu!

Heika, Kokoro no Koe ga Dadamore desu! (Manga)

Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart Is Leaking Out! (Synonyms), 陛下、心の声がだだ漏れです! (Synonyms), 陛下,您的心声泄露了! (Synonyms)

Marriage with the villainous ‘Ice Emperor’—despite his harsh words, the voice of his heart is super sweet!?The Princess of the Southern Kingdom, Tistye, who can read people’s heart, is married to Gaizel, the King of the Northern Kingdom, which is renowned for its outrageous cruelty.Contrary to his relentless cold words, she can hear the voice of his heart, which is surprisingly mellow—his gap almost causes her to die of embarrassment!

Appearance Different from Personality Arranged Marriage Based on a Novel Based on a Web Novel Distant Parent/s Doting Lover/s Emperor/s European Ambiance Hearing Things Other Humans Can't King/s

Heika no Midarana Chouai Anthology

Heika no Midarana Chouai Anthology (Manga)

陛下のみだらな寵愛アンソロジー (Synonyms)

1. Shikkoku no Ouji to Romantic Cinderella (Pan Yamada, Original: Rin Ichimonji)2-3. Chapters 1-2 (Kou Natsuo)4. Shido-hen (Riko Yuuki)

Heisei Daikazoku

Heisei Daikazoku (Manga)

Heisei Large Family (Synonyms), 平成大家族 (Synonyms)


Heisei Project - Imitation Hero

Heisei Project - Imitation Hero (Manga)

ヘイセイプロジェクト-イミテーションヒーロー- (Synonyms)

In this story, Earth is actually made up of two worlds that coexist in seemingly perfect harmony: the Reverse World which thrives on magic and the Surface World which has been developed through technology.When his best friend Rei disappears, Toki, an inhabitant of the Reverse World, sets off to the Surface World in search of him. But the discoveries he makes along the way begin to hint at a conspiracy that could shake both worlds to the core.

Based on a Song Conspiracy/ies Female Demographic with Male Lead Magic Missing Person Searching for Answers Searching for Someone Strong Male Lead Vocaloid

Heisei Track Ojou-sama!

Heisei Track Ojou-sama! (Manga)

Heisei Track Ojousama! (Synonyms), 平成トラックお嬢サマ! (Synonyms)