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Argonavis from BanG Dream!

Argonavis from BanG Dream! (Anime)

アルゴナビス from BanG Dream! (Japanese)

Ren Nanahoshi is a lonely college student who isn't good at communicating with others. He remembers the thrill of watching a live band perform when he was young, and spent most of his days searching for his own identity. One day, while singing karaoke alone, two boys named Yuuto and Wataru discover Ren's singing ability. The two agree: "This is fate. Let's start a band!" Ren promptly runs away, but fate indeed steps in, and their journey begins.

Genres: Music

Categories: Music Music Band/s Introvert Protagonist College Student/s Live Band/s


Listeners (Anime)

LISTENERS (Japanese)

In a post-apocalyptic future that has been torn apart by shadowy creatures known as the Earless, humanity's heroes are the Players, who pilot mecha known as Equipment to battle their inhuman enemies while earning fame and fortune to boot. Echo is a young tech-head who dreams of working amongst the Players and their Equipment, going so far as to build a makeshift mecha of his own, but he has long since resigned himself to life in the destitute scrap-heaps that cover so much of the world, now. That is, until he discovers an amnesiac named μ (or “Mu”) who has a mechanical port in her back that is the telltale sign of a Player. The pair become fast friends, and they vow to use their skills to fight for the world and defeat The Earless.

Genres: Sci-Fi Mecha Music

Categories: Post-Apocalyptic Robot/s Musical Music Music Band/s Musical Instrument/s


IDOLiSH7 2 (Anime)

アイドリッシュセブン 2期 (Japanese), Idolish Seven 2 (Synonyms), IDOLiSH7: Second BEAT! (Synonyms)

A group of aspiring idols gather at Takanashi Productions and are entrusted with the company's future. The seven men who have just met represent a variety of totally different personalities. However, they each have their own charm and possess unknown potential as idols. Forming a group, they take their first step together as "IDOLiSH7." Their brilliantly shining dancing forms onstage eventually begin captivating the hearts of the people. In the glorious but sometimes harsh world of idols, they aim for the top with dreams in their hearts!

Genres: Music

Categories: Idol/s Musical Twin/s

Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu

Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu (Anime)

推しが武道館いってくれたら死ぬ (Japanese)

A girl is obsessed with her favorite idol, a minor member of a less popular group, enough that she says she'd die to see her play at Budoukan.

Genres: Comedy Seinen Music

Categories: Otaku Young Female Lead Idol/s Perverted Female Lead Fangirl/s Music Obsessed Female Lead


Cerberus (Anime)

ケルベロス (Japanese), Soutaisei Riron (Synonyms), Kerberos (Synonyms), Tensei Jingle (Synonyms)

Official music video for the band Soutaisei Riron from their Tensei Jingle album.

Genres: Music

Subarashii Sekai

Subarashii Sekai (Anime)

The Wonderful World (English), スバラシイセカイ (Japanese)

Yukie Nakauchi's music video for Takahiro Yasuda's band called Ao.

Genres: Fantasy Music


Eien (Anime)

永遠 (Japanese), Forever (Synonyms), Park Yong-ha PV (Synonyms)

Official music video for Park Yong-ha's Eien single directed by Itou Yuuichi.

Genres: Drama Fantasy Music


IDOLiSH7 (Anime)

IDOLiSH7 (English), アイドリッシュセブン (Japanese), Idolish Seven (Synonyms)

Working at an agency owned by your father, seven new idols await. They are all part of an idol unit IDOLiSH7, and each of them have unique personalities. It is your task to manage them.

Genres: Music


Lost (Anime)

LOST (English), LOST (Japanese)

Music video by Kousuke Sugimoto for the song Lost by THE CHARM PARK.

Genres: Music


Sister (Anime)

Sister (English), sister (Japanese), Eve (Synonyms)

An original song by Eve featuring Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, animated by Avogado6. A re-arranged version of the song was also included on Eve's 3rd album "Official Number" released October 16, 2016 on his own self-made record label harapeco records. Eve also created a self-cover on February 1, 2018.

Genres: Music


2010 (Anime)

A music video for The Telephones' song "2010".

Genres: Music


Extra (Anime)

Extra (English), EXTRA (エクストラ) (Japanese), Ken Ishii: Extra (Synonyms)

Animation veteran and Studio 4°C collaborator Koji Morimoto teamed up with techo artist Ken Ishii for this AMV. "EXTRA" is a random cross talk about computer, music, images, and Internet by two authors working on their first collaboration in techno music and animation. This short animation which is stored on CD-ROM and immediately shakes the viewer with question as to what the word of the title, "EXTRA," means.

Genres: Action Sci-Fi Horror Dementia Music

BanG Dream! 3rd Season

BanG Dream! 3rd Season (Anime)

BanG Dream!(バンドリ!)第3期 (Japanese)

Third season of BanG Dream! series.

Genres: Music

Mori no e

Mori no e (Anime)

森の絵 (Japanese), Forest Painting (Synonyms), Hajimari no Uta (Synonyms)

Music video to Aya Shimada's song 'Hajimari no Uta', animated by Hotchi Kazuhiro.

Genres: Music Kids


Stereo (Anime)

STEREO (English), STEREO (Japanese), ohashiTrio (Synonyms), Omoshiroki ka na Jinsei (Synonyms), Snowman (Synonyms), Timing (Synonyms), Embark (Synonyms)

Official lyric videos for ohashiTrio's songs from his "Stereo" album. They feature abstract art along with the lyrics of the song.

Genres: Music


Gravitation (Anime)

Gravitation (English), グラビテーション (Japanese)

All Shuichi ever dreamed about was following in the footsteps of his pop idol, Ryuichi Sakuma and the band Nittle Grasper. Together with his best friend Hiro, Shuichi's formed a band called Bad Luck and they've even managed to get signed to a major recording label! Unfortunately, the studio deadlines are looming and Shuichi still hasn't finished the lyrics for any of the songs. What he needs is a little inspiration.

Genres: Comedy Romance Shoujo Music Shounen Ai

Lemon Angel Project

Lemon Angel Project (Anime)

レモン エンジェル プロジェクト (Japanese)

Lemon Angel was once the greatest girl band of Japan, but then it broke up and most of its members vanished. When a music producer decides to put together a new Lemon Angel, average high schooler Tomo Minaguchi is approached to audition for the group. Little does she know of the mystery behind the original Lemon Angel.

Genres: Drama Music

Megazone 23

Megazone 23 (Anime)

Megazone 23 (English), メガゾーン23 (Japanese), Megazone 23 Part II (Synonyms), Megazone 23 Part III (Synonyms), Robotech: The Untold Story (U.S.) (Synonyms)

Shougo Yahagi is a young motorcycle enthusiast living in a world of hot bikes, hard rock, and J-pop idols. The general populace go about their lives in peace, under the watchful eyes of a computer program in the guise of pop idol sensation Eve, unbeknownst to them. Shougo himself is mostly concerned with riding his motorcycle and picking up beautiful women like Yui Takanaka, who aspires to be a dancer.

Genres: Action Sci-Fi Mystery Romance Mecha Music

Idol Project

Idol Project (Anime)

アイドルプロジェクト (Japanese)

Mimu Emilton is a cute fourteen-year-old who has come to the annual Starland Festival to become an idol, just like her role model, Yuri. It is the most celebrated event on a united Earth, and Yuri, now the President of Earth, has encouraged people to join the ranks of Excellent Idols. Unfortunately for Mimu, she can never seem to make it to her audition on time, as misadventure after misadventure lands her in situations (usually involving undergarment exposure, I might add) that she escapes with the help of the current Excellent Idols, whom she befriends.

Genres: Adventure Comedy Music


TO-Y (Anime)

トーイ (Japanese)

Two weeks before a concert at Yaon Hibiya auditorium (1987.8.26), while playing at the club Shinjuku Loft, lead vocalist To-Y (pron:

Genres: Drama Shounen Music