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Bishounen Tanteidan

Bishounen Tanteidan (Anime)

Pretty Boy Detective Club (English), Bishounen Series (Synonyms), 美少年探偵団 (Japanese)

Mayumi Dojima, a second-year student at the exclusive Yubiwa Academy middle school, has lost something—a star she glimpsed just once, ten long years ago. But help is on the way, in the form of the unofficial, secretive, and thoroughly mysterious Pretty Boy Detective Club! Rumored to solve problems within the school (most of which they themselves might as well created) for reasons aesthetic rather than financial, these five gorgeous boys sweep Mayumi into their world of excitement, danger, and overwhelming beauty.

Spring 2021

Detective Conan

Detective Conan (Anime)

Case Closed (English), 名探偵コナン (Japanese), Meitantei Conan (Synonyms)

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student of astounding talent in detective work, is well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity. Unfortunately, he is caught in the act, so the men dose him with an experimental drug formulated by their criminal organization, leaving him to his death.

Young Male Lead Science Crime/s Child Protagonist Romantic Subplot Childhood Love Secret Identity Age Transformation Police Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Genius/es Investigation/s Smart Male Lead Secret Organization/s

Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi (Anime)

オッドタクシー (Japanese)

In a city which should be familiar, there is the feeling of something a little different.

Odokawa is a taxi driver who lives an ordinary life, taxing some quirky customers around. A slightly eccentric stranger who has no relatives nor any relations with other people, Odokawa's hobby is to listen to Rakugo on the radio before going to bed. For the time being, the only people he can consider as friends are his family doctor Gouriki, and his high school classmate Kakihana.

Kabasawa, a college student who wants a buzz, Shirakawa, a nurse who's hiding something, comedian group Homo Sapiens, who isn't selling well, the city hoodlum Dobu, and the rookie idol group Mystery Kiss—the conversations with these people, which should not have meant much, lead to a girl who disappeared.

Spring 2021

The Tarot Cafe

The Tarot Cafe (Manhwa)

Das Tarot Café (German) (Synonyms), The Tarot Café (Synonyms), Кафе Таро (Synonyms), 타로카페 (Synonyms)

Meet Pamela, a tarot card reader who helps supernatural beings living in the human world. She'll help anyone, whether they're a love-stricken cat, a vampire spending eternal life running from his one true love, an unattractive waitress looking for the man of her dreams, or even a magician who creates a humanoid doll to serve the woman he loves. Although Pamela is good-natured, there is a deep dark secret that she must deal with before she can move on to the next life.

Boys' Love as a Subplot Deal with the Devil Demon Lord/King Demon/s Fortune Teller Human-Nonhuman Relationship Immortality Love-Hate Relationship Strong Female Lead Tarot

Thrill Hakase

Thrill Hakase (Manga)

Doctor Thrill (Synonyms), Dr. Thrill (Synonyms), Suriru Hakase (Synonyms), スリル博士 (Synonyms), スリル博士 長編科学まんが (Synonyms)

Dr. Thrill and his son Kenta are mystery aficionados who work as amateur detectives. Tezuka started writing stand alone chapters but, at the request of his editors, he later transformed Dr. Trill into a serial mystery.


Totsukuni no Shoujo

Totsukuni no Shoujo (Manga)

A Menina Do Outro Lado (Synonyms), Dziewczynka w Krainie Przeklętych: Siúil, a Rún (Synonyms), Foreign Girl (Synonyms), L'Enfant et le Maudit (Synonyms), La pequeña forastera: Siúil, a Rún (Synonyms), Siúil a Rún (Synonyms), Siúil, a Rún - Das fremde Mädchen (Synonyms), The Girl From the Other Side (Synonyms), The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún (Synonyms), Totsukuni no Shōjo (Synonyms), Walk, My Love (Synonyms), Девочка из Чужеземья (Synonyms), とつくにの少女 (Synonyms), 外之國的少女 (Synonyms)

In a world split between the Inside and the Outside, those living in both realms are told never to cross over to the other side, lest they be cursed. A young girl named Shiva lives on the other side, in a vacant village with a demonic guardian known only as “Teacher.” Although the two are forbidden to touch, they seem to share a bond that transcends their disparate appearances. But when Shiva leaves Teacher's care to seek out her grandmother, the secret behind her mysterious living arrangement comes to light.

Abandoned Child Animal Characteristics Anthropomorphism Curse/s European Ambiance Guardian Relationship Mysterious Elements Mysterious Male Lead Outcast/s Young Female Lead

Toukyou Hatsu Isekai Yuki

Toukyou Hatsu Isekai Yuki (Manga)

Departing from Tokyo... Bound for a Parallel World... (Synonyms), Departing Tokyo — Heading for a Strange Universe (Synonyms), From Tokyo to Another Universe (Synonyms), Leaving from Tokyo, Going to a Different Dimension (Synonyms), Saigo no Bansan (OHTAKE Masao) (Synonyms), Sent from Tokyo, Moving Towards Another Realm (Synonyms), The Last Supper (OHTAKE Masao) (Synonyms), Tokyo Hatsu Isekai Yuki (Synonyms), Toukyouhatsu Isekaiyuki (Synonyms), さいごのばんさん (OHTAKE Masao) (Synonyms), 最後の晩餐 (OHTAKE Masao) (Synonyms), 東京発 異世界行き (Synonyms), 東京発異世界行き (Synonyms)

A series of cleverly interconnected stories written from multiple POV's, tying together the quirky cast and a number of mysterious (and occasionally hilarious) occurrences in a certain suburb of Tokyo.The Last SupperTwo very unusual detectives investigate a murder and a dinner.

Alternate Universe Bank Robbery Collection of Stories Deafness Detective/s Firefighter/s Reunion/s Tokyo Train/s Transported to Another World

Triple Bullet - Danganronpa Tsubamemaru Watarizora Work Compilation

Triple Bullet - Danganronpa Tsubamemaru Watarizora Work Compilation (Manga)

Danganronpa - Tsubamemaru Warizora Collection (Synonyms), Danganronpa Tsubamemaru Watarizora Sakuhin Shu (Synonyms), Triple Bullet (Synonyms), トリプルバレット ダンガンロンパ渡空燕丸作品集 (Synonyms)

Official compilation of short stories based on the Danganronpa series drawn by Watarizora Tsubamemaru.

Based on a Video Game

Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakasetachi

Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakasetachi (Manga)

Doctors in Isolated Room (Synonyms), Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakase-tachi (Synonyms), Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakushitachi (Synonyms), 冰冷密室的博士們 (Synonyms), 冷たい密室と博士たち (Synonyms)

On a colleague, Professor Kita's, suggestion, Associate Professor Saikawa Souhei and his student Nishinosono Moe head to Kita's research institute, where various experiments are being conducted in a low-temperature research lab. During the night a murder takes place: two graduate students are found dead in the lab.How did the killer enter the locked room? How did they leave?

Age Gap Apathetic Protagonist Based on a Novel Bespectacled Protagonist Clever Protagonist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Murder/s Older Male Younger Female Rich Female Lead Smart Male Lead

Unsound Relationship

Unsound Relationship (Manhua)

Defective Lovers (Synonyms), Imperfect Relationship (Synonyms), Mối Quan Hệ Không Hoàn Hảo (Synonyms), Una Relación Poco Estable (Synonyms), 不健全关系 (Synonyms)

Two years ago, Detective Quian & Diviner Teng-Rui Yu became partners and solved countless incredible cases. Now the strange and bizarre case hasn't been solved yet, but their office gets dismissed and Teng-Rui Yu is in an unconscious state. What happened?

Uryuudou Yumebanashi

Uryuudou Yumebanashi (Manga)

Dreams of the Rainy Willow Store (Synonyms), Dreamy Tales of the Rainy Willow Store (Synonyms), 雨柳堂夢咄 (Synonyms), 雨柳堂夢語 (Synonyms)

This manga tells the stories of an antique store that is run by an elderly man and his grandson. The grandson watches the store while his grandfather is out, and it seems like the most interesting customers come by during these times. The grandson has the ability to perceive the supernatural, and his customers often end up being entwined with the stories of different antiques in the store.

Adapted to Drama CD Antique Shop Antique/s Award-Nominated Work Calm Protagonist Episodic Ghost/s Helpful Protagonist Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Spirit/s

Vento Aureo

Vento Aureo (Manga)

Dai 5 Bu Giorno Giovana: Ōgon naru Isan (Synonyms), Golden Wind (Synonyms), JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze (Synonyms), JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze (Synonyms), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind (Synonyms), La extraña aventura de JoJo Parte 5: El viento dorado (Synonyms), Le Bizzarre Avventure Di GioGio Parte 5: Vento Aureo (Synonyms), ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風 (Synonyms), 黄金の風 (Synonyms)

SERIES 5: Set in 2001 Italy, the story follows Giorno Giovanna, son of DIO, and his dream to rise within the Neapolitan mafia and defeat the boss of Passione, the most powerful and influential gang, in order to become a "Gang-Star" and make the world a better place. With the aid of a capo and his men, as well as his own resolve, Giorno sets out to fulfill his goal of absolving the mafia of its corruption.

Ambitious Protagonist Clever Protagonist Friendship Gang/s Italy Mafia Strategic Battles Super Powers Unpredictable Outcome Unrealistic Fighting

Usagi Tantei Monogatari

Usagi Tantei Monogatari (Manga)

Rabbit Detective Story (Synonyms), The Detective Stories about the Rabbit (Synonyms), うさぎ探偵物語 (Synonyms)

By the author of and and the artist of and .

Detective/s Rabbit/s

Song of the Doll

Song of the Doll (Manhwa)

Doll Song (Synonyms), Doll Song เพลงรักตุ๊กตา (Synonyms), Doll's Requiem (Synonyms), Hình Nhân (Synonyms), Inhyeong Ga (Synonyms), Песня куклы (Synonyms), 인형歌 (Synonyms), 인형가 (Synonyms)

From Shiro Nabi:Lee Woo-hee was kidnapped and found under a plum tree with a faint memory of a man telling her, "I promise you that until the day we meet again, you will be reborn." After that incident, her father became protective and would only allow her to go from the house to the plum tree she loved. However, she would be allowed to venture into the village on the day of the new moon. One such day she meets a exorcist that warns her of a man dressed in black. Will she take this warning to heart? Or is it already too late...?

Animal Characteristics Beautiful Female Lead Dead Friend/s Doll/s Exorcism Handsome Male Lead Kidnapping/s Rebirth Spirit/s Village

Ookami Dandy

Ookami Dandy (Manga)

Dandy Wolf (Synonyms), Ookami (Wolf) Dandy (Synonyms), 狼(ウルフ)ダンディー (Synonyms), 狼ダンディー (Synonyms)

He's a werewolf, but he can keep himself from transforming by smoking! Will this good guy be able to keep himself from preying on the innocent and transform his persona into a wolf of justice!From Manga Reborn

Shape Shifter/s Smoking Werewolf/ves


Kaitai (Manga)

Dismantlement (Synonyms), Dismantling (Synonyms), Dismember (Synonyms), Dismembering (Synonyms), Dismemberment (Synonyms), 解体 (Synonyms)

is a science-fiction-ish BL story of bio-engineered humans, sinister policemen and moody scientists with mysterious pasts.Set in a depressing, fictitious London from somewhere in the near future, this manga is representative of Ishihara's earlier, non-yaoi works; rough, sketchy artwork accompanied by an interesting plot the likes of which is rarely seen in the BL genre.

Friends Become Enemies Genetic Modification Murder/s Sketchy Art Style

Itoshii Uso, Yasashii Yami

Itoshii Uso, Yasashii Yami (Manga)

Dear My Loneliness and Darkness (Synonyms), Itoshii Uso Yasashii Yami (Synonyms), Lovely Lies Gentle Darkness (Synonyms), 愛しい嘘 優しい闇 (Synonyms)

Love or Despair? A human drama in which loneliness resonates, drawn by Mizuho Aimoto. The protagonist Noboru (28) made her debut as a manga artist once, but after that, the work did not continue. The idea that she had been working on was stolen by a younger co-worker, and the invitation to the alumni association of junior high school arrives when he gave up the way of a cartoonist. The sender is Shuichi Amamiya. The first love of Noboru, who was so beautiful and liked by everyone. Nobomu who participated in the reunion is involved in an unexpected incident there.

Childhood Friends Reunited Class Reunion Domestic Violence Giving Up One's Dream Hometown Mangaka in a Manga Mysterious Death Past Plays a Big Role Suspense Unexpressed Feeling/s

Doubt! (AMANO Sakuya)

Doubt! (AMANO Sakuya) (Manga)

Doubt! -ダウト- (Synonyms), ダウト (天乃咲耶) (Synonyms)

Ichiru Kanzaki is given an offer he can't refuse: to clear his entire debt, he has to enroll in the high school where his father works to track down his father's illegitimate daughter, his own younger half-sister, whom he has never met. But which girl is she?

Cool Male Lead Cunning Male Lead Debt/s Illegitimate Child/ren Independent Male Lead Irresponsible Parent/s Perceptive Male Lead Searching for Someone Smart Male Lead Talented Male Lead


Dogfight! (Manhwa)

Dogfight (Synonyms), 개판 (Synonyms)

Anthropomorphism Assassin/s Boxing Crime Fighter/s Discrimination Film-Noir Style Full Color Gang/s Murder/s Web Comic

Doctor Messiah

Doctor Messiah (Manga)

Dokutaa Meshia (Synonyms), Dr. Messiah (Synonyms), ドクターメシア (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Doctor/s Japanese Society Medical Reporter/s Tokyo