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Gibiate (Anime)

ジビエート (Japanese)

In 2030, Japan. A virus has infected humans throughout the world. Infected people turn into different forms of monsters based on their ages, sexes, and races.

Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal (Anime)

Blade of the Immortal (English), 無限の住人 (Japanese), Mugen no Juunin (Synonyms)

Manji is an amoral swordsman, who has been cursed with eternal life. He has grown tired of living with all the death he has created. He has no skills other then those of killing, thus he forms a plan to regain his mortality:

Mugen no Juunin: Immortal

Mugen no Juunin: Immortal (Anime)

Blade of the Immortal (English), 無限の住人-IMMORTAL- (Japanese)

Manji is an immortal swordsman, who has been cursed with eternal life. He has grown tired of living with all the death he has created. He has no skills other than those of killing, thus he forms a plan to regain his mortality:

Sekiro Gaiden: Shinazu Hanbei

Sekiro Gaiden: Shinazu Hanbei (Manga)

Sekiro Side Story: Hanbei the Undying (English), SEKIRO 外伝 死なず半兵衛 (Japanese)

The Sengoku Era... A time when losing a battle meant losing it all. The Sword Saint, Isshin Ashina, aims for world domination... That is until he encounters a certain samurai... Yen Press)

Hyobokure Bonza

Hyobokure Bonza (Manga)

ひょぼくれ文左 (Japanese)

Shippuu Jinrai

Shippuu Jinrai (Manga)

Samurai Comeback (Synonyms), 疾風迅雷 (Japanese)

Who has not heard of the famous Shinsengumi, the terrible faction of nationalist samurai? But when its four most eminent members are teleported to contemporary Kyoto, nothing goes well... Where has this Japan full of values that they love so much gone to?! At first lost, these famous male warriors will regain their senses. Yet one question remains: will they succeed in turning their country around which is in full decay?! Nothing is sure for certain... Manga News, translated)

Neko Neko Nihonshi 5th Season

Neko Neko Nihonshi 5th Season (Anime)

ねこねこ日本史 第5期 (Japanese), Meow Meow Japanese History (Synonyms)


Manga (Manga)

Two Warriors (Synonyms), Down Time (Synonyms), The Mask of the Red Dwarf Star (Synonyms), The Watermelon Messiah (Synonyms), Midsummer Night's Dream (Synonyms), The Great Ten (Synonyms), Schizophrenia (Synonyms), The Promise (Synonyms), Cat in Animation (Synonyms)

Harakiri Gomen

Harakiri Gomen (Manga)

ハラキリゴメン (Japanese)

The "unique historical" manga Harakiri Gomen centers on a samurai with blue eyes who comes from the West and who exemplifies the creed of bushido. ANN)

Rurouni Kenshin: Special Techniques

Rurouni Kenshin: Special Techniques (Anime)

るろうに剣心-明治剣客浪漫譚- (Japanese), Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Special Techniques (Synonyms)

Similiar to the "Himura Kenshin's Greatest Hits" from the first special, this episode goes through every technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu and explains how it works.


Duelant (Manga)

Duelant (Japanese)

A Japanese Samurai wandering in the medieval Europe, will participate in a legal duel to pay off a debt.


Gantz:E (Manga)

GANTZ:E (Japanese)

A peasant named Hanbei asks a girl named O-haru for her hand in marriage, but O-haru confesses that she is already thinking of another man named Masakichi from a neighboring village. When Hanbei seeks out Masakichi, he finds that Masakichi possesses a sword and the skills to use it, despite being a peasant. ANN)

Zokugun Hijikata Toshizou

Zokugun Hijikata Toshizou (Manga)

賊軍 土方歳三 (Japanese)

The story follows the "last battle" of the famous Japanese historical figure Hijikata Toshizou. It begins in 1868, both the first year of the new Meiji era, and the year before the Battle of Hakodate in 1869. ANN, edited)


Zingnize (Manga)

ZINGNIZE (Japanese)

Follows the story of "Edo's Sanni-en (Sajin no)" Takasaka Jinouchi, Jozawa Junai, Shoji Jinouchi. Three years after the battle of Sekigahara (1603 AD), Okubo Changan invited Takasaka Junouchi, who is known as a former thief, to destroy Kotaro Fuuma and his clan of criminals in Edo, but what will he get in return? MU)

Kubi wo Kiraneba Wakarumai

Kubi wo Kiraneba Wakarumai (Manga)

首を斬らねば分かるまい (Japanese), If You Do Not Behead (Synonyms), You Cannot Understand (Synonyms)

Ninja Batman

Ninja Batman (Manga)

Batman Ninja (English), ニンジャバットマン (Japanese)

Batman Ninja takes a journey across the ages as Gorilla Grodd's time displacement machine transports many of Batman's worst enemies to feudal Japan—along with the Dark Knight and a few of his allies. The villains take over the forms of the feudal lords that rule the divided land, with the Joker taking the lead among the warring factions. As his traditional high-tech weaponry is exhausted almost immediately, Batman must rely on his intellect and his allies—including Catwoman and the extended Bat-family—to restore order to the land, and return to present-day Gotham City.

Shin Nijitte Monogatari

Shin Nijitte Monogatari (Manga)

新・弐十手物語 (Japanese)

Shin Nijitte Monogatari: Tsurujirou

Shin Nijitte Monogatari: Tsurujirou (Manga)

新・弐十手物語 つるじろう (Japanese)


Dasadanan (Manhwa)

Seyeon and Kang Chan are childhood friends that now attend the same high school. Kang Chan is popular and fashionable while Seyeon is just an average student. One day Kang Chan dumps Seyeon's items out of his bag onto the floor while declaring that he likes him and wants to date.

Samurai Spirits: Shimabara Amakusa Jashin Shiro Kouryaku-hen

Samurai Spirits: Shimabara Amakusa Jashin Shiro Kouryaku-hen (Manga)

Samurai Shodown (English), Samurai Spirits (Japanese)

Set in the year 1637, the story is focused on Haohmaru and his samurai entourage called the "Sword Saints", on the onset of the Shimabara Rebellion, as they fight and tear their way through the Dark God's army in epic confrontations and awe inducing battles!