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Kaikei Saketen

Kaikei Saketen (Manga)

Hotel Harbour View (Synonyms), 海景酒店 (Synonyms)

Two linked stories, both revolving around a deadly female assassin. In Hotel Harbour View, a Japanese expatriate in Hong Kong spends his time drinking whisky, photographing a high class prostitute and waiting for death at the hands of the assassin he knows is coming for him. In Brief Encounter, a notorious Parisian assassin is himself marked for assassination and his hunter is no stranger to him.Viz published 2 stories.

America Assassin/s Cancer Gun/s

Kaiketsu El-Malo

Kaiketsu El-Malo (Manga)

Pirates El-Malo (Synonyms), 海傑エルマロ (Synonyms), 海杰怪童 (Synonyms)

In 16th century, Age of Discovery.A boy spent boring days on land and decided to go on a voyage. He became a brave Samurai with free spirits and finally became a the pirate called "EL-MALO".A Japanese Samurai commences his epic voyage.

16th Century Alcohol Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Big Breasts Blood and Gore Borderline H China Death of Loved One/s Female Fighter/s

Kaiketsu Shinkirou

Kaiketsu Shinkirou (Manga)

Kaiketsu Mirage (Synonyms), 快傑蜃気楼 (Synonyms)

A collection of Tani's Garo stories.「怪傑蜃気楼」「Nyogtha-ニョーグサ」「それは、六月の夕べ」「花屋の灯」「思い出の庭」「小さな風景画」「雨の宵の出来事」「イップ君の思い出」「夜の窓」「妖花アルラネウ」「探偵ハニー・サテン-2001-」

Alien/s Collection of Stories Damsel in Distress Lovecraftian Masked Character/s

Kaiketsu wa Shimasen

Kaiketsu wa Shimasen (Manga)

解決はしません (Synonyms)


Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai

Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai (Manga)

Kaina (Synonyms), Kaina - Suruga-jou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), Kaina - Surugajou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), 腕~駿河城御前試合~ (Synonyms)

From MangaHelpers:This manga features violent stories of passion and swordsmanship, set in the Kan'ei era (1624-1643). It opens with a match between two damaged swordsmen. Irako is blind, and his opponent, Fujiki, is missing an arm. It has been decreed that their match will be fought with metal swords, instead of wooden, so one of these men will die. The story that led them to this final match, and gave them their handicaps, involves ambition, the selection of the heir for a dojo, and the passion of two women-- one the dojo master's daughter and the other his lover.

Amputee/s Assassin/s Based on a Novel Blood and Gore Body Horror Edo Period Episodic Masturbation Samurai Swordsman

Kairaku Hakoniwa

Kairaku Hakoniwa (Manga)

Miniature Garden Of Pleasure (Synonyms), 快楽箱庭 (Synonyms)

Kaiso Ichigenchou Hanafuda

Kaiso Ichigenchou Hanafuda (Manga)

Kaiso Ichigen-chou: Hanafuda (Synonyms), 怪鼠一見帳 花札 (Synonyms), 怪鼠一見帳・花札 (Synonyms)

Episodic Web Comic


Kaisouroku (Manga)

Natsu no Sotsugyou Ryokou (Synonyms), The Summer Time Graduation Trip (Synonyms), 夏の卒業旅行 (Synonyms)

Anthology that includes [m]The Summer Time Graduation Trip[/m]This is the bonus manga chapter from KIHARA Hirokatsus light novel Kai, Sasu.Plot summary: Two friends on their vacation decide to take a bath...

Bath House Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Hot Spring/s Hotel/Inn Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Non-GL with Two Female Leads Summer Vacation


Kajou (Manga)

Hana Nawa (Synonyms), かじょう (Synonyms), 花縄 (Synonyms), 花绳 (Synonyms)


Blood and Gore Japan Murder/s Muscular Male Lead Nudity Realistic Art Style Realistic Fighting Serious/Studious Character/s Strong Male Lead Sumo


Kakafukaka (Manga)

Да или нет? (Synonyms), カカフカカ (Synonyms), 可以不可以 (Synonyms)

24-year-old Aki finds herself newly single when her long-time boyfriend cheats on her. She begins living in a sharehouse with a former classmate and boyfriend from junior high, Tomoya but he has his own personal problem. For the last two years, Tomoya has struggled with erectile dysfunction but finds himself "reacting" to Aki, and so he asks for her help to cure him.

Apartment Life Blunt Character/s Complicated Love Story Erectile Dysfunction Ex-Boyfriend Expressionless Male Lead Inexperienced in Love Inferiority Complex Roommates Weak-Willed Female Lead

Kakarichou Shima Kousaku

Kakarichou Shima Kousaku (Manga)

Karichou Shima Kosaku (Synonyms), Subsection Chief Shima Kosaku (Synonyms), 係長島耕作 (Synonyms)


Kakashi-mura Hokazono Masaya Kyoufu Sakuhin-shuu

Kakashi-mura Hokazono Masaya Kyoufu Sakuhin-shuu (Manga)

Scarecrow Village Hokazono Masaya Horror Works (Synonyms), 案山子村 外薗昌也恐怖作品集 (Synonyms)


Kakou Sekai o Tadoru Monogatari

Kakou Sekai o Tadoru Monogatari (Manga)

Kakou Sekai wo Tadoru Monogatari (Synonyms), The story follows the descent world (Synonyms), 下降世界ヲ辿ル物語 (Synonyms), 迈向下降世界的物语 (Synonyms)

21st Century Blood and Gore Body Horror Borderline H Episodic High School Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Monster/s Murder/s

Kakugo no Susume

Kakugo no Susume (Manga)

Apocalypse Zero (Synonyms), Kakugo's Progress (Synonyms), 覚悟のススメ (Synonyms)

A series of natural disasters has reduced the world to rubble, with the survivors doing whatever they must to survive in a world gone mad. But one young boy, Kakugo, gifted with amazing martial arts and a superpowerful suit of armor by his late father, has been charged with making the world (or at least his school) a safer place but his sister has a matching set of skills and equipment, and she`s on a mission to bring peace to the world. By wiping out humanity.

Adapted to Anime Adapted to Game Adapted to OVA / OAV Body Horror Body Swap/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Japan Post-Apocalyptic Super Hero/es Young Male Lead

Kakumei Zenya

Kakumei Zenya (Manga)

革命前夜 (Synonyms)


Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Incest Older Male Younger Female Uncle-Niece Relationship

Kakuu no Sono

Kakuu no Sono (Manga)

Dark Eyes (Synonyms), Kakuu no En (Synonyms), The Imaginary Garden (Synonyms), 架空の園 (Synonyms), 架空の園ー続・花盛りの庭ー (Synonyms), 架空庭院 (Synonyms)

After his mom's death, our protagonist strives for every bit of physical affection that his dad would show. Even as a toddler, his dad never held his hand or stroked his head.This story, although being published after, is set in the timeline prior to Hanazakari no Niwa.Also contains stories: - Flower of the Sky - Dark EyesAbout a young woman and the man who appears in her life during dangerous times.

Dead Family Member/s


Kamakiri (Manga)

Praying Mantis (Synonyms), カマキリ (Synonyms)

When he was young, Kouichi ("Usa") was taken in by his cousin Kaname's family. Usa extremely hates when others touch his neck... But what might be behind his strange behaviour?Also contains non-shounen ai oneshot "Under the Purple Shade"

Adoption Cousin/s Fetish/es Hidden Past Incest Mental Illness Near-Death Experience Past Plays a Big Role Stepsiblings Teenagers

Kamen no Kariudo Nobu

Kamen no Kariudo Nobu (Manga)

仮面の狩人ノブ (Synonyms)


Kamen no Yuuwaku

Kamen no Yuuwaku (Manga)

仮面の誘惑 (Synonyms)


Kameo Poreuno

Kameo Poreuno (Manhwa)

Cameo Porno (Synonyms), Kame-o Poleuno (Synonyms), 카메오 포르노 (Synonyms), 카메오포르노 (Synonyms)