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Horimiya (Anime)

Hori-san and Miyamura-kun (Synonyms), ホリミヤ (Japanese)

On the surface, the thought of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura getting along would be the last thing in people's minds. After all, Hori has a perfect combination of beauty and brains, while Miyamura appears meek and distant to his fellow classmates. However, a fateful meeting between the two lays both of their hidden selves bare. Even though she is popular at school, Hori has little time to socialize with her friends due to housework. On the other hand, Miyamura lives under the noses of his peers, his body bearing secret tattoos and piercings that make him look like a gentle delinquent.

Having opposite personalities yet sharing odd similarities, the two quickly become friends and often spend time together in Hori's home. As they both emerge from their shells, they share with each other a side of themselves concealed from the outside world.

Cool Male Lead Secret Identity Popular Female Lead Friendship

The Music Box of Petals

The Music Box of Petals (Manhwa)

Dein Klang in meiner Hand (Synonyms), Il carillon di petali (Synonyms), La melodía de las flores (Synonyms), 悅耳的花歌 (Synonyms), 悦耳的花歌 (Synonyms), 듣기좋은꽃노래 (Synonyms)

This is a story about a boy who can hear everytune coming from a different species known as museswhen one day he meets a certain muse.

Tok, Tok

Tok, Tok (Manhwa)

Drip, Drip (Synonyms), Knock (Synonyms), Кап-кап (Synonyms), 톡,톡 (Synonyms)

Jae Hyeok, who lost hope in dreams due to a certain event, finds his life sparkling with light again as he spends time with one of the seniors at his school club.

21st Century Baseball Full Color High School Student/s Korea School Club/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Straightforward Male Lead Tall Male Lead Web Comic

Toilet Hakase

Toilet Hakase (Manga)

Dr. Toilet (Synonyms), Toilet, PhD. (Synonyms), トイレット博士 (Synonyms)

Starring a scientist who specializes in scatology and works in a toilet-shaped laboratory.

Gag Professor/s Science Scientist/s Toilet Humor

Tomodachi no Hanashi

Tomodachi no Hanashi (Manga)

Das Geheimnis der Freundschaft (German) (Synonyms), Le Secret de L'amitié (Synonyms), Przyjaciółki (Polish) (Synonyms), Sonokare Shira Bemasu (Synonyms), The Secret of Friendship (Synonyms), 友だちの話 (Synonyms), 朋友的故事 (Synonyms), 朋友的话语 (Synonyms)

From : Eiko is something of a plain Jane and a doormat, while her best friend Moe is a head-turning beauty. Despite their differences, their friendship is as strong as ever.Guys are always asking Moe out, but her answer is invariably "Only if you promise to put Eiko before me."

Alternating POV Beautiful Female Lead Best Friends Blunt Female Lead Blunt Male Lead Friendship Honest Protagonist Multiple Protagonists Popular Female Lead Strong Female Lead

Tooi Nemuri

Tooi Nemuri (Manga)

Distant Dream (Synonyms), Unmei no Anata (Synonyms), 遙遠的沉眠 (Synonyms), 遠い眠り (Synonyms)

Adopted Child/ren Dead Friend/s Dead Love Interest Dead Parent/s Family Business Farmer/s Love Triangle/s President Unrequited Love Vegetables

Toshigoro no Otokonoko to Are

Toshigoro no Otokonoko to Are (Manga)

Adolescence Boy & "it" (Synonyms), Du willst es doch auch! (German) (Synonyms), Toshigoro no Otoko no ko to Are (Synonyms), 年頃のオトコノコとアレ (Synonyms), 青葱歲月的少年和那個 (Synonyms)

From :Sakurai is caught masturbating by his classmate, Shinohara, while watching an AV he borrowed from a friend. Trying his best to pretend nothing ever happened, he can't help but look at Shinohara. Now that the both of them have become aware of each other, will one end up falling prey to the other's desires..?!

Caught in the Act Classmate/s Friends Become Lovers Handjob Intercrural Intercourse Masturbation Sexual Curiosity Straight Seme Student-Student Relationship Unexpected Feelings

Toshokan no Yokai

Toshokan no Yokai (Manga)

The Demon in the Library (Synonyms), Toshokan no Youkai (Synonyms), 図書館の妖怪 (Synonyms)

Hashimoto, the librarian, has a little kamaitachi on his shoulder that’s been causing havoc in his life. Now, he has to reign his emotions in before the power he inherited from the demon hurts someone he has affections for!

Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Injury/ies Innocent Love Librarian/s Library Shy Protagonist Strong Male Lead Track and Field Youkai

Toumei Ningen no Koi

Toumei Ningen no Koi (Manga)

Drops. (Synonyms), Invisible Girl in Love (Synonyms), Invisible Person's Love (Synonyms), Matryoshka (Synonyms), Soko wa Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten (Synonyms), The Restaurant of Many Orders (Synonyms), Toumeiningen no Koi (Synonyms), そこは注文の多い料理店 (Synonyms), 透明人間の恋 (Synonyms)

Character Who Bullies the One They Love Chef/s Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Doll/s Food Image Change Love Confession/s Rain Restaurant

Trouble Double Face

Trouble Double Face (Manga)

Double Trouble (KANZAKI Takashi) (Synonyms), Trouble Doubleface (Synonyms), トラブ ルダブルフェイス (Synonyms)

1-4) Kou has gone to an all boys private school because he's in love with his naive and sweet stepbrother Naruki. But when Naruki follows him to the school Kou's life gets very hectic, defending his innocent brother from other students. Kou's roommate Yoshino comes up with a plan for Naruki to fend for himself, but his motives aren't entirely innocent.Extra) Model Satoru loves his best friend Riku. But Riku only mothers him.

Collection of Stories Dormitory/ies Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hypnotism Indecisive Protagonist Infirmary Intercourse Love Triangle/s Split Personality Stepsibling Love Stepsiblings

TS Gakuen no Nichijou

TS Gakuen no Nichijou (Manga)

Daily Life in TS School (Synonyms), TS学园的日常 (Synonyms), TS学園の日常 (Synonyms)

All-boys school where some guys randomly turn into girls for a temporary amount of time throughout the day because puberty.

All-Boys School Male to Female

Tsuki to Mizuumi

Tsuki to Mizuumi (Manga)

Danau & Bulan (Synonyms), The Moon and the Lake (Synonyms), Tsuki to Mizumi (Synonyms), القمر والبحيرة (Synonyms), 月と湖 (Synonyms), 月与湖 (Synonyms)

Two stories:Kazuna's late grandfather was a writer, and his unpublished novel depicting his private life was found among the articles left by him. He had written down his affection to his lover, while he was a devoted husband. Kazuna felt perplexed, and went to see his grandfather's lover.Does anyone know where "Nacchan" is? December, ten years ago, Nacchan's house next door burned down. Both parents were safe. Only Nacchan was never found. The body was never found... In the chaos of the fire, only Nacchan... disappeared.

Cat/s Childhood Friend/s Lake/s Past Plays a Big Role Promise/s Runaway/s Secret Identity Secret Relationship Story within Story Writer/s


Tsumitsuki (Manga)

Demon grzechu -Tsumitsuki (polish) (Synonyms), Sin Dwellers (Synonyms), Tsumi Tsuki (Synonyms), Tsumi-tsuki (Synonyms), Tsumitsuki - Espírito da Culpa (portuguese) (Synonyms), تسوميتسوكي (Synonyms), ツミツキ (Synonyms), 附罪者 (Synonyms)

From :In the town that Takada Chinatsu moved to, there's a legend about demons called Tsumitsuki that possess the feelings of guilt a person has over their sins. Those who are possessed are slowly devoured, body and mind, as the demon manifests. As one of Takada's friends starts acting strangely, her classmate Kuroe steps in to help... but his true motives are hidden behind a mask.

Abortion Bullying Demon/s Episodic Folklore Fox Spirit Guilt Mysterious Protagonist Student-Teacher Relationship Student/s

Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! - Oyako Heroine Funtousu

Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! - Oyako Heroine Funtousu (Manga)

Don't Meddle With My Daughter! (Synonyms), Keep Your Hands off My Daughter! (Synonyms), ウチのムスメに手を出すな! ―母娘ヒロイン奮闘す― (Synonyms), 别对我的女儿出手! (Synonyms)

Big Breasts Borderline H Mother and Daughter Nudity Older Female Lead Protagonist Strong from the Start Super Hero/es Super Powers Super Villain/s Young Female Lead

Umibe no Onnanoko

Umibe no Onnanoko (Manga)

A Girl by the Sea (Synonyms), A Girl on the Shore (Synonyms), Dziewczyna znad morza (Polish) (Synonyms), La fille de la plage (French) (Synonyms), Mädchen am Strand (German) (Synonyms), Девушка у моря (Russian) (Synonyms), فتاة على الشاطئ (Arabic) (Synonyms), うみべの女の子 (Synonyms), 错位的青春 (Synonyms)

From :Koume Sato and Kosuke Isobe are two teenagers living in a sleepy seaside town. After getting used and dumped by her crush, the emotionally damaged Koume decides to start a sexual relationship with Kosuke, without any emotions involved. However, they both soon discover that sex with no strings attached does lead to unexpected complications, not just for themselves but also the people surrounding them.

Bathroom Intercourse Borderline H Countryside Dead Family Member/s Depression Jealousy Loneliness Middle School Realistic Art Style Unrequited Love

Uwame Zukai ga Kikanai Riyuu

Uwame Zukai ga Kikanai Riyuu (Manga)

Dia Tak Rasa Aku Comel?!! Pandangan Aku X Pandangan Dia (Synonyms), 上目づかいが効かない理由。 (Synonyms)



Uzakoi (Manga)

Anata no Kioku (HANYUU Shion) (Synonyms), Browser Love (Synonyms), Double Booking (Synonyms), Double☆Booking (Synonyms), I am in love with Onii-chan (Synonyms), Kissing Under the Sakura Tree (Synonyms), Sakura no Shita de Kiss wo Shite (Synonyms), Suki desu Oniichan (Synonyms), Your Memory (Synonyms), ウザ恋 (Synonyms)

Blackmail Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Fellatio Finding Love Again Friends Become Lovers Love Triangle/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Student-Teacher Relationship Twin/s

The Daily Life of Being the Campus Idol's Fake Boyfriend (Novel)

The Daily Life of Being the Campus Idol's Fake Boyfriend (Novel) (Novel)

Gei xiaoCao dang JiananYou de Rizi (Novel) (Synonyms), 给校草当假男友的日子 (Synonyms)

21st Century Cold Male Lead Coming Out of the Closet Fake Relationship Homosexual Protagonist Misunderstanding/s Pining Possessive Male Lead Pretend Lovers Roommates

Oaji wa Dou desu ka?

Oaji wa Dou desu ka? (Manga)

Dakara Nan da yo? (Synonyms), Oaji wa Dou desu ka (Synonyms), Oaji wa Dou desuka (Synonyms), Oaji wa Dou Desuka? (Synonyms), Wakatte Hoshii (Synonyms), お味はどうですか? (Synonyms), 爱恋甜滋味 (Synonyms)

Club/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Salaryman Soccer Student-Teacher Relationship Transfer Student/s

Makeru Nakate

Makeru Nakate (Manga)

Don't Win (Synonyms), まけるな勝て (Synonyms)