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Kaijuu Iro no Shima

Kaijuu Iro no Shima (Manga)

Kaiju Island (Synonyms), かいじゅう色の島 (Synonyms), 怪异海岛 (Synonyms), 괴수 색의 섬 (Synonyms)

Without a single friend, middle schooler Chigawa Kon lives on a small island and laments that she hasn't "fallen in love" yet, unlike her classmates. She often plays by "the Hole", a cave near the sea where a man-eating monster lives, according to folk tales.One day, as she meets with another girl who accidentally drops her smartphone in the sea, they fall from a cliff together but miraculously survive. It turns out Furuka is also all alone.

21st Century Bullied Female Lead City Slicker Moves to Countryside Countryside Island/s Japan Loner Protagonist Male Demographic with Female Lead Partial Nudity

Kakou Sekai o Tadoru Monogatari

Kakou Sekai o Tadoru Monogatari (Manga)

Kakou Sekai wo Tadoru Monogatari (Synonyms), The story follows the descent world (Synonyms), 下降世界ヲ辿ル物語 (Synonyms), 迈向下降世界的物语 (Synonyms)

21st Century Blood and Gore Body Horror Borderline H Episodic High School Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Monster/s Murder/s

Kamata Majo

Kamata Majo (Manga)

Kamata Witch (Synonyms), 蒲田魔女 (Synonyms)



Kami Eshi JK to OL Fujoshi

Kami Eshi JK to OL Fujoshi (Manga)

神絵師JKとOL腐女子 (Synonyms)

She's beautiful but she doesn't have a lover. Aizawa is a total loser fujoshi OL (Office Lady) One day the artist she worshipped as a god, Misumi— announced she was going to a doujinshi event, so she headed to the venue. But sitting in the artist's booth was a cute high-school girl! (Ref. Amazon)

Age Gap Cute Doujinshika Fangirl/s Fujoshi Older Female Younger Female Social Media Student-Adult Relationship

Kami-sama Bakari Koi o Suru

Kami-sama Bakari Koi o Suru (Manga)

A Divine Love Alone (Synonyms), Kami-sama Bakari Koi wo Suru (Synonyms), Только любовь божественна (Synonyms), 恋爱之神给我爱 (Synonyms), 戀愛之神給我愛 (Synonyms), 神さまばかり恋をする (Synonyms), 神明大人只顧談戀愛 (Synonyms), 神明大人只顾谈恋爱 (Synonyms)

Satoka is the daughter of a local shrine and lives together with Kotori, who may look like a normal and energetic girl, but is actually a matchmaker god in training. This series is about them, Satoka’s childhood friend Shiori and the mysterious Hiwa dealing with their everyday lives and the relationships around them.

God-Human Relationship God/s Goddess/es

Kami-sama Onegai (MINAMI Q-ta)

Kami-sama Onegai (MINAMI Q-ta) (Manga)

Girl's Dream (Synonyms), Please God (Synonyms), Shoujo no Yume (Synonyms), Time After Time (Synonyms), かみさまお願い (Synonyms)

A composition of oneshots.;;;;;;;;;.Chiaki is a young woman whose life seems to alternate between her workplace, a hostess bar, and her good-for-nothing boyfriend. However, she dreams of more?and an oneshot that contains just cheap sex

Angst Collection of Stories Cunnilingus Death Exhibitionism God/s Group Intercourse Host/Hostess Incest Transgender Character/s


Kamuko (Manga)

Камуко (Synonyms), カムコ (Synonyms)

[From Lililicious]:"Kamuko," is a funny, weird, short full-color story.

Full Color

Kanaete! Yuri yousei

Kanaete! Yuri yousei (Manga)

かなえて! ゆりようせい (Synonyms), 梦想成真!百合妖精! (Synonyms)

Catching wind of yuri wishes, the habit-wearing mysterious lifeform Yuri Yousei shows up even though you didn't call for her. It is said that this fairy [yousei = fairy] will grant a single wish, whatever it may be... Oh, you little lambs with yuri worries, prepare to be helped!

Kannonji Suiren no Kunou

Kannonji Suiren no Kunou (Manga)

The Suffering of Suiren Kannonji (Synonyms), 観音寺睡蓮の苦悩 (Synonyms)

Kannonji Suiren, she is the star of the school, a perfect woman with talent and beauty. However, on the inside she is actually a hardcore lover of Yuri and spends her days in agony, desperately chewing on her favorite yuri couple, Fuchu Ajisai and Nakameguro Tsubaki, in her brain so that the people around her don't know about her secret interest!

Delusional Female Lead High School Student/s Otaku Girl Popular Female Lead Popular Protagonist Secret Desire Tsundere Character/s

Kanojo na Maid

Kanojo na Maid (Manga)

かのじょなメイド (Synonyms)


Kanojo no Idea

Kanojo no Idea (Manga)

Your True Color (Synonyms), Твой истинный цвет (Synonyms), 彼女のイデア (Synonyms), 彼女之念 (Synonyms)

Hinata idolizes the dazzling actress Sumika, until one day she happens to meet the real deal, who is not at all like her ideal.

Actress/es Model/s School Girl/s

Kanojo to Camera to Kanojo no Kisetsu

Kanojo to Camera to Kanojo no Kisetsu (Manga)

Kanojo to Kamera to Kanojo no Kisetsu (Synonyms), She, Her Camera and Her Seasons (Synonyms), 她与相机以及她的季节 (Synonyms), 彼女とカメラと彼女の季節 (Synonyms), 그녀와 카메라와 그녀의 계절 (Synonyms)

Club/s Friendship High School Love Triangle/s Partial Nudity Photography Slow Romance Student-Student Relationship Student/s Young Female Lead

Kanojo to Shinigami

Kanojo to Shinigami (Manga)

She and the Shinigami (Synonyms), 彼女と死神 (Synonyms)

A shinigami professes her love to another. What will become of these two?

cat/s dream/s Longing Shinigami


Kanojo-tachi (Manga)

彼女たち (Synonyms)


LGBT Themes

Kanojo-tachi no Natsu

Kanojo-tachi no Natsu (Manga)

Their Summer (Synonyms)


Kanon-san's Little Cutie

Kanon-san's Little Cutie (Manga)

Kanon-san Chi no Kawaii Ko (Synonyms), カノンさん家の可愛い子 (Synonyms)

Mimi is Kanon's pet cat. She likes Kanon very much. One day, the girl that Kanon likes, Chiyako, is coming over for the first time.

Animal Characteristics Cat Girl/s Fluff Pet/s Short Chapter/s

Kantai Collection dj - Akaga Manga

Kantai Collection dj - Akaga Manga (Doujinshi)

艦隊これくしょん dj - 赤賀漫画 (Synonyms)


Kantai Collection dj - Akatsuki no Tsubasa

Kantai Collection dj - Akatsuki no Tsubasa (Doujinshi)

Kantai Collection dj - Wings of Dawn (Synonyms), 艦隊これくしょん dj - 暁の翼 (Synonyms)

Pairing: Akagi x Shoukaku4. "Desire" by Nekomura10. "Office Lady Akagi-san and High-schooler Shoukaku-san" by 38-shiki

Collection of Stories

Kantai Collection dj - Blue Sky Blue

Kantai Collection dj - Blue Sky Blue (Doujinshi)

艦隊これくしょん dj - ブルースカイ・ブルー (Synonyms)

Pairing: Kaga x Akagi

Kantai Collection dj - Hello & Hello

Kantai Collection dj - Hello & Hello (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Pairing: Mutsu x Nagato