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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu (Anime)

Higurashi: When They Cry – SOTSU (English), ひぐらしのなく頃に卒 (Japanese), When the Cicadas Cry (Synonyms), The Moment the Cicadas Cry (Synonyms)

Sequel to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.

Summer 2021

Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041 (Anime)

NIGHT HEAD 2041 (Japanese)

The story follows the Kirihara brothers who from a young age were incarcerated in a secure scientific facility due to their supernatural powers, having escaped after the barrier that was preventing them malfunctions. The story also follows the Kuroki brothers who are trying to chase the Kirihara brothers. MAL News)

Summer 2021

Kaijuu Jieitai: Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management

Kaijuu Jieitai: Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management (Manga)

Kaiju vs. JSDF (Synonyms), Kaijuu Jieitai (Synonyms), Kaijuu vs. Jieitai (Synonyms), Monster Self-Defense Force (Synonyms), Self-Defence Force Against Strange Beasts (Synonyms), TFPDM (Synonyms), 怪獣自衛隊 (Synonyms)

A classic Kaijū manga by the author of and Follow JSDF officers Yamato Yoshikazu and Sakimori Konoe as they face off against monsters of unknown origin that infest the troubled, disputed waters of the East Asian sea and have humans as a preferential prey!

Kaijuu Military Monster/s Ship/s Strong Female Lead Survival

Kaijuu ni Natta Gay

Kaijuu ni Natta Gay (Manga)

A Gay Man Who Turned into a Monster. (Synonyms), Kaiju ni Natta Gay (Synonyms), Kaijuu ni Natta Gei (Synonyms), 怪獣になったゲイ (Synonyms)

A gay teenager who is constantly bullied at school turns into a monster after being rejected by his teacher. Was originally published as a series of 10 doujinshi.

Appearance Changes Bullied Protagonist Dark Skin Gay Protagonist High School High School Student/s LGBT Issues Prejudice Self-Hatred

Kaiketsu Shinkirou

Kaiketsu Shinkirou (Manga)

Kaiketsu Mirage (Synonyms), 快傑蜃気楼 (Synonyms)

A collection of Tani's Garo stories.「怪傑蜃気楼」「Nyogtha-ニョーグサ」「それは、六月の夕べ」「花屋の灯」「思い出の庭」「小さな風景画」「雨の宵の出来事」「イップ君の思い出」「夜の窓」「妖花アルラネウ」「探偵ハニー・サテン-2001-」

Alien/s Collection of Stories Damsel in Distress Lovecraftian Masked Character/s

Kaiki Hakubutsukan

Kaiki Hakubutsukan (Manga)

Museum of Horror (Synonyms), 怪奇博物館 (Synonyms)

Apartment Life Coffin/s Collection of Stories Crush/es Curse/s Doll/s Neighbor/s Rich Family Rich Female Lead Sudden Disappearance/s


Kaine (Manga)

Kaine - die to live no Endorphin (Synonyms), Kaine - Endorphines - Zwischen Liebe und Tod (German) (Synonyms), Tokei Jikakeno Orenji Bakudan (Synonyms), 戒音 (Synonyms), 戒音 dieとliveの脳内麻薬物質 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Best Friends Childhood Trauma Collection of Stories Crime/s Dead Family Member/s Music Band/s Split Personality Twin/s Wish/es

Kakasare Ekaki

Kakasare Ekaki (Manga)

描かされ絵描き (Synonyms)

Akane Sonezaki, an illustrator who can see the spirits because he was born in a Buddhist artist's house. Because of his constitution, the paintings he draws sometimes have special power. As a result, I was caught up in a mysterious event. A story of mysterious ties and bonds that draw the hearts of people released by painting!

21st Century Art Artist/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Ghost/s High School Student/s Illustrator/s Japan Nosebleeds Seeing Things Other Humans Can't

Kakashi-mura Hokazono Masaya Kyoufu Sakuhin-shuu

Kakashi-mura Hokazono Masaya Kyoufu Sakuhin-shuu (Manga)

Scarecrow Village Hokazono Masaya Horror Works (Synonyms), 案山子村 外薗昌也恐怖作品集 (Synonyms)



Kakegurui (Manga)

狂赌之渊 (Synonyms), 賭ケグルイ (Synonyms), 카게구루이 (Synonyms), Gambling School (Synonyms), Kakegurui - Szał hazardu (Polish) (Synonyms), Kakegurui – Das Leben ist ein Spiel (German) (Synonyms), Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler (Synonyms), Безумный азарт (Synonyms), โคตรเซียนโรงเรียนพนัน (Synonyms)

Bullying Clever Protagonist Debt/s Gamble Addict/s Gambling Mind Games Prestigious School Sadist/s Strategic Minds Transfer Student/s

Kakegurui Twin

Kakegurui Twin (Manga)

Kakegurui Futago (Synonyms), Kakegurui Twins (Synonyms), Безумный азарт: Близнец (Synonyms), 狂赌之渊 双 (Synonyms), 賭ケグルイ 双-ツイン- (Synonyms)

A year before Yumeko Jabami graced the hallowed halls of Hyakkou Private Academy, Mary Saotome got her own start at the gambling-addicted school. Can this normal girl achieve her own rags-to-riches story through wits and luck? Find out in this prequel to the mega-popular Kakegurui!

Clever Protagonist Female Protagonist Gamble Addict/s Gambling Masochist/s Mind Games Narcissistic Character/s Prestigious School Strategic Minds Two-Faced

Kakei no Alice

Kakei no Alice (Manga)

Alice in Murderland (Synonyms), 架刑のアリス (Synonyms), 架刑的爱丽丝 (Synonyms)

Adopted Child/ren Alice in Wonderland Appearance Changes Dead Family Member/s Game of Death Inheritance Play or Die Situation Siblings Spirit/s Split Personality

Kakumeika no Gogo

Kakumeika no Gogo (Manga)

A Revolutionist in the Afternoon (Synonyms), Takeyama's Life (Synonyms), День Революционера (Russian) (Synonyms), 革命家の午後 (Synonyms)

Another short story collection from Jirô Matsumoto.Contains 5 stories:- A Revolutionist in the Afternoon- A Revolutionist in the Afternoon 2 (not a sequel to the first one)- Desert Witch- Takeyama's Life- The Footmen Flee

Blood and Gore Collection of Stories Curse/s Rape Revolution Russia Suicide/s Treason Vampire/s War/s


KakuRenBo (Manga)

Hide-and-Seek (Synonyms), カクレンボ (Synonyms)

An adaptation of the OVA series. When the night comes, the lights of the city get eerily brighter and the streets become a maze. If you can find your way through the labyrinth by following the neon signs of the characters "O," "to," "ko," and "yo," you will find yourself in the hidden city where children play a game of hide-and-seek. You need a fox mask to play. But be careful, there are rumors of demons and kids have been disappearing....


Kakusan (Manga)

A Diffusion Disease (Synonyms), Dispersion (Synonyms), 扩散 (Synonyms), 拡散 (Synonyms), 擴散 (Synonyms)

"Kacchan" is a guy who has the power (or the disease) to "disperse" in time and space, looking for a place where he can exist...

Africa Reflections on Human Existence Special Ability/ies Time Skip World Travel

Kalavinka no Houran

Kalavinka no Houran (Manga)

Gestation of Kalavinka (Synonyms), カラヴィンカの抱卵 (Synonyms)

After losing his wife, Dawei performs the sky burial ritual on her body in order to gain closure.[Pixiv manga]

Dead Lover/s Death Death of Child Death of Loved One/s Funeral Superstition Tibet


Kamakiri (Manga)

Praying Mantis (Synonyms), カマキリ (Synonyms)

When he was young, Kouichi ("Usa") was taken in by his cousin Kaname's family. Usa extremely hates when others touch his neck... But what might be behind his strange behaviour?Also contains non-shounen ai oneshot "Under the Purple Shade"

Adoption Cousin/s Fetish/es Hidden Past Incest Mental Illness Near-Death Experience Past Plays a Big Role Stepsiblings Teenagers

Kamen Rider dj - Hybrid Insector

Kamen Rider dj - Hybrid Insector (Doujinshi)

HYBRID INSECTOR (Synonyms), Kamen Rider - Hybrid Insector (Synonyms), ハイブリッド·インセクタ (Synonyms), 仮面ライダー ハイブリッド·インセクタ (Synonyms)

A thriller dystopic saga starring the 7 Showa Riders. Once the Arbiters of Justice, now hunted like living abomination under the new name, like a fire brand, The Hybrid Insector. Note:The first doujin serialization run for only nine chapters until Toei ordered a cease-and-desist for copyright violations, nevertheless Shimizu & Shimoguchi later announced in June 2016 that the series will restart that summer, when a new number #00 was published during 90th Comiket.

Kami no Kodomo

Kami no Kodomo (Manga)

God's Child (Synonyms), 神の子供 (Synonyms)

The twisted and deeply disturbing tale of a sociopathic serial killer...

Anti-Social Protagonist Atypical Art Style Blood and Gore Dark Ambience Deliberate Loner Devoted Followers Murder/s Psychopath/s Rape Serial Killer/s

Kami no Warufuzake

Kami no Warufuzake (Manga)

Teimoto Kami no Warufuzake (Synonyms), 定本神の悪フザケ (Synonyms), 神の悪ふざけ (Synonyms)